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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we have changes to watches and warning. all of fairfax county, under a winter storm warning. winter storm watch in effect for prince george's, down toward fredericksburg. southern maryland is not your storm. not enough cold air for you. i'm not sure i agree with this. i kind of liked it earlier as a watch. i think upper montgomery county and loudoun county, that's going to be the sweet spot for this storm. we're going to stick to our guns here. weto 12 inches plus, extreme
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county, upper montgomery county. i really think you draw a triangle between leesburg and frederick and winchester, maybe include martinsburg. that's going to be the bullseye. either side on 95, i'm concerned about surface temperatures being above freezing. we're going to go 2 to 6 inches here and southern maryland just not your storm. st. mary's county in to southern charles county and calvert county a trace to 2 inches. best chance for snow in southern maryland will be late tuesday morning, early tuesday afternoon as the storm pulls away. fun with models here, gfs still gung almost 9 inches. i think the european and north american model a little more realistic. notice this has gone down out of 3.8 inches as the heavy access of snow is shifting a little bit to the west of town. yellow weather alert monday evening and tuesday. in terms of impacts, plowable snow looks high especially if you're north and west of town. travel
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in the airfares. dangerous roads, high impact. moderate risk. just enough blossoms on some of the trees that will weight it down with snow. we'll keep an eye on that. travel impacts for dc proper. 5 to 8, mixed develop. not a huge deal. 2 to 6 inches. closer to 3 inches downtown. places like gaithersburg, 6 to 12 inches because you're going to have mainly snow. leesburg, you're probably the bullseye here. 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. also. 6 to 12 plus. i think closer to 12 inches. i'll come back, dust it off. we hit the streets to see if the mayhem started yet and many say they're waiting until tomorrow, the last minute to get ready. that begs the question, are you looking forward to the biggest snow of the season? weigh in. go to on your cell phone or tablet. we'll share the results at the end of
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now here's wusa 9. >> they're glad winter is finally here. we asked a couple people how they're preparing for winter. they say they're going to skate right through it. >> reporter: if you're looking for winter, look no further than silver spring, where the penguins are out with a flock of people as well who are surprised not so much here in the hardware store, at least not yet. we laced up. >> don't laugh if i fall. >> reporter: and hit the ice. >> so are you ready for winter to finally sfloiv -- to finally arrive? >> yes, i've been waiting for a while. >> so what grade are you in? >> i'm in 11th. >> and you haven't had a snow day? >> nope. >> reporter: that seemed to be a sore spot even off the ice. >> have you had any snow days? >> no, we haven't. >> reporter: back to the hardware stores just to check in, well, most people aren't
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>> we got really prepared and nobody is coming in yet so hopefully tomorrow it will get a little busy when they know this storm is actually brewing. >> reporter: but this shopper had no idea. we were the first to tell her the news. >> you just heard about it right now? >> yeah, i've been a little busy. >> a little busy with life. >> reporter: then there's jeff, buying grilling gear. the eternal optimist. >> today was warmer than expected and i'm going to fire up the grill, get ready for the season. i needed a new grill brush. >> you're grilling tonight. >> i'm marinating chicken right now. >> reporter: they may be testing their luck on thin ice. but with spring in reach, they hope to coast through just a few more days of old man winter. >> and hardware stores tell us they think they have enough inventory for tomorrow's inevitable last minute shoppers. in silver spring, wusa 9. >> in preparation for the winter storm heading our way, metro access bus service
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with disabilities will be suspended starting at 4 p.m. monday and all day tuesday. metro says service changes for monday night and tuesday are also possible for metro buses based on weather conditions. we're getting mixed reaction as you can expect about the snow on our wusa 9 facebook page. brendon says about time. i haven't been able to use my snowblower attachment for my tractors since i bought it last year. cathy writes, with all the hype, it will probably be disappointing. we'll probably get five snowflakes at the most. and andy says it's not like be have never gotten snow in march before. people got spoiled by the early warm temperatures. i think he's on to something there. download our free wusa 9 app to get the latest on this winter storm. that includes the latest snowfall totals, live radar, traffic conditions, and those school closings.
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police need your help tonight finding the person who assaulted a passenger aboard a blue line train last week. police want to talk to this man. they say he's a person of interest in the assault that happened just before 9:00 friday morning near metro center. according to our partners at the washington post, the victim was riding the franconia bound train. he was punched in the face after sitting down next to another man who refused to move over. the victim was treated at the hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries. he was released. we now know more about that deadly car crash on the prince william county parkway we told you about last night. police say the driver of a honda civic was driving westbound on that parkway near i-95 when he lost control of his car. the civic veered across the median on to the eastbound lanes striking another vehicle. the driver of the civic was 20-year-old kevin martinez. he died at the scene. the passenger of the other vehicle a
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miguel griffith. one other person was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. it's unknown if alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash. a family is homeless tonight after a house fire in olney, maryland. 75 firefighters were called to a home after 9:00 this morning. they found heavy fire in all three floors of the home. take a look at the destruction there. two adults and two children. thankfully they managed to get out safely with both of family's dogs. montgomery county fire investigators say the cause of the fire appears to be accidental. the damage was estimated at more than $400,000. two men are recovering tonight from gunshot wounds after a home invasion in laurel. it happened just after 12:30 this morning on edge rock way. anne arundel county police tell us two men forced their way in to the home and shot the victims during a struggle. officers later arrested
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police say a large amount of money and maryland was confiscated from their car. tonight dangelo fowler and jerron berry face multiple charges including home invasion, attempted murder, assault, and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. republicans are looking to shore up support for their healthcare proposal and house intelligence committee asked the justice department to turn over any evidence supporting president trump's claims that the obama administration wire tapped phones at trump tower. >> reporter: one day after nationwide protests against the gop, house speaker paul ryan defended the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare on cbs' face the nation. >> how many people are going to lose coverage? >> i can't answer that question. it's up to people. >> reporter: democrats say they're waiting for the nonpartisan congressional bt
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monday, detailing coverage, costs, and how the plan will be funded. >> it's throwing 5 to 10 million people off the health insurance they currently have. >> reporter: the plan is facing opposition from republicans who say it doesn't go far enough. >> that's obamacare. we don't want that. >> reporter: those who argue it could make healthcare worse. >> this bill in the house of representatives cannot pass the senate and i believe it would have adverse consequences for millions of americans. >> reporter: also on sunday, speaker ryan said he hasn't seen any proof suggesting former president obama wire tapped during the 2016 campaign. >> have you seen anyone to suggest they're wire tapped? >> no. >> reporter: answers may come soon. the intelligence department was asked to turn over any evidence by monday. >> there are one of two paublths. either the president quite deliberately for some reason made up the charge
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disturbing, the president believes this. president trump's counselor kellyanne conway told fox news the white house will comment on the wiretapping allegations after the senate and house intelligence committees finish their investigations. the man arrested for jumping a white house fence friday is expected in court for a bond hearing tomorrow. 26-year-old jonathan tran of california faces federal charges. secret service agents arrested tran near the south entrance. according to the police report, he says he claims to be a, quote, friend of the president and that he had an appointment. he was carrying two cans of mace and admitted to jumping the fence. the president was inside at the time. a beer and a buzz. three local breweries battle it out to see who can raise the most money for childhood cancer research. >> plus, stepping in to someone se
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dozens of people spend their sunday learning what it's like to live on the poverty line. >> plus, don't put your skis away just yet. some local resorts are now taking advantage of the incoming weather and snow.
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we want to wish a special happy birthday to virginia mclawrence. she was dancing with former president obama and the first lady in the oval office. virginia was born in 1909 in south carolina. she's lived in the district since 1941. what a blessing. happy birthday, miss virginia. beer and a buzz cut. those were both on tap today at boundary stone. the bar in the district's bloomingdale neighborhood was the site of today's annual st. baldrick's head shaving fundraiser. representatives squared off to see who could raise the most money for
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research. >> childhood cancer sucks and it's an underfunded facet of cancer research as a whole and st. baldrick's does a great job funding childhood cancer research. anything we can do to help, just farmer our hair, i'm game. five years not shaving my head and the staff in here wouldn't let me do locks for love because they're like we're going to raise a lot of money next year. we made a pact and now we're here. we're sitting at 14-plus. >> together we've raised over $15,000. >> that's a lot of hair to shave. $15,000. good for them. today's event includes drink specials, raffles, and a silent auction. understanding neighbors in need sometimes means walking in their shoes. the nonprofit group a wider circle is dedicated to ending poverty. today they hosted an immersion experience to help people understand the
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poverty. >> i'm at a wider circle office at silver spring. typically this area serves to the poorest members, a place where they can pick up furniture, clothes and more. now it's been transformed in to a set meant to resemble the lives some people face every day. >> reporter: the 100 or so participants were divided in to families and provided a home. represented by a circle of chairs and identified with an address. their homes were surrounded by businesses, pawnshops, pay day advance, social services, often associated with poor communities. >> i've done many of these simulations and they can sometimes get people to laugh or talk about how is this possible but it's everyday life for so many people we live near. >> reporter: samantha learned what it was like to be a poverty stricken grandmother taking care of two grand kids and a diabetic husband. >> it was very stressful. >> reporter: her days are spent
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one place to another. >> we need to get there. >> reporter: getting paid, and making ends meet. >> i think these experiences give you a chance to appreciate the type of struggles that people like this have because it's easy to look at it from afar but never understand what specific needs they have. >> reporter: that's the mesge the executive director wanted people to walk away with. >> for me the end of poverty is really paved by everybody who's not in poverty caring so much about it that they'll commit their lives to it. >> if you'd like to help beat poverty and get involved with that nonprofit group, head to our free wusa 9 mobile app and learn more. we're not the only one preparing for snowfall. much of the northeast is bracing for winter's last hurrah they hope. snow has already started falling in new york city and connecticut, new jersey and pennsylvania are also hunkering down. baer
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looking for something to do on your snow days, you could go springing. as you may know, it closed slopes a couple weeks ago because of the unusually warm weather but now managers are hoping to take advantage of this impending winter storm. this was video taken a few hours gow. you can see they're already making snow on the mountains and mother nature will help us out. >> they're going to get pretty good snow. they could see 10 to 15 inches. it's going to stay cold all week. bad news for us, it's going to refreeze and refreeze and refreeze. just over the last couple of hours, latest computer models have the axis of snow pushing to the west and less downtown. on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the awesome storm we had in 2017, run for your lives, or a nuisance storm of 1, this is going to be kind of
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call. the breadometer is a historic place in meteorological history. we'll give it a 6. if you're down in to southern maryland, it's going to be a 1. if you're in the mountains, it's going to be an 8. the impact meter, less. because no one is going to get caught by surprise. only about a 3. it's going to be tough on tuesday but i think everything will adjust to the weather. depending where you are schools will be canceled or open late. 6 to 12 inches. north and west of town. gaithersburg, frederick. last couple hours, computer models trying to take the heavy snow west of i-81 as opposed to frederick, leesburg. along i-95 i think 2 to 6 is all we're going to get because it's going to mix with rain and we'll have temperatures above freezing and in to southern maryland, nothing. your best chance for snow is tuesday morning late and tuesday afternoon. live look outside, our live
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dew point is really low. 10. humidity 38%. we do have the cold and dry air in place. but here's the deal. we're tracking a storm that's not developed yet. so this is a little storm in the midwest. it's going to kind of track south and east and die out. it's going to shift its energy to the coast and that's going to become the dominant storm. we're seeing over the past couple hours the storm may not intensify until it gets past our parallel. by that time the big precipitation is to the north of us. it will. it can transition the power. the midwest storm will die out and form a secondary storm off the coast. that will become the nor'easter. intensifying quicker so it brought heavier precip our way. now it's slowing the process down and actually exploding the precip to our north. a huge storm for new york and boston. it does snow in march. we average 1.3 inches of snow and almost 3 incs
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12 inches, 1891. not touching that. number 2, 11.5. number 3, almost 11 inches. number 4, 10 inches. i think those are safe. those are downtown readings or national airport. futurecast 1:00 tomorrow, just kind of boring. by 6:00, boom. here comes the clouds and here comes the precipitation. temps are going to be in the low to mid 40s but as the rain falls it will cool the atmosphere and kick everything to snow. by 10:00, pretty good area of snow. 39 downtown, 36 in la plata. hard to get it to accumulate. at night the sun is down. here's the other thing. notice along i-95, that's the mix. notice the heavy rain in to southern maryland. that's why just haven't bit on the heavy, heavy snow along 95. i think it's going to be north and west. by 8:00, now we've got temperatures below freezing in frederick, gaithersburg and leesburg. that will help accumulation as we go through
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hours tuesday and by noon the cold air rolls in. arrows are northwest. gets colder air in here, also shuts off the moisture. by the time we get to 2:00, we're left with snow showers. blustery day. here's the day planner. 20s across the board to start. 35 by 11:00. 42 with clouds rolling in late. but still not a bad day. can get some stuff done. cold snow showers on tuesday. heavy snow ends in the morning. 40. flurries on wednesday. back-to-back yellow weather alerts monday and tuesday. next seven days it stays cold. cold of a dry for st. pattie's day. 44. rain or snow shower possible saturday but not a big storm. then finally back in the 50s. >> it's been such a warm, mild winter. >> we can take it. kind of payback. >> that's legit right there. >> e
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you looking forward to the biggest snow of the season? and it looks like 62% of you said yes and topper agrees. we're all excited. 38% say no. i know i told you before, i'm from massachusetts, my family is there. the kids are so upset because their cousins have been playing in snow all winter long. >> they're going to get hammered. big time. >> they're digging out. it's been a dc tradition for nearly 50 years. the annual st. patrick's parade made its way through the city. hear from the p
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most of timeno pets. can't work that way, no. sweetie mom, stop screaming at me! lean on your brakes mom! there are bumps along the road of life... and for each one there's triple-a. stop! st. patrick's day isn't until next friday but the wearing of green came a bit early to washington. hundreds of people lined constitution avenue today for the 46th annual st. patrick's day parade. the mile-long event features marching bands, irish dancers and military troops. parade watchers who spoke with us today say the chilly temperatures were not going to keep them away. >> looking forward to seeing t
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trucks will come down and the kids like seeing the fire trucks and the police and the horses. >> i love it. it's a nice, bright sunny day. it's really cold. it always draws a nice decent crowd of people. >> a beautiful day. nice and toasty warm. >> are you guys irish? >> they are. [ laughter ] i'm italian. >> everyone is irish on st. patrick's day. the annual parade started in 1971 as a lsurely stroll along massachusetts avenue. now it's a two-hour mile-long celebration of irish culture along constitution avenue. two local college teams heading down south as their march madness journey continues.
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maryland basketball is headed to warmer weather. they're lucky. let's see if they can get it done and be lucky as a sixth seed facing number 11 xavier, thursday night, 6:50. first round of the ncaa tournament. a little anxious for the terps. they're one of the last teams to be announced in to the west region. 24-8. 3rd in the big 10 regular season. now they want to make a run. >> we're sitting in my basement wondering when our name was going to pop up and each time, oh, it's going to be this one, going to be this one. our name kept -- then you saw wisconsin was an 8. yo lu'reike oh, my gosh, what's going on here? >> virginia is a 5 seed in the east. they'll play uncil wmington
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on wednesday, 12:40 in orlando. how about a cinderella for you. mt. st. mary's. mount plays new orleans tuesday night from dayton, ohio. coming up, plenty more straight ahead on game on overtime. let's talk snow. >> heavy access of snow shifting west. we'll watch this. hasn't developed yet. stay tuned. >> you've been warned. game on is next. have a good night.
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break out your brackets. it's tournament time. as expected, the maryland men go dancing again but their seeding may surprise you. we break down the terps' chances of making a run. >> i was going crazy. i got up so fast i almost fainted. >> we had guys rolling around on furniture, rolling around on the floor. it was really a special moment. i was happy for my guys that they got that moment. >> virginia of course is in. and look who's in there for the first time since 2004. virginia tech. hokies, wahoos. how far can they go? we try to answer. it was an amazing week for the redskins but for mostly all the wrong reasons. what does the future hold for


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