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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 28, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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tot nigh-- a major dancing injury caught on tape. >> i think something went down. >> maks in pain. heather in shock. how serious is it in will it ruhein t entire season for the front-runner. >> it's not good. >> inside sharna and bonner's rehearsal. everything you want know about their relationship on and off the dance floor.
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>> it's nice to get to know bonner away from the cameras. >> bonner, would you ever date sharna? is jlo's romance fading. the photos don't look good. we will tell you what happened this weekend. >> jon gosselin, a stripper? why former reality star and father of eight is taking it off. >> like, i'm working. like, hello. >> now, for march 27, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." "dancing's" maks was one of the favorites to win. but is his season in jeopardy now? could an injury force him out of tonight's show? >> you and i know what it is like to have a sports injury. you understand concerns by listening to maks the moment he got hurt because it is all caught on tape. ♪ ♪ ♪ ahhh! >> i think something went down. t'
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just felt like something hit it. that's not good. >> maks and his partner, heather morris, were rehearsing for tonight's jive when right there, mid spin, he injuries his right calf muscle. >> ahhh! >> the extent of maks' injury is not clear. but it won't require surgery, he, however will be out of the competition for a few weeks until he recovers. this morning, maks posted this rehearsal pic writing hashtag did not see this coming. he also asked fans to support heather during recovery. maks' replacement, alan bersten. alan is a familiar face to fans. he stepped in last season and the season before when mark was sidelined. >> we didn't know if i was even going to be doing it today. >> maks is expected in the ballroom tonight to cheer heather on. it takes a lot to sideline maks who nois kwn for pushing through the pain.
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he suffered a minor injury in 2011 when he dropped kirstie alley. >> is that a little pull or what? you need ice? ace bandage? >> band-aid my ego. >> maks is a buddy of mine. i reached out to him today about his injury. this is what he wrote to me, quote, it's not pleasant but we will get over this as well. into the rehearsal of bonner and sharna. how do they plan to get over that controversy last week. >> there is plenty going on with j.lo and alex rodriguez. is it too much too soon? >> these are the shots that had some wondering if the sizzle has fizzled for j-rod. 11:40 p.m. saturday night, j.lo, no smile on her face, legs crossed, as she stairs out the window, a-rod a few fe
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the two just finished a dinner. is our favorite new romance already over? not so fast. we're thinking, they're just super annoyed with the paparazzi. check out what they have to go to. this is video of j-rod 8:00 p.m. saturday night. they send out a giant cadillac to get ithnto ote sh. speed away in the black rolls royce. while they do to avoid cameras, one looks like, quote, it looks like a relationship rooted in friendship. it seems like they can't spend a minute apart. so true. we tracked j.lo and a-rod's weekend. they stayed low key in the co ornerf a lounge. then back to j.lo's mansion together. saturday, the very fit twosome bonded over a swse
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47-year-old j.lo went to the recording studio for three hours. 41-year-old a-rod tagged along. then straight to dinner. an eyewitness tells us they seem very much in love. >> this thing is real, nischelle. >> i love it. >> nischelle turner joining us with news on fuller house jodie sweetin's love life. >> she has been divorced three times and she was headed to the altar again but it seems like it is over after some dramatic developments. news that sweetin called off her engagement follows two weeks of drama at home. "e.t." obtained an order that contains explosive allegations. sweetin claims on march 18, hodak, convicted felon, stormed out of their home with a pistol threatening to use it following a violent argument.
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sweetin called 911 which led to justin's arrest on a gun charge. the papers say police confiscated an illegal rifle. she also alleged he made 87 llca hs toeler cl phone. "e.t." spoke with jodie a week before the 911 call when she walked red carpet at kids choice awards with a broken leg. >> your fiance is here tonight, right? have you set a wedding date? >> we haven't. every time we think about it, it is pushed further. we will address that after the leg heals. >> any other plans yet? >> nothing yet. >> scarlett johansson going through her second divorce. but let me tell you this, scarlett is as tough as the character she plays and that says a lot when you see her latest movie "ghost in the shell." half human half cyborg major is just the latest kick butt role for scarlett.
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psycho kinetic lucy and superhero black widow also come to mind. >> playing characters that have been on a quest for self identity. in your own experience, your own life, own journey, if you could relate to that. >> she is curious about herself. i've also been on that journey of self discovery. it is all part of the forward momentum. >> part of that forward momentum may be dating again as she told howard stern this morning. >> how are you going to date? are you on guard as a woman who is famous, wealthy? >> i'm on guard because i have a young daughter. >> 2 1/2-year-old rose may not see "ghost in the shell" any time soon. how old does your daughter have to be before she watches it? >> you're asking the wrong person. i think my mom showed me "silence of the lambs" when i was nine. i don't know what she was thinking.
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i appreciate the pg-13ness of the movie. i think that's fair. >> i will say this, i bet when she does see it, shell love it as much as i did. i'm telling you, one of the best movies i've seen in a long time. >> come into the light. >> beauty and the beast is seeing light all right. movie blew away competition to finish number one at box office for a second week in a row. raking in $90 million. almost $700 million worldwide in the two weeks. same numbers. we are breaking down how the ice ty came with the bffox o beast. >> if my 5-year-old self knew she would get to do this, she would have died. >> reason one this remake is such a hit, emma delivers. >> there girl is the one. >> she is major part why fans are flocking to see the film. we remember her from the harry potter franchise but she is all grown up now and an outspoken advocate for women's rights,
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making her the perfect choice to play empowered belle. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i feel like, of the disney princess, she was one of the more progressive already and it was in her dna. >> the original is one of the most blooming in disney history and first animated films to earn an oscar nomination for best picture. >> you like it. >> wonderful. >> a huge bill to me. i watched it as a child. you know. ad nauseam. when my parents were like, we can't watch it again. please. >> another reason it's not just for kids. this movie has something for everyone. >> it is like four movies in one. it's an action movie. it's also a comedy. then on the other hand a romantic drama. then a musical. >> finally, reason four. have we mentioned, it's just visually stunning. "be our guest" took over a month to shoot. i
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every young girl, when you love something thucat mh you want to do it justice. >> i'll tell what you did her justice, her contract. we hear she was paid around $3 million for the role. but she made a deal that if the makes a lot her salary could jump. >> can i say it now, at this point, it's a lock. it's going to happen. >> go get that check. >> all right. still to come -- ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ricky martin rehearsal exclusive in vegas with 8-year-old twin boys. is he setting up play dates with other boys? >> celine, j.lo? >> we need to get together. >> jon gosselin's surprising new job. >> i tried everything. electrician. i did construction. >> and now -- >> he is stripping. what the former reality star is saying about taking it all off.
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we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. a torrential downpour didn't stop adele from performing in new zealand last night. kind of cool. she just put on a poncho and kept on singing. but she did drop this bomb shell. >> i was training. i don't know if i would tour again. >> if that happened, the rain would have to wash away my tears. you know what it means when it is raining men on stage? it means that there's a strip show about ready to start, right? like i've never heard that before. you won't believe who is stripping now. jon gosselin. >> what?
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magic mike. the former jon and kate plus 8 dad is a dd j anotpromn or i atlanta city. this saturheday will make his debut in the club's untamed male review. he tells "e.t." exclusiv ely, quote, in 'm aintegral part of the show. but don't expect all of this dad bod to be on display. jon might only strip to his undies. he has been eating healthy and rehearsing. he is taking it seriously. >> i'm working, hello. >> his focus was on gaining more parental rights with his ex-wife, kate. he no longer has custody of his children who recently were in a fifth season of kate plus 8. >> i have one dinner night a week and every other weekend. >> since 2009 dj'ing to pay the bills and even working at tgi fridays. >> i did everything.
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construction. >> his latest gig commencing on april 1, it is no april fool's joke, he will celebrate his 40th birthday in privacy. >> i think people leave me alone now. they are just like, hey. >> i just need a minute. i do need a minute. by the way, we did reach out to kate and her rep said kate rarely comments on anything to do with jon and will not in this case as well. smart. >> we both said the same thing. dancing's hottest pair after hand gate controversy. sharna and bonner get real about their relationship when cameras aren't rolling. >> i took her out after the first day i met her. >> plus eh-- bind the scenes of the new pirates of the caribbean movie. >> and -- >> our ricky martin exclusive. we've got a sneak peek inside his sexy new vegas show. >> you you come to sweat. >> 30 seconds in the show i'm drenched.
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>> yeah, he and sharna told us they plan to put hand gate in the rearview mirror tonight but one thing that won't go away with the rumors they are more than just dance partners. people at home are letting us know that they sense a little spark between the two of you. >> really? >> a little chemistry. >> i haven't heard that yet. >> i don't think people have said that at all. >> still, they insist they are both totally single. >> you're single? >> 100%. >> full on available? >> full on. >> yes. >> i am absolutely single. >> but the chemistry between the australian beauty and pro bull rider is undeniable. it is hard to believe they met for the first time just three weeks ago. >> have you to be okay with getting close. >> and check out who bonner can't help but look at when i asked this question.
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woman like a girlfriend? >> i look for -- someone who is genuine and humble that has a lot of drive and much like her. >> i know you are focused on the competition right now. but maybe down the road, bonner, would you ever meet sharna? >> if i stopped yelling at him everyday. >> i'm going to have to see where that one goes and take that into consideration. we leave it all a mystery for now. >> sharna, would you date bonner? >> depends on how well he does. i'm kidding. who knows. >> a lot of emotion. >> yeah, now i'm sure sharna and bonner will be safe tonight but the first couple will be sent home and i'll be back stage when it happens and i'll bring you all the drama tomorrow. >> guess what, cameron? you're not the only one who gets back stage invitations. ricky martin is launching his vegas residency. he is bringing sexy back and a ton of energy. i stopped is
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sneak peek. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> right here in the center is whe the crowd, they don't have chairs. it is about dancing and having a great time. >> come to sweat. >> of course. 30 second into the show i'm drenched. ♪ ♪ ♪ . >> we have a conveyer belt in the center. >> come on. show me how. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ricky's residency at monte carlo means he will join j.lo and others on the sin city strip who have residencies. >> you're going to call some folks up. celine. maybe j.lo. and talk about play dates for bothe ys. >> yeah. some way, somehow we need to get together. i'm sure their kids go through exactly the same emotions my kids go through. >> the 45-year-old is proud papa to 8-year-old twin sons.
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>> the boys have figured out you're ricky martin. >> they would see the show back stage next to the sound console. when they came back stage at the end of the show, they were -- you're ricky martin. >> i'm like, i'm your father. >> no, no, no, you're ricky martin. whenever they have the opportunity they call me ricky martin. >> do they? does that change anything? >> i don't think i like that. >> no? >> i am papi. i'm just going to get on stage every night and leave my soul on stage like i usually do and we will have a great time. >> we had a good time at rehearsal. the other big event in ricky's life, marriage. ricky got engaged in november. he told me that he either wants a big wedding or elope. either way, he in vegas. >> it has been six years since we last saw johnny depp as one and only jack sparrow. which by the way, is way too long in my opinion.
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but fifth pirates of the caribbean movie sailed into port. this is very hot new stars on board. and only we can take you to the set. >> this film, there is something huge happening everyday. it has an energy and force behind it that i never really experienced before. >> all right. you all get one practice. >> you lose yourself and feel like you've in another world. >> with a budget rumored to top $300 million, the fifth pirates looks at epic as the original but with johnny depp's new co-stars, will they match the chemistry of orlando and kyra? >> this has gone far enough. >> no, it hasn't. >> you may remember "maleficent" with an angelina jolie and kaya frheom te mazmovies. you will see them in action as they take on the new villa
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creepy captain salizar. >> our new director will bring in a new flavor. least to the main show. for one of the most powerful franchises of all time. >> jerry bruckheimmer making sure the film feels like a fresh start. >> two new directors. >> academy-nominated filmmakers. reinvent the franchise like something they haven't seen before. >> when we heard they were planning on making another pirate, we chased it. i felt like there was some sense of magic walking on to the set. >> a man will tell your tales. >> did i ever tell you i dressed up as captain jack sparrow for halloween? >> how did that work out. >> major milestone for the bachelor. we'll be right back.
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>> see it all on >> travel consideration provided by -- you know, nancy o'dell should be here right now. not that i don't love you, cam. >> i get it. >> we are about to talk about her favorite show the bachelor. >> from day one, celebrating posting this picture with the very first bachelor alex michelle. and wrote quote at the time this young man couldn't comprehend how this young man was about to change. >> or chris's bank account. >> take care, everybody.
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gambling capital that it had shunned for decades. but football won't be happening in vegas until a domed stadium is built, so the raidiers intend to play at least two more seasons as lame ducks in oakland. coming up next, we'll take you to the border where the president is getting ready to build his wall.


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