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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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affiliation, none of which applied. somebody called in a terrifying new threat to shoot all illegals at the school. this is a look at the police presence at the school this morning. that reported rape allegedly by two teens who crossed the border illegally has thrown the school into the center of a national debate over immigration. bruce leshan says local leaders are trying to turn down the volume on the anger. it is a tough task. >> the volume is getting pretty loud. the school district says there have been hundreds of racist zine phobic and hate filled calls to the school, montgomery county school central office, and to individual teachers and administrators over the last few days. on wednesday, a phone call threatening a massacre. >> keep school safe! >> anger and prot
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elementary school. an suv carrying the u.s. education secretary betsy devos had protesters to jostle as she headed into school to read to second graders. before she arrived devos released a statement saying her heartached for the 14 year old girl reportedly raped last week in the boys' bathroom at rockville high school, allegedly by teens henry milian and jose mentano, immigrants waiting immigration hearings. >> we need to remember the rockville high school crime. it was one of our children. it was an immigrant in this country. >> they say you are politicizing. >> i don't think that's true. >> governor hogan who was at the school claimed earlier that the two were in
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because of an obama era am nesty for unaccompanied minors but he is now condemning the threatening phone calls to rockville high. >> we can't condone any hate speech like that. it's terrible and not something that should be allowed. someone called and said they were going to shoot illegals in our school. >> reporter: police stationed more officers and patrol cars at the high school but do not believe this is a credible threat. >> we know this is a heated issue. take a step back because the safety is most important. if people are making threats we can't keep our school safe. >> reporter: many protesters were there to condemn the push for school choice and defend public schools. that issue was drowned out by immigration and rockville high. secretary devos zipped out of the room without taking questions from reporters. maryland ho
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immigrants more protection from federal agents. governor hogan promised to veto it. a terrible story out of maryland. an 8 month old baby was attacked and killed by her family's dog. the sheriffs department says a family friend was watching the boy at the time and when deputies arrived the dog was still attacking the child, so they shot the dog. we are heading to the scene and we will bring you more tonight after ncaa basketball. also breaking, prince georges county police officer busted for dui. police say officer christopher brown crashed his cruiser this morning near pennsylvania avenue and the belt way. police say he left the scene after the crash but came back a short time later. no one was injured but, get this, five years ago brown pleaded guilty following another crash in his cruiser while under the influence. in that case, he was disciplined administratively. fbi says an 18 year
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arrested for making threats at jewish institutions over the last few months. the teen was arrested in israel. the threat prompted jewish facilities to increase security and training. we spoke with fbi agents in our area and they tell us they believe that the 18 year old is responsible for the bulk of the threats including the ones in rockville and fairfax. a crucial defeat for president trump and house speaker paul ryan. originally scheduled for tonight, house canceled a vote on the gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare. supporters of the plan apparently don't have enough votes to pass the legislation. the sticking points include the price of healthcare premiums. >> for a lot of these guys, it comes down to premium increases. they're concerned about what they're seeing constituents face. >> if we don't lower premiums, this bill does not do enough. >> as of this morning, cbs news counted 31 republicans against the healthcare bill. nine of them would have to change their mi
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legislation. the white house will reportedly attempt to schedule a vote on this healthcare bill tomorrow morning. words of support and opposition today for supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. witnesses testified before senate judiciary committee. gorsuch can count on the support of the american bar association. >> we found, sir, that he was a preeminent member of the legal profession, that he has outstanding legal ability and exceptional breadth of experience and that he meets the very highest standards of integrity, professional competence, judicial temperament. >> gorsuch however is also running into opposition. senate minority leader chuck schumer announced he will vote against president trump's pick for supreme court and will demand gorsuch get at least 60 votes to be confirmed. the government approved an arrangement allowing president trump to maintain a financial interest in his
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hotel. the general services administration conclude that trump's pledge not to take money from the hotel while he is president resolves concerns about potential conflict of interest. under the terms of the lease a trump connected firm is paying $250,000 a month to the federal government for the right to operate the hotel in the old post office building. to a stunner in local college basketball as georgetown has fired the head coach john thompson iii. we want to know if you agree. >> go to or use our app and tell us what you think. we really want to hear it. frank hanrahan has more on what many thought would never happen. this is a huge, huge deal. >> including myself. many argue that because jt iii's dad was the legendary coach and still involved with the program that no move would be made. when word came down this afternoon that he had been let go, it was very surprising to say e
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he was on the job for 13 years, took the team to final four in 2007 but had come under scrutiny after two straight sub 500 seasons and minimal success lately in the tournament. the feeling was thompson would get at least another season. that was not the case. reaction was mixed. >> i guess i am surprised, but the team hasn't been very good in recent years. so some type of change was necessary. >> they're traditional. they want to stick with what they have known for a long time. i think change is good. that's what the program needs right now, to be honest. i think we need kind of a little bit of a spark. i think it's a good move. >> georgetown's president says an immediate national search for the next coach of georgetown is already underway. we shall see. interesting times at the hill top. frank hanrahan, wusa9. >> should be able to attract some top talent you would think. >> yould
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far in the couple minutes that we have been looking and listening to you. you have told us do you support georgetown's decision to fire coach john thompson iii? 38% said yes. oh, it's changing. 28%, 71% say no. a lot of people are weighing in. you still have time throughout the day. >> we are following closely. our warm up is underway. topper is on the weather terrace with all the details. >> it is not as cold. the cherry tree blossoms will be fine. low temperatures outside the belt way will be below freezing again. 36 downtown, 32 wood bridge. then we are in much better shape. at 5:30, notice the arrow. that's a southerly wind. that warms up a little bit. a couple showers are possible tomorrow, not worthy of a yellow weather alert.
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frederick. by 12:00 we are getting near 50 toward fredericksburg and that strong southerly wind will win out. by 3:00 we will be 57 downtown, 61 in fredericksburg, 60 lees burg and clouds begin to thin in the mid and late afternoon hours. in the next few days look at the temperatures. 64 tomorrow, 74 saturday, 70 sunday, low 70s monday, around 70 tuesday. we'll come back and tell you which weekend day will be better for things like golf and maybe even some yard work. it's going to start to grow pretty soon. >> thanks. a final farewell to a 15 year old victim of gang violence. friends and family paid their final respects during the funeral service today. police found her body in a fairfax county park last month. investigators believe members of the ms13 gang held her against her will and took her to the park and killed
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the case. a woman from clinton, maryland was killed when her car collided with a school bus. it happened this morning around 3:01 in radio station road in laplata. vehicles were going opposite directions when they collided head on. there were no kids on the bus. cheryl miller was killed. two other passengers in her car received nonlife threatening injuries. a child in critical condition after being hit by a car. the kid was hit near the intersection of crane highway and queens court. the vehicle stayed on the scene and was impounded. the fire department tells us the child was airlifted to the hospital in extremely critical condition. it soon will cost more to ride the metro. >> will commuters be willing to shell out more to ride the trains and buses? what you are saying in just a little bit. >> we can't wait to tell you about some computer science students from howard university getting the chance to learn
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the man who went
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police in london released details about the man they say carried out wednesday's terror attack. an american man is among the dead. >> reporter: london police say the man on the stretcher khalid masood is responsible for wednesday's deadly terror attack. >> motivation, his preparation, associates. >> reporter: police say the 52 year old muslim convert was born in kent, has a number of criminal convictions, last in 2003 for possession of a knife but was not the subject of current investigations. people in london held a vigil thursday
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victims including an american kirk cochran. the family of the man says he and his wife were in london celebrating already 25th anniversary. she was injured. police officer keith palmar was also killed. >> people who came from all corners of on colder. >> reporter: police reopened the westminster bridge where the suspect deliberately mowed down pedestrians. he crashed near parliament where he fatally stabbed the officer before police killed him. people have been leaving flowers to remember the victims. dozens were injured and several are still in critical condition. parliament was also back in session where prime minister theresa may was defiant. >> we are not afraid and our resolve will never waiver. >> reporter: british police conducted raids overnight in connection
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investigation arresting seven people. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. riders were greeted with signs of encouragement as they returned to subway stations in london. it's a tradition to write a thought of the day on white boards in many tube stations. many had a similar theme. >> stand together, carry on, don't lose hope. donald trump junior is coming under fire for his reaction to the london terrorist attack. he sent a scornful tweet criticizing london mayor hours after the deadly attack. it earned strong condemnation in the u.s. and uk. one parliament member called trump junior a disgrace. this is not the first time he's come under fire. there was widespread backlash when he compared syrian refugees to skittles. in prince georges police have a new clue in the search for a killer they want you to take a close look at a compite sketch. police believe this is the man who shot
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alisa banks. banks was gunned down last october in upper marlboro. another person survived. police believe the suspect tried to rob victims prior to the shootings. we are learning more about a giant att outage this month. investigators found nearly 12,600 callers couldn't get through to 911 on march 8. there was a similar situation a few days later but only a small percentage of the 911 calls were affected. att says a network change caused the problem and the back up system couldn't handle the volume. always watching, always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> hi. >> is this the last cold day we have to endure? >> i think so. >> it's not really cold right now. >> if you are out of the wind and sun, it's not. wait for this weekend. it will be gorgeous. and the grass
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grow soon. let's start thinking about the three degree guarantee. i think i am okay today. we went 50 today. i think we're going to be all right. that's about eight degrees below average. our average high is 58 or 59. we will go to 64 tomorrow. we'll talk about this, live look outside, 47. the dew point is five. outdoor humidity is 18%. indoor humidity is around 10%. that is a very, very dry air mass even for late march. cherry tree blossoms are okay. it will stay above freezing along tidal basin and for the most part inside the belt way. bus stop temperatures 28 to 45. you will still need a jacket for the kids. they'll end up carrying it home. warmer tomorrow, stray shower. a warm weekend with afternoon showers sunday. it looks like a beautiful saturday. 64
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at least the first half of sunday will be fine. mainly afternoon, late afternoon and evening showers, maybe a thunderstorm sunday. it will be unsettled monday and tuesday. we'll think about yellow weather alerts on those days. temperatures will still be warm in the low 70s. at 10:00 tonight we're clear with 38 fredericksburg, 37 buoy. by 6:00 am we are below freezing in some spots, maybe 32 in gaithersburg, 30 damascus. a few clouds roll in mid morning with a couple sprinkles near hagerstown. mainly just clouds more than anything. it will not warm up quickly tomorrow. once we get rid of the clouds and a warm front goes through, that southerly wind will win over and by 6:00 tomorrow night we are 62 downtown, 60 in hagerstown, 68 cumberland and romney. you folks will probably be the warm spot
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kind of counter intuitive but that's the way it will work out. 61 in laplata. tomorrow night, very mild with upper 50s and low 60s. tonight partly cloudy, breezy and not as cold, winds out of the south at 10 to 15. it will be a warmer wind. maybe 30 in rockville for a low, 32 wood bridge. most folks get around freezing or a little bit below if you are outside the belt way. by morning, partly cloudy and breezy, turning milder, a shower possible and 28 to 59. by afternoon, partly cloudy breezy and warmer. 60 to 65 tomorrow. that's going to be nice. 30s to start, 44 by 11:00, 55 by 1:00 and a couple sprinkles possible early. that's really about it. saturday is even warmer with
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sunday. most of sunday will be fine with afternoon showers, maybe a thunderstorm and highs around 70. monday and tuesday are not great but warm, low 70s with showers and maybe a few thunderstorms. then we are back to the 60s wednesday and thursday but with sunshine. >> thanks topper. former president barack obama making an appearance inside the national portrait gallery. >> could lab grown meat
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breaking, more fall out from the deadly attack on the westminster bridge in london. london police are telling us a 75 year old victim has died. that makes four victims plus the attacker who was also killed by police. in consumer alert, would you be willing to eat a burger made with lab grown meat? a company called impossible foods is opening a big time production facility. according to c net it plans to crank out 1 million pounds of this man made meat per month. right now, you can only order burgers a the eight restaurants across the country. they hope
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1000 restaurants by the end of the year. will they tell you it's man made? >> what's it made up? >> that's the question. last year alaska airlines acquired virgin america. now we are learning that the name virgin america will likely be phased out but alaska says it may keep many elements that customers love that in flight entertainment and mood lighting. att, verizon, johnson & johnson are among the list pulling ads from google youtube. several are boycotting the site because ads have appeared among videos promoting extremist views and content. google says it will block ads with hateful, offensive, derogatory videos. starting today visitors to national portrait gallery will be able to see a picture of former president barack obama. >> it's part
5:25 pm
president's. the president's display will remain through september 4. after that they'll be relocated to the gallery spaces that reopen on september 22. get out your broken brackets. ncaa basketball tournament resumes tonight. teams will be tipping off in kansas city and san jose. we'll be carrying the oregon michigan game that tips off at 7:09. after that is the match up between kansas and perdue. why a new study shows middle aged white americans are dying younger. >> student coders from howard university are heading west to learn from an internet giant. >> after break, will metro riders pay more to keep the system afloat? what riders are saying and your chance to weigh in is next.
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as expected metro raised fares for the first time in three years today. >> fares will rise by $.10, peak. off peak and bus fares is going up by a quarter. >> do you agree with raising fares for budget problems? let us know what you think. >> iliana is joining us with reaction from riders. >> reporter: a lot of people have been very vocal. so many people showed up that they were
5:29 pm
meeting. some people even had to be turned away and were obviously upset about it. people are frustrated and say they don't think they should have to pay more. one after another, riders came up to ask board members to keep fares as is, even an employee chimed in. ultimately these board members voted to raise the bus and rail service. here is why the chairman says he voted. >> metro has a policy of not raising fares two years in a row, not cutting service two years in a row. now those issues are off the table. >> reporter: maybe for him. riders who use services every day are left with the bigger price to pay just to get to and from work. riders will have to make the decision between the extra metro bus ride or paying for groceries or diapers. >> reporter: even those who can afford it question where their hard earned money is going. >> i don't think this is the solution. what are you paying for? it's not really
5:30 pm
advice is getting more reliable or -- the service is getting more reliable or anything like that. >> reporter: board members voted to cut back services. instead of waiting six minutes, you can wait 15 minutes. dozens of bus lines are being canceled all together. >> if i am going to pay more to have less service, that doesn't really make sense to me. >> reporter: a concern we took to metro's general manager. >> i totally understand. but also there are expenses tied to delivering that service. it has to come from somewhere. >> reporter: leaving many riders frustrated but with little choice. >> i like walking. >> reporter: you heard it. a lot of people are saying that obviously they're not happy about paying more but they don't have any other option which is why they'll probably still use metro. we do have a lot of changes and increases are taking place starting this summer. we'll have
5:31 pm
website ileana diaz, wusa9. >> thank you. the governor asking for a pop to bottom review of the metro system. he says he needs an independent assessment of metro's problems and the costs before improvements can be made in the state. a montgomery county man is behind bars accused of stealing about $830,000 worth of jewelry. check out what homey was up to. daniel grant stayed inside the white oak sears after it closed last friday. then he allegedly used a hammer from the store to bust into the display cases. investigators say grant left the jewels behind as officers responded to the scene and he was immediately arrested. fairfax county and its police department were recognized today for work with a popular social media app called next door. it's a hyper local forum for neighborhoods to exchange information. fairfax
5:32 pm
fastest growing countrywide partnership on next door in the region. google is opening a new out post for howard university students in the tech giant's california headquarters. it's called howard west, a program that puts the brightest computer scientists from howard right into the google pipeline. here is the story. >> this is one of the hubs of computer science at howard university but soon they'll be getting a second one thanks to google in silicone valley. >> this is a view of the second hub, googleplex. nearly 3000 miles from d.c. but a place that will feel like home for howard student james walker. >> i looked into it and was like wow. >> reporter: howard west hopes to solve a major problem. more than a third of african americans with computer science degrees come from historically black colleges. those students rarely find top tech jobs. >> often times, students don't have the
5:33 pm
networking, the same mentors. >> reporter: james has already interned with google and is going back this summer. >> it is definitely breath taking. the best way to explain it is an amusement park for adults. >> rising juniors and seniors will be selected with applications starting in the next few weeks. it will be a three month stay this summer with students' own work spaces and money to live near google's headquarters. >> they're sticking true to their word and what their purpose is. >> reporter: like most big ideas, this is just the beginning. with the program taking in more than 700 students from historically black colleges over the next five years. >> again, students pick up 12 credits to graduation since tech immersion is part of howard's curriculum. there are activists in fort collins colorado who want women to have the right to go topless. >> the city
5:34 pm
to happen. the city plans to appeal a federal judge's ruling blocking the ban on women shedding their shirts in public. the judge in the case says he will likely rule in favor of the activist group free the nipples. the group sued the city saying the topless ban violates the constitution by discriminating against women. trending now, a woman is safe after being stranded in a remote part of the southwest for five days. we will tell you how rescuers found her. >> customs workers find a lion somebody was trying to sneak past security. brilliant. topper. >> brilliant. you summed it up, adam. low temps, 36 downtown. cherry tree blossoms are fine. it may be 29 in damascus and near hagerstown. we'll talk about our big warm up and if showers are going
5:35 pm
be the price of that big warm up.
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let's talk about what's en
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after being stranded in a remote part of arizona for five days. >> not where you want to be. she ran out of gas near the rim of the grand canyon. pretty cold out there this time of year. her mom started worrying when the facebook posts and texts stopped sunday night. she did have food, water, and lots of smarts. near her car the texas woman left a note in a plastic bin in the middle of the road with rocks around it and a note that said she was walking east to find a cell phone signal. after spotting this, people found the note and rescuers found her. >> i could see her grab her head and start sobbing, tears of joy. >> we said hi, did you call? she gave me a big bear hug. >> when i got the hi mom on messenger and found out she had been air flighted out, i just fell apart. >> mom was on the road within two hours to see her ht
5:39 pm
she says she's not surprised that her daughter, a junior rotc leader, was able to survive. >> put those skills to great use. glad it ended this way. >> next time gas up before you go to the grand canyon. get ready to say awe. >> it's national puppy day. the hash tag began trending earlier today. they're just so darn cute and adorable, puppies of all breeds and sizes recognized on march 23 every year. did you take a picture? >> no. but tomorrow is national # #nopooponmyfloorday. we don't have puppies. >> okay. two eaglets may bust out of their shells this weekend. apparently the president and first lady are keeping the eggs warm on these cold nights. hundreds of thousands of people have been watching the feathered first family since the eggs were laid in february. the eaglets will be called d.c.4 and
5:40 pm
named something more suitable. >> thing 4 and thing 5. >> you do not come up with good suggestions. >> i did before. i am all out of them. customs officials used to making unusual discoveries but this has to be among the oddest. guard discovered a lion cub during a check point of a vehicle. it was hidden among cages of thousands of parrots. people had permits for the birds but not the lion. the one month old cub was taken to a zoo. next, taking a hip hop approach to teaching the elderly about stds in north carolina. >> ♪ safe sex baby. all right stop, collaborate and listen. >> gross. that was a doctor rocking the mic in the psa. she says,
5:41 pm
yourself, it's never easy telling elderly patients they have a herpes outbreak. awesome. >> i can't imagine that would be easy to tell anybody. >> grandma, settle down. the shot heard around the world n sports we will introduce you to the freshman who hit the improbable shot. >> a woman who is blind says she and her service dog were kicked off a plane at reagan national airport. we will share her story, up next.
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let's pay off the results of our scientific poll. >> we were asking people if they thought georgetown should fire jt iii. >> this is the one about metro. >> we do so many, i am all consequence fused. 84% of you said no. follow me, health alert, a troubling trend for one group of americans. middle aged white people with limited education are dying younger on average than other adults. let's put back some of the layers. some argue that the loss of steady middle income jobs for people without college degrees has led to the prms
5:45 pm
unemployed, unmarried, dealing with poor health. since 1999 white men and women ages 45 to 54 have seen a sharp increase in deaths of despair specifically suicide and drug and alcohol related deaths. researchers have not been able to figure out why white americans see this while hispanic and black americans see their rates improving. we are hearing from a woman who says she and her service dog were kicked off american airlines flight earlier this month. sue martin is blind and the maine woman says it happened when she requested a seat change. >> it was really the most humiliating traumatic experience i have ever had. >> sue martin was boarding american airlines flight leaving from reagan national airport when she noticed her seat didn't provide enough space for her service dog. >> i said
5:46 pm
does not have adequate space for my dog. can i be reseated in a regular row? no, against the rules. >> it is stated individuals with disabilities cannot be required to sit in a particular seat or be excluded from any seat. >> how can they get away with this? i know the law. >> reporter: martin says a man in first class offered his seat but a flight supervisor approached her saying she had to leave saying the crew felt it was unsafe for them to fly with her on board. >> i was flabbergasted. in almost 32 years of flying with my dogs, i have never had anything like this happen before. martin deplaned with her dog and husband and was rebooked on united airlines flight at a different airport. the couple had to pay $80 in cab fare to get there. she has filed complaints with american airlines and federal d.o.t. regarding the incident. she received a response from the rl
5:47 pm
look into the matter but hasn't heard much since. >> no acknowledgment, no we are happy to reimburse you, nothing. >> reporter: we reached out to american airlines who responded saying they apologized for the recent experience and they're investigating. they say service animals are welcome on their flight. >> i want an apology from american airlines, not from some individual behind the desk. i want substantive assurance that they will train their crews to not treat passengers rudely and i want my $80 back. it's not complicated! >> martin's complaint has been accepted by u.s. department of transportation. their investigation is just getting underway. always watching, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> can't get past that. we feel that you and your
5:48 pm
the airlines. come on, relax. >> crazy. >> we have had these kind of experiences. can you believe that happened? >> it's common sense. >> like my math teacher would say, is your answer reasonable. >> just being good to people. >> that's another one. very cold this morning, a seasonably cold day. we didn't have winds. now we are looking at 60s and 70s. make weekend plans. boom pow. take a look outside, it's 47. look at the dew point. i cannot get over this. it's only five, outdoor humidity 18%. indoor humidity, 11 or 12%. cherry tree blossoms are okay because we'll be above freezing in town. bus top temperatures 28 to 45. still a cold start if you are taking the kids to the bus stop between 6:00 to 9:00. warmer friday with a couple stray showers, not yellow weather alert worthy. the commute will
5:49 pm
a warm weekend with primarily afternoon showers sunday. the better of the two days will be saturday. sunday will not be a wash out by any means. spring is taking hold. it will be 64 tomorrow, 74 saturday, around 70 sunday, monday, tuesday. once the afternoon showers roll in sunday, they're going to be with us monday and tuesday. we are going to look at the possibility of yellow weather alerts early next week. here is futurecast. at 10:00 temps will not fall as fast nor as far. at 10:00 we are 39 downtown, 35 gaithersburg. by early morning we are 35 downtown, 35 fredericksburg, 34la plata. it is dry for the time being. a dry commute. by 9:00 we are back to 40 downtown in fredericksburg, still in the 30s in the burbs. it will be chilly in the morning hours. i will emphasize that. the southerly winds will warm us up nicely in
5:50 pm
afternoon. by lunch we are 51. but look at evening. now we are in the low 60s with 62 downtown, 65 in fredericksburg. hagerstown will be 61. some of the warmer spots might make 70 tomorrow. that's what's heading our way after the warm front goes through tomorrow night. tonight, partly cloudy and breezy, not as cold, lows 28 to 38, winds out of the south at 10 to 15 miles an hour. i wish you could take this camera. she's walking and looking at her wrist, how many steps have i taken? you are just obsessed with that. friday morning partly cloudy and breezy, turning mild. a couple showers in the morning, not a huge deal. afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy and warmer. the winds will pick up but it is a warm wind
5:51 pm
to 15. notice we are above freezing downtown with a couple sprinkles. 45 by 11:00 and 55 by 1:00. saturday will be fantastic and even warmer, 74. showers and maybe a thunderstorm, lightning in the late afternoon, evening. it is not a complete wash out sunday. 70. monday will be 72, 70 tuesday with showers possible. we'll monitor those for yellow weather alerts. 66 wednesday, 62 on thursday. i am done. back to you guys. >> don't be a hater. >> lesli told us that her watch told her to stand up. the robots have taken over. >> it buzzed my arm and said it's time to stand for a minute. >> been sitting too long. >> carry on. you have heard a lot about the one that nailed that three quarter
5:52 pm
buzzer. a remarkable shot. we thought you would like to know more about her and diane roberts obliged. >> i am sure you have seen it but it is still impressive. a buzzer beating basket from 70 feet down court. >> oh, my goodness! >> i was like oh, my gosh, i am going to be famous. that's what went through my head. i was hoping i could make it to the estes maybe. >> she's been making plays and playing hard all of her young basketball life. she led the high school to its first state championship in 2015 as a junior. she's not from some hoops hot bed like maryland, north carolina, or texas. she's from idaho. >> it's been a long ride there and it was fun. i think it's just watching the whole journey of me getting here. >> destiny is one of john and cristina slocum's five children. her mom says
5:53 pm
she likes best about her daughter is destiny's big heart. >> a lot of people refer to idaho as a fly over state especially for basketball or bigger sports. i am happy to be someone who defied the odds who has been able to get out of idaho and bring it to a broader stage. >> she didn't just get out of idaho. as a senior she took the talents overseas too representing united states at the 2015 under 19 world championships in russia. >> it was tough. i had to fly there by myself. i knew from idaho to russia by myself and stopped in a bunch of countries. that was a journey. i learned a lot about myself doing that. >> reporter: what fans have learned is this big ten freshman of the year has a nonstop motor on the court and a knack for
5:54 pm
she's never played like a freshman, is freshman of the year for a reason in our conference, just playing like a poised veteran. >> no matter how you describe her, she plans on you taking notice for years to come. diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> let's hope destiny turns it on and keeps it on. terps play saturday at 11:30 in the morning. at 6:00, we are going to hear from colleagues of an artist who was tied up and stabbed to death in her d.c. apartment. >> up next, a catholic priest comes out against the idea of married priests but he is married himself.
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earlier this month, pope francis said he might be open to the possibility of married men becoming ordained priests. the lack of catholic priests is a problem. one priest says that's a bad idea. guess what? this catholic priest is married. here is the story. >> that's a line drive. >> reporter: joshua woodfield is a husband. >> she's going to catch it. >> reporter: and a father with a clerical collar. >> we live this beautiful interesting life. >> reporter: he serves catholic faithful in dallas and his
5:58 pm
>> since i was a kid i thought to myself the lord wants me to be a priest. >> reporter: raised episcopalian, he joined the priesthood with his wife at his side. they eventually felt called to catholicism. they joined in 2009 and he was ordained four years later. it happened with pope from pope john paul ii's pastoral which gave clergy accepted into the priesthood an exception to the rule of selibasy. he is the only active priest married in the dallas diocese. it's given a rare with the idea of married priests, an issue pope francis says is work talking about. >> talk about it. we talked about it for two millenia. >> reporter: it may surprise you that he is against it. >> it's not that they've necessarily got more time on their hands. it's that there is something sort of spiritually
5:59 pm
again, i know that's hard to see. >> reporter: he says majority of married priests agree because while both lives require sacrifice, only one is the church's long standing tradition still respected by the men who serve it. >> we became catholic because we look at the catholic church and believe it and think it works. we're not generally speaking keen to change it. >> some critics of clerical selibasy maintain that sell bat men can't understand the difficulties of married life ordealing with children. father says those people have no real idea of what the priesthood entails. republican leaders in the house have called off tonight's planned vote on gop plan to are he peel and -- repeal and replace obamacare. >> it's a setback for donald trump and house speaker paul ryan. the republican freedom caucus says though progreas
6:00 pm
telling reporters that a vote will be held tomorrow but it is unclear if they can get the 216 votes needed for passage by then. >> reporter: voting on the republican bill to repeal and replace obamacare has been postponed. >> i am desperately trying to get to a yes. >> reporter: president trump touted the gop plan with truckers at the white house but still doesn't have enough republicans in congress on board. >> they know it's no good. >> reporter: earlier the president worked to win votes from members of the freedom caucus. they want to decrease healthcare premiums by rolling back coverage on maternity care, prescription drugs, mental healthcare. without any support the gop leadership can only afford so many republican defections. they postponed


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