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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  April 20, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon. i'm andrea rone. the rhetoric between the united states and north korea continues to intensify. overnight they issued a warning to america. craig boswell has more details
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sky as the u.s. and south korea are holding joint military exercises on the korean peninsula. >> the purpose of this exercise specifically is to strengthen the u.s. and the koreans in order to provide a combat like scenario as real as possible. >> the threat of a real war got slightly closer to reality thursday when north korea warned of a super mighty preemptive strike that would wipe out america. two tests of a missile system and the u.s. s carl vincent is finally headed towards the korean peninsula and expected to be on station next week. previous administrations are tried to buy out but president trump won't make the same mistakes with north korea or iran. >> and unchecked iran has the potential to travel the same path as north korea and take the world along with it. >> the u.s.
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deal despite acknowledging that they are complying with the deal. more sanctions could be coming because iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. >> the evidence is clear iran threatens the united states, the region and the world. >> thursday morning iran's foreign minister says america must live up to obligations. craig boswell cbs news the white house. >> the obama administration kept iran out of the nuclear deal saying it would make it harder to get a deal. secretary of state tillerson says that was a mistake. to minimize security concerns the secret service has permanently closed off access to the entire fence line and sidewalk along the south lawn of the white house. the new restriction is part of a review of security measures at the complex. just last month a man jumped the white house fence and spent 17 minutes on
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president trump was inside. traffic on the inner loop of the beltway slowly returning to normal after this truck crash that hurt two people. police closed lanes just past pennsylvania avenue. officials said a tractor trailer and two passenger vehicles were involved in a crash. a suspect is behind bars this afternoon after dragging a d.c. police officer with his car during a traffic stop. the officer pulled over the driver just after two this morning at north avenue west. the suspect in trying to get away dragged the officer about five feet. police caught up with the driver and arrested him at 36 and benning road northeast moments later. the unidentified officer was not hurt. police roped off part of 8 8th street northwest near howard university after a man was hit by a car around 2:30 this morning. they tell us the victim was conscious when he was put in the ambulance and the drivers stayed at the scene. officers blocked off to investigat
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meteorologist howard bernstein joins us with the first alert forecast, the rain drops hanging out there for the weekend right? >> we are going to get some. we had some this morning coming down at a good clip and those showers quickly moving to the east. there they go falling apart near ocean city. you see this line broken down out of southwestern virginia. we'll have to watch that because moving into temperatures in the 70s and energy with it so we certainly see what's going on with that as we head into the afternoon and the evening hours. i may have to step out here to do my computer manual lay lay- -manually. temperatures very nice into the 70s here in most spots one or two only seeing temperatures in the upper 60s. i want to point out a couple showers in west virginia watching that. temperatures now are sitting at 69 at national. a little bit co
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st. michaels north beach at 64 and lower 70s into the afternoon hours here right now and we are going to be seeing temperatures probably near 80. looking at the future cast pretty quiet notice at 4: 00 a couple of showers from frederick to culpepper. we'll see how much of that for himself for the evening and overnight things settle down. friday doesn't look bad but a threat for a couple of showers later in the afternoon and the weekend has a chance a pretty good one for rain developing on saturday. yellow weather alert and a reminder a forecast any time on the wusa 9 app. it's a free download. >> thanks howard. today is 4/20 and it's a big deal for marijuana. this is live from capitol hill where pot advocates are handing out joints that congressional staffers only. lawmakers are on easter break asking for lawmakers
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marijuana. recreational marijuana is legal in the district of columbia as a result of a ballot initiative voters approved in 2014. giving it away for free is also legal so participants won't be risking arrest. another protest is scheduled monday that could lead to arrest. activists plan to light up and smoke pot near the capital. a cbs news poll found the number of americans supporting legalizeation reached a new high up five points from just last year. recreational marijuana sales are raising tens of millions of dollars in taxes in states that have legalized it. legal med yes national pot hit $1.3 billion last year. reporting how colorado communities are dealing with the stigma that comes with it. >> a small denver suburb of flags and front porches it is all
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it has six pot shops. this town of 5,300 is generating $1.4 million in sales tax revenue from pot. that's 20% of the annual budget. money for repaving 12 miles of streets and the old city hall will soon be replaced by a new $10 million complex. hj staal is city manager. >> how much of that is pot money? >> if it remains legal, all of it. >> he wanted to give back to the community by donating $200,000 to a non profit. several said thanks but no thanks. he believed it was the stigma of pot money. >> i was shocked honestly. it was more difficult than i thought it would be. >> this is where it would be. >> he took us through a denver park where the city accepted his donation as part of a public project to build a pavilion
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about 110 miles south of denver a county is also benefiting from marijuana taxes, money now giving college kids a first in american history, pot funded scholarships. >> i don't think without the scholarship i would be able to continue my education without taking out loans and worrying about how i'm going to pay them back. >> every graduating high school student will qualify for a pot scholarship to be used at local colleges. those scholarships and other benefits will be hurt if the trump administration bans the sale of recreational pot or medical use. people will still buy pot for recreational use but do it on the black market and cities and states will get no sales tax. barry peterson, cbs news denver. >> if you are going to celebrate 4/20 don't forget our local laws. in the district you can possess caall amounts of pot but you
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and only consume the drug on private property so keep in mind a lot of the district is considered federal land and these laws don't apply. in maryland and virginia recreation recreational marijuana is illegal. what a beautiful time to be a washington sports fan on top of the world this afternoon after a couple of crucial post season wins starting with the capitals. last night in toronto caps tom wilson and t.j. oshie each scored two goals along with one from alex ovechkin. washington needed every one of those for the 5-4 win over the maple leafs. two games each with game five tomorrow night at verizon center. and the wizards kept their win streak going in a physical game against the hawks. coach scott brooks got a technical for yacking at the refs. john wall forced the turn over and made the dunk and in the final minute
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the dagger. washington wins it 109-101 and takes a lead in atlanta this weekend. they are going to meet them there before a tough crowd. and for the icing on the sports cake the washington nationals knocked them out of the park last night. bryce harper and ryan zimmerman get grand slams against the braves cruising to a 14-4 win.
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y2c5qy y16fy welcome back to the news at noon and topping today's al
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autism often struggle with social skills something that can effect their learning in the classroom. don champion has how teachers are getting help. >> meet mile o the robot. he's got moves and skills. >> i can shake my head no. >> shake my head no. >> but he's not a toy. he's a new tool teaching children with autism how to deal with social interactions in the classroom. >> they learn social skills and are able to start interacting with other people. >> richard and his company robo kind spent three years developing mile o. he can smile or frown with interacting with students and help them with calm down tactics like counting to ten. margot says mile o's speech patterns and behavior repetitions are key for
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>> when you bring technology into it it's something to engage with. it's something that's less overwhelming to them. >> i calmed down. >> keenan is a first grader in dallas. his teachers say working with mile o has helped him at times like this when he answers a question wrong. >> he's using his words. he's able to isolate what it is that he's feeling or thinking. >> right now milo is being used in 285 schools nationwide and hope to expand to 2,000 schools by the end of the year. >> i love you milo. >> lessons learned here with milo can be put to good use with friends and family in real life. don champion, cbs news dallas. >> milo's creator says a priority was making the robot affordable for schools. the company is currently working on new robot characters to use with the curriculum. now that the weather is nice get
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riding your bike to work. a study in the medical journal involved more than a quarter million participants linked to a substantial decrease in the risk of cardio vascular disease. working to work also showed benefits but not as extreme as cycling. two astronauts are on their way to the international space station aboard from kazakhstan leaving early this morning. later today nasa's jack fisher and a russian astronaut will join three others while they conduct research. the smithsonian conservation biology institute in virginia is designed to preserve cheetahs a vulnerable risk of becoming endangered. these four in the last few months ten cheetah cubs have been born to two different mothers one giving birth to five last month and a second ga
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later five of those cubs survived. while two babies did not survive having this many born so close together is basically a population explosion. >> every day that they make it through we just have a better chance of them surviving to adulthood. >> the future for these cubs is not yet known but past cubs born here have gone to other zoos or research centers in the united states. and sea world welcomes the newest and last orka ever to be born at the park. the mate yack gave birth yesterday. the mother and calf are out of the public view to give them time to bond. a gender of the new born will be confirmed at a later date. sea world is ending the shows by 2019 after pressure from animal rights activists. and an annual survey shows a record number in the chesapeake bay.
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total population fell by 18% but female spawning stock was the highest ever. all of this could translate into cheaper prices for crabs this season. now wusa 9's first alert weather rated d.c.'s most accurate forecast. >> people are happy to hear that because a bushel of crabs could range up to $100 or more. dry year. >> the cheetah cubs are adorable. great to see that. >> yeah very adorable. >> great to see that. you've been tearing up a little bit. are we seeing that due to the allergy update? the tree pollen unfortunately is on the high side today along with the mold spores. we've got grass and weeds out there but compared to the other guys unless that's your thing the tree pollen is still doing its thing. not a bad afternoon. rain in spots and our michael and son weather camera a couple of clouds but it is a good ok
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upper 70s. can't rule out spotty showers or storms into the afternoon, evening hours and for the weekend fishing if you are going to do it, do it early on saturday or later on sunday because we are going to see rain develop during the afternoon if not evening. we are not lucky to be early to mid afternoon. it might hold off at dinner time. fingers crossed. saturday night it's going to be wet. yellow weather alert. sunday early rain and showers dryer in the afternoon temperatures in the low 60s. right now mid 60s east of us. the clouds move to the south and east cleared later out west more sun. it's hotter 75 in, 80 in petersburg. some spots will make 80 but it's going to be tough. we may get close but it's going to be tough in d.c. currently 69 degrees winds southeast at 5. humidity at 70% and a falling barometer right now as we heat the air up and
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showers and storms. out to the west right here lining up from near erie to pittsburgh coming down through charleston moving into the sun and isolated scattered showers and storms as the afternoon and evening wore on and along the i- 81 corridor by 3: 30 on the future cast. later in the afternoon a couple of showers and storms especially down towards fredricksburg towards richmond could have a better chance up here by 6:00 p.m. or so. 6:30 on friday morning should be all right. not a bad start to the day and our future cast has clouds coping it generally dry. i've seen some other models with a few showers and storms so keep an eye on that friday afternoon. then on saturday at 3: 00 south and west of us some rain moving in as we go into the latter part of the afternoon. again wait until dinner time in d.c. if you are west of town better chance your day will end wet and saturday night, date night is going to
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night. good news is most of this will be pulling away by early sunday so while we could have a few showers sunday morning i think sunday will end up especially in the afternoon being okay and monday looks good. 79 today a few showers and storms. 64 tonight so going to be mild. tomorrow warm and 84. isolated afternoon showers and storms yellow weather alert saturday and 63. it's going to be cool and damp saturday night as we said going to be wet into early sunday looking better monday. warming up tuesday and wednesday with a couple of showers no big deal tuesday and wednesday. we've
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woohoo, whoa right there. >> helicopter captured a high speed police chase and crash involving a stolen car. the thief was speeding more than 100 miles lost control crossed the center line and smashed into quickly get out of their wrecked car until police could swoope in and arrest the suspect. the boy and his dad were treated and released shortly after the crash. the suspect remains hospitalized and is facing a lift of charges. now how is this for bad luck. a wheel comes off a moving vehicle in turkey rolls down the street bounces off the tree before flying into a pharmacy and hitting two men inside. both guys are surprised and confused to say the least but both were okay. and westering on the road can be dangerous. a
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cadsed a head on crash by distracting the drivers with her dance moves busting loose on the side of the road when a crash happens behind her. the incident that reportedly happened in ukraine the video is blowing up on the internet. for good reason. one
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for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. we are looking pretty good this afternoon. may see an isolated shower or storm later on. pay attention. tomorrow warm and again an isolated afternoon storm. the weekend saturday afternoon and sunday morning looks wet and things turn nice again. >> good to hear that. that's it for wusa 9news
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noon but we are on air and all of the social media pages. until then have a great day and a great afternoon. ♪ [ music
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>> nikki: i hope you didn't cut your evening short on my account. >> scott: no, no. sharon understood. she, uh, she knows how important my work is to me. you made it seem urgent that we speak in private. >> nikki: did you know that victor has left town? >> scott: he didn't mention any plans. where'd he go? >> nikki: that's not important right now. but i asked for you to come over to take advantage of this moment to protect my husband. >> scott: victor needs protecting? >> nikki: he most certainly does. >> scott: who could be a threat to victor newman? >> phyllis: [ sighs ]


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