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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 22, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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westminster bridge. witnesses there, people say, mode over people. helicopters were brought in. early reports of gunfire, but it's pierce that was, in fact, police shooting at the suspect. that is from police sources. a spokesman for the prime minister meanwhile saying that, according to the reuters agency, telling the reuters agency that the prime minister, theresa may, was at no time in harm's way. session of parliament was suspended. they were told to stay inside until being evacuated. the houses of parliament and big ben, very popular tourists sites in the u.k. tens of thousands of people go there every day. the area has been blocked off. tube stations in the area shut down. alex, this investigation remains underway at this hour. >> seems like there's a heavy police presence in place before the attack began. can you tell us about the security perimeter and what the police presence looks like o
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>> really, throughout europe, as you can imagine, a heightened sense of security. the past few years of attacks have driven more police officers and security into the streets. certainly, in europe, of course here in the u.k. as well. thousands of police officers wherever you go inside the tubes, on the streets. you will see them. this area, in particular, the houses of parliament, especially around the houses of parliament, most police officers don't carry guns. that is not the case in the houses of parliament. that area, a focus for security primarily because of the politics that unfold inside but also because to have the draw for tourists. this is an area not only the houses of parliament and big ben, as we mentioned, but across the thames river is the london eye, the ferris wheel, an area traveled by tens of thousands of people every single day, the number one site, in fact, on instagram that people go to in the u.k. to upload photos. so security in thie
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a concern now as the perimeter remains. the subways, we're told, have been stopped, for the most part to stop the flow of people coming to parliament so emergency vehicles can have an easier time getting in and out. i want to put it in perspective. i want to tell you how critical this area is. this attack was reported at 2:40 in the afternoon. it only took six minutes for ambulances to arrive at the scene. >> an attack in the heart of london that is being called a terrorist incident. jonathan vigliotti in london, thank you. we'll continue to follow this developing story. our coverage will con
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roane. and we'll continue to monitor the breaking news from london as you heard parliament has been evacuated as police investigate a possible terror attack with a gun and a knife. they are also treating pedestrians being mowed down on westminster bridge as a terrorist incident as well. you can also check our mobile app for news alerts throughout the day. in other local news, it's been a very busy and cold morning for area firefighters. crews were called to a home in the 5800 block of colorado avenue around 6:15 this morning. they found heavy flames in the two story detached home. the fire went to three alarms before it was eventually knocked down. the fire chief describes the challenges his men faced. >> just another fire that was going before we got here. the integrity of this structure, we -- removed people from the roof at some point in time. we were trying to put the four out on the -- fire out on the second floor. >> firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading
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house was vacant. one firefighter was treated for a nonserious injury. tovestigators are still working determine what sparked the fire. firefighter also faced the chilly elements and flames from a blaze in fairfax county this morning. crews were called to the 9800 block of bridle bridge court in mclean around 5:30 this morning. two people injured in the fire were taken to the burn unit of a local hospital. investigators are searching for the cause of this fire as well. investigators with the sheriff's office are looking into a fatal accident in loudoun county. sky 9 was over the scene north of leesburg. police say it appears one car crossed the center line and hit another vehicle on route 15. the male victim was pronounced dead on the scene. the accident blocked north and southbound traffic for several hours. the person in the second vehicle survived the crash. new revelations today about a secretagement between donald
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and russia. the associated press has learned paul manafort worked for a russian billionaire to advance the interests of russian president vladimir putin. the same week the fbi director reveals the feds are investigating the russians' meddling in the u.s. election. >> reporter: the centered press is reporting former trump campaign chairman paul manafort made millions of dollars working for a russian billionaire from 2006 to 2009. he is a close associate of russian president putin. according to the a. p., manafort wrote a strategy plan for him in 2005 where he said that he would influence politics, business dealings, and news coverage inside the united states, europe and the former soviet republic to benefit the putin government. manafort confirmed to the a. p. that he did work for the rationale gash. but in a statement, he said my work for the gentleman did not
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political interests. cbs news has learned that manafort is one of the salts beings looked -- subjects become being looked at. an investigation the fbi confirmed just this week during congressional hearings. >> all i can tell you is what we're investigating which includes whether that was any coordination between the trump campaign and russians. >> reporter: fbi director james my confirm -- comey confirmed they are also looking at other associates. >> on the surface apore to be private citizens but who have connections to the close-knit cabal who might be agents of influence or doing the kremlin's bidding in contact with others. >> that's fair the say and one of the counterintelligence missions is to understand who are those people. and are they acting on behalf of the russian government. >> reporter: press secretary spicer says the white house does not have a comment about someone who is not a white house employee. craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill.
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manafort resigned last august after press reports revealed he had done secret work for the party of ousted ukrainian president. tomorrow will bring a crucial vote in the house on the gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare. now to try and sway conservative members of the house freedom caucus to get behind the bill. reportedly president trump has invited them to the white house today for a face-to-face meeting. the president pits the -- pitched the health care overall during a fundraising dinner for republicans last night. this is the most crucial of the young administration so far. >> the house bill ends the obamacare nightmare. and gives health care decisions back to the states and back to the american people. >> the president also met with house republicans on capitol hill yesterday and put his deal making reputation on the line. he sounded a dire political alarm, warning the gop could suffer h l
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year's elections if it stay l fails to repeal obamacare. 27 republicans remain opposed or are leaning against the overhaul. the party can only afford to lose 21 votes. today marks the seven year anniversary of the affordable care act. also known as obamacare. democrats including former vice president joe biden and house minority leader nancy pelosi gathered at the capitol this morning for a rally to save the health care law. a report released last week by the congressional budget office said 24 million americans would be uninsured by 2026 under the new gop plan. big changes coming to washington -- reagan washington national airport. a five year, $1 billion redesign called project journey is getting underway. among the big changes, new security check points will be built above the road next to the terminal with easy access from metro. the area known as national hall home to many restaurants, will be behind secu
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and a new concourse will replace gate 35x. right now short flight fliers have to take a bus to their plane at that gate. >> the new security check points will be underneath the elevated roadway next to the two metro bridges. so you will go through security there and then international hall -- enter national hall and be able to get to any gate from there. >> more than 233 million passengers currently use the airport annually. it was designed to serve only 15 million a year. it's a turndown day. temperatures are actually dropping this afternoon. so how long before we can warm up? meteorologist howard bernstein joins us with your first alert forecast. >> well, we'll be back in the 60s friday, 70s is the. that's the short -- saturday -- that's the short answer. but northerly winds by the way that the snow on the ground nil pennsylvania. and new york state. but around here lots and lots of bright sunshine and
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it. only5 in town. 30s in cumberland. much of pennsylvania and that's 20s in new york state. locally, the 45 north beach also those are the warm spots and only 40-love itsville and -- lovettsville can columbia 342. with the wind it feels more like the 20s and 30s. lots of sunshine for the afternoon and we're not going to have temperatures moving all that much from where they are now. certainly a brisk afternoon. to good news is the winds will slacken tonight. the bad news going to drop into the 20s. that means the blossoms that are out haven't been assaulted enough, will get attacked once again by the very cold temperatures. tomorrow a nice and sunny day. we're looking at for thursday with temperatures which are going to be near 50 but at least the winds will be on the light side. as told you we do see that warm- up returning friday and saturday. and reminder our wusa9 app always has the forecast anytime you need it. just put it on the smart phone, it's a free download. coming up on wusa9
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noon, we'll remember the life and times of legendary television producer chuck barris. he built quite an empire. plus we'll introduce you to a class in montgomery county where rock is king.
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solemn commemorations in belgium today marking the one year anniversary of the suicide bomb attacks on the brussels airport and subway. 32 people were killed including four americans. this morning, king felipe laid a wreath outside the hall. more than 300 people were wounded in the attacks claimed by the islamic state group. a year later, belgium remains on high alert. he brought smiles and laughter to a generation of television viewers. chuck barris the creator of the gong show and the dating game has died. a family spokesman says the 87- year-old reality show impresario died tuesday at his home in new york. in addition to being a game show cr
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selling author and had success in the music world. he wrote the 1962 hit record "palisades park" which was recorded by freddy cannon. he is survived by his wife of 16 years. >> i think it's time we started -- a science project? >> no. it's called rock band. >> remember the movie "school of rock" now on broadway as well. something just like this is happening in our area right now. but instead of a fixal character -- fictional character played by jack black it's a very real montgomery county teacher,rickic report it's call -- evan koslof reports it's called rock band in germantown. >> i would describe it as a chance to be someone else. >> i've realized how much music impacts people, their emotions their feelings. >> to feel like free like you know you have every
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-- english and this is a time you get to be with the band and just play. >> reporter: the voices of middle school students gaining an appreciation for rock and roll and a self-esteem along the way. >> it's kind of like my alter ego. >> reporter: an eighth grader and also a guitarist. >> i'm somewhat of like a dork sometimes. but when i come here, i'm like really funky you know. and sometimes it's so funny at our concerts when my teachers come and you know watch me perform. they're like who's that? that's not the marcella i know. >> reporter: the program was created by randy levy, sporting that rock and roll haircut herself, pretty much the jack black of montgomery county. >> he's much funnier than i am so you know. i suppose on some level for sure. >> reporter: what is undoubtedly the same is that just like in the movie, these kids have found themselves in outlets. >> it's transformative. i really -- when i designed this class i had no idea that it would have this kind of
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>> i feel like i'm someone like a musician. instead of just like a normal stunt going to like -- student going to like a normal school. >> music helps me like express myself and also understand like where i am and when i'm having a bad day. i always know i can come here. >> music makes me feel safe. happy. i don't know. makes me me. >> the former arts educator say i go for it. it's a great deal. the big finale for the class is the end of the year when the eighth graders get to play at the rock and roll hall of fame. a local group is installing solar panels on the roof of public housing units. now the move is expected to slash utility bills in half for residents. take a look. this is park chester apartments in southeast. the company grid alternatives is behind the project but the volunteers are from the university of north carolina and they're helping out. instead of partying over spring break, they're volunteering here in the district. >> i am really passionate
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sustainability. and environmental justice. and i saw this opportunity as a great way to be on the ground and learn about something that might career -- go towards. >> this is a great program. residents are also getting energy efficient appliances and air-conditioning at no cost. for an average family, solar  panels would cost more than $10,000 with an average savings of $600 a year. on your energy bill. easier classes, less homework, and lots of sports. that's how foreign students studying in the u.s. see american high schools. in a small survey of exchange students last spring. 66% said classes in the u.s. are much easier. students felt the emphasis on math and foreign languages was much less here than in their home countries. and an overwhelming majority felt it was much more important among american students to do well in sports. hmm. >> that's why they do the survey. >> that's why they do the
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it is a small survey. but it is telling i think we do believe that in europe and especially in asia, that they have a much more rigorous curriculum than in the united states. >> when you look at the rankings along the world. not near the top anymore. >> especially in math and science. >> let's get to weather because we have a chillier day out there. you know spring has taken a step backwards. for the most part. it will get there. soon right? the tree pollen andrea moderate. grass and mold are in the low category. this afternoon, we'll be sunny and chilly. and windy. temps in the mid- to upper 40s. that's all we're going to get this afternoon. you know our average is now in the mid- to upper 50s. so that's a good ten below average. the good news is the winds are going to die down tonight. just hang in there. big swings this week. the 40s today and 50 tomorrow but look at this by saturday 75. saturday's the day get out and enjoy it. take advantage of it. looks like it's going to be dry and warm and we have some showers more likely on sunday. today the winds, they've been a factor. they'll gust in the 40-mile an hour range toward la
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and we're gusting 20s to mid 30s out there right now. we had gusts 35 in town. hagerstown currently latest report gusting to 36 miles per hour. it looks nice on the michael & son camera. lots of sunshine out there. yeah, it's hurting with the windchill of 38. thanks to those winds out of the northwest at 17 and the air is really dry. the dew point's only in the teens. with the temps still in the 30s. look at that winchester and cumberland are 37. 43 up in gaithersburg and waldorf 41 and down on the bay jan called in. said 52 in reedville. while across the bay easton is at 46. and there's a big chill really in new england. look at this 20s up there for highs today and only 22 in caribou. dallas is 83. watch how this warmth moves north and east as we head toward tomorrow. not so much around here yet but the 60s and 70s will be moving in as we head in toward saturday or friday saturday and even sunday will hold on to 60s. out west we've got more rain on the west coast. been a
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spring for them. snow will just see how the snow showers fizzle as they moved into pennsylvania. well, that's just writing the cold -- bringing the cold air and that's going to continue for today. high pressure builds in tonight so the winds get light. in fact friday, or thursday i should say it looks like a nice day as far as the winds still on the chilly side. friday more clouds. we'll see some showers earlier in the morning in northeast ohio and pennsylvania. we may get a stray shower lingering from that as it moves toward us later on friday morning. our three day forecast, 46 today. may be 48. just called -- we set our high at 59. at about 2:00 this morning. 27 degrees will be the low tonight. that's in town. near 20 in the cold spots and that could be a problem for you got sensitive plants outside. going to need to cover them up. 50 tomorrow and brisk but light winds will be the key. milder with a stray shower on friday. 65. saturday, pick of the week. 75. mainly afternoon showers sunday. 66. showers and storms looks like they're going to be on and off monday and again tuesday with highs in
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we'll be right back with more in just a moment.
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and itchy, watery eyes. flonase is an allergy nasal spray that works even beyond the nose. so you can enjoy every beautiful moment to the fullest. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. welcome back. a parody void owe is making a rounds on social media. it's funny but it's also clearly partisan. drawing attention to president trump's budget cuts to pbs. >> elmo, you are being laid off. >> just like that? elmo has been working at "sesame street" for 32 years. elmo -- elmo -- doesn't -- >> elmo -- >> but elmo's just went up. >> you're going to landon our feet. don't worry. >> but elmo hasn't been unemployed since the '80s. what's going to happen to elmo's insurance? ohm
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witness. -- elmo has pre-existing machines. are there other monster fired too? cookie monster? but -- what about the kids? >> they have youtube elmo. >> youtube. >> elmo's going to be okay. we should note "sesame street" recently partnered with hbo so it's likely to survive any trim budget cuts -- trump budget cuts. we'll have one final look at the forecast when we com i've been blind since birth.
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you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. well, a chill certainly in the air today. after that last couple of days we're milder today and windy. cold, 40s but it's going to feel like the 30s at best. now tomorrow light wind after 20s in the morning up
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milder on friday with a stray shower, you saw saturday andrea. 75. a lot of people will be enjoying that one. >> that's great. that's spring. that's it for wusa9 news at noon, we'll be back at 5:00. have a great day.
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>> victoria: was that... >> billy: yeah. it was. >> victoria: did gloria just say that... >> billy: accused jack of sexually harassing her on video tape? that just happened. >> victoria: but "gc buzz" never aired that whole thing. i mean... mariah said that they cut it off. >> billy: yeah, that's why it didn't make it to the news. >> victoria: but she did say it. >> billy: suddenly, we have jack right where we want him. >> gloria: come on, not even one toast for your success today? getting the hockey partnership away from brash & sassy! >> jack: no time for that. i got work to do, and you have a report that you promised me. i want it done! follow up on jabot's men's line and current market trends. >> gloria: it's in the inbox. >> jack: excuse me? >> gloria: the report.


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