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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  April 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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ended when police forced stephens' car from the road. he shot himself to death as police approached his vehicle. stephens on facebook explains he killed more people but police have not been able to confirm that. it's been nearly 40 years since a little new york boy went missing. a former store clerk convicted of his killing is sentenced. pedro hernandez got 20 years to life in prison for killing 6- year-old etan patz. hernandez was a teen working in a convenience shop in the neighborhood when the boy simply vanished walking to his bus stop. hernandez wasn't a suspect until police got a tip in 2012. that's when hernandez confessed. president trump was out of town. he focused on jobs in wisconsin and signed an executive order to help american businesses. meanwhile on the other side of the world vice president mike pence is reassuring japanese leaders the u.s. will respon
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north korea. >> reporter: president trump arrived in wisconsin where supporters and protesters were on hand. >> the place he chose to speak once had a thriving manufacturing base right across the street. those jobs have now moved up the road leaving only the headquarters in its place. >> we no longer make things. at one time we were a factory town. >> the snap on tool headquarters, the president signed an executive order and called for a review of the visa program for skilled workers. >> we are about to take bold new steps to follow through on my pledge to buy american and hire american. >> vice president mike pence is also talking about jobs during a trip to japan but it's the threat coming from north korea that's dominating the talks. the vice president emphasized that chromatic and economic es
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all options are on the table. >> we will protect the peace and security of this part of the world and achieve our shared goal of a nuclear free korean peninsula. >> north korea tested a missile sunday but it blew up on the launch pad. still a top official is promising weekly missile tests. investigators returned to the scene of that deadly military helicopter crash. the black hawk went down on a golf course in leonardtown, maryland. that's in st. mary's county yesterday. three people were on board. one person died. two were injured. that black hawk is stationed at fort belvoir. we're waiting to learn the names of the crew members involved in the crash. she's a missing person that so far nobody has missed at all. she's also been murdered. tonight prince george's county detectives are making a full court press to try to figure out who she is so they can then figure out who killed her on easter sund
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here's scott broom with more. >> reporter: this mystery started with a random knock at someone's door on the holiest morning of the christian calendar. the family that answered here in the tiny 3300 block of springdale avenue found a young woman bleeding to death on their lawn easter morning. >> the first step really to solve this case will be identifying her. >> reporter: two days later and the tragedy deepens. as if if if she was inviz zable. no identification and no frantic family calling to say they are missing her. >> no, unfortunately the only thing that this person heard was a knock at the door and by the time this person got to the front door she was already out in the front yard unresponsive. >> reporter: detectives are making a public and sad appeal for help. >> she is described as a 20 to 23-year-old light complected
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black female. she's approximately 5'11" and weighs 126 pounds. she has a pair of dark jeans. under those jeans she had black- colored sweat pants with gray pockets. she also had a distinctive black and white t-shirt. and then off to the side there she had very colorful socks, a knit hat and a pair of nike tennis shoes. >> the young woman had been stabbed to death and had probably not gone far after being attacked. mark lewis is among the neighbors who say they did not know her. shocked at how this tragic mystery found his quiet street on easter morning. >> early in the morning, easter sunday. peaceful, you know. >> hopefully with these clothing and this sketch we'll be able to have somebody that can call us so we can at least start to bring answers to her family and then we can also start the investigation of figuring out who and why this occurred. >> the reward for information leading to a killer
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young mystery victim may not even know she's gone. in prince george's county, scott broom, wusa9. >> detectives could use some help here. you can give information to police in prince george's county. you don't have to give a name. call crime stoppers. you you'll notice more security pretty soon outside a jewish community center across montgomery county. the council unanimously voted to give $225,000 to increased security at these locations. it comes in response to recent bomb threats at jccs and day schools in the area. this painting will continue to sit in storage for a while longer. a federal judge has rejected efforts to reinstall it in the capitol building. you may remember the controversy over this piece of art. it appears to show a pig in a police uniform and it was created in response to the police shooting and riots in ferguson. jalawmaker took it down in
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offensive. the painter sued, called that artwork free speech. the judge did not agree. lawyers say the painter will likely apeople. exclusive follow up at 7:00. the former local marine recently spared prison time speaks out for the first time since new jersey governor chris christie commuted his sentence. had been ordered to report to prison for an unlawful gun conviction in new jersey. that gun was registered in virginia but had no legal standing in new jersey which led to a mandatory maximum three year prison sentence in the garden state. he was arrested and charged along with a friend who had pulled that gun from his holster. felony gun conviction stands for now. tonight i'll be speaking with him and his wife in studio about the chances for a full pardon. this after the cbs evening news tonight at 9:00. an upgrade to google earth will take you to any
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the world in virtual reality. we have a preview. a surprising plea from a man accused of starting a fire that collapsed part of a major interstate in atlanta. some showers to the west of us. this is 7:00 tomorrow morning on future cast. showers along i-81. we'll come back and track these and tell you who is going to have a wet commute to and from work.
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british prime minister theresa may is calling for a general election on june 8th. in a surprise announcement may said she would ask the house of commons to back her call for an election three years earlier than planned as she negotiates britain's exit from the european union. opposition parties were jeopardizing the government's preparations. georgia congressional seat could flip from red to blue. the special election is the seat once held by tom price, who as you know became health and human services secretary. 18 candidates on the ballot. must win 50% of the votes. democrat john ossoff was doing well in early voting and money raising but president trump rallied voters this morning. he wrote that republicans must get out today and vote
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georgia's sixth. right wing radio host and conspiracy theorist alex jones says he's nothing like his audio persona when he's around his kids. at a pretrial hearing jones' attorney told the court not to take anything his client says seriously because he's performing. but kelly jones says, i don't think so. he exposes his kids to incendiary behavior because the show is recorded at his home in texas. not guilty, that's the plea for the man accused of starting a fire that brought down a section of i-85 in atlanta. it collapsed. remember this video? faces charges of arson and criminal damage. police say he went under the interstate to use some drugs and set that fire that ignited fiberoptic cables on wooden spools. the attorneys say officials should be held accountable
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storing construction terms under the highway. a tree hit and killed a man on the capitol grounds during the height of rush hour. more on what we know about that after the break. you'll soon have the world at your fingertips with a new upgrade to google earth. two new features to the app that will most likely impress you.
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an unexpected death on capitol hill. a man dies after being hit by ken l by a tree during the height of the morning rush. sarah konsmo is learning more. >> reporter: the man who was killed works for the capitol itself. house speaker paul ryan offered his condolences today for the young father who is survived by his wife and two kids. the branch fell from this elm tree, a height of about three stories. the crew of pipe fitters were working at the time. one man, a young father of two was pinned under the branch. he was pulled out alive but died in the hospital. >> that's a tragedy. that's sad. i work on the hill. i walk underneath them every day. >> it happened at the height of morning sh
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9:00 this moraling. it's one of dozens of old elm trees regularly inspected today as crews with the architect of the capitol they were mourning a colleague. matthew mcclanahan was a pipe fitter. it is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of an employee. please keep your thoughts and prayers with the family. >> definitely troubling to think there's lots of tourists and families and children walking around and that these trees may not be healthy and safe for us to walk around. >> we don't have any information as to whether that particular elm tree was rotten or diseased. can only expect many other elm trees listen inspected. the challenges cannot stop
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studio to narrate audio books. many of the students have dyslexia. processing words can be difficult. but saying them out loud with the words highlighted on the screen can help overcome that challenge. the audio books the students recorded today will soon be available for anyone who is overcoming dyslexia. >> i feel like if i help out the kids they will be able to read and they could do all these cool things when they read and maybe they could do this when they get older. >> the book is called here to be heard. the recording studio is run by a nonprofit which helps more than a quarter million students throughout the country. the whole world is now in your browser. google earth announced a major redesign of the exploration app. the most talked about feature is one that allows users to go on interactive guided tours of an area. google partnered with nasa and the producers of sesa
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and text narratives. it has a 3d button to view locations from any angle and share them with friends. that's cool. you can view the new google earth now on the chrome browser. it'll be available on all android phones. as april the giraffe's calf grows the park where they live will grow too. animal adventure park is getting all kinds of excitement. a lot of fans coming to see those doors open in may. as of this afternoon a go fund me campaign launched to fund april and the new baby as raised $142,000. that money will be used to improve that giraffe space and support the care the baby calf was born sunday after months of waiting. live camera will be turned off on friday. wasn't she born saturday? i think it was saturday. i remember watching it saturday. >> i watched it too. it was not easter. it was saturday. it was saturday that she had that baby.
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while you can because it'll be turning off soon. >> moms remember stuff like that. >> yeah. >> did you watch? >> i watched it past. not as it was happening. >> i thought it was so cool. i'm like look, the legs are coming out. my daughter goes eww. >> it's a little jarring. >> plus the drop too. lucky the little guy didn't get hurt. >> hit the ground running. welcome to the world. showers tomorrow. not a huge deal. we've not issued a yellow weather alert. let's start with the three degree guarantee. we're pretty good shape today. hoping for a bulls eye. we went 71 for a high. remember our average high is 68. so this is above average for us. this would be a good day. live look outside. live michael and son weather cam. it's gorgeous. down to 70. dew points only 41. humidity 35%. that is fan it's fantastic. that is a nice dry air mass for us. it's going to change as clouds roll in late tonight and
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the area tomorrow. cooler before the clouds roll in. crack the windows. great sleeping weather. really great. 46 to 58. got to keep a slight chance of a shower in along i-81. the latter part of that bus stop time. 8:30, 9:00. cooler with showers on wednesday. but again, not warrant of a yellow weather alert. we think both commutes will be dry inside the metro to and from work. warmer on friday. isolated storms. not washout days. no yellow weather alerts either. so big changes. we'll combine a lot of seasons in about five days. 65 tomorrow. below average. we'll go back to 80 on thursday. boom, low 80s on friday. we go back down to 70 on saturday. upper 60s on sunday. this looks like a wet weekend. the better of the two days will be saturday. that will probably be confined to saturday morning. i think saturday afternoon will be on the wet side and most of sunday, if not all of sunday will be wet and cool. 10:00 tonight, we're still clear. winds are still south-easterly. 60 in
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light jacket if you're headed out tonight. by morning, clouds reach i-95. clouds here. there will be showers by daybreak. and a little bit before daybreak out toward cumberland and romney and west of i-81. by the time we get into 9:00, some of the showers cross over into martinsburg and winchester. cool too. 49 in winchester. showers. cool for april. 54 downtown. we're still dry. coming down 270, dry. coming in i-66, dry. 95 will be dry. so that's why we have not issued a yellow weather alert. by 1:00, they fall apart. look, this is very, very light activity. on the ledge. this is as light as it gets. not a huge deal. 57 downtown. some breaks in the clouds to the west by 6:00. about 24 hours from now. then we pop back in the 60s. 64 downtown. 64 in leesburg. 60 in hagerstown. so again, not worthy of a yellow weather alert. just a couple of
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inside the met. 50s to start. we have southeast winds pretty much all day tomorrow, which keeps temps down a little bit. then we go back down in the warm sector. winds turn southwest. 80 on thursday. isolated storms. 83 on friday. also isolated storms. next seven days. we're looking at first part of saturday, probably dry. latter half, wet, wet. showers, maybe a thunderstorm. rain and showers on sunday then we clear out monday and tuesday. that can change if you make the weekend plans saturday morning. somebody's asking is it deja vu all over again? caps fans freaking out after the maple leafs take the lead in the playoff series. you can take comfort in the fact you're not alone. our adam longo takes a look at
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if you have a loved one and they're a caps fan, i hope you check in on them to make sure they were breathing normally and everything is okay. call it the caps curse, if you will. those who like to rock the red might now be feeling a little sick in the head. a third straight overtime game last night and a second lots in a row, meaning the caps are down 1 game to 2 to the toronto maple leafs. the team with the best record in the nhl once again just games away
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playoff exit. they are talking about the feelings, the fans are on social media. matt tweets, i'm really trying to think positively about the caps-leafs series. it's hard. really hard. marie says if this continues i'm going to have to give up hockey. maybe curling? the drama in a curling match. let me tell you. and this matt has hope. i'm sure past stanley cup winners had moments when their fan base thought they'd lost it all before they eventually won it all. that's positive thinking. other team hoping to leaf town later this week with a 2-0 series lead. the atlanta hawks made game one about the wizards physical play. washington says man up. this is the playoffs. besides, the physicality in the game. game one was nothing compared to past years. as for the wizards dynamic duo, they have to keep playing well.
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stake. we're on the same page. we've got to continue to show up each and every night and give ourselves a great opportunity. >> you just have to play together. you have to play with intensity. you have to play with passion. that's how you play during the regular season. the game, the courts and the basket is the same height. >> game two tomorrow night at the verizon center. diane roberts will be there. talking basketball and hockey. both games happen at the same time. >> let's not panic yet. >> yeah. >> we'll panic on the seven day either. good shape tomorrow with a few showers. weekend plans, may have to adjust. looks like it's going to be wet most of saturday and sunday. >> cbs is next. >> we'll be back at 11:00.
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