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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 21, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight -- >> richard, please, are you okay, richard? >> richard simmons' standoff with the paparazzi. hiding under a blanket, surrounded by security. >> can you say anything? >> why police were called to his house minutes after his hospital return. plus, behind the scenes with bradley cooper and his body double. secrets from the set of "a star is born." then -- the rings, the famous fiance. who is the tv diva taking ugs wedding dress shopping? then -- >> one. >> nancy kerrigan's new dancing strategy. is she getting cold feet? >> do you believe you can win this thing? >> what do you think? >> oh, come on. >> plus -- >> cameron mathison, nick jonas. >> inside cameron's singoff with a jo-bro. >> you have no rhythm. >> wow. >> now, for april 21st, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> cops,ic
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spotted in public for the first time in more than three years. >> the 68-year-old returned home from the hospital with the help of police and guess who was waiting for him? a pack of paparazzi. >> richard, please, are you okay, richard? give us an okay, give us a thumbs up, richard. >> that's richard simmons, under a blanket, covering himself to avoid being photographed. walking slowly, assisted by his housekeeper and longtime manager. the 68-year-old was returning home after a four-day hospitalization. lapd officers were there, apparently called to the scene after richard's team had concerns about the paparazzi outside his gate. here's a timeline of richard's unusual return home. richard and his housekeeper arrive at his hollywood hills estate at 5:12 p.m. can you see him there in the backseat. for almost 45 minutes, richard waits inside the car as his
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work out a plan to get richard inside without the paparazzi getting a shot. at 6:01 p.m., an lapd chopper flies overhead. at 6:05, officers arrive. they wait for richard's manager who gets there at 6:20. keep in mind, during all this time, more than an hour, richard is still in the garage on a day where temperatures reach 79 degrees. at 6:23, he exits, covered in that blanket. richard's manager told us, quote, his doctors were very pleased with his progress and released him sooner than expected. he's glad to be home and feeling good. still, a lot of people are wondering why richard is going to such great extremes to hide. there has been speculation about his appearance, that he may have gained weight or is suffering serious health problems. both richard and his rep have denied those rumors. when we talked to simmons a year ago, he told us he just wand
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>> i really don't want to do anything right now. i'm at peace, i'm feeling better. and i just need some time. >> glad to hear he's feeling better. when he's ready to make his first official appearance, it should be on his terms. >> sad and surprising news. the passing of cuba gooding sr., the father of cuba gooding jr. now, the elder gooding was found dead yesterday in his car around noon. cuba jr. is out of the country filming, as the investigation continues here in los angeles. >> assist engine 84 on scene. cardiac arrest. "e.t." was on the scene in los angeles yesterday, just after authorities found cuba's father slumped over in a silver jaguar on ventura boulevard. >> there was alcohol found in the car, and possible paraphernalia. >> what do you mean? >> i'm not going to comment on that, possible drug paraphernalia. >> as the investigation begins,
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cover with the caption "eternal." ♪ everybody plays the fool >> cuba sr. was the lead singer of the main ingredient. his celebrity lifestyle left cuba in you a. >> it was a lot of feeling like, i come from royalty. you know? he would pull me up on stage with him, and make me finish the song. >> i'm sue ba sr. that's why i didn't save. >> cuba and his dad had a strained relationship over the years, but cuba sr. was there to support his career, and brought the whole family out to the premiere of "snow dogs" in 2002. >> they've always supported my films, showing their support. >> i lie to him and tell him it was great, no matter what he does. >> now, in the aftermath of cuba gooding sr.'s death, we're reminded of this "e.t." interview in 2008. >> my faith was concreted when i was young and has been
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there is hope, you know, you might have lost some loved ones, but not forever. >> our thoughts and prayers are with cuba. >> they certainly are. all right, let's brighten the mood a little bit now, and this ought to do it. a new shot of bradley cooper, but wait a minute. ar se weeeing double? >> both have that sexy scruffy beard thing going on. both have that long hair don't care. and that i can tell you're hot even under your shirt and genes physique, but which is the real bradley cooper? video of the 42-year-old and his body double shooting scenes for "a star is born" gives us the answer. cooper is the director, and he's onthe e calling the shots. now, there are a couple of headlines out doppelganger, quote, more handsome than lebrady. but we're going to give you all the fine reminders that prove otherwise. you're welcome. oh, and another star who is
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this shot with guy fieri. spikinerg h super short do. afterwards, she gave her very candid reaction to trying starbucks' new unicorn frappuccino. >> that drink is a phenomenon. it's become a hash tag and even lay key cocoa took a picture of one of her set. >> did she drink it or just buy it? >> where's mine? >> i didn't want you to get all hopped up. i want you to feel just like nancy kerrigan wants to feel. she's been named a front-runner heading into monday's "dancing with the stars." but cameron found out that nancy is not sitting tight. >> at this point now, do you believe you can win this thing? >> what do you think? >> oh, come on. come on! >> iel
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you can visualize it, you can see it. >> i mean, sure, i think we're good enough to. i just want to get to the end so i can learn ash muc as i can and hang out with artem more and dance every day. >> nancy's been getting support from her friend and fellow olympic skater, kristi yamaguchi. she won the mirror bag in 2008, and was with nancy during the tania harding attack drama. kristi pdoste a tweet "break a leg" to nancy to wish her luck on dancing. there was some fallout. what's the best advice she's given you? >> oh, when i called her to, like, if you are going to say yes, you need to start doing your ab work now and she was so -- >> really? >> yeah. >> you feel like there's a lot of core strength? i don't remember that. >> a ton. >> that's because you're dancing properly, and i wasn't. > nancy's biggest competition could be simone biles. could it be two olympians, coming down to two
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>> it would be great. be awesome. >> and we have some more "dancing" news. maks posted this picture with heather morris, and we've learned that on monday, he and heather will dance the rumba to tl c's "waterfalls." actually talked to chili and t-boz about the honor. check that out on monday. all the ladies are fine. >> they are. and so is this guy. chris's star status was cemented into the hollywood walk of fake. we were there. chris was in fine form as he was immortalized with his own star on the legendary boulevard of dreams. >> what does this moment mean? >> i guess speechless. >> the 37-year-old shared his big moment with his wife, anna faris, and their 4-year-old son, jack. >> he gave me the greatest the greatest star in the galaxy, in my life boy. the first time he's been
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got him a nice suit and he wore a tie -- >> i saw that, you taught him how to tie the tie. how did that go? >> it was pretty good. >> and with "guardians volume 2" out may 5th, had ethis is one s lord happy to have his star here on mother earth. >> it's a really special moment. and just really grateful. >> coming up, chris' "guardians" costar zoe saldana met green-skinned. >> mama, are you there? >> then, whyic nk jonas is singing with his fans. >> some really good ones and some not so good ones. >> then, penelope ann miller after "adventures in babysitting." >> that scares me. >> and here comes the bride. will john cena's fiance say yes to the dress? >> he's
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ever. we're with kristin chenoweth last night, celebrating her new series "american gods," stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier...
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stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. >> they are gods, g forod sakes. will you marry me? >> remember less than three weeks ago, when wrestling star john cena got down on one knee in the ring to put a ring on long-time girlfriend nikki bella? she said yes, but now she's got to say yes to the dress. we tagged along for some wedding gown shopping and got a closeup look at that tiffany sparkler. >> did you have any idea that was coming? >> no, there was so much speculation around it. i was, like, my john would never propose in front of that many people. he's just so private. >> the wrestler, who has had scene-stealing roles in movies
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sentimental. nikki's new bling has been hidden meaning for the wwe couple. >> he had it for years. he designed it. each side has four diamonds. and this is four and a half. we've been together four and a half years. how cute. >> look at that. john cena, so thoughtful. >> he's the most romantic person ever. >> can you see you and john getting married on tv? feel like i owe it to our fans, but -- i know john's debating. so, we'll see. i think in the end, we probably will. >> only we were with the star at new york's bridal week for a special show iing of a new collection. >> she would look great in everything. the woman is gorgeous. her figure is to die for. >> have you thought about what cult? i know that you love grace kelly's style, with the long sleeves. >> yes. >> what do you see yourself in? >> so, i mean, i feel like i'm very drawn towards lace. i don't want anything, like, too
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i'm so bad with it all. i really like open back. i don't want too much boobs. on my wedding day, i just want to hide them. that's the day, nana is in the audience. let's just chill out. >> that's right. you can't offend grandma. before she and john say i do. they have something else to celebrate. john's birthdahiy ts weekend, turning the big 4-0. still ahead tonight -- ♪ >> inside our sing along with nick jonas. >> how was the high note? >> your teeth look great. >> plus, who willel penope ann miller play next? >> that's a crazy one. i could play here. >> and zoe saldana on her grueling "guardians" makeover. >> they were probably like, oh, my god, you are so -- closed captioning provided by --
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or you could have a girl? >> i have three kids. >> i'm just saying. >> how am i -- no, no. >> no more? >> three is tough. >> oh, no, no. zoe saldana is done. the star told cameron at the premiere, she's outnumbered at home by them children. she wants no more. >> zoe and his marco have twin sons who are now 2 and in february, they welcomed a baby boy. but here's the question. are the older ones at zen with zoe's newest addition? >> how do they like being big brothers? >> they love it. they want him to play with all their toys. and then they forget he's there and they walk, they step on him if he's doing tummy time. >> zoe posted these adorable instagram pics of her hubby and their twins as batman and superman. >> keep going, faster! >> zoe plays gamora
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green-skinned alien assassin turned super hero. now, have your kids seen you in person full makeup? >> yeah, yeah. at first, they were very, like, mama, aoure y there? >> was the makeup easier? >> i still had to wake up at 2:30 in the morning. >> we vacation all the time -- >> talking everybody to death, because i just talk, i never shut up. it's like, i feel for them. they were probably like, oh, my god. >> hi. >> i am groot. >> vin diesel plays baby groot, a lovable troublemaker. >> no! >> favorite baby groot moment from the film, because there's so many great moments with that little guy. >> whenever the going gets tough, like, groot starts dancing. >> right. >> like, that's what he does. we're killing a monster and groot is like, boogie! doing his thing. he's such a rebellious adolescent. >> i'm thinking of you as a mom
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kids in this. no? >> yes, i have three baby groots. i have three baby groots, yes. >> love how honest she is. well, talking a having your hands full. remember the movie "adventures in babysitting?" well, it's been 30 years since viewers saw a 23-year-old penelope ann miller with the rats. well, now she's 53 and sitting down with us for this flashback friday. >> you realize that it's the 30th anniversary of -- >> yes, i know, i just found that out. i was thinking -- that's actually scary. 30 years, oh, lord. i mean, because that was the beginning, that was the beginning of my career. i just saw -- that was one of the movies, i don't think it opened very big and the fact that it's still a cult favorite. >> it's a cult classic. it is. >> yeah. >> you can't do that to me. >> these days, she's starring in a ripped from the headlines crime drama. >> you are a dangerous woman
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>> in "new york prison break", penelope plays the unlikely accomplice who risks it all to help convicted murderers escape. >> what i found interesting and why i also loved the script and wanted to do it was because a lot of people don't know about what happened prior to their escape. in the scene in the film, you may remember, when they're interrogating her and they said, did you realize who these men were, that one man cut up his boss and threw him in a river and the other guy murdered -- >> and you gave them the means to escape from prison? >> everybody says i'm too nice. >> what? that's your go-to answer, that you're too nice? >> penelope is an old pro, playing real life women embroiled in shocking scandal. >> i think i'm in love -- >> does she know you love her? >> i think so. >> 17 years ago, she played mary kay letourneau, the seattle teacher who had a love affair with her sixth grade student. >> do you feel added pressure taking on a roll like th
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because there's going to be a some pair son. >> is there any ripped from the headlines or true crime person you're salivating over? >> oh, yeah, that's all i do. i'm reading the tabloids going, who is next, who is next? oh, that's a crazy one, i could play her. >> well, she's played a few high profile political wives including first lady mary todd lincoln and rudy giuliani's second wife. >> you know who's had a lot of rote roles? nick jonas. most people know him as a singer. well, today, nick teamed up with lg to give fans a chance to hang out with him, but cameron, he's pretty brave, let me tell you. he challenged nick to a sing-a-long and he captured it on the new phone. >> you got to tell me about the sing with lg contest. what's it all about? >> you enter this contest, you get a chance to hang out with me. >> to win, fans submit videos of themselves singing along with nick. a
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>> there's some really good ones and some not to good ones, but everyone's having fun. that's all that matters. >> well, i'm going to see where my video falls in between that range. >> oh, my god. >> cameron, nick jonas, "jealous." >> th that's me on the right. >> i was confused. >> you sound very good. >> thank you. ♪ puffing my chest ♪ i'm getting ready >> right? >> you have no rhythm. >> wow. >> at all. that's not the direction i thought we were going. how was that high note? >> but your teeth look great. thanks, man. i can see every single one of them. >> so, i may not be winning the contest, but i did score some news on new music from nick. >> i'm anxious to put out the new music. >> you're recording here right now, i mean, i'm available. i got some time. i got, like, three hours before my next shoot. >> okay, we can lay some vocals down.
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>> yeah, just a lot of auto tune. >> i'm excited. >> auto tune, a good idea there. and if you think that you can one up the musical stylings of cameron, enter the contest by going to sing with nancy, you in? >> might not be too hard to beat cameron. kidding. i love you. all right. and we'll be back with abby lee miller. the radical move she's now taking to drop weight fast.
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>>rati provided by -- well, we're out of time. but we have quick "baywatch" news. >> tomorrow, i'm hosting the slow mo marathon. >> actually slow news, not quick news. >> well, the cast from the new movie are recreating that famous strut they used to do on the beach, with hundreds of runners in l.a. and the best part is, you don't have to cross the finish line. just have to look good doing it. come on, nancy. see it on our facebook live page tomorrow. and we'll have more for you on monday. >> and we'll also have this "e.t." exclusive. former "dance moms" drill sergeant abby lee miller taking drastic measures to lose weight. >> have a great weekend. >> bye, everybody. >> this is crazy. >> only "e.t." is with abby lee miller fer
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in tears before entering the o.r. >> there's nobody freaking out if something happens to me. >> as she has nearly 80% of her stomach removed. >> i'm scared. i'm nervous. >> what other operations does she need? monday, on "e.t." what made two guys build race car engines in their own shop? what made them believe that a two-ton behemoth could compete in a track race? or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 y oears.f it mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance.
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