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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 23, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the grad fund at strayer university can help push you forward. because up to your last year of classes could be on us. that's right. on us. today is the day. strayer university. let's get it, america. good afternoon and thank you for joining us this noon. i'm andrea roane. isis claims
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for the terror attack on wednesday felt by the houses of parliament in london that killed an american and two others. the attacker was identified as 62-year-old, khalid masood. here is more on the victims, the attacker and investigation. >> reporter: forensic investigators examined the crime scene near parliament one day after a deadly terror rampage that now included one american fatality. the family set online that kurt pop grin of utah was celebrating his anniversary with his wife, who was injured. police carried out raids in birmingham north of london with several people taken into custody for questioning. investigators believe the attacker acted alone. >> we don't know the motivation, or his preparation or associates. >> reporter: the prime minister said the unnamed suspect was born in britain and unknown to intelligence services. theresa may then delivered a defiant message to parliament. >> we are not afraid.
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our resolve will never waver in the face of terrorism. >> reporter: the area across the river around parliament remains closed off. the bridge where the terror began has now opened. security camera video shows the attacker speeding across westminster bridge deliberately mowing down pedestrians. two people died and more than two dozen others are injured. the suspect crashed into a fence near parliament before fatally stabbing officer keith palmer. flowers and a photo of palmer were placed on the ground in tribute to the fallen officer. teri okita, cbs news in london. >> queen elizabeth sends thoughts and prayers and sympathy to those affected by wednesday's attack. israeli police announced in the rest of a 19-year-old dual u.s. israeli citizen with making telephone threats against jewish community centers and the u.s. australia and new zealand, also. calls forced the evacuation of more than 170 jewish centers in
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the u.s. it's mid-january. the rest was made by israeli national police after an undercover investigation with the f vi. is suspected terror attack has been foiled in belgium. today, police in antwerp dressed -- arrested the driver who tried to run over a group of shoppers in his car at high speed. police recovered knives, shotgun and a tank recovered with unknown liquid. is a 39-year-old french national of north african dissent. this happened one day after the one-year anniversary of the brussels terror attacks at the airport and subway that killed 32 people. the much beloved former archbishop of baltimore, cardinal william keeler has died . he was appointed the 14th archbishop of baltimore by pope john paul ii who then elevated him to cardinal in 1994.
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he served baltimore until his retirement in 2007 and was a leading national voice against abortion and known for ecumenical outreach to members of other faiths. he was 86 years old. the plan to repeal and replace obama care is to be up for a vote today. so far, republicans have not put it on the schedule because of lack of support. they estimate 31 republicans said they plan to vote no if it takes 23 republicans joining the democrats to vote no, to kill the bill. as craig boswell reports, house speaker, paul ryan and president donald trump are trying to convince holdout republicans to join them in supporting the bill. republican leaders are scrambling to figure out how to move forward with the plan to repeal and replace obamacare and as of thursday morning, cbs news counted at least 31 gop members that plan to vote no on the bill. at least nine republicans would have to change their
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pass the bill. >> i thought i was a good dealmaker and that nothing compared to the president. >> reporter: members of the freedom caucus were invited to the white house foreclosed door meeting with president donald trump, trying to get support. the caucus demands they lower healthcare premiums by rolling back essential health benefits which mandates coverage for services like emergency room visits, maternity care, prescription drugs and mental health. >> if we don't lower premiums, this bill does not do enough. >> reporter: the conservative koch brothers set up a fund to support reelection of any republican voting no on the bill. as the white house and republican leaders make concessions to conservatives, moderates rethink support for the plan. >> republicans do -- republicans are voting to destroy the coverage in a beautiful form and that vote will be tattooed to their heads. they can say donald trump made me do it. >> reporter: charlie dent met with house speaker, paul ryan, late into the night and afterwards, he issued a statement saying he will oppose the be
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can step back from the boat an arbitrary deadline to focus on getting healthcare reform done right. craig boswell, cbs news and capitol hill. we will continue to follow the latest developments as president donald trump works to refill the affordable care act and you can, too, by downloading the wusa9 mobile app. family and friends will say final goodbyes to a 15-year-old beeski of gang violence, she was from gaithersburg and police found her body last month at a park in fairfax county. investigators believe gang members held her against her will and took her to a park and killed her. police are investigating at least two threatening phone calls against rockville high school following the reported rape of a 14-year-old student at the school.
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drilled students who came to this country recently. police said the older suspect, henry sanchez, entered the country illegally through mexico last august. no word on if the threatening phone calls had anything to do with the alleged rape case and for the time being montgomery county police stepped up their presents at the school. a child is an extremely critical condition after being struck by a vehicle this morning. it happened on crain highway near queens court in upper marlboro, maryland. it started county police are working to find out what happened. so far, they have not charged the driver. we have a bright and sunny thursday on tap. it appears warmer weather is still just a little bit away from us but coming just in time for the weekend. meteorologist howard bernstein has the first alert forecast. most of us started in the 20s this morning and we will struggle to get up to 50. nice and sunny but rain moving to western kentucky is ahead of a warm front making its presence known later tomorrow. high pressure
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sunshine, light winds and cold temps. portland, maine, only 36. 50s and 60s for memphis and little rock and that is the warm air that will be here tomorrow. right now, only 31. we will get 38 for fairfax, reston, dulles, and clinton is 36. 38 in columbia and even in reedville and germantown, one of the warm spots at 40 degrees. the futurecast for your afternoon, lots of sunshine and temps struggling to get up to 50. they may not get there. tonight, not as cold. low to mid-30s in most areas and that is a step in the right direction. tomorrow morning, some showers for parts of east virginia and the shenandoah valley. as it approaches dc, they may weaken. mid-to late morning, a bit of a shower threat and as the afternoon wears on, temperatures will climb in the low to mid-50s by 5:00. fredericksburg is 55 and the three day forecast, breezy with
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70s here by saturday. today, mid-to upper 40s for the afternoon and in the 50s tonight. 41 degrees and back in a few minutes, we will talk about how long this will stick around. reminder that our wusa9 app is a free download. to make a quick buck, some young people might turn to crime. the new program has been created to try to send young people in a different direction. wusa9 explains what community carrot is all about. >> reporter: you can see the bullet holes in the front side of a church, of all places. >> we've had two shirting -- shootings here and a stabbing by the church. a series of violent acts last spring that had the pastor frustrated. >> i was saddened because it doesn't really make good sense to kill people. >> reporter: in e
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he called a community meeting to talk about the solutions and added police in cameras were one option. it's also something else, something new. expect the idea of creating an entrepreneur program for young folks in the community. >> i turned 20 yesterday. >> reporter: we met one of 20 enrolled in the brand-new program for this and she will be trained as an entrepreneur for seven months. >> yes. i went to change my life. i want to be the support behind my family. >> reporter: the program accepts non-students aged 18-24 and they must have faced barriers, whether financial or otherwise. or their time they will get paid $8.25 per hour. >> community carrot has two office spaces. >> reporter: david leads the program and hopes it is just the beginning. >> the it could happen in other in the district, particularly in words five, seven and eight with more crime issues and unemployment and more opportunities for youth. >> we will invest in people to help them develop dreams and passions.
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>> that was evan kozlov reporting. a big day on the program on saturday with community carrot holding the ribbon cutting ceremony. when they finished, they should have a business license and a plan to get started. after a video of a fight between two teens was published on facebook on monday, it went viral. the video that was shared more than 570,000 times, has more than 22 million viewers as of tuesday evening and shows a man from atlantic city trying to teach boys what is right while intervening in a fight. jamar mobley tells us. >> he was minding his business and came out from his car. he didn't like it. he said, i will not leave until you shake hands. i want to thank him a lot. it wasn't for him, him, it could have gone a whole
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welcome back to 9news. many visitors to vatican city try to catch a glimpse from the pope. the little girl stole a kiss and his skullcap. here's the report where he spoke to the little girl. >> reporter: as pope francis leaned in for a kiss, 3-year- old, estella westrick, went for his skullcap. it happened too fast for her dad to stop her. >> she does whatever she wants. >> reporter: there in from atlanta. >> the first thing she told me was she said, mommy, i saw the pope.
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for hours with a family friend who posted the video on twitter to try to catch pope francis after his weekly audience. we saw how this independent 3- year-old does her own thing. whether taking a skullcap from the pope, or a phone from a reporter. [ laughter ] >> you want that? >> say cheese. >> reporter: the pope loved these unscripted moments, we are told. >> obviously, the pope is not a regular guy. he is the pope. as much as possible, he wants to deal with people as if you were. >> reporter: that is how estella dealt with him. >> tell me about taking the pope's hat? >> it was good. >> reporter: was it a surprise? >> yes. >> reporter: why did you do it? >> i don't know. >> reporter: did you think it was funny? >> yeah. >> reporter: apparently, the pope thought so, too. seth stone, cbs and rome.
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than 250 acres of land in mascot county florida. crews took 20 bulldozer to plow through the fire line. it's one of the ways they work to keep flames from spreading. at least 10 homes were damaged or destroyed in a fire that started wednesday during a book burning and it rapidly grew into a nearly 400-acre wildfire. the fire is now 50% contained and the flames are no longer spreading. due, in part, to improve conditions, the florida forest service reports. the national park service expects the cherry trees in washington to reach peak bloom this week and despite the recent cold snap. officials said half of the blossoms died. at least 1.5 million fans turned out for this. warm weather will help those remaining blossoms. >>re is howard.
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about them being 70% of the blossoms and that's when they are declared. 50% are dead so you only got about 35%. it will be pretty. today is a beautiful day with blue skies. tomorrow, the morning, some high clouds and hopefully they will hold off. saturday, it will be in the 70s and that may be the better day but the skies won't be as pretty. yesterday, they were said to be in the puffy white stage. we are looking at the peak coming up. if not later today, then this week and. a look like we could challenge the earliest peak bloom on march 15th in 1990. we had some damage to not just the blossoms, but 80% of the blueberries in south carolina. that crop was gone and the peaches were devastated. there could be more spots coming up this spring and summer for fruits and
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temperatures in the 40s to near 50's with lots of sunshine and light winds at 5-8 miles an hour later this afternoon or this evening. high pressure is nearby and it is a nice day out there. you can see people enjoying this. it is chili with 39. two things are helping. it is a dry heat and dry cold. you don't feel it as much. do point at five, it doesn't feel nearly as cold as it would at 39. up to about 40 in fredericksburg . not a lot of variations. in garrett county, the weather headlines as we go to the weekend. today, friday, we begin a warm- up. we should be above 60 tomorrow and 70 by saturday. for the weekend, mainly dry until later on sunday afternoon when we have the threat for showers and storms.
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storms will be around for the beginning of the coming week with lots of warmth in dallas, into the 80s. 70s in chicago and chilly and northern new england. the 70s will roll our way and the chill holds on way to the north. low to mid-70s toward saturday and one thing pushing out the warmth will be in the southwest. all the rain is moving south to north across arizona into utah and colorado with a little bit of snow and ahead of this. into the greatlakes, a beautiful day on tap with high pressure nearby and the high moves east with the winds turning. showers tomorrow morning in pennsylvania and dipping into western maryland and west virginia. as we go to midmorning, it will be for loudon county and fairfax county and it holds together as it pushes toward dc in the mid-to late morning. by 4:30, nin
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but we have clouds and the southerly wind may push temperatures into the 50s. saturday, low to mid-70s with most of the rain well to the north and well to the west. you can't rule out a stray shower in the mountains but saturday will be a springlike day. 36 tonight and 50 will be the peak at national. 54 tomorrow and after being in the 30s, not as cold tonight. saturday, pleasantly warm with 70s. toward monday, the first part of the day is fine with late showers and a few showers monday and 72. showers and storms likely on tuesday with an isolated shower on wednesday with highs and lower 50s. more is coming up in just a moment. see you on the other side of the br
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it sounds like a good idea. a playground that plays tunes for visitors. the musical playground opened in lagrange, georgia. it's designed for kids with special needs. it's complete with chimes and drums. it's all wheelchair accessible and parents and children can enjoy this. they have a 15-year-old to thank. nathan payne researched the playground, planned it, raised $25,000 and got volunteers to help build it as part of an eagle scout project. whatgr a eat project! are you ready for a commute that approaches the speed of sound? hyperloop technology has begun construction on the first pod. the passenger capsule is part of elon musk's future transport
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passengers at 760 miles an hour. hyperloop put up a youtube video saying the first pod will be ready early next year. one final look at the forecast when we return. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24.
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tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00, new details on the rape inside a bathroom at rockville high school. the threat against undocumented students. the first time in three years, we have reactions and it's about a new program at
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going to california. cold today. we struggle to get to 50. nice on saturday with unsettled weather. mild and warm sunday through next week grit. some have it, some don't. when the odds are stacked against you, you either hide or stand up. at strayer university we've seen it in our students for 125 years.
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ess coaches will be there to pick you up and work with you every day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america.
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