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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 21, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon. i'm andrea roane. the senate judiciary committee began questioning supreme court
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morning for a second day. the 49-year-old federal ail peels court judge is president trump's pick to fill the seat left vacant by the death of justice scalia last year. democrats are trying to get a feel on how he would react to hot button issues like roe versus wade -- vow v wade which legalized abortion. >> do you view row as having superprecedent. >> it has been reaffirmed many times i can say that. yes. >> yes dozens. >> gorsuch needs 60 votes for don fir madison square garden which mean at least eight -- confirmation which means at least eight democrats will have to vote for him. but if not republicans may resort to the so-called nuclear option in which he needs only a supermajority. u.s. backed iraqi forces are locked in fierce fighting with isis as they battle to retake the western half of mosul. the most intense battle is taking place right now. iraqi forces continue to try to push into those neighborhoods ret they're meeting furious
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standoff the last couple of days although there was a lot of movement towards the old city earlier. it comes to is a and staph here which -- a standoff here which reflects how hard isis is pushing back. pack it up and not in a carry-on. that's the rule some passengers on certain overseas flights have to follow now when it comes to large electronic devices. a temporary ban went into effect this morning on direct flights to the united states from certain countries. mikea turner was at dulles airport earlier today where travelers are buzzing about the ban. >> reporter: electronics ban is impacting passengers flying out of eight middle earn and african countries, you cannot bring any electronic device larger than a cell phone in the carry-on bag. >> he is also affected to the ipad. >> reporter: he is flying to afghanistan with his sister-in- law and 4-year-old nephew but only imagine what a flight would be like if the kids had to pack the ipads in the luggage. >>
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believe me. so addicted. >> reporter: the family is flying out of dulles snarl airport and using emirates -- international airport and using emirates airline. it's now telling passengers on eight flights so stow away laptops and ereaders and cameras and other large electronics in checked bags. it's a hike to use -- headache to people who use the time in the sky to be productive. >> i'm always on my laptop. >> reporter: others feel more comfortable keeping values close by. >> is astringe toll get the bags and -- struggle to get the bags and take it it and you don't don't want to get the laptops ruined. >> reporter: telling passengers about the new temporary restrictions that excludes cell phones and medical devices temperature airline later deleted the tweet. u.s. officials say the ban is in response to intelligence gathered overseas although there's no specific threat. >> i hope that technology checks up though, kicks it up in gear so that we can still have our privileges. but if th
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we need safety, i can be flexible. but it hurts. >> reporter: the airlines have 96 hours to comply. reporting from dulles airport, mikea turner, wusa9. >> and it's not clear how long this ban will remain in place or the other airports will be added. the water has stopped and now traffic is flowing again along braddock road in centreville after a water main break created this huge sinkhole this morning. the tone inch main ruptured sometime during today's drive to work and only two customers are without water. and dozens more have low water pressure. while we have to do is get through the day to enjoy a string of sunny weather. meteorologist melissa nord has the first alert seven day forecast. >> sunny weather but going to be a lot colder as we head toward the middle of the workweek, i am tracking some 70s in any seven day forecast, that's coming up. clouds have been stubborn. these are low lying stratus clouds. gradually throughout the afternoon, we're going to be able to shake some of them but for the morning hours, it has
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52 degrees without the sunshine. it's a struggle to get these temperatures warming very quickly. we got northwest winds coming in about 10 miles an hour. 50s showing up now in frederick and leesburg and starting the see the temperatures a little bit warmer up northwest than it is in d.c. itself. 49 in andrews and 48 in waldorf. something really cool on first alert live doppler with satellite put on here. look out here to leesburg, these are some gravity waves and sometimes you can get where the clouds go in and out of seeing clouds and no clouds and clouds no clouds. when you get a strong northwest wind coming in over the mountains. really cool. geeking out about that right now. all right, let's go to the forecast temperatures though because it turns a lot colder tomorrow. this afternoon, we still climb up to near 60 degrees. some spots just above 60 degrees. still quiet this evening but by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, you're going to notice it feels colder and breezy. we'll wake up in the 30s and your forecast temperatures into the afternoon are also in the 40s.
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so it's going to feel a lot colder on that. i'll walk you through that hour by hour and also check out your weekend forecast coming up in a bit. you can always get that seven day on our free wusa9 app. andrea? >> thanks melissa. president trump just returned from capitol hill where he's looking to drum up support from fellow republicans unsure about the gop's plan to reeel and replace the affordable care act. as weijia jiang reports, the president told lawmakers their careers could be on the line. >> reporter: president trump emerged from a meeting with house republicans confident the gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare will pass. >> it was a great meeting. we had terrific people. they want a tremendous health care plan. that's what we have. >> reporter: gop leaders announced four changes to the bill. including a freeze on medicaid expansion, a state option to require some medicaid recipients to work and tax credits to uninsured and low to
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prohibits the insurance for insurance plans that provide abortions. >> this moved me and others and hopefully it will get us over the line. >> reporter: but conservative congressmen like labrador and ohio still aren't hold. >> you on board? >> no not yet. >> reporter: president trump was blunt with republicans, warning they will lose their seats in the 2018 election if they don't follow through with the repeal of obamacare. >> the president was really clear. he laid it on the line for everybody. we made a promise, now is our time to keep that promise. >> reporter: meanwhile the trump administration is fighting back against fbi director james comey's revelation that the bureau is looking into possible trump campaign connections with russia. cbs news has learned the fbi is investigating former nsa director michael flynn, campaign foreign policy adviser carter page, former campaign chairman paul manafort and roger stone a longtime friend of president trump. the stone denied the allegations on "cbs this morning." >> just as there has been
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russians. >> reporter: the white house is demanding an investigation into the leaks of classified materials. weijia jiang, cbs news, capitol hill. >> medics evaluated ten people after a carbon monoxide leak at an apartment complex in wheaton, maryland. officials in montgomery county tell us a hot water heater malfunctioned on the second floor of the poem bridge square apartments overnight and the alarm detected c. o. but everyone was okay. a cigarette butt likely caused this fire overnight in glenmont. investigators on the scene say the home went up in flames on sheridan street just before 4:00 this morning. officials say the home did have working smoke alarms which likely made all of the difference. everyone mansioned to get out -- managed to get out safely. more than two dozen stolen firearms may be gone. but police say they have three young men responsible for three virginia gun shop break-ins in custody. federal agents arrested 19-year- da
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23-year-old preston holmes and matthew jones of chantilly for smash and grab and two attempted gun shop robberies that happened in the span of just four days. so is this 98-year-old grandfather a nazi war criminal? last week a polish court had an arrest warrant. jamie yuccas shows us why polish officials think the seemingly frail man was a cold- blooded i woulder. >> my father was, is, and remains an innocent man. >> reporter: andre carkoch is a passionate defender of his 98- year-old father michael. in 2013 he was tiled as the commander of a -- identified as the commander of a nazi led unit who ordered the massacre of 44 polish civilians dug world war ii. >> you go your whole life with your dad to have someone accuse him of being a nazi. >>
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this is defamation, this is slander. it's unsupported. it's innuendo, it's allegations. >> reporter: but poemish authorities say they have plenty of evidence against him including nazi pay stub records, and his own ukrainian language memoir in which he places himself at the site of at least one mass murder. he did not reveal his nazi past when he applauded for citizenship -- applied for citizenship in the united states in 1949 or he served with the ukrainian self-defense legion. affiliation with either group would have barred the entry. mark is with the jewish human rights organization. >> you would think we know everything we need to know about that period but the reality is we're still learning new things almost every day. historians are uncovering new things. >> reporter: germany investigated him four years ago but didn't prosecute him after finding him incompetent to stand lisle mentally. the department of justice is not commenting on the case and we don't know just
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carcoch to be extradited to poland. in minneapolis, jamie yuccas, cbs news. om>> cing up. you won't believe the lengths a proud family went through to reveal the gender of their newest addition, that's on the way soon. and see how a switch works to prevent delinquent drivers from starting their cars if they miss a payment. some say it's bad for business.
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welcome back to the news at noon. the auto industry could be reshaped by a repossession device for cars. special technology makes a vehicle impossible to start after the owner misses a payment. but federal regulators are asking questions about how the equipment is being used. and anna westerner explains the concerns about how the device could hurt people who can least afford it. >> i
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>> reporter: willie connor needs a kidney transplant. she needed a car. but she and her husband didn't have a lot of money. so commercials like this one for car credit city -- >> for a guaranteed scar and guaranteed credit. >> reporter: offering guaranteed credit sounded good. >> they made it easy. you know. come on in. we'll give you a car. regardless of your credit. >> reporter: then one day in 2012 she came out of the treatment center and found the car wouldn't start. why? she says even though she had told them she would be a few days late on the payment, the dealer had turned the car off. how? with a device similar to this one. it's something called a starter interrupter. that technology that combined with gps tracking allows a dealer to remotely track the location of a car then disable it from starting as long as the car is not moving. >> this is the gps tracking device. >> reporter: former car dealer michael fisher sells the devices and says they're needed because many buyers with poor
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interest loans. >> it is a very risky business. i've been there. i lost a lot of cars which i didn't think was possible. i could find the customer, i just couldn't find the car. >> reporter: but there are no federal laws on how to disclose or use the devices and just four states have any regulations. and chris with the center for responsible lending says there are safety concerns. >> you're on your way to pick your kids up. you stop at the store and suddenly you can't start your car and your kids with left alone at -- are left alone at the school. >> reporter: we reached out to the dealership to car credit city several times and were finally told by a representative that they weren't interested. anna werner, cbs news, new york. >> while connor says she was unaware of a shutoff device in the car she bought, she admits there could have been some disclosure in the papers she signed. well, some people are angry at kitchen aid a global brand, for an ad on its website featuring pink products, they're accuse
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being sexist. the tag line is kitchen aid for women. the company says it didn't mean it that way. here it is take a look a t ad but kitchen says the -- take a look, but kitchen aid says the proceeds are going to breast cancer charity. still some people were outraged on twitter, hazel davis writes -- but not everyone agrees. jennifer writes -- i'm with you on that one. now to an incredible story about a family that is beating the odds. shock jacques and kelly greenwalt were told they couldn't have children. but then a miracle happened. they called their daughter amazing and after just few months in the world, the little girl has quite the story
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she was born at the women's hospital of texas at 24 weeks weighing just 1 pound 12 ounces. a micropremier. she was -- preemie. she was 20 days old before her parents got to hold her for the very first time. >> never in a until years -- million years did we think the family would be as big and beautiful as it is. >> faith is real. that god is real. and -- >> miracle. >> man, miracles can definitely happen. >> there's the miracle baby. she now weighs 7 pounds 3 ounces and her parents will take her home from the hospital today. if you thought the gender reveal for your baby was a big to do, check out how this dad spent three days building a contraption to tell the world what his wife was having. >> we're about to find out the gender of theo's little brother. or sister. hit the bottle. there we go. you can do it. all right, it's going.
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♪ it's a girl! >> pink confetti if you didn't notice that. pink, it's a girl. hey -- >> he must have been really excited so their that news -- share that news to spend all that time. >> understatement. will we be that excited about the weather? well, not tomorrow. maybe by the weekend though. the weekend will be really nice. but today, we're going to gradually see a little bet of sunshine poking through. tomorrow it just turns cold outside. not as cold as last week but still cold. we're in springtime. and also windy tomorrow. temperatures return to little milder standards by the end of the week and then the this weekend looks pretty nice overall but there will be some suowers moving in on your
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today, we got mostly cloudy skies here for you lunch hour. -- your lunch hour. gradually the clouds will break up and thin out. i think partly sunny to mostly cloudy depending on where you are. however still going to see temperatures continuing to climb. right now in d.c. we're at 52 and we'll be climbing slowly to around 60 or just above 60. by the ending of the afternoon hours. now i want to take you to futurecast for tonight because the cold front is moving through. by tomorrow morning, drastic difference outside in what it's going to feel like, here's futurecast as we head from 9:00, 10:00 to 11:00 tonight. fewer clouds build back in and could be a stray shower south of town. but from midnight to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, clouds are clearing out. the winds start to pick up. and look at this tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. we're in the 30s but you see all the wind arrows showing up out of the northwest really long that means it's gusty wind. the winds stay gusting tomorrow afternoon even though we have sunshine in here. it's going to be a struggle with these temperatures to climb through the 40s. in
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high temperatures north of d.c. stuck in the low 40s tomorrow from gaithersburg over to frederick. mid 40s from manassas about 46. and 43 in andrews. but it will feel not like the 40s by any means outside. feels-like temperatures throughout the day tomorrow will struggle in the 20s in the morning. and then barely climb into the 30s for a lot of the spots tomorrow afternoon. ending up around 35 is what it's going to feel like in d.c. tomorrow and about 40 culpepper but up to frederick, gaithersburg, it's going to feel like it's around the freezing mark throughout the afternoon on your wednesday. this is going to be a short- lived cold front all right? 40s for wednesday and thursday. look although -- as we head towards friday and saturday, big quick warm-up. 70s for saturday. saturday will stay dry. it will be nice outside but there will be more clouds around. but by sunday, even though it stays warm we will have some showers in the forecast. most of these look to hold off until we get towards the evening hours. so it should be dry for most of the afternoon.
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pretty cold outside and breezy tomorrow afternoon. wind gusts to about 30 miles an hour. cold for thursday. warming up friday and into the first part of the weekend. we'll be right back with more wusa9 news at noon after this.
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pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe ... and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. this is really sick and enraged driver nearly mows town a family of five and it's all caught on camera. it happened sunday in the wal- mart parking lot in union city, new jersey. clerks in wal-mart say after the woman unsuccessfully tried to return some batteries, she became very agitated. then things went from mad to worse after backing into a 3- year-old girl she tries to ram the family again. the driver is still out there.
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of charges when they catch her. we have one final look at the forecast when we return. sosy stick around for that. -- so stick around
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tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00, new details on the arrest and the death of a 21-year-old woman killed in northern virginia. more than a year ago. plus, think of them as the tea party for liberals. we'll introduce you to a group of activists known as the in divisibles. we talk to a d.c. man who's had enough of neighborhood dogs using his lawn as a toilet. all right. and with that, we will be much colder and windy tomorrow. and then a nice warm-up for the weekend. 73 for saturday and that is the
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>> okay. some stories are harder to follow than others aren't they? that's it for wusa9 news at noon, we'll be back at 5:00. until then enjoy your afternoon. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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>> jack: any calls? >> gloria: yeah, uh, jake from r&d called about the after-shave balm, needs yet another extension. blah, blah, blah. mrs. greer called. what a piece of work she is. >> jack: maybe with the running commentary? >> gloria: oh, yeah, and that tv gal you like so much -- she called. >> jack: hilary? >> gloria: how many tv gals do you know, mr. abbott? she wanted to thank you for the advice. >> jack: give me 10 minutes, and i'll return these calls. >> gloria: you know something, i am just a little bit curious. what golden nugget of wisdom did you throw at that little scamp? >> jack: none of your concern, gloria. >> gloria: want my advice? >> jack: not at all. >> gloria: do not trust that modern-day hedda hopper. >> jack: you should be thanking hilary rather than taking shots at her. that woman saved your hide when she stopped that interview, clarissa.


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