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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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there's new information about the rockville high school rape case. why text messages are changing the defense. >> that misconception about sexual violence is so common. >> we hear one victim advocate who says it's the oldest trick in the book. >> i know some of the girls who have gone missing, and it makes me feel like, am i next? >> reporter: using art and theater to prevent future missing teen cases in dc. >> president trump is expected to sign a law that will affect
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we will tell you >>reporter: a been asking, does the head of the epa deny climate change exists? we will verify for you. it's been our top story the last few weeks and making national headlines tonight. new developments. >> the state's attorney for one of the two students accused says it wasn't. >> pete muntean has more tonight. >> reporter: both the prosecution and the defense says the text messages exist. one attorney says there was consent between the 14-year-old girl and one of the males charged, but victimmed a row cats say it's -- victim advocates say it's an old trick. >> reporter: a 14-year-old girl says she was raped by two of her classmates. she says it happened in
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rockville high school bathroom on march 16th. >> the story is very different. >> andrew jesick is the attorney for henry sanchez. he and 17-year-old jose montano are charged with raping the girl. he says he has seen the texts. >> there was an agreement the night before and also actions taken by both of them to meet in the middle of the morning on school property for one purpose, sexual liaison. >> reporter: bridgette stump said it does not mean sex was agreed to. >> consent is not ongoing and whether it's true pictures were sent that does not convey in any way the young woman was or was not raped as she claimedment. >> reporter: victims' advocates said it's not easy
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juries to understand. >> initially there was a quick conclusion by the public that it was a violent forcible rape where the victim was helpless, and now we know the evidence is going to show it's just not the case. >> reporter: sanchez's attorney says all parties willingly participated. he said more details will come out in court. sanchez has yet to appear before a judge. pete muntean, wusa 9. thank you, pete. now immigration and custom enforcements says sanchez was in the country illegally. his father was arrested last friday by i.c.e. and is being held in a detention center. a driver was hit and killed by a passing car in upper marlboro along trade zone avenue. two vehicles collided, and one of the drivers climbed out into the roadway, and a third car hit him. a third drivdi
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scene, and police are still investigating. tonight congressman nunez said he is not going anywhere as chair of the house intelligence committee. democrats say the committee is not getting anywhere, and elijah cummings is the latest democrat to call for him to recuse himself from the investigation into russia's meddling into the presidential election. he says nunez is too close to the white house to allow for an impartial probe. the trump administration said critics are looking for conspiracies where there's none. >> reporter: if the president puts russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, that's a russian connection. >> tonight the washington post says nunez effectively put the committee investigation on hold until the heads of the fbi and national security agency can offer new testimony. there's a bill on the way to president trump's desk that will affect everyone who uses the internet in the united states. today th
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privacy protections for web users enacted under the obama administration. what does that mean? it means the interset service providers like at&t and comcast can soon keep tabs on your browsing habits. a lot of people believe it's a step towards selling the information. supporters of today's repeal say the protections issued under the former president stifled invasion, and critics say the repeal will lead to vast amounts of personal information spilling out into the open. president trump has signed an executive order that would roll back many of former president obama's efforts to slow climate change it would permit coal mining on federal land and let the oil industry release more methane. the president said it's all about creating jobs and still protecting the environment, and bob dean from the national resources defense council says it will no
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dismantle the clean script with bruce johnson. >> the clean power plant is grounded in law, science, and in the public interest, and he cannot do away with that with the stroke of a pen. >> reporter: dean says some measures of the executive order could take years to implement while facing legal challenges. >> reporter: the missing girls of dc continue to grab the attention of people across the country, and according to the dc police department, there are currently 14 juveniles missing in the district. john henry spoke to one group who are doing whatever they can to protect one group of children in our community. >> reporter: they are looking to empower the girls of color and keep them safe on the streets. >> reporter: this 16-year-old continues to keep a close eye on the missing girls of dc. >> this is something everyone is talking about. >> reporter: she lives in northeast and said she knows of a girl in her community who has
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on top of that, another girl at her school recently came home. >> i want to talk about ways to prevent it and bring more recognition to it. >> reporter: that's why she made the trip today to the anacostia arts center. she spent the day teaching teenage girls how to keep themselves safe, wall the while listening to them about the situations they encounter each and every day in dc. >> our goal with this program and really all of our programming is to allow the people who are first and most affected to own the narrative behind what is happening no one can speak better about the experiences, the fears, the hopes, the need, no one can speak better than black girls. >> reporter: the girls also got the chance to do some acting, and specifically they practiced what they should do when they meet strangers and what the safest ways are to use so
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media. >> i have learned, and it's affirmed how normal it is to meet and associate with a stranger through the comfort of social media. >> reporter: she says she took a lot away from the workshop, and she is thankful that people are paying attention to the missing girl of dc. >> it hits home for me. >> reporter: they would like to see more girls and a few more boys come to their next meeting. john henry, wusa 9. wusa 9 is committed to getting help for missing people as part of our bring them home initiative. you can find pictures of missing children on our wusa 9 twitter and facebook pages as well as our mobile app. new video of a woman who police say stole $40,000 worth of iphones from target, and surveillance cameras capture her leaving the store with boxes in a cart and then getting in a volvo station wagon. it was on
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alexandria. apparently the woman knew enough about store procedures to find the iphones in a stock room. it's going to be a mild start for tomorrow, and topper is out on the terrace to tell us what else is in store. sir? >> a couple of clouds may linger in the metro area. we will clear out quickly tomorrow. the breeze will pick up and dry us out. 6:00a.m., and this is futurecast. 47 in gaithersburg, and 47 in frederick, and clear by 8:00, and clouds will linger along i- 81, and 51 downtown, and now in the upper 40s, colder and cooler air will be rolling in throughout the day tomorrow. 10:00, holding in the low 50s, and 52 in bowie and fairfax, and by lunchtime f you -- if you can get out of the wind, it will be a nice day. we will come back and talk about how cold it will get tomorrow night and the next yellow weather alert day is on the way. tomorrow on wake up washington, hear from a local man who says he wouldn't be here today if
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high school. the unique program that can make a big comeback in one district. if you're thinking of redesigning your home, virtual reality may help you realize your vision. join mikea and mike tomorrow at 4:25. your days are numbered if you want to see the famous cherry blossom. we checked in on the famous trees on their third day of peak bloom. >> how does the giraffe behave in an enclosure? it's nothing like how it would in the wild. >> we asked the queen of wildlife herself about the phenomena that is april the giraffe and what she has to say about the current state of the environment. is the head of the environmental protection agency a denier of climate change? we will dig into that and verify it for you. i'm not at all surp
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throughout the '80s and '90s he was not the model oferic . he does not participate in our tradition and cultures. he has new york beliefs. do you see how he eats pizza? who eats pizza like that?
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a lot of headlines online and in the papers. trump picks a climate change denialist to lead the epa. as you can see from the new york times article, a big part of the narrative is whether he denies that climb change exists. considering president trump sign an executive order to roll back the efforts to curb global warming, we thought it was a good night to verify the question for you. we will
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confirmation hearing last month. hear what he had to say when he was asked if he agreed with president trump who called climate change a hoax. >> i do not believe climate change is a hoax. >> all right, so it would seen that pruitt is not a climate- change-denier. but it's never that simple in an interview with cnbc, he questioned the impact of carbon monoxide emissions on the environment. >> i would not agree that it's a primary contributor to the global warming we see. >> now our verify team works around the clock sorting through your tips and feedback, and if you see something on tv or your social media feeds that has you wondering if it's legit, we will let you try to know if it's real. well, we skipped a big part of that, didn't we? we will try to come back to that. you can e-mail me if you have any questions
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verified. >> okay, well, thank you, adam! it's day three of peak bloom for some of the cherry blossoms, and that's the scene around the tidal basin today. in the less famous blossoms will be in bloom in 3 weeks. what do you mean less famous? >> there are not as many of them, but if you have not seen it before, it's breathtaking, but if you have seen it every year? no. >> will the wind get rid of them? >> it will not be their friend it will be breezy. winds at 20 not the 35 to 45 that will be a problem. a nice day tomorrow. temperatures above average, and winds will not be above 20 or 25 miles an hour. a lot of sunshine. let's start with housekeeping a 3-degree guarantee. we got the same number we had on monday. 75. working out on monday and today. 73 was the high. mo
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feel cooler than that with the breezes, but a , a live look outside, and it's our live michael & son weather camera. 64. dew points in the mid-60s. winds have not picked up yet. they will before dawn. at the bus stop, it will not be that chilly, but will be breezy and dry. wonderful wednesday, and a few early clouds and becoming mostly sunny, breezy, 65 to 70. cooler on thursday and dry, and then rain and chilly on friday, and that will have to be the next yellow weather alert day it will be a good soaking rain on friday, and then even into saturday, morning showers on saturday, and then it will be nice on sunday, and it will actually be warming up a little bit on saturday, and so, chilly and wet finish to the week. 67 tomorrow, and then 60 on thursday, and 58 on friday, and that's the yellow weather alert day. back to 70 on saturday, and probably only salvaging the back half of the day, and sunday, looking nice. temperature around 65, and
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mentioned this earlier, the average high is 60. here's futurecast. 6:00in the morning, residual clouds west, and 47 in gaithersburg, and frederick, and by mid-morning, with rein the low 50s, and temperatures do not exactly skyrocket up tomorrow, 51 in manassas. 59 in cumberland and romney. a lot of sunshine by the afternoon. tomorrow, warmer. mid-60s across the board. haggerstown and cumberland topping out over 60 degrees tomorrow. tomorrow night it will be colder, and we are looking at 30s tomorrow night in the suburbs. above freezing. 40s downtown, and tonight, just partial clearing, breezy and still mild. winds northwest at about 10 to 15, and now tomorrow, here's the day planner, and 50s to start, and notice they will kind of go down. 54 at 5:00, an
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hovering at the low 50s. then responding to hiupto 61 by good shape on thursday, and just cool, upper 50s near 60s, not much wind. clouds will set us up for the chilly rain on friday, and yellow weather alert, 58. the next 7 days, with will salvage the second half of saturday, and the afternoon tee times are okay. morning tea times, not so hot. nice on sunday, 65, and then we have the nats on 9. their home and season opener looking great. sunshine and 68, and clouds will come in after the game, and that will lead to rain on tuesday with the highs back into the low 60s. >> thank you, topper. jane goodall was in dc today to receive an award for being a global anchor. she weighed in on a wide variety of issues including the dwindling chimpanzee population. >> i think the value the chimps have brought to us is to show
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we know how they are close to us and the dna of humans and chimps differs by only just over 1%. >> wusa 9 asked her about the superpopular web cam of april the pregnant giraffe. >> the interesting thing is to see the film that coaches for the natural world to see how animals really live in the wild because how this giraffe behaves in an enclosure is probably nothing like how the giraffe would behave in the wild. >> she also spoke about the current state of american politics and the environment. >> the lesson to the politicians, please, when you make a decision, get your heart involved in it, and think of the future of your children and grandchildren. >> goodall received the foreign policy's 2016 global
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>> we will hear from jay gruden about the contract situation, and one player is at it again. how often my man is out
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all right, we are going to bring you back to our verify question. the telprompter freaked out on us. in an op ed last year pruitt said it's far from settled claiming scientists are questioning the connections to the actions of mankind. ultimately we can verify he has fought against the existence of climate change more than he has expressed belief in it. we will be waiting and seeing what kind of decisions he will make in his new role as the e.p.a. chief. dc has a reputation. the sounds of circus. we hear that a lot. beat them up, take their lunch money, and send them packing
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that other than to tell you the circus is in town, meaning the wiz and caps aren't. in l.a., the wizards lead right now. the caps in minnesota, taking on the wild, and you know who is wild? tom wilson. he's in a 3-way tie for the seven most spikes this season according to he got messed up after tangling with chris stewart here. blood on the ice and his face. to the actual game, in the 2nd. tied 1-1, and ovechkin with his 31st on isn't there bam! a couple of minutes later from the same spot, oh, how about number 32? ovechkin with another goal in the 3rd period. that's a hat trick. the wild would claw back on this one. 26 seco
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gets the game winner in o.t. the caps win it 5-4. you should be a leader and feel good no matter what the contract status is. having a long-term contract may be helpful a little bit, but i think when we get on the field the first game sunday afternoon, people will look to him for leadership, and he will provide it, whether it's a 1- year or 10-year deal. he will play his butt off and compete. >> reporter: jay gruden talking about kurt cousins set to come become. the nfl annual meeting going on in arizona. grueden say -- gruden says he's working out in florida. they have been e-mailing each other what to work on. returning to the cruel climate of washington in the springtime, taking on the miami marlins, the same team
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opening day. jacob rnthe big 1st inning for marlins. the last of which coming from here from the catcher. jason werth in true pirate form was ready to play with beard and all. >> i thought he cut the beard? >> nope. the kids in the outfield are going crazy. trey turner, the next inning, a diving stop at short, and then the bullet to get the marlins' runner at 1st. he would pay for it in the 4th. huge lead, and he's caught and picked off by the lefty pitcher, and the nats would not get any more offense in this one. a lot of substitutions in the game. everyone getting a crack at the playing time. stephen strasburg will get the start. the ncaa championship game is set for next monday at 9:00 here on wusa 9. it's also opening day for the nats, and you can watch the game right here on wusa 9 at 1:00, and we are calling the whole day make
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your responsibilities for the day. topper, you can't do that though. >> you can't either. >> watch the games with us, settle in, call in sick, and you will be all good. if you have wheels, the nats want to see what you got. it's the stealing home challenge. the five fastest people to run 90 feet, the distance from home and 3rd will win a sweet hookup. if you're faster than debra go on out there. >> there we go. >> we are coming right back after this. i have an opinion, and that's not very cool. he should have done it. >> i think it's fine. i guess it just keeps proving how much and how big
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bring us home, sir. >> a nice day tomorrow. it will be breezy, but mid- to upper 60s. cooler on thursday, and then rain on friday, and the next yellow weather alert for saturday. good news for the nats' opener on monday, sunshine and 60s. >> i hope it most of times is you can't work that way, no. no pets. >> i hope it sweetie mom, stop screaming at me! lean on your brakes mom!
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-a. stop!
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