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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 15, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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tonight, bachelor backlash after the final rose. >> there's a lot of difficult moments. >> nick and vanessa with e.t. today. candid on their struggles and their oh, so awkward moments. will they stay together? >> describe your relationship in one word. >> plus -- >>
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>> richard simmons brother breaks his silence. what only he knows about why richard disappeared. >> then, before tonight's this is us, e.t. has your sneak peak at the emotional fin ailingly. why the cast is already apologizing. >> we love you, just bear with us. >> julianne hough dishes on her upcoming wedding. >> yes to everything. >> what really happened inside her wild bachelorette bash. >> i had a couple phone calls, and i was like, i don't know if i'm okay to talk or not. now, for march 14, 2017, this is entertainment tonight. >> so nick picked vanessa last night, with all the hugs and tears. was it me or was it the oddest finale in bachelor history. a lot of fans are wondering if they even like them. >> it was super awkward between the two of them on the show. >>
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marry me. >> we almost forgot to exchange numbers when we left the house. >> our relationship so far has been dating 20 women while watching that back, and having a relationship long distance. >> it's been four months since they got gaenged. they've been in the same room only a handful of times. already there's a rumor they've broken up. could that explain all that awkward body language that happened after the final rose? >> do you feel like you're a team? >> absolutely. >> are nick and vanessa just not that into each other. >> it's nice seeing you guys sitting here holding hands. >> step one, you know. >> bachelor nation went into overdrive on social media. when you made a bad decision, but it's too late to go back, so you just ride it out. >> what are your fears now for your relationship. >> my fear would be it not working out. >> where did you and
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fiancee first make love? >> finland -- and finland it is. >> the couple was a little more affectionate on kimmel, her hand on his knee, and he kept rubbing her shoulder like a lot. what does nick have to say about a fellow bachelor calling him out. >> he loves being famous. he loves the spotlight, he really does. >> do you want to be famous? >> actually, no. >> when you do eventually get married, would you televise 9 wedding? >> we never discussed that. >> i don't think we're against the idea, there are conversations we have to have, once we decided to have a wedding. >> any i dos will have to wait, next week nick starts dancing with the stars where he's paired with tina merkatroy. >> she may be slightly m
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>> what's your vibe? >> almost like brother and sister. she's a goof ball, i'm a goof ball. i feel like our team chemistry is -- >> how about the woman he rejected, raven. she's heading to bachelor in paradise. we all know that rachel lindsay will be the next bachelorette. we didn't know rachel's season would begin this shockingly early. >> i am ready. i am ready. >> fans were apparently really ready too as rachel started meeting potential suitors live on after the final rose. >> critics of nick's season were tweeting a storm, this season was such a buzz kill, they decided to have to start the bachelorette asap. >> lauren zima is grading rachel's executors and this guy gets an immediate f. >> i'm ready to go black and i'm never going to go back. >> one tweeted, this is what guys say to the first black
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recruiter from aspen colorado. apparently dean has a lot to learn, but he did make rachel laugh. she's open with the types of guys she'll date. >> i've dated all kinds of races before, i need a funny guy. >> he seemed really nervous, but did get her to giggle. >> you guys take pictures now. >> i need a guy who knows exactly what it is he wants. >> he's 30 and from l.a., he's a recruiting consultant, he's going to get a c for that on the spot near proposal. >> i booked us some flights to vegas. >> last but not least is eric, a 29-year-old motivational speaker from baltimore, he just might have redeemed this whole live tv stunt. we give him an a. >> i'm looking forward to spending time with you. >> i love what you said. >> he was loving every minute of everything that happened last night. bachelor's super
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cuoco. >> she loves to share her life with her fans. that's something richard simmons always likes to do too. concern continues to grow, he hasn't been seen in public for more than three years. missing richard simmons is the number one pod cast in america. we have tomorrow's episode tonight, and it is revealing as richard's brother speaks out for the first time. >> you think he seems happy and healthy? >> you know, happy is kind of a hard word to describe. there's nothing going wrong medically. does he have cancer, does he have aids, does he have this, that, he doesn't have any of that. and he's healthy. >> so why has richard simmons become a total recluse? even his older brother lenny doesn't know, or if he does, he's not saying. the fitness guru hasn't been seen since 2014. lapd officers have conducted two wellness checks on richard and
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held against his will. when richard spoke to us a year ago by phone, he denied rumors even including he's transitioning into a woman. and hiding out after massive weight gain. >> we spoke to lenny by phone this more than. we talk every sunday and we have a great conversation, he's worked hard and he still loves people, but he needs some time for himself. he last saw richard at christmas, e.t. has witnessed their bond firsthand. >> lenny, it's me. >> he surprised his brother in 2005 reuniting after they were forced to reunite their new orleans home after hurricane katrina. >> i wanted to make sure you were okay, and everything you need you have. >> we're fine. >> three years later, at his now defunct exercise class, slimmens. he showed us how he helped lenny and his wife l
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>> he's always been my motivating factor. >> you can't do it separately, you have to make the commitment of doing it together. >> together wherever we go. >> and that is the richard that we all know, love and miss. let's turn our attention to the east coast, a big premiere last night before the snow. emma watson did not disappoint last night. >> who are you wearing? >> which has been your favorite so far? >> usually whatever i'm wearing is my favorite thing. i'll go with what i'm wearing tonight. >> once inside, emma changed into this yellow dior gown, similar to the one she wore as bell. >> new york city is emma's fifth stop on her beauty and the beast tour. >> the number one fan of this movie so far has been beyonce. did you get a chance to meet them the other night?
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beyonce and blue ivy dressed up together to come see the movie, it made me so happy. >> i'm so sad. you know, i will come dressed up to your home, and say hi to your children, if i can just shake. i know, i heard she loved it, i missed her. >> i got to see her. it's amazing when you see beyonce, i became such a fan girl, i saw her and literally i went queen. [ laughter ] >> what did she say to that? >> she said, hi, nice to see you. i couldn't talk, i said, queen. she's amazing. >> i did sit directly behind celine dion at the hollywood premiere, and i spent the entire movie watching the entire movie through celine dion's head. speaking of strange, i want you to look at this, that is james cordon hitting the streets, singing the opening number. he was joined by the
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movie and you can see that tomorrow on the late late show. >> it doesn't get any better than that? >> no, it doesn't. >> he just made belle into the beast. coming back to beyonce, up next, did she just reveal the sex of her twins? the new clueat th has the bee hive buzzing. >> it's too bad you let yourself go. >> that's what happens when you get engaged. >> our exclusive when derek and julianne hough. kelly clarkson's mansion for thanks for loading, sweetie. ...oh, burnt-on gravy? ...gotta rinse that. nope. no way. nada. really? dish issues? throw it all in. new cascade platinum powers through... even burnt-on gravy. nice. cascade.
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beyonce reveals the sex of her twins? >> she wore these earrings in her video, if i were a boy. someone tells us she's having boys. i think it's a little farfetched. >> we know she loves to send out symbols. >> meanwhile, the message is clear, when you look at these new photos taking a look inside kelly's tennessee mansion, it's good to be kelly. this is kelly's 20,000 square foot home. and it's for sale. the 7 bedroom, 8 bathroom house is on the market fp
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>> fans may remember the great room, which is two storiesgh hi from her facebook live. they raised two kids in the house, but are selling because they're building a new residence on their farm near nashville. there are built in bunk beds. the master bath has a canopy tub as a centerpiece. the huge eat in kitchen is made for guests to drink while cooking. and how about the bar. a coy boy saddle. and there's no reason to ever go to the movies when your lavish theater has cushy lounge chairs like this. the pool and hot tub sit in ofrnt of a picturesque blake, and there's a sandy beach volleyball court. before you see tonight's "this is us" finale, we have an emotional sneak preview. why the cast is
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>> it certainly lends itself to some high drama, doesn't it? >> why elizabeth banks is banning herb kids from her new movie set. a nd we know julianne hough can get down, her fiancee's moves might surprise you. > he started busting out the dance. >> yeah, baby. closed captioning provided by --
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only at a sleep number store or . i know a girl i think you might like. my best friend's grant daughter. she's the sweetest thing. >> that's how jack and rebecca started dating. that's one of the things we learn on tonight's season finale of "this is us." there's one other thing we might learn, and it's going to be crushing. how jack loses his life. >> jack, are you home? i miss you. and i wish you were here. or i wish i was there. i love you. >> of course, fans of the show already know jack wasn't home, because he with a few empty beer cans next to him, is making the two hour drive to see
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that leads to the theory that jack dies in a drunk driving accident. >> this new flashback scenes from tonight's finale only add to the speculation, having a drink with a friend and then what appears to be the two pulled over by a cop. the best episodes even foreshadows alcohol was a problem. >> the drinking has to stop. have you to reign it in, baby, because i won't have it in my house. >> randall trying to move on after his biological father's death. >> and what happens to kevin after this. >> this is ron, ron howard, i'm prepping a movie right now, that i'm going to direct. you would be perfect. >> i would? >> this comes right after he's rediscovered the love of his life, sophie, and they've reconnected. >> it certainly leads to high drama, doesn't it? >> it will be six months before the new season. don't worry, the cast is feeling the pain just like we are. >> we were shooting all
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and it was like the last day of school, when you're like, this is so exciting, so great. everyone's having a great time, and when you go home, and you're driving home, you're like, oh, i'm going to miss this. >> we're putting them through it a little bit. and my apology to you fans because we love you. i'm asking you to bare with us, bare with the pearson clan, we'll get back to you in a few months. >> we're going to be with the cast tonight to talk about the finale. cameron myth isen here, he had the pleasure of talking to julianne hough -- >> you see those photos, i had to ask her about that. she has so much going on right now, along with her brother derek. >> it's too bad you let yourselves go. >> that's what happens when you get engaged. you're like, oh.
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that epic bachelorette party in cabo. >> that was funny, that kind of just happened, they were on their own girls trip. >> you guys joined forces? >> yeah, totally. did you know each other for that? chris, hey, you know what, thank you, appreciate it. >> if you think it looked like things got out of hand, you're right. o>> t everything, yes to everything. >> julianne will say yes to her hockey player fiancee. who's going to choreograph your first dance, are you going to have him have a say? i never thought we'd let him do that. he wants it to be a special thing. >> we're sitting around, and he started full out busting out the dance. >> he's like, yeah. this is it.
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>> derek and julian are hands down the most energetic to look at. she's back as a judge on dancing. 31-year-old derek is a judge with j. lo, jenna duwan tatum fp and he just finished starring in michael bub play's video. >> have you heard from michael since he's seen the final product? >> i got a phone call. i never met him before. he told me he's been going through an interesting time right now, and the video brought some joy and light into their lives. >> derek and julianne move beyond their live tour. 48 shows, 48 cities in 59 days. >> this is our third tour, we wanted to make this beyond anything we've done before. >> go get your ticket
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show for you all. >> i wish they could show a little enthusiasm. >> elizabeth banks who was almost unrecognizable in the new power rangers movie. that's nothing new to her after those hunger gasms movies. >> i wondered who was more complicated, rita or effe. >> i spent a lot of time cabasilly naked, every time i went to set it was like a big reve reveal. >> she's pure evil. >> let's talk about your boys and whether or not they are power ranger fans. >> of course. i have a red ranger and a blue ranger at home. i don't want them to be afraid of their own mom. i don't know if they're going to see this in the theater. >> do they recognize you when they see pictures of you? >> they can. the only time i totally freaked them out, i face timed them from set. they were like, hey, mom!
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>> anotheojr pr tecthat's miseengly in therk wos is the charlie's angel reboot you are directing. anything as far as the status of that? >> we're still developing it, but we're getting closer and closer. >> i have to train and -- >> how is the training for this? you were like. >> i didn't do -- i flew around on some wires and stuff. but honestly, the hardest thing about this movie was -- oh, my god, i'm getting -- i don't have. there's no -- the whole shoulder is involved. my arm is going to fall off. >> that's a good problem to have. she's not getting any time to recover, elizabeth is shooting pitch perfect three. there's going to be more action this time around. >> the east coast was hit last night with heavy snow. and we spotted victoria beckham stocking up. >> what we spotted in her car may surprise you when we come back.
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>> keep it loose. >> see it all at travel considerations provided by -- stella has hit the east coast. and victoria beckham is ready. she's waiting patiently in line. as she stocked up on food. >> what was in her snow cart? grapefruit water? we spotted some prepared salads and dips and smoked salad. >> you have to have great fruit water if you have a big storm coming, right? >> everyone on the east coast, stay s
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in this airport. >> reporter: the storm slowed amtrak, too. rail service was suspend between new york and boston when the snow was at its heaviest. >> it's just caused me to spend five hours here that i'd rather not. >> reporter: what's your biggest concern right now moving ahead? >> that people don't get a full sense of -- oh, we're back to normal. let's go back. >> reporter: jim esposito is new york city's emergency management commissioner. he said with the plows and salt trucks working to clear icy roads, normal isn't here yet. >> that's why we're trying to get people to stay off the roads today. we're trying to get back to normal rush hour tomorrow, you know, with conditions that are advantageous for people driving around. and we think that that will happen. >> reporter: more than 8700 flights have been canceled because of this storm. nearly 1,000 tomorrow alone. anthony, look around laguardia. you have ever seen it like this? it looks deserted, but at least some flights are expected to start arriving later tonight.


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