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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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things. meanwhile the house intelligence committee says they found no evidence to back that up. >> the republican chair of the house intelligence committee says he still has not seen any evidence to support the president's claim his predecessor wiretapped trump >>wer. si predent obama wouldn't physically go over and wiretap trump tower. are you going to take the tweet literally. if you are, clearly the president was wrong. >> reporter: the white house press secretary tried to clarify the allegations saying the president was speaking about broader surveillance. >> i don't think they have the foggiest idea what was behind the president's claim. >> looking at whether american citizens with communications had their names improperly disclosed. wednesday lawmakers pressed
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on monday he will testify. >> was there a warrant issued by any court anywhere in the united states? >> senators want to know if there's a paper trail. they want more information about what led to the resignation of michael flynn after it was revealed he had contact with the russian ambassador. >> there is no collusion here. >> roger stone admits he communicated with the russian- linked hacker. he believes a secret warrant uncovered those messages. >> several lawmakers want to talk to stone. he's willing to testify. >> president trump traveled to michigan to announce a roll back in environmental regulations. trump administration wants to lower fuel efficiency standards that were put in place to fight global warming. >> we are
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regulations we have protect and defend your jobs. we're going to be fair. >> president will be on the move later tonight. changes to the bill appear likely. mods rats are concerned about 24 million americans possibly losing coverage. conservatives think the repeal doesn't go far enough. >> senate confirmed president trump's story. senators voted 85-12 to approve the nomination. the school is in the middle of hosting events aimed at promoting diversity and boosting minority recruitment. poli
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posting of more disturbing fliers. >> police are reviewing video surveillance to try to get to the bottom of who has been posting white supremacist fliers. >> i find it offensive. >> definitely intimidates people. >> students angered by another appearance of white suprematist fliers. the school is focusing on its campaign to promote diversity in boosting minority recruitment. calling america a white nation and urging citizens to report illegal immigrants as criminals. >> they feel more ohm boldened. >> some students blame president donald trump for setting the tone. >> it is concerning. >> i don't know if it tells us about the environment we're in or that we've always been in.
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of rhetoric is nothing new. nothing that just magically sprung up this has been a thing. >> the posters promote a website which says america should quote, recapture the glory and arian nation deserves. condemned the incidences in a tweet calling the posters hateful. whether or not they rise to the level of a hate crime, they appear to violate university policies. if any student is found to be involved, they could be facing academic sanctions. >> other posters have appeared at george washington eastbound washington university. at least 100 similar incidents have happened this year. morn half have been reported since january. a north carolina man who police say brought a gun inside
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investigate the online conspiracy theory known as pizza gate has struck a plea deal. federal prosecutors say edgar madison welsh drove to the northwest pizza joint to try to take down an alleged child sex slave ring. he bought into that online conspiracy theory. nearby business owners were harassed by pizzagate believers too. then the community rallied around those businesses in support so how is business now? >> nothing has been happening lately. when it does, they put the signs out. they make the owner of comet feel like at home. show them that we really do care about what's going on. >> comet ping-pong's owner told wusa 9 he's going to
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terms of that plea deal. we'll learn welch's sentence next friday. plaque ice is possible tonight and in the morning. >> the chief topper shutt is out on the terrace with more on his next round of refreezing. >> this is told for march. this is as cold as we've seen it since early january. 47 mile-per-hour wind gusts at national. all these numbers represent the highest gusts in the hour. 47 downtown. here are temperatures. a lot of folks never made it above freezing. folks north and west held in the upper 20s to near 30 these are the winds. this is actual. feels like 19 downtown. if you go out tonight, maybe the wizards game. going to feel like the low
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mid teens. by the time you leave, low teens, single digits. when we'll make it above freezing tomorrow. look ahead to the weekend, the feds file charges against russian government officials for the hacking of millions of yahoo accounts. a training mission goes wrong at
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a developing story out of new mexico. a deadly crash is under investigation. cannon air force base says three service members were killed when their single engine surveillance plane crashed during some training. the air force is working to notify their families before releasing any names. the justice department says two russian intelligence agents and two criminal hackers hired by russia have been indicted in the hacking of half a billion yahoo accounts. >> this is the first time the u.s. has indicted russian government officials in a cyber crime. the two intelligence agents work for russia's successor to the kgb. since the u.s. has no extradition treaty, it's not likely they'll ever stand trial. let's just say they won't be standing trial here. one of the hired hackers was arrested yesterday in canada. the other is thought to be in russia. texas state senate has approved a so-called bathroom bill. the measure now goes to th
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texas house. it would require people to use restrooms in public schools and universities and government buildings that matches the biological sex listed on their birth certificate. and it would block any city ordinances that allow people to use the restrooms, dressing rooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity. coming up, the bitter cold weather is taking a toll on dc's world famous cherry blossoms. we'll tell you what's being done to try to save them. up next, prince george's county mother admits in open court to
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a 26-year-old maryland mother pleaded guilty today to suffocating her children back in 2014. sonya spoon killed 1-year-old aiden and 3-year-old kayla just 48 hours after returning home from a mental health hospital. kayla's father wants a law passed to require more notification when a child is threatened. >> that could have been avoided in so many different ways. nobody avoided it. nobody reached out to anybody. they just let her out two days later to kill my daughter and her brother. >> what
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attorney is pushing for a new law to require the notification of child protective services and police when a parent or caretaker threatens a child. actress misha barton says she's the victim of revenge pornography. she filed suit against an unidentified man looking to sell a sex tape. she's coming forward to protect other women from the pain and humiliation. >> my absolute worst fear was realized when i learned that someone i thought i loved and trusted was filming my most intimate and private moments without my consent, with hidden cameras. and then i learned something even worse. that someone is trying to sell these videos and make them public. >> the tape was recorded within the last year. barton's attorney says the taping is a form of domestic abuse. a judge ordered the defendant not to distribute the video or the photos of barton
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way. this is a story getting a lot of attention online tonight. three men somehow escaped injury after their car was swept away by a mud slide this morning in portland, oregon. the passenger in the car saw it coming as he was looking out the window. he yelled but it was too late. >> so i just started hearing him screaming. i was on my phone. it took a second to register like why he was yelling. i just see the tree go down. and then next thing i know just feel like us being pushed from the side across the street. i department even really think about what's happening. i was so focused on what was happening at the moment. >> we were at the front edges of the mud slide. so really wasn't too bad for us to get out. the nose of the car is still more or less unburied. just rolled down the driver's side window, climbed out there. all things considered, we walked away
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that's what matters. >> yeah, the lesson here is when somebody yells landslide, move. car was the only vehicle buried. authorities are concerned there could be more landslides due to the heavy rain and snow melt. this week's snowstorm may have been weaker than feared but the damage the cold is doing to our cherry blossoms is at least as bad as forecast. >> just finished a survey along the tidal basin. they found widespread freezing blooms that were just starting to burst. bruce leshan has been checking them out. >> reporter: depressing scene down here. please blossoms got frosted when the temperatures got below 24 degrees for a five hour stretch overnight. we are expecting more temperatures in the 20s over the next two nights too. >> can th come back from that? >> something like this can't come back, unfortunately. >> never before in the 96 years has it gotten this cold for this long at
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point for washington's iconic cherry blossoms. >> to have the temperatures dip so far down for such an extended period of time when so many of the blossoms are ready to come out, never seen that before. >> we're part of history. >> it's heart breaking for dc residents and hundreds of thousands of tourists. frank perez of miami has tried three times to come to dc at the right moment to see the billows of white blossoms envelope the monuments. >> it gives you an excuse to come back again next year. >> give her an excuse to make me come back again. >> next year with the blossoms. >> caretakers cut some of the slower developing branches and will take them inside to see if there's any chance they'll bloom when temperatures warm up. >> our hope is because they're still tightly in their buds they've got some protection against this cold weather. >> you're an optimistic. >> trying very hard this year. >> the cherries bloom
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weeks later. there are a whole lot fewer of them. now the park service should have a better idea in the next 24 to 48 hours if any of the yoshino blossoms will survive. 70% of the cherry trees along the tidal basin and east potomac park are yoshinos. it's been a numbers game. >> yeah. >> 22 last night. so that's not. only silver lining the trees closest to the tidal basin there's a little water. may not be as damaged? water is kind of an equalizer. kind of softens the cold air. that's all i got for you. tonight is going to be the same deal. about the same temperatures. tomorrow night will be below freezing. maybe not quite as cold. live look outside. it is our live michael and son weather cam. sitting on 32. that would be the
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temperature on this date if we hold. tie it anyway. look at the gusts of wind. 47 miles an hour. as high as it's been all day. dew points in the low teens. that's cold air mass. 6:00 tonight. this is what it feels like. this is not a forecast. feels like it's 19 outside. 23 in fredericksburg. 18 also in cumberland. by the way this morning's temperatures at national, 22. we were colder than quebec city. wind chills of 5 to 15 tonight. bus stop temperatures, 18 to 32. those aren't windchills. those are straight temps. more slick spots. we remain below freezing until about 10:00 in the morning downtown. still cold tomorrow. not quite as cold as today. still january cold. 20s and 30s. dress for the 20s and 30s. 10:00 tonight on future cast. already, everybody is in the 20s. exception, fredericksburg, 30. we get into 6:00 a.m. 25 downtown. 19 in frederick. probably see 17,
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damascus. 19 in manassas. by 8:30, 9:00. not much better. temperatures soar tomorrow. 20 in gaithersburg. more like 22. 25 downtown. then by 12:30, temperatures go back into the mid30s and by 5:30 tomorrow. about 24 hours from now we should be around 40 dc south. the burbs north and west. not going to make it out of the 30s tomorrow. you do not make it out of the 20s today. that's crazy. 9:30 tomorrow night, back up in the upper 20s to mid30s. this is the forecast. windchill forecast. 10:00 tonight. feels like 16 downtown. 10 in gaithersburg. by morning, windchills essentially anywhere from 6 to 14 at the bus stop. we'll start on time tomorrow, i think they should. we get into the can hour, still some single digit windchills. these are regular temps. 25. one one thing that also hurt. not only has it been in the 20s. it stayed cold for a
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period of time. 33 at 11:00. 37 at 1:00. friday, st. paddy's day. a little better. clouds. a shower late. 50. mid50s on saturday. couple showers early. could see a snow flurry. blustery on sunday. spring arrives next week. near 60. back up in the upper 40s to near 50 next wednesday. you like college basketball? it's about that time. getting ready for the first round ncaa tournament game. we'll check in on maryland co
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you know that march madness has nothing to do with this big winter storm we just had. the actual march madness basketball games get underway tomorrow. first round begins at noon. the maryland terrapins, they'll wait until about 6:50 before they get to ply play in their first game. maryland had a little post practice fun today. trying out half court shots. the terps have one of the better road records in the country. their success away from xfinity, a big reason why they got a six seed. the head turtle hopes that continues. >> treating this like everybody is, a road game. we'll have terp fans out there tomorrow night. we just feel more comfortable. we're more locked in defensively. our shot selection and execution is
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road. >> pete muntean is with the terps and the virginia cavaliers. >> hey there from orlando. it's a pleasant 62 addition today. short sleeves necessary. the heat heat is about to be turned up. take on unc wilmington 12:40 thursday afternoon. then the terps take on xavier. still plenty of fans descending on orlando. plenty on the flight in here. we'll go talk to them in a little bit. plenty more stories to come. >> yeah, pete hooked up with a couple of fans from hagerstownerstown. we'll hear from them at 11:00. wouldn't be a big shocker if marwins tomorrow. a victory would be the greatest upset in college basketball. no 16 seed has ever beaten a 1 seed. that's what the mounts will attempt to do tomorrow night. the winners won last might in the play in game and head coach says why not us? >> tomorrow is a
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we'll have an opportunity to play against one of the best. we consider ourselves on the best. there's 64 teams left in this tournament. 64 teams that have a chance to win a national title. i would consider our team as good as any. >> they're a fun team to watch last night. they shot a lot of the three ball. really good. they made it rain. our john henry is getting a feel of how things are going up there. >> you love march madness. you never know how it's going to shake out. >> just because they're confident doesn't mean they have a better chance to win. >> they won anyway. in the 30s to start by about lunch time. we finally make it to 42 tomorrow. 50 on st. paddy's day with a couple showers. we'll be below freezing till about 10:00 a.m. downtown tomorrow. >> that's the news at 6:00. cbs is next.
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