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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 19, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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♪ tonight -- julia roberts makes history. >> really? >> but why being named most beautiful is causing a controversy. then, richard simmons breaks his silence. out of the public eye for over three years. what he's saying about his health crisis today. plus, in the gym with gwen and blake. >> he's my trainer. >> my back hurts, my knee hurts. then, just when you think oprah has done it all -- think again. >> if you have ever spent more than ten minutes with me, you would be on the floor. >> is she starring in a comedy next? and -- >> what's my snack? >> we know chris pratt loves to eat. but can he pass the "e.t." snack challenge? >> it's like a pasta dish? it's salmon. >> the blind taste tests to prove that he's the best foodie in the galaxy. >> is that a gracy thing or something? >> that's egg salad. >> really? my sniffer's not working. now for april 19th, 2017, this is "entertainment ton
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how does hollywood's pretty woman do it? decades later, julia roberts is still the world's most beautiful. >> this was a surprise. 26 years after she received the honor for the first time, julia's timeless beauty is recognized again. >> i think as long as everybody smells good and has a smile on their face, then that is -- that's a beauty regime. oh! got moves you've never seen. they're called boobs, ed. it's not natural to be walking down a centerway with people screaming on both sides of you. but that's not to say that it can't be thrilling and exciting as well as terrifying. >> and this "most beautiful" cover makes a recordmaking number five for 49-year-old julia. but the best part? bragging rights over two-time sexiest man alive, george clooney. >> i'm going to mention that in my
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clooneys this year. >> twitter reaction to the choice is mixed -- some people giving side eye. others wanting more diversity. but "peoplefe" dends their pick. they point out, mom of three, mrs. danny moder has never had plastic surgery, she lives healthy and she gives back to charity. >> wow, five times. it will become embarrassing. right now, let's keep it with flattering. >> and come on, that smile hasn't changed since "e.t." was on the set of "pretty woman" back in 1989. >> we have to say your outfit in the scene -- >> that's lovely. llwe, mom, it's a disney movie. >> we found out a fun fact from julia's sitdown with people/entertainment weekly network, where does she keep that gown when she won the oscar? >> it's under my bed, in a box, it's not like -- >> she's so pretty. >> pretty woman. when asked who she'd rather, george clooney or richard gere, ju
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and cons with both. i just want to know, rather have dinner with -- nancy, yesterday, we told you about richard simmons' latest health scare. well, the star, who has not been seen in years, is speaking out about the situation, but there are still so many unanswered questions. >> teresa, can we count on seeing richard pretty soon? is he going to come home? >> are we going to see richard soon hopefully? >> richard simmons' longtime friend and housekeeper arriving back home today. last night, she was seen heading inside cedars-sinai medical center in l.a., and carrying what appear to be slippers and a t-shirt in a plastic bag. >> how is he doing? >> we learned that authorities were at richard's house today for another welfare check. officers were informed that richard was in the hospital. >> lapd was here to do a welfare check, any comments? >> this morning, richard addressed his fans directly for on facebook. he wrote, quote, aren't you sick of hearing and
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lol. well, by now, you know that i'm not missing, just a little under the weather. i'm sure i will be feeling good and back home in a couple of days. here we go! and one -- >> the 68-year-old simmons also shared this photo of himself -- wearing a tank top with the slogan c"keep calm and carry on" the image is reportedly from 2014, around the same time that simmons went into hiding. he made the post because, quote, richard wanted his many well-wishers to know he's absolutely feeling the love. last summer, he was hospitalized for dehydration. as for this hospitalization, richard told his fans, we all think we should be able to solve our problems all by ourselves, and sometimes, it's just bigger than we are. richard also wrote to his fans, hope to see you soon. and richard, we're hoping that day comes really soon. jennifer lopez and alex rodriguez stepped out last night in miami. i want you to check out t
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gucci t-shirt that says, blind for love. is she sending a message, nischelle? >> yes, she's rich. the t-shirt cost $590. that's the message. >> all right, we have a little spice girls news. last year, when some of the members of the group said that they were helded for a reunion, and then nothing happened. >> some people are saying it's because mel b's estranged husband was partly to blame for blocking that. so, now that mel filed for divorce, could it be back on? ♪ tell you what i want >> today, the former spice girl hid behind shades in l.a. yesterday, she wore rose colored heart shaped ones, we're told, while shopping for a new car. the outings come just days before monday's court hearing with estranged his stephen belafonte. their divorce is moving forward and mel b fans are hoping that means the spice girls reunion is a go as well. >> we have, like, a few little surprises that hopefully everyone will be excited about, which i can't tell you about just yet. >> last year, mel b told us she, geri and emma were getting back together 20 years after they de
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she made no mention of stephen possibly standing in the way of it, but watch her reaction to her first "e.t." interview. >> what does a guy have to do to become a spice guy? >> don't try and control your woman. >> don't try to control your woman. >> all right. >> a source now tells "e.t." stephan controlled mel's life, quote, who she was hanging out with, any work matters she had going on. he also controlled all her finances. >> i can have a business/personal relationship with my wife, when something goes down and it's not correct we can always work it out in the bedroom. >> oh, god. >> while belafonte denies mel b's allegations, in new court papers, she claims he became angry with her last year during here meeting with the spice girls to discuss the possibility of a reunion tour. now that mel is getting divorced, will she make our girl power dreams come true? her reps had no comment, but a source close to geri, who gave birth to her second child in january today told "e.t." today, the
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want to do something and have good intentions of doing so, but nothing is happening right now. well, and so we still wait. posh spice yesterday, victoria beckham received one of england's highest honors. otherder of the british empire. this is such a big deal, look at this. look at this. we saw a little bit of a smile there on her face. prince william pinning on the medal. >> let me show you this. oprah was smiling this morning when she reported for duty on her first day as a special "60 minu minutes" correspondent. last night, she hit the red carpet for the premiere of her new hbo movie, and our senior news editor, jennifer paros, was there. >> the word is scared. >> oprah knew exactly what she was nervous in her upcoming movie. the immortal life of henrietta lacks. >> i really haven't acted a lot.
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i getter in vouts abo er inervo it isn't what i do regularly, and i don't get intimidated easily. but this intimidated me. a little bit. a little bit. >> rose byrne co-stars in the movie based on a true story. >> what you get to do in this movie what many people in real life would not do. you tell oprah to shut the bleep up. >> yes, it's one of those strange, surreal moments in your life. >> you got to promise me, no matter what, you ain't going to lie and you ain't going to keep nothing from me. >> every single person on this carpet, tonight, we asked them, what is one thing you do not know about oprah winfrey, and everybody tells us, you're funny. >> i can't be funny on the spot. but if you have ever spent more than ten minutes with me, privately -- >> i mean, .done >> it would be -- you would be on the floor. >> who would be your dream comedy co-star? >> melissa mccarthy. please!
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>> who puts a roof on a scooter? what are you, the pope? >> that's who you want to star with in the comedy. >> please, i have an idea for that movie. >> the plot's already worked out. this one's got it. >> i got it. another big movie premiere right here last night for the star "unforgettable." >> and star katherine heigl was just that -- unforgettable in all white. i'm channeling here today. >> you are. >> but did you see the gown, kev? it was not easy. it took a village, including her daughters. are your little girls starting to give the thumbs up? this is good, mommy, or, oh, i don't know. >> i asked my 15-year-old niece what she thought, she liked the one with the big -- the big. the cleavage. and my 8-year-old said, can i see it? i showed her, she said, you can't wear that, because your boobies are showing. that was out. >> mom to naleigh, adalaide and 3-month-old josh jr., katherine walked the red carpet with hubby and singer josh kelley. is this how you can kind of sneak away and have date night? >> an excuse, right? it's work. >> in her new movie
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"unforgettable," katherine terrorizes her ex's new fiancee played by rosario dawson. >> it's my life. >> it's mine! >> and in real life, katherine confesses she doesn't mind terrorizing her kids -- just a little bit. you do things that embarrass the kids? >> oh, no, we love to embarrass them. josh has a great, great embarrassing story. she drives my niece to the bus stop every morning and she wears my pink robe, and gets out of the car, waves her off on the bus, all of her classmates get to see him in his pink robe. hey, he's a man who can rock a woman's pink robe. >> i want to see kevin frazier out with his orange robe, dropping the kids off. >> i would drop them off in a orange robe. i have no problem with that. >> absolutely. by the way, guys, so pretty on the red carpet last night. the fashion golds were smiling on both of these ladies. look at rosario there, gorgeous in gold. and -- >> because the movie is unforgettable, what's happened recently that you wish you could forget? >> that i could forget? being late t o
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>> didn't matter. chef looked good. >> she looked fantastic. >> up next, bradley cooper's girlfriend shows off her unbelievable bikini body, three weeks after baby. >> then, john legend, after wife rissy's postpartum depression. >> no one should think our lives are perfect. >> and look out blake lively. somebody's got a crush on your hub hubby. ryan reynolds on the chemistry with his costar. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ please take a look at that. new mom and bradley cooper's gal irina showing off her beautiful bikini body less than three weeks after giving birth to their daughter. >> proof some things in life are just not fair. >> she looks beautiful. well, another super model who bounced right back after baby, chrissy teigen, and her hubby, john legend, well, he's talking all about family as he gets ready to receive a big honor. >> we're very happy in our relationship and very happy to be parents. but like everybody else, we're human, and we have challenges and, so no one should think that our lives are perfect.
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♪ one day when the glory comes >> the 38-year-old grammy and oscar winner can add another title to his long list. he's been named one of "time" magazine's 100 most influential people in the world. but to 1-year-old luna, he's just dad. e'>> wre excited to post pictures of our baby. we're, you know, when we're having a great time and we capture a good moment, we want to share it with our friends. >> friends is a theme in this year's "time" 100 list, online tomorrow. emma stone is honored by brie lars larson, who calls her the wise psychiatrist, the fearless leader, the coolest girl at the party. ♪ how wonderful life is ♪ while you're in the world >> james corden's pal elton john pays tribute to the king, who says his authenticity has allowed him to shape pop culture in an incredible way. >> he's a nice guy. >> helen mirren calls ryan reynolds the real deal. >> you have an un
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myself. we had really great chemistry. she's even my next door neighbor at our hotel. >> mirren telling time, quote, he's the everyman but somehow with more of everything -- wit, elegance, looks and general hunkiness. >> i must have done something right in my life to have had the opportunity to work with ryan. still ahead -- a "voice" exclusive. inside the coach workouts. is blake training gwen? >> he's like -- >> i feel like you'd be there for five minutes and, i'm having a heart attack! plus, chris pratt, a plate full of food and one ridicous blindfold. can he pass the "e.t." snack test? >> that couldn't have gone worse.
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♪ first off, what do you want to say to the group? >> first of all, i need to try not to -- i mean, my heart is just, like, racing right now. >> oh, there was a lot of tension last night on "the voice" as the coaches had to finali izize their teams. but things were a lot looser before the game, when adam debuted his crazy new do. >> i have to give a shoutout to the blond hair. it's back. a couple of blond bomb shells right here. what inspired the change, adam? >> thought i should do it again. >> does dusty recognize you? >> yeah, she didn't wig out. i have had a lot of weird facial hair and hair colors and she seems to understand that it's
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me. so, i'm happy about that. >> so, 6 month old daughter dusty rose is cool with the new look. and so is blake shelton, because it gave him a chance to poke fun at his buddy. >> what is that on your head? >> exactly. >> as for gwen, her look last night was very suzanne somers. earlier in the day, she and blake got in a workout. >> i saw you hit the gym with blake. how did that go? >> it was good. he killed the gym this morning. >> going to need to see that. >> it's so funny, because he's to tall that, like, literally no sweatsuits fit him. he has floods with the white socks between. >> i feel like he'd be there for five minutes and he's like, i'm having a heart attack. >> he's really, he kills it. it's fun. i actually was -- because of him i worked out this morning. i wasn't going to work out. >> blake, as you know gwen snapchats a lot. >> oh, my god. trust me, i know. >> she told me you got her to the gym this morning. >>
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morning. >> you got her to the gym? >> oh, i got hurt. i get hurt every day, my back hurts, my knee hurts, everything. yeah, she got in there. i mean -- wouldn't you like to be born with her genetics? my god. it's not fair. >> gwen stefani, what about cameron mathison, my goodness. >> nice! >> cam joins the party to talk about "guardians of the galaxy volume two" and snacks. >> exactly. we've seen chris pratt posting these videos, what's my snack? well, a special challenge for chris to test his snack sniffer. the most ridiculous blindfolds you've ever seen in your life. check it out. those are your eyes on the outside. >> is that true? >> our first snack challenge. some tasty salmon. the plate has been lifted up. have a little sniff. >> a pasta dish with some -- macaroni and cheese with garlic on it? >> 0 for 1. it's salmon.
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i do have a cold. that couldn't have gone worse. >> next we tested chris' sweet tooth with a lemon tart. >> a little dessert. chocolate cake or something. >> lemon. >> it's lemon? >> yes. it's a lemon tart. you don't believe me? >> oh, it's lemon. >> finally, some stinky cheese. >> that's cheese. oh. >> oh, there you go! you got cheese. what kind? >> some real strong blue cheese. >> yes! ding ding! chris is off a gamer. he endured a tough diet and regime for his role for "guardians of the galaxy." >> dehydration. doing a series of salt baths. >> wow. >> spray tan. >> you got to do it. what about, like, push-ups before -- >> oh, dude, of course. doing push-ups, pull-ups. the main thing you need to lose? shame. you have to not be afraid to be like, yes, i'm
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curls just before my scene. >> chris' dad in the movie is played by movie legend, kurt russell. >> we're both outdoorsmen, we like to fish and hunt. >> both big family guys. >> yeah. >> was goldie around too? >> yeah. he married, like, a super hot blond comedian, you know? >> hey. wait a minute. >> let me say this. there were moments talking to chris that i could not even speak, i was laughing so hard. love that guy. now, kurt and goldie's daughter, kate, is celebrating her 38th birthday today, and kurt told me that he's bringing her two sons to the hollywood premiere tonight to let kate have a girl's night. i'll be there, too, and i'll have that for you tomorrow. >> that is model ashley graham, proving once against why she is one of the sexiest women in the world. but sorry, guys, ashley is taken. and the lucky man is her hubby, justin irvin. >> we met in church in new york. i was in the
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came in and said, hey, girl. >> evidently, sometimes all it takes is a "hey girl." the supermodel wed her filmmaker husband nearly seven years ago. >> one of the things we say is, don't go to bed mad at each other. because when you wake up, the whole rest of the day is jacked up. >> why she is off the market, she was all about helping her friend find the one at bumble's winter bumble party. >> i take my friend's phones all the time. all right, who are we talking to? how are you getting this guy -- no, no, no, do you see what he's doing? this is bad. it's so much fun. >> i'm really good at it. >> that's a real friend. >> and ashley is coming back to "america's next top model" to start shooting this summer. >> all right. when we come back, blake lively spills a family secret. and what sends her into a full-blown depression? >> how could she be de
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travel consideration provided by -- blake lively is revealing some interesting secrets to variety. >> like, her daughter's favorite movie, it's the wizard of oz and they watch it 60 times a week. >> how do you have time to do that? >> as a parent, that's what you
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all right, here's our favorite when it comes to googling herself that's a no-go. >> i have before, and it's just ended in full depression. i think it's a good rule -- not to google yourself. because the internet is not nice. >> people are mean. >> we were just talking about that. be nice, y'all. >> bye. >> love each other.
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>> jeff: previously on "survivor," at the mana tribe, hali and michaela were left out of theul cerpepp alliance. >> i have people whom i want to go with. >> jeff: at the nuku tribe, varner knew his game was falling apart. >> if i'm going home tonight, i'm going to cut them all off at the knees. >> jeff: at tribal council, varner made a desperate move. >> there is deception here, jeff. why haven't you told anyone you're transgender. >> but that's personal. >> that has nothing to do with the game. >> you didn't have to do that. >> that is so wrong. nobody has the right to out anybody. >> jeff: and he was voted out. varner, the tribe has spoken.


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