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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 18, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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tonight -- >> hi, jennifer. >> inside ben and jen's divorce. is why he may have to pay her millions. and jen's girls night out with reese witherspoon. plus, janet jackson's ex breaks his silence, his very public message to the new mom. then, prince harry's mental health confession. >> it was two years of total chaos. >> why he went to therapy and new clues why he's ready to make
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girlfriend megan his princess. ♪ plus, a "voice" star bitten by a venomous spider. >> like, i felt like stinging on my face. >> megan lindsay on the bite that left here faclooking like this. and marc wahlberg, will ferrell and their new movie dad. >> i had to work out to keep up with this guy. >> our exclusive on the set of "daddy's home 2." now, for april 17th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> what is going on with ben affleck and jennifer garner? they were together over easter. >> this is after filing for divorce nearly two years after they split. one thing that seems to be clear is the soon to be exes are putting on a united front. ben and jen sure looked happy for a couple that had just filed for divorce three days earlier. they were all smiles leaving easter services together yesterday in the pacific palisades. the paparazzi lined up outside to capture the moment. jen wore a blue summer dress.
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ben? casual, in a jacket and "rolling stones" t-shirt. the two of them, together with their kids. a source close to the couple tells us, quote, they're committed to their children and making sure their lives stay as normal as possible. the couple vowed to parent amickfully together after separating two years ago. >> how do you make it work? >> we do our best. >> we will make it work. >> our kids are fabulous and we're doing our best for them. >> the divorce filing comes just as jen turns 45. today is her birthday. she celebrated last night with a girls night out in malibu. she was joined by her good pal reese witherspoon. on saturday, jen stepped out without ben. >> hi, jennifer. how are you feeling? sorry you're getting divorced. will ben be moving out? >> garner ignored a papparazo's questions. she was snapped leaving a west hollywood coffee shop called crumbs and whiskers, where patrons can enjoy their lattes and sit with rescue cats up for adoption. as for the divorce, well, there
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the split appears to be amicable despite the fact that their separation was announced and then it was alleged that ben had an affair with their nanny. ben has denied those rumors. both are asking for joint custody of their three kids. also, their filing did not include a prenup. and they've asked the court to divide their earn,ings assets and property acquired during their marriage. and they're reportedly worth more than $150 million together, so, a lot to divide up. now, last week, we learned that janet and her billionaire his have called it quits. tonight, news that janet is getting ready to hit the stage n,agaiut b not before she showed off her baby for the first time. ♪ swaddled and letting out an impressive yawn, 3-month-old son eissa is instagram official. the 50-year-old mobum deted her little man in this post over the d,eken captioned, my baby and me after naptime. baby daddy and estranged husband
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weekend with eissa in london and broke his silence on janet. a week after news of their split, the billionaire wrote on his personal website, which still features jackson, quote, thank you for your divine love, your eternal sup aportnd for being my best friend. ♪ that's the way love goes >> a source tells us their split has been amicable. he's moved out of their london apartment. she's still moving her things into a nearby home with their son. d while she's ecstatic about her child, our source says miss jackson as wants to focus on her music and she's going to resurrect her previously postponed tour. >> my husband and i are planning our family. so, i'm going to have to delay the tour. >> it appears some of the 76 scrapped dates for the unbreakable world tour are now part of hew r nestate of the world tour. >>av i he not forgotten about you. ♪ it's all for you >> it's reportedly set for later this year, which would likely mean miss jackson will kick rehearsals into high gear this
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i don't know what was wrong with me. >> harry says he buried his grief over diana's death, but as an adult he finally sought counseling at the urging of his brother prince william. >> losing my mom at the age of 12 and therefore shutting down all of my emotions for the last 20 years has had a quite serious effect on not only my personal life, but my work, as well. >> in a podcast interview with "the telegraph," the now 23-year-old says he didn't seek help until he was 28. >> i can safely say, once i offload my stuff to somebody else
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>> and now, while harry is feeling better, there sure are clues that meghan could be preparing to be a princess. a source tells "e.t." meghan was asked by the palace to tone down her social media and she recently pulled the plug on her lifestyle website. another sign? her clothing line with the nadian clothing reitmans is no longer available. she modeled tight jeans in their commercials. and we're hoping on may the 20th, harry will bring meghan to pippa middleton's wedding to financier james matthews. and while a possible royal engagement could be in the future, harry said in his interview that he's happy and wants to be a dad some day. >> of course, i'd love to have kids. >> no pressure, though. they would make cute kids. >> definitely would. well, a lot of couples making news this weekend at the coachella news festival, where there were exes running into each other. >> others maybe avoiding each other. >> you're right about that. butlet's start with the burning hot romance that took center stage. ♪
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>> her sweet smile. him holding her tight from behind. selena and the weeknd officially win the cutest couple selfie and best pda. ♪ i can't feel my face when i'm with you ♪ >> surrounded by three big bodyguards, the pair was caught in the middle of a seven-second make-out session, and then taking a break for some french fries. i mean, priorities, people. you know it's love when you can guilt free eat some carbs and lick your fingers in front of your guy, right? ♪ >> celeb couples after breakup. check out katy perry. ♪ hi>> trls gi's all about spending time with her squad, crop tops by the pool, and working out hard. katy showed off her revenge body dressed all in white at her shoe line's easter sunday recovery brunch. ♪ baby you're a firework >> meanwhile, her ex orlando bloom was also at coachella. his m.o.? wear a "try to go incognito" hoodie with wingman leonardo
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get photographed getting cozy with a mystery blond at the same time as rumors circle that he's looking up with pi"vamre diaries" star nina dobrev. but a source close to nina tells us they are, quote, just friends. they have the same manager and have known each other for a long time. there is nothing romantic going on between the two. now, back to leo. remember the rumors that surfaced in 2015 that he and reyoon that were dating? ♪ work work work >> well, our spy saw the singer, who was totally on her fashion game, wearing this crystal encrusted body suit and mask, talking up leo at a party, but quote, there wasn't any romantic energy between them. they seemed more like friends. ♪ but the real winner of coachella was headliner lady gaga. ♪ she performed her new single "the cure" and filmed new scenes with bradley cooper for their upcoming film "a star is born." gaga posted this first look and we love it. wh
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jennifer lopez and a-rod were steaming things up in the dominican republic. they hit the dance floor at an afterparty followed j. lo's concert with her ex, mark anthony. >> and just today, he gave some hitting tips to elementary school tips. they were there to donate backpacks and supplies. o. okay, well, coming up next. an emergency at richard simmons' house. plus, a "voice" star's spider bite. her first oncamera interview about waking up with a deadly spider. and -- >> wait, we met on a reality tv show. >> the only bachelor to ever marry the woman he picked. we're at home with sean, catherine and their new baby. their emotional new interview. >> as a new mom, as a wife, like, you just need someone
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y2ay2y y16fy room would be 10% funnier. anything you can say? is richard startled? >> that's richard simmons' housekeeper checking out the scene after a driver ran into a tree in front of richard's home. we haven't seen richard in years. but not even the crash got richard to appear. >> it did not. check this out. a tour bus drives right by. definitely made their tour a little bit interesting, though they didn't get a glimpse of richard. well, get a glimpse of this, and i sworn you, it's not for the squeamish. she suffered what is a lot of people's worst nightmares. >> this is so scary. she was bitten by an incredibly venomous spider while she was leaping and she thought she
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so, what happened? we have her first on-camera interview since the bite. what happened? >> i felt like stinging on my face and i looked over and i had -- i was holding a spider in my hand. my worst nightmare. i went to urgenret ca immediately. >> quick thinking may have saved meghan's life. she was bitten on the cheek by one of america's most lethal spider -- a brown recluse, filled with potentially deadly venom, capable of leaving a ten-inch wound. now, at one point, you described it almost like a hole in your face? >> yeah. when the venom, it sits underneath the skin, so, yeah, it was like a hole. for nine days, it was a different symptom every day. >> what was it? >> muscle spasms, whole body rash. fever. night sweats. the nerve pain was the most part. i was in a ball crying. it was terrible pain. ♪ >> did the poison or any of the symptoms affect your singing, your voice? >> no. >> it didn't?
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was a little bit worried about that. >> megan was bitten two months ago at her nashville home. she still has a scar that she covers up with some extra makeup. she credits her quick recovery to weight loss and treatment in a hyper baric chamber. >> it's 100% oxygen. it's like being below sea level. it's supposed to just promote healing. it was experimental. they don't usually do that for brown recluse bites. >> and did it help? >> 100%. >> oh. >> that whole story is so scary. >> so scary. but gave us some tips. she said, to ward off spiders, she sprays her house with mint oil. >> i'm going to get it by the gallon. >> i'm going to try it. we have black widows around my use. >> totally scary. >> mint. still ahead, mark wahlberg and will ferrell. behind the scenes of "nady's home 2."
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got ourselves a good old fashioned dad-off. >> you can eat my dust, dusty. >> mark wahlberg and will ferrell hit comedy paydirt. when they faced off in "nady's home." loved that movie. now, shooting is under way on the sequel. so, let's go to boston, where kevin frazier is first on stet with the stars. so, tossing it to you guys. >> nancy just tossed. >> oh, nancy just -- nancy. i'm -- they are teaming up once again. it's "daddy's home 2." and this time, they're working together. mark is from boston, which meant a short trip home for easter. you both had a chance to do easter thing with the families, how was it? >> we did the whole thing. easter egg hunt, watched movies, had brunch with my moment and the kids. it was a lot of fun. >> sunday br, uncheaster sunday. happy easter. >> while mark celebrated with family, will bailear
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>> i left my kids in l.a., so, i flew back here and i wished them a great easter. that was my easter. >> by the way, today's a holiday in boston. patriots day. the boston marathon is being run. explain to folks out there what this means. >> well, obviously, you know, it's a big deal for us around here. and, you know, more and more people -- it's funny, because will has run the boston marathon. >> 2003. >> and i haven't even run the boston marathon. >> would you ever run the marathon again? >> i don't know, i mean, i would drive it. i would get in a car and drive 26.2 miles. >> you did that on the way to work today. >> i did. no, i'm retired from my marathon days. >> you let it go? >> i let it go. but i will have to say, i ran three of them. boston, by far, was the best. >> yeah. >> just in terms of the energy. this is the most amazing race there is. >> right now, the two are running through scenes with their on-screen dad,
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lithgow play will's father and mark's dad is played by mel gibson. >> mel's a funny guy. >> he is. great delivery. i would say he's wry. >> what does that mean? wry? >> he's just -- you can tell, he's got a little secret. little smirk there. >> how much fun is it doing a comedy? >> it's a lot of fun. you know, it's a change of pace, and i think the world needs to laugh right now. they also need to laugh, but particularly now, i think, so, it's a good idea. >> "daddy's home 2" hits theaters november 10th. it takes place during the holidays and will has an early gift for nancy. will you send it back to nancy? >> absolutely. back to you, nancy. >> oh, i caught it. thank you for the smooch, will. well, daddy's home if sean lowe is there these days. the proud papa has a very unique spot in bachelor history. he's the only bachelor to ever
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catherine giudici. "e.t." online's lauren zima visited their dallas home to find out the secret to their success. does it blow your minds thinking about the fact that you guys did meet on "the bachelor"? >> at least once a week i'll say, can you believe we met on a tv show? because we live such a normal life -- >> yeah. >> when you think about it, it's like, are you kidding me? it's kind of like online shopping, to me. i saw him on tv, i was like, i want him. and then i got him. >> how many hours of actual quality time would you guys spent together on "the bachelor?" >> oh, gosh, not much. >> 70 hours, maybe. >> i would have said a lot less. >> three dates. >> so, after spending not even three full days together, sean ospropn ed othe season 17 finale. the couple tied the knot in a televised wedding and have been married for three years. and last july they welcomed son samuel. >> i think part of our success comes from the fact that we -- we're not the typical bachelor couple.
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that's just not us. >> but adjusting to life after "the bachelor" wasn't easy. one of their toughest times is when sean started filming "dancing with the stars." >> i was rehearsing 10, 12 hours a day. my new fiancee was on her own. which was really unfair to her. >> the promise that he made when were engaged is, i will tell you i love you every day. i'm sorry. and he has. and not only has he told me, he's shown me. he's never said no to me once. and that, like, as a new mom, as a wife, like, you just need someone to say, like, i'll do it. >> sean and catherine say they'd like to have more kids. five to be exact. and want to adopt. in the meantime, they are busy designing a new line of furniture called home by sean and catherine lowe. how would you describe the line? >> sean calls it
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sleek and cozy. we want you to feel -- >> but there is a one of a kind piece in their home that is not for sale. >> well, we the final rose framed. we don't want to shy away from the fact that we got engaged and fell in love on "the bachelor." so, that's the only red rose that i will allow in my house. >> oh, yeah, that rose better be in a special place. sean and catherine also told us, they wouldn't route out doing another reality show. >> not really a big surprise, now is it? but this is. sheryl crow is popping up on tv tomorrow, doing what she does best on "ncis: new orleans." ♪ >> she plays two new songs, performing at a benefit on the show, as the "ncis: new orleans" team hunts down illegal guns. ♪ >> makes it fun for us. we get to jam and have fun. >> this is not the first time i havee
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i'm going to age myself and say i did the last episode of "cop rock." yeah. >> she was 28 then with big hair when she starred in the tv musical back in 1990. ♪ corner of the parking lot ♪ he could be any place child actor. no, i'm kidding. >> she looks great. >> she does. i want her playing at my backyard party. >> exactly. well, she has a new album dropping on friday and is billed as a return to her rock/pop roots. >> and we will return right after this.
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travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- exclusive. ashley graham on her bad days. >> i feel really heavy. >> how she snaps out of it. and her top model return? >> drum roll, please. then -- >> ten! >> shocked me. >> us against the world. >> backstage at "dancing with the stars." >> let's go have some fun. >> tomorrow on "e.t." one of the perks of our job is being able to witness so many legendary stars, and nun si has turned that into a great new show. nancy o'dell remembers. tell us what's happening tonight? >> tonight, we're focusing on the life of michael jackson. and i covered the king of pop many times, but here is one moment that i have to say left a major impression on me
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i remember him arriving with elizabeth taylor to an event that i covered and just the look on his face. he would always have this kind of childlike look on his face and you realized that is who he is. >> really looking forward to seeing it. >> thank you. >> nancy o'dell remembers airs tonight on reelz at 9:00 p.m. >> bye, everybody. z2c5pz z16fz y2c5py y16fy
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hillary clinton. last may, he said we can't continue to allow china to rape our country. in his contract with the american voter, he promised that on day one he would direct the secretary of the treasury to label china a currency manipulator. now that he needs china with north korea, mr. trump tweeted, why would i call china a currency manipulator when they're working with us on the north korean problem. tcb


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