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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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there is no case being swept under the rug. there is no child being forgotten or left behind. >> is there an uptick in missing children's cases in dc? many of you asked the question. tonight, we are getting to the bottom of it. a congressional showdown, hours away from a vote that could be a huge step forward for the legislation that could take down obama care. it's surprising there's a 9- year-old teaching them. >> reporter: he
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years old, but east teaching people twice his age how to spin kick. his lesson for you. the death toll rises on the attack in london, what we know at this hour. >> i just hope that for the most part, it doesn't go in vein. >> reporter: a 15-year-old girl soon to be laid to rest. we hear from the people who tried to save her from gang violence. >> we will get to all those stories. first, frustration and outrage about missing children in the dramatic, and some people believe there's been an increase in cases, and today the mayor and police say it's not crew. john henry with the story from there. >> reporter: i'm here in southeast where hundreds of passionate parents came together to talk about dc's missing children. >> reporter: in this room on tuesday night, it was hard to find someone who was not frustrated. >> every night i go to bed, and before i got to bed, it's on my mind. >> why are we just finding out?
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finding out? >> reporter: there's currently 22 open cases of missing children in dc. even children are concerned. >> why can't we all just get along? >> reporter: the acting chief says there's been no uptick in missing children in the district. he says his department has done a better job of getting the word out about their cases. >> the disturbing fact, we have that many kids who go missing in the city, and it's been that way for a long time. >> reporter: -of the children left their department voluntarily, and while many were not the targets of human trafficking, it's an issue that needs to be talked about. >> you have a child out there, and there are people in our community that will prey on those children. >> reporter: community
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activists like roxi farrow says it needs more attention from police. >> our children are talking about it every time there's a workshop in our schools. >> reporter: the mayor says they are committed to bringing all missing children home. >> there's no case being swept under the rug. >> reporter: everyone wants that to happen as quickly as possible. from southeast. >> these kids need to be found. >> reporter: john henry, wusa 9. >> on facebook today, we had a live stream of pictures with missing kids from dc, and a lot of you had so many concerns for the young people, and the feed reached every corner of the country. 4million people in all. titus said we need to love on our children a little more so they don't want to run away. april added people, please, keep your kids close to you and know their whereabouts at all times. >> if you want to know more about where they have gone missing, we have an interactive map.
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they were last seen and we have their names and changes. you can see all the missing kids on our wusa 9 app and website. breaking news out of dc, police just released a photo of a man considered a person of interest in the death of an artist who was visiting town, and the security camera photo was taken at a score on garrett avenue in beltsville. the victim was found tied up and stabbed to death yesterday in a basement apartment she just rented on 14th street and northeast. the killer may have taken her blue toyota prius it has kentucky tags. also breaking at this hour, dc police are investigating a shooting that involved one of their own officers, happening a little after 6:00, near the intersection of barnby road and chesapeake southeast. we are told police were responding to a shooting when they encounted a man with a gun. there was a struggle, and at least one officer
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weapon. the suspect was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. terror strikes the heart of london at a famous location that is packed every day. >> at least four people are died including 48-year-old keith palmer a husband, father, and an officer for 15 years. 40 others are injured. the suspected attacker also dead, and the attack is being investigated as a terror act. it's believed the attacker crashed a vehicle into the westminster bridge, and then the vehicle crashed into the gates parliament. that's where the policeman was killed and where the attacker was killed cbs news spoke to one u.s. tourist who was on the london eye when the whole thing played out. >> as soon as we got high up, a quarter of the way up, we could see that something was going on on the bridge, and that's how we knew something was
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and more cops were coming and more sirens. i knew something big happened. >> the prime minister condemned the attack. parliament will resume normal operations tomorrow. the attack is the latest in a disturbing trend of terror attacks that are very low tech. it's the third in the last year where terrorists used a vehicle to kill. you may remember the attack on the berlin christmas market in december. 12 people died when a truck plowed into the crowd in july, a terrorist ran a cargo truck through a crowd in nice, france, killing 86 people. closer to home, a student at ohio state university crashed his car into a crowd before stabbing several people, and no one died in that attack, and now we have the four that have been killed by the vehicle in london and counterterrorism experts say the islamic state has been heavily promoting the use of trucks in recent years but no group has claimed responsibility yet for today's attack. tonight we are hearing from the mother
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from upper marlboro who was shot to death while on spring break when someone fired into a crowd of young people in dc. 18-year-old iahna mccalister was looking forward to a career in law enforcement and social work. >> she had, like her father and myself, an interest in helping children like probably the one who stole her life. she was interested in helping children who had no hope. >> her parents say it's a tragic reminder you can raise your kids life and lose them to senseless gun violence. it was on sunday night on bennig road in northeast. the killer is still out there dc police are asking for the public's help in identifying
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walking while black. drivers are less likely to brake for african americans than they are for white people on foot. the difference is greater if the person is in a high or low- income neighborhood. two female students one white and one black crossed a street where there was no traffic light, and they did it in two neighborhoods. one with a median income of $56,000, and another with a median income of about $33,000, and the average number of cars to pass by the black walker at the crosswalk was at least 7 times higher compared with the white walker in the wealthier neighborhood. there's one caveat to this study. researchers say the crosswalk could impact a driver's decision to stop. tied up in the areas ms13 gang resurgence, she was just 15 years old when fairfax county police discer
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her family was finally able to hold a viewing for her a month later. stephanie ramirez. >> reporter: those are two of several cop cars here tonight. a heavy police presence as family and close friends started to say their good-byes to the 15-year-old. [speaking foreign language]. >> reporter: she was a very happy girl said this classmate. [speaking foreign language]. >> reporter: yes, it made me scared is what her friend said in spanish before shrugging, her answer to what can we done? police were investigating multiple overlapping missing teen cases. gang members held her against her will and then took her to the park and assaulted her. sources said there was cell phone video of it. >> killed at that age? that should
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anyone. >> reporter: jay landem seaing there's been seven gang-related homicides since october. gangs are not new, but what is is how young they are recruiting. >> juveniles are not treated as harshly in the courts as the adults are. >> reporter: a lot of the parents said it hit them hard. county leaders who tried to intervene came wednesday in support of the family. their message to the kids listening. >> recognize the importance of what a real family is and what a family is not. >> reporter: rayves revis will be laid to rest tomorrow. ten people have been arrested facing murder charge in the case. >> tonight police are investigating at least two threatening phone calls against rockville high school, and this follows the reported rape of a 14-year-old student at the
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are 17 and 18-year-old students who came to the country recently, and police say the older suspect is undocumented, and this has received national attention in the last few days. the white house press secretary sean spicer said cases like this underscore why president trump's crackdown on illegal immigration is so crucial. we looked into this and found it is legal to teach regardless of their citizen championship in maryland students can be up to 21 to get a free public education. we spoke to the defense attorney for henry sanchez. the lawyer said it was a consensual encounter, and he is confident he will be exonerated. a lot of people have questions about how an incident like this could happen at a school. on off script, bruce johnson asked that exact question to the montgomery county school board member mike durso. >>
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there are opportunities, if one is out of the class or in the hallway, i mean there's a security team, and there's a faculty etc., but parents want guarantees, and for the most part, we can offer them, but we have to stop short of being able to say 100%, you're always going to be safe. that's troubling. >> police say they have a school resource officer manning the school full-time and the rape happened in an area that is remote they are monitoring security plans with police. one left-leaning post on facebook going viral. remember when trump said dot dot dot and then the failure of the certain promises. we are going to verify if it's true. >> i feel like, proud. like, i feel like i have done well. >> i feel like i'm
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martial artist. >> class is in session. we caught up with a 9-year-old black belt instructor. 9, teaching a practice centuries older than him. and the house puts health care on the line, and by this time tomorrow, we could learn if the bill to repeal obamacare will take another step forward. very cold start once again. temperature in the far northern and western suburbs could be in the upper teens to start to upper 20s downtown, and 9:00, 20s and 30s, and by noon, it will be cold but not windy. high temperature is 40 to 45. and we will come back and talk
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to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ tonight the white house is working to win over conservative republicans who balk at the gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare. the chair of the tree come caucus says they have been negotiating possible concessions from the white house and progress was being made, and the group support is crucial to the bill's passage, and a vote is scheduled on the house floor tomorrow night. it's an art form hundreds of years old, and it started in korea and
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america in our backyard, and tonight tae kwan do has a new favorite son. his age is not holding him back. >> it's difficult. >> reporter: this bethesda studio is built on three things, discipline, drive, and now -- >> surprise! surprise a 9-year-old is teaching them. >> reporter: dillon oliver is only in the 4th grade, but here he is an expert. >> kick, punch, punch. >> reporter: he just started to teach other students, and sometimes they are much older. >> we are told to practice every day, and i usually help my mom for 30 minutes. >> reporter: that's right, mom is a red belt, a couple
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levels behind her son. >> when you're a black belt, you're supposed to set an example for the other student in the studio. he takes that serious. >> reporter: teaching others is the only way dillon can advance his training. >> i have never seen a guy that mature at that age. >> reporter: this is the master here who is an 8-degree black belt taught by june reid, his commercials were famous in our area. ♪ nobody bothers me snots. >> reporter: master cole says dillon may have what it takes to go just as far. >> you need to be able to understand what is going to make this person tick and what is making this person perform and how to motivate, and he can do it. >> it doesn't matter how young you are or how old you are, never give up, and always believe in yourself. >> reporter: in bethesda, pete muntean,a
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. >> topper left his yellow belt in the weather center. >> i got the blue. >> it's collecting dust. >> dillon's brother is also an accomplished martial artist. he's a black belt at 13. >> i had an instructor jeff smith, quite the instructor, and every day he would come by and just push me down, and you could hear my back crack. i'm just not able to touch my toes. i was able to kick above my heads in the old days. >> maybe if you don't nail the 3-degree guarantee, you should have to go back to class. >> bravo. >> i'm going to the cherry blossoms, too depressed to talk about the 3-degree guarantee. we are in the puffy white stage of the bloom here. here's the deal, the peak bloom is su
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the first of two, and the problem is temperatures tonight will be critical to the peak blossom because temperatures at about 27 degrees, for more than than 30 minutes, that can do damage. right now 28 for the low, and trust me, that's 28 there. it will be very, very close tonight. one peak this weekend, and another in april. the 3-degree guarantee. okay, okay, i went 54, and then i went 55 because it was 57 at 11:00, and i thought surely it will not go last 58. sweet mother of pearl, going to 59. we are 4 off. but that's good news. i will tell you why. the rescue alliance getting money. that's a good thing. should be okay for tomorrow. this is dry air, and that's why we are concerned about the cherry tree blossoms tonight. the bus stop temperatures 19 to 34. good news, no wind tomorrow, but it's going to be cold again, warmer on
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maybe a shower, and then boom, 70s over the weekend, and showers on sunday, but not a washout on sunday, and saturday is looking better. there we are, sitting at 28 to start, and up to 45 with full sun by 1:00. friday, we may have to pay the price for a shower, but that will get us back in the 60s, and setting the stage nice. sunshine and 74, and then we will stay warm and unsettled. showers and maybe a thunderstorm late sunday, and better chance on monday and tuesday, and temperatures low 70s, and a little cooler and dry, and back to 60 on wednesday. >> thank you, topper. you have been lighting up my e-mail with stories that you want me to verify, and with all the fake news and click bait constantly on your social media feeds. we want to help you separate truth from fiction. look at this. basically one of the user generated graphics here this is trump is the devil kind of thing, posted by bluedemwarriors, and you know where they stand, b
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shared 2400 times it's a tictactoe of the supposed ways that trump has failed since he has been in office. i will not go through all of them, but i will hit a come. remember when trump said he was going to donate his salary? well, he just accepted his second paycheck. there's a fascinating historical perspective on this. george washington said the same thing when he was sworn in in 1789 that he wouldn't accept a salary. article 2 of the constitution makes it mandatory that the president of the united states get paid. congress back in 1789 decided the president should be well compensated to make sure that once they were in office they would not be likely to be swayed by bribery or corruption, so president trump can do whatever he wants with his $400,000 a year salary, keep it, give it away, light it on fire, it doesn't matter, but the constitution says he has to receive it. next up, re
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said he was going to drain the swamp of washington insiders? his cabinet is filled with lobbyiest, oil magnets, and wall street executives. i will run down the list for you. 13 members have been confirmed to this point, what do we got? one oil ceo, two bankers two generals, the former governor of texas. three former members of congress, and two former sub cabinet officials, a businesswoman, and a doctor. there you go. a couple of week ago we verified the proposal in the senate to allow hunters in alaska to kill hibernating animals sleeping in dens with their cubs. the crux was that alaska didn't like the federal government telling them what they could and couldn't do the vote gets rid of the rule protecting the animals that was put in place during the obama administon
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around the clock to sort through your tips, e-mail, and feedback in you see something that is driving you crazy because you don't know if you can believe it, let us know, and we will verify it. on facebook and twitter and e- mail us the maryland women are the only local team still standing in the ncaa tournament, but the team is weighing
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the maryland terrapins and brenda freeze, high-five coach. they leave tomorrow morning for bridgeport, connecticut, and the team will take to the court saturday morning at 11:00 3, random, to play oregon. they are not going to see as many fans as they would have hoped. tickets for saturday and monday are sold out, and they have been sold out since before the bracket was announced #ridiculous. most likely the tickets were snatched up
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anticipating they were the top seed in the region. while it's disappointed that webster bank arena will not be a sea of red, the coach is remaining diplomatic about it. >> it's unfortunately it prosides a tremendous advantage. we are used to going on the road and having to take care of business, and that's what we will do. it's unfortunate for our fans. we need to talk about the ability to have to pay a higher price ticket to go up and support the team. >> it's not just unfortunate. it's stupid. our fans didn't have a chance. while the sky is not falling, and the wizards are a virtual lock to make the playoffs, losing 4 out of the last 5 games does not instill confidence in the team. the possible preview here, the wizards with the hawks of atlanta big like, and john wall who delivers, and beal, leading the wizards with 28 points, and
11:28 pm
extends the lead with the jumper there, and the zawirds end up beating the hawks, and it's narrowly by the score of 104-100. we have 10 days away from the season opener, which you will be able to see here on wusa 9, and matt scherzer made his debut today. the ace is expected to start third in the rotation. team usa in the finals of the world baseball
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