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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 24, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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because up to your last year of classes could be on us. that's right. on us. today is the day. strayer university. let's get it, america. we begin with breaking news in the comet ping-pong shooting. edgar welsh pleaded guilty in which he carried a loaded rifle into the restaurant in northwest and opened fire. welsh claims he thought that he was rescuing children from a sex slave ring links to democrats and hillary clinton. he will appear before a judge for
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he could spend up to 10 years in jail. good afternoon and thank you for joining us ing at noon. -- join ugh at noon. -- joining us at noon. president trump's healthcare bill to replace obama care is up for a vote in the house. craig boswell has more on what is next. >> the house has started debate on president trump's american healthcare act, his plan to reckless -- repeal and he place obama -- and replace oosh care. -- obama care. >> it's far from certain before the debate began at least 35 republicans were planning to vote no. the over haul drops requirements that insurance companies cover 10 essential services including hospitalization, maternity care, prescriptions and mental health. >> at least 13 of those conservative republican hold outs need to switch to
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the bill to pass. president trump tweeted this morning, the irony is that the freedom caucus that's very pro-life and against planned parenthood allows them to continue if they stop this plan. >> wheal we'll -- we'll see what happens. >> president trump calls the plan a great plan and sent the message that if republicans want to scrap obama care this vote is their only chance. >> nick mulvani said if the bill collapses the house will move onto other priorities. >> lawmakers have to be accountable when they didn't get rid of obama care when they had the chance. >> president trump sold himself as the ultimate deal maker and will learn if hard ball works in correct congress as well as it does in the board room. >> you can follow the latest developments on the wusa 9 mobile app. new at
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murder/suicide in charles county, maryland has claimed a third life. snvters say that -- investigators say a man fatally shot his daughters, age 4 and 17 and wounded his wife before turning the gun on himself. the man and the younger child died from injuries inside the townhouse in the 3300 block of west dale court in waldorf. the older daughter died at the hospital. officers with your call -- were called to the scene by neighbors who heard gunshots. the handgun was found by the man's body. the woman is hospitalized with life threatening injuries. another family tragedy, this one involving a baby in calvert county. an 8-month-old boy was attack and killed by the family dog. it happened at a home on family court. they got there within a minute of the call for help and the dog was still attacking the child. they shot and killed the animal. the baby died at the scene. this happened while a family
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was caring for the child. we are told that criminal charges are not likely. police in the district are asking for your help to find a missing 16-year-old. take a look at this picture on your scene. her name is angel borrow. she was last seen along 43rd road in northeast on wednesday and reported missing yesterday. she was last seen wearing a light blue color shirt, tan stretch pants and white and black jordan sneakers. careless smoking caused a blaze that levelled this home in virginia early this morning. all seven of the family members got out safely. british police say they have made two more significant arrests following wednesday's terror attack near the houses of parliament. nine people remain in custody. as terry okita reports, hundreds of counterterrorism
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behind this terrorist attack. >> an american tourist snapped this photo with keith palmer less than an hour before he was killed. fellow officers have interviewed 3500 witnesses at the scene of wednesday's carnage. >> authorities are trying to figure out what led suspect khalid masoodho isis claims was one of its soldiers to drive an suv into dozens of people on a busy london bridge and then stab officer palmer near parliament. >> he acted totally alone inspired by terrorist propaganda or others have encouraged, supported or directed him. >> 52-year-old masood was a british-born muslim convert, a father of three who went by several aliases. years ago he was investigated over violent extremism concerns but there was no current intelligence suggesting that he was planning an attack. >> the pe
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-- investigation started here at the scene but has led to the brighton hotel where he stayed the night before. hotel guests who saw masood are shocked 67 -- shocked. >> you can stand next to somebody who is perfectly normal, articulate, polite, presentable and he's on his way to commit a mass murder. >> police always searched masood's home and 20 other addresses seizing thousands of items including massive amounts of computer day that that could help piece this investigation together. terry okita, cbs news london. >> british authorities say that masood did have a criminal record. he was convicted of assault and possession of a knife over the last two decades. we are hearing from a survivor of the deadly attack in the heart of london. francisco lopez just finished his shift in a shop at the hospital when the attacker's car hit him. the 26-year-old who is recovering from surgery after suffering
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legs. >> the adrenaline just started to take over me. i didn't want to die so i was like i'm going to be okay, i'm trying to convince myself that i'm going to be okay. >> lopez said that he's grateful for the medics who helped him and to be alive. now wusa 9's first alert weather rated dc's most accurate forecast. >> should be a perfect weekend to hit the paddle basin and take in what is left of the cherry blossoms. here's howard bernstein. sgrs -- >> what's left of them as we had a good 50% frozen out due to the late cold or the early warmth, however you want to look at it. we had a little ice well north and west. that area of moisture came in the way of rain showers, cold showers that are quickly moving southeast. behind them some sun breaking out. just saw it in northwest on the weather track. this is moving southeast at 40 miles per hour. so it's almost cleared the district here. we are seeing it in prince george's county, now pulling away from college p
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expecting a heavier shower around bowie at 12:15. it's diminishing in intensity. in prince, frederick, calvert county, eastern charles and st. marys, east of 235 you have a better chance of seeing the showers. so cambridge, oxford. other wise we are just waiting on the warmth now. look at the temperatures, up to 69 in carroll. that warmth is going to be moving our way. while it's only in the low 40s now i think that we are going to finish the day above that 60 degree mark. some sunshine developing. in the lower 50s here in just a few hours and i'll be optimistic that we'll finish that day in the low 60ings. over the weekend the 70 -- the 60s. over the 70s coming. you can check the forecast any time on the wusa 9 app. it's a free download
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>> thank you. howard, your job is safe but it seems like robots are doing more and more every day. now that includes making deliveries. wusa's 9 evan kozlove joined a brand new delivery robot to show you house the technology works. >> this is the star ship delivery robot. it's like a mix in between a delivery boy and r2-d2. right now we are at 14th street by ted's where we've got three cameras all over this thing to show you the entire delivery from beginning to end. >> oh, ted's tart, that sounds great. >> meet adriene stone who works for star ship technologies. today he's our test dummy. >> find my location. >> he's ordering food from the post mate app that using normal delivery services and robots. he's using the drop off point as his office, some 10 blocks away. >> one tart. >> after a few moments the food was ready to go. so it was load intoed the b --
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until it gets to the customer. close it back up and then we are on our way. >> it was then go time for the robot, cruising town 14th street at a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour. it got a lot of stares and a lot of questions. >> if i order a by -- pizza will it arrive hot? >> what do you do with the stair steps? >> i'm curious what that. i've nirvana seen never -- i've never seen one before. >> they have heard them all. how does it not guilty crash into -- not crash into things? >> it has nine cameras. it creates a bubble of awareness around itself. >> finally after about 20 minutes the robot arrived. since adriene made the order he was given a secret code to open it up. >> the lights turn green. open up the robot and grab my delicious order. >> then of course comes the final step, perhaps the most important of all. >> delicious. >> cruise ing along in norwe
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they get asked, how do you stop criminals from stealing it ? the robot has an alarm that will go off if grabbed. the camera answered s and gps make it easy to track down for police. 24-year-old hiker is safe after being stranded in arizona for five days. amber vanheck ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. she managed to hike 7 miles and get a signal on her phone and call 911. she was able to survive by rationing the good and water she packed. when they got to her she had an apple, water and pumpkin seeds. what you can do to help from becoming a statistic.
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welcome back to the news at noon. a texas track coach and a truck driver with your killed in a violent crash over night east of dallas. investigators say that the tractor trailer swerved into oncoming traffic, crashed head on into the bus and then truck a car that was behind the bus. the track team's assistant is in critical condition. 20 students were hurt. authorities are still investigating how the crash happened. a high school freshman in wisconsin saves his friend thanks to what he learned in his local police explorer's program. ian brown and will olson were eating lunch when someone cracked a joke. will athletic -- will had food in his mouth and choked. ian freed the stuck food
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and saved his friend month. one in three american adults are at risk for kidney disease. >> in the u.s. (2) 600-0000 adult -- 26 million adults suffer from chronic kidney day. that's up from 20 million. >> we are at a greater risk for it. >> dr. griffin rogers, the director at nih, said the main drivers of kidney's disease in the country are the alarming rates of diabetes and high blood pressure. >> one in four americans with diabetes will develop kidney disease. one in five people with high blood pressure will develop kidney disease. that's really the tragedy. >> the other tragedy, most people are unaware they are at high risk. >> if you have diabetes, if you have high blood pressure, if you have a family history of people can kidney disease, these diseases tend to run in families then you're at high risk and should be tested. >> t
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determine how your kidneys are filtering out waste and a urine test. >> if you find out that you have kidney disease early on there are lifestyle changes, exercise, weight loss, stress reducing activities that can be implemented. there are also drugs that can slow that progress to in stage kidney disease. >> you can find a link to the national kidney foundation's rate your risk quiz on our website at a new study is urging parents of children with autism to teach their kids to swim as early as possible. drowning is the leading cause of death for children on the spectrum. they are 160 times more likely to die from drowning than their peers without autism. researchers at columbia university finds that over all autistic people are three times more likely to die from injuries than the
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population. a little could have here. -- cough here. >> yeah. >> the rain is helping we hope. >> a little bit. the tree pot pollen is still moderate like yesterday. the md spores are low. >> i always have my tissue handy. >> now we are going to win on both days of the weekend. >> i think so. especially tomorrow. sunday maybe not as warm. i think that most of the day will be dry. so a generally dry weekend for most of us. but right now saying good-bye to the showers and chilly showers at that this morning. they are moving ing in towards southern maryland, the lower eastern shore and northern neck. they are diminishing. here in washington as quickly as they came they are gone. we are noticing it shrivelling up a little bit. they are moving southeast at 40 miles per hour. out towards route 50 and bowie they are falling a
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we'll take you down into calvert, saint mary's, prince george's and eastern charles, a little bit of a heavy shower headed towards prince frederick but the coverage is lessening here. still some wet roads around saint mary's especially east of 235. from the michael and son weather camera, the clouds are pulling away. there's sun here. at reagan national pretty good. conditions this afternoon with sunshine, highs in the lower 60s and the breeds send winds -- breendz -- winds breezy at times. you've seeing the sun come out here behind those clouds from this morning. still chilly at noon. 42 officially at national with some light showers at the top of the hour but the rain as you just saw has left the area. feeling like 38 and a south wind at 6. that's going to pick up. i'm already seeing the warmth in petersbur
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degrees. only in the 40s in frederick, hagerstown and westminster. so we are going to see the warmth move in. should be able to get back into the lower 60s but it will take much of the afternoon to get there. the highs today, the 70s in chicago, the 80s in dallas. that warmth is headed our way for tomorrow. out west in northern california, look at all the rain. need a little bit more down south. they have done a great job taking care of the drought out there this year. you know, denver was in the 70s yesterday, they have some blizzard warnings. a couple of the ski areas had a foot and a half of snow in colorado last night. the warnlt -- the warmth ahead of that system is going to push north and northeast. once we get rid of the showers the temperatures will rise nicely with more sun for the afternoon. a little bit of a breeze tonight. not nearly as chilly. no freeze ing ing concerns. in the upper 40s and low 50s. saturday clouds and sun mixed maybe more
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north and west could be a stray shower here as we get into the late afternoon. we are not going to -- what i'm going to watch for is sunday is a back door front in the north. the storm from the north is going to do a squeeze play. warm and more clouds and temperatures into the 60s. these showers hold off until sunday night. if you are headed up to new york,bone york -- boston or philly it could be cooler thanks to that back door cold front. we stay on the warm side of that. 63 today. that will be a late high. i know it's in the 40s now. i think it will be much milder later this afternoon. 54 tonight with temperatures in the 40s in the cool spots. the upper 40s. 75 tomorrow, please antly warm. yeah, maybe some out door plans if you can. mild with just a late shower possible on sunday, the upper 60s. 75 on monday. showers and storm s more likely tuesday and then a little bit cooler, still mild with a late shower on thursday. back in the low 60s. we'll see you in just a couple of moments.
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♪ weathertech. made right, in america it's another moving day for our beloved bao bao. no ocean crossing this long. after a month-long quarantine she's stepping into her new enclosure in china at the conservation center. there she is looking happy and healthy as well. vets say that panda is eating like a horse. 9 pounds of bamboo with apples, carrot sahan -- carrots and corn bred. [laughter] >> wow. one of boog h ao bao's
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took a nasty spill. she then took her anger out on the broken branches biting and scratching the wood furiously. aside from a bruised ego she's okay. we'll have one final look at the weekend forecast when we return so stay with us.
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i got it. hashtag "mouthbreather." yep. we've got a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip and ... pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe ... and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. the last of the showers are leave together the south and east -- leaving to the south and the east. today 6 tos this afternoon -- 60s this afternoon. tomorrow 75. tuesday will be a little stormy but look at the temperatures, average is 59 and
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next 6 to 7 days. >> sounds pleasant. that's it for wusa 9 news at noon. we look -- will be back at 5:00. until then end joy your -- have a
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