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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 1, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> tonight -- >> how long have you been keeping this secret? >> "live with kelly's" secret is out. seacrest is in. >> we first talked about it like a decade ago. e.t. behind the scenes of their big announcement. >> we'll tell you how ryan sealed the deal. >> what ever it took to get to this place was worth it. then, beyonce's baby watch. her mom is telling us about the twins. plus -- >> this is incredible. >> "e.t.'s" star i do preview. bride-to-be julianne hough gives us the scoop on her upcoming wedding as we fly to barcelona to pick out a gown with supermodel kate upton. and we're back. >> maybe multiple dresses. and we're back. >> on "e.t." >> why kevin james and leah remini are reuniting. >> that was weird. >> yeah. now, for may 1st, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." the drama is finally over
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as the new era begins at live. >> here's the thing, nancy, it took 11 months and 68 different co-hosts but kelly ripa has finally found her man and it's ryan seacrest. >> it was the best kept secret in hollywood. >> how did they pull off the surprise? >> carly steel were with them after they officially signed off on their first official broadcast. now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> congratulations, you guys. how did he do on his first day? >> oh, i mean, a hundred out of ten. i mean, a hundred out of ten. >> how did live keep seacrest a secret? >> they kept most of the staff in the dark so there were no leaks. only a handful of people knew ryan got the gig. the rest found out this morning. >> we talked about it like a decade ago, a long time ago. you were so ensconced in your other job and we have always enjoyed working together.
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>> in 2005, they first co-hosted the walt disney christmas parade. then when michael strahan left live seacrest filled on the show five times with kelly, far less than other front-runners. jerry o'connell co-hosted the most with 18 times. christian slater koe hosted 15 times. what sealed the deal for ryan? producers were impressed with his performance co-hosting "live's" oscars show in l.a. seacrest who co-hosts a syndicated radio show will relocate to new york. i'll be here during the week. >> at the end of the week i'll fly back to l.a. and do the show. i'll fly back to los angeles and work from there and i have a studio, an iheart show in the building and immediately after "live." e.t. was behind the scenes at the show this morning. >> chris pratt delivered roses to the new team. >> what better way to celebrate this epic moment than to, you know, deliver the flowers that
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your p.a. handed me. >> have you hazed ryan yet? >> no, i'm waiting for winter for that. >> our "live" source also tells us the staff is relieved the search is over. >> what ever it took to get to this place was worth it. >> ryan is going to be so great in that job. >> it slows down his day a little bit, which i like. >> that's right right. the wait is over for kelly's co-host, but we're still waiting on beyonce's twins. you know what in the meantime, mama keeps moving. busy weekend for the star, including a stop at her mom's star-studded charity event. ♪ mama of louisiana ♪ . ght.he'll erbe hnie to >> okay, she's comin' out. >> of coursee , shis. i'm her mama and i'll get her if she doesn't. >> you don't mess with mama tina, even if you're queen b. she slayed with a huge floral crown and a double baby bump-hugging red gown. pretty in piri
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also on hand, as was jay z, all to support tina, who has been like a mom to beyonce's destiny's child bandmates. >> it's usually me supporting them so they were all hands on deck for this. >> so many people came out to support. it's just awesome. >> the benefit raised close to a million dollars for the new w.a.c.o. theater center in l.a. established by tina and her husband richard lawson. a proud, reflective beyonce captioned this group shot with kelly and sister solange -- "mom, you inspire us all." but the due next month diva also came to celebrate. ♪ i'm feelin' myself >> she's going to keep going until the last day. >> you know what, my sister likes to have fun, man. we're not treating her like a pregnant lady. she likes to have fun. >> the pair clearly not partied out from jessica alba's "prince and michael jackson"-themed birthday party the night before. a little less than a dozen of jess's closest stars dined at
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silver jacket, and kelly were spotted leaving the big bash at the peppermint club. mrs. carter roundet d ouher weekend courtside catching the clippers with jay, who kept tabs on the twins we can't wait to meet. by the way, that party saturday night was like a mini-met gala, so much fun. but beyonce won't be going to the real deal. it takes place tonight, the fashion's biggest night will still be fantastic. >> good reason for that. >> stay home. moments away from the stars arriving and our carly stes el i there for what to watch out for. ♪ turn it up. it's my favorite song ♪ >> katy perry is one of the hosts and we're hearing she'll also perform. there she is last night, showing up to anna wintour's pre-met gala dinner along with her co-chairs pharrell, gisele bundchen and tom brady. >> wow. >> hey, gisele. hey, tom. >> the stars dressedn dowas they made their way to new york. halle berry gave a peek of her abs under a sheer shirt.
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kate hudson went from ripped jeans and flip-flops to trying on this bill hat. what does it take for the stars to get inside? $30,000, that's just the starting ticket price to get into the metropolitan museum arts annual gala. tonight is the first time that celine dion will be attending, she'll be wearing versace. >> couples to watch out for -- blake lively and ryan reynolds. j. lo is expected. will she and a-rod make the met their red carpet debut. this is the madness that surrounded their date last night. imagine the cameras will go crifazy they show up hand in hand. zbl i low. kim kardashian will walk the set without kanye. he's going to play mr. mom and stay in l.a. with the kids. we can't wait to see the crazy fashion. tonight's all abma
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>> i anticipate there will be a lot of great head gears. >> some outfits totally gorgeous. others out there. >> you never know. >> cameron matson joins us now. a by night for britney spears at radio disney music awards. britney is getting an icon award. >> you got to remember, britney started at a young age as a mouseketeer. the best part of the night when brit's own sister came out to surprise. she leapt out of her sister when sister jamie came out on stage. >> she started sipging along with mom lynn. >> when jamie lynn presented brit with the first-ever icon award the fans went nuts. >> what a pleasant surprise, my goodness.
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i want to thank all of my fans, you're the freakin' best. and my true loves of my life, my sons. jaden and preston you're the reason my heart beats. >> the boys were clearly having a blast in the front row and snapping pics of their mom. afterthe party was over, she ditched the gown and hit the gym on sunday. >> i like to frequent the gym once in a while. i'm not pulling off this move any time soon. well done, britney. what a night, sunday at the daytime emmy awards. we'll get to this magic moment in a moment. >> but first, we got to talk about the woman who built this house -- this entire genre -- "e.t.'s" legendary mary hart was honored with a long overdue emmy. >> it's my honor to present this daytime emmy lifetime achievement award to the incomparable mary hart. >> for 29 years, mary set the
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>> it turned out to be we were creating a brand-new genre of tv. >> "good morning america" took home outstanding morning show. the big winner was cbs, taking home 18 daytime emmies. >> "the young and the restless." >> "the bold and the beautiful." >> "the talk." >> the ladies of "the talk" all won statutettes for outstanding talk show hosts. >> the show won last year but we didn't win. none of us personally have an emmy at home -- >> i do. >> yeah. >> we love those ladies. >> yes, we do. we're very proud to have taken home an emmy ourselves. we thank you all for watching. up next -- tom cruise behind the scenes of "mission: impossible 6." his motorcycle chase through the streets of paris. the latest on gwen stefani's medical emergency.
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. will she be on the voice tonight. and we're with julianne hough and kate upton counting down to their i dos.
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at the nrdc standup for the planet event, chris meloni told us he's open to the possibility of coming back to "law & order: svu." >> stronger
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art... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. it may look like a joyride but tom cruise was actually hard at work this weekend on "mission: impossible 6," shooting a motorcycle chase through the streets of paris. >> here's my question, how does that man still look so young? >> not a mission impossible tomorrow. timeless diva. the tale of two mariahs. first of all, there's fr iday nit.
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in a white bomber jacket going into beverly hills hot spot mr. chow. the paparazzi making sure they all got a shot. yesterday, for the 47-year-old -- mariah and her ex, nick cannon, shared parenting duties taking their kids to disneyland. here loading on to space mountain. mariah also posted this throwback pic. "i can't believe it's been six years since you two came into this world." saturday it was all about shania twain and nick jonas. she invited him on stage for her duet. ol her hit "party for two." zbl would you like to collaborate with him? >> i'd love to do that. >> she also debuted a new single, her first in 15 years. it's
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good." >> i feel relieved, i feel good and first single is just so optimistic and hopeful. life is also good for gwen stefani who took her two sons to work at "the voice" yesterday. here in front of blake's chair. with their cousin stella. gwen is on the mend after cancelling a charity event last thursday do ue ta ruptured eardrum. tonight, she'll be rooting for her team. still ahead -- julianne hough's must-haves for her wedding i dos. as "e.t." goes to spain with kate upton to find her wedding gown. >> i also love a one shoulder. plus, we're on set with kevin james and leah remini. a behind the scenes look at their reunion. >> i live in the present and i'm presently about to get into this minibar. >> closed captioning provided by --
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look at who we are, bringing in reinforcement. >> just one week after maks got the boot -- there he is popping up on "dancing with the stars." >> this is an exclusive clip. >> he gives his fiancee peta with partner nick viall. >> meanwhile, "dancing" judge julianne hough, she's busy with her own tour and planning a wedding. >> just a little thing going on. >> we got the latest on julianne's big day. >> this is obvious. >> the best dance floor ever, best music. and the little dogs lexi and harley have to be a part of it >> and, of course, big brother derek will be by her side. she was with him last night in
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connecticut for their sold out move be beyond live tour. >> we call him grandpa hough, he gets so nervous and worried about anything. that like he's the first person to be like, safety first and i'm like hurricane julianne, i'm like let's go all out. >> and for the second year, julianne's going full out teaming up with the "thanks teach" campaign, which raises money to help teachers by school supplies. >> #thanks teach for everybody. >> teach us something if you can. a is for abs. how to get these julianne hough abs. >> dancing, moving my hips i'm using all of my stomach. >> b is for brooks, how did you know? >> honestly when you know you know. i just -- when saw each other for the first time, and i'm like, we're done. >> c is for celebration.
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biggest celebration of your life. >> between touring, planning the wedding, "dancing with the stars," i like being busy. i feel like the more kind of creative stuff you're doing it breeds more creativity because once you're done you're done. so, enjoy it. another star enjoying her countdown to the altar kate upton. at the met gala last year, she announced her engagement. now, our jennifer peros is checking out wedding gowns in barcelona. >> this is incredible. to have that train. it's the kind that people will step on my train. first stop on her wedding gown shopping tour, the bridal show where gowns take up to 200 hours to create. and range from $1,500 to $10,000.
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>> i like it all. maybe multiple dresses. >> do you think it will be more conservative or more sexy? >> i always like to add a little flair of sexuality to any outfit i'm wearing. remembering that grandmas and grandpas are in the audience. my grandparents get sports illustrated. they've seen it all. >> i'm sure any of these gowns will look amazing. with her $1.5 million wedding ring will look perfect. her fiance is dustin burlander. kate's keeping their wedding date under wraps. ♪ >> this wedding is going to be one big bash. >> i feel like a girl before she gets married does all these crazy beauty trends. >> before my wedding i'll definitely amp up the facials and the oxygen masks and working
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can you imagine if i was like -- >> here's something else that kate told me justin is a traditional guy, he asked for her parents' permission even though he was worried about them not keeping it a secret. >> congratulations, kate. >> meern while it's been a full decades since the king of queens left the air. we remember how kevin james and leah remini clicked on the show. we were there when they reunited on the set of "kevin can wait." >> we're back. >> on "e.t." >> there you go. >> i don't live in the past, i live in the present and i'm presently about to get into this minibar. >> she's in my life forever. i can't get rid of her. >> in the episode, kevin comes out of retirement to team up with his former rival on the police force, leah. as they go undercover pre tepding to be husband and wife.
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>> it was a cool reuniting of the two characters. i get weird. sometimes i get a little panicked and try to go for a bigger word out of my range. >> you did good. >> reuniting. >> that was weird. >> you're the best mail-order bride, ever. >> they spent nine seasons married together on the "king of queens." our first set visit, almost 20 years ago, before the show had even debuted -- they were completing each other's sentences back then as well. >> right now, he's great -- right noi he's -- >> it's like a new relationship. everything they do, you're so funny. >> you're so great. >> it worked in the beginning. >> i was horrible. i'm not great either. >> you were never horrible. >> why would i say it if it's not true. >> now, a decade after "king of queens" wrapped, they haven't skipped a beat. >> you know what you should do, you should try to get a job sweating professionally.
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a two-part episode, with more possibly to follow. >> i'd do anything with him. >> it depends on how people see it and like it. it could be like -- >> yeah get out of there. >> you never know. >> those two are great together. but seeing leah takes me back to one of my first "e.t." interviews. on the set of king of queens. all of a sudden, leah jumped on me. >> what? >> it looked crazy. my face says it all. when we come back -- billy ray cyrus celebrates 20 years of achy breaky heart with a major announcement. ♪ don't tell my heart. my achy breaky heart.
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travel consideration provided by -- ♪ don't tell my heart. my achy breaky heart ♪ >> it's hard to believe it that it's been 25 years since billy ray cyrus ruled the air waves. with a song i know nancy o'dell knows too well. >> my achy breaky heart. >> i knew she would do that. >> plenty has changed since 1992 including billy ray's name. he's legally changing it to ju
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hit and we were with cyrus during his achy breaky heyday. >> okay. i don't do the achy breaky dance. i'm not a dance expert. >> he has to show off the achy breaky heart. good-bye, everybody.
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