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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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women offering a gift that is so personal to give other women peace of mind. head's up, scammers have a new trick to steal your cash and millions of us are at risk. >> puppy love, we have a big announcement about a future service dog. >> the 1950s tv show predicts america's political future. but first, strong storms, they roll through around rush hour. are we done with them? wusa9 at 11:00 starts now. >> storms are closing in on the beltway around dinner time. that made for this dramatic sunset over dupont circle. >> tracker was tracking that line minute by minute. he is here with an update. top. >> a couple stray showers and thunderstorms out to the west. nothing severe overnight, but we have some showers inbetween romney and winchester. a little bit of thunder, too. in terms of any damaging winds, no worries at all. this is just to the southwest across junction. this is moving off to the north and east. it will
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toward oakland and up toward shady grove by, you know, before midnight. but this is not going to contain anything but a brief, heavy downpour. so, on our future cast tomorrow morning, a few residual clouds, but mainly, we're in great shape. 66 downtown. a mild start. 59 in hagerstown. by 8:00, we're in the low to mid 60s across the board. lots of sunshine. by 10:00, we're already 68 downtown and 65 in manassas and 64 in leesburg. even though a cold front will roll through, it won't drop temperatures dramatically. by lunchtime, 71 downtown. 69 in la plata. 67 in leesburg and about 70 in boui. she came home and there was a tree down. we'll come back. we'll show you some cool pictures after the storms and we'll also talk about a big change in the weather by the week's end. >> thanks, top. if you have our weather app, you saw
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and warnings the moment we did. if you haven't down loaded it yet from the apple store or google play, do it right now. you have been talking about this next story on social media all evening long. this is the story of every day heros who saved a father, and an infant, and a toddler. >> thankfully, they are all alive and well tonight. here's what happened in the words of one of those heros. the infant now is white, going bluish gray. >> this baby is going to die if we don't start cpr fast. having a negative feeling coming over me. this baby may not make it. this baby has no reaction, nothing is happening. >> in the name of jesus, lord. >> dear jesus, please let this baby breathe. well, the first prayer she said, i felt a response. >> that voice, tom mitchell, the man who performed cpr on e
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and tonight, we're happy to tell you she is in stable condition. that has us asking a few questions, like could doing it help, even if you aren't certified. we asked john henry to find out. >> joined by michael of serve d.c. and we are talking about cpr. what to do with a child. for a toddler, you would do chest compressions with one hand. and you actually want to go about 2 inches deep and when you give your rescue breaths, you don't have to open the airway as much as you do for an adult. >> how important is it to learn cpr? >> i think that every child should know how to do cpr. children talk to other children and they go back and share it with their families and their families become, you know, interested and how should my child learn cpr. it spreads. >> if you don't know cpr, should you go up to a person and try it if you in
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>> if you have not been trained in the correctional method of cpr, you can actually perform hands only cpr, which is just strictly compressions only. it does not involve any rescue breaths at all. and you can go to the red cross website, american hearts website and give you a brief tutorial. >> we have a lot more information on how to do cpr. you can also come to servedc for help. >> wusa9. if you have a wedding dress in your closet, i'm asking you to make a very special gift. please take the time tomorrow and bring your gown here to wusa9. donate it. here's why. >> we knew that we weren't going to have much time with him. and that his life would be very short. but we chose to just allow his life to continue as long as god allowed him to
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i tried to enjoy every moment, because i didn't know how long it was going to last. but i almost felt like i was kind of a ticking time bomb walking around thinking, when is this going to happen? when is this going to happen? i remember thinking, my son isn't going to
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i'm not going to have anything to bury him in. about the size of your palm is where a baby would be. this is some way i can pay it forward and help grieving mothers going through the loss of a baby. this gown would be more for a full-time baby. >> you know the pain of losing a child. >> i do. >> kim violet saw an idea for infant gowns on facebook and created for ever angels of virginia. her daughter, jenna, donated the first wedding dress. >> i put it out on my facebook page. and then one, two, six, came at a time. so then i opened up for more wedding gowns and they came by dozens at a time. >> look at that. that is old. >> many women give their wedding drieses in honor of a baby they lost. some include letters, photos,
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virginia has shipped 1400 gowns to families, hospitals, and the march of dimes. volunteer seamstresses cut through tools too harsh for baby skin, snip through layers of lace and beading to create one of a kind gowns. it's a bittersweet mission. >> our minister will say a prayer and bless the gowns. >> knowing that i did something that worked for them and made them happy makes me feel good. >> they are for a sacred purpose. >> i'll just sit there and listen to it and close my eyes and just think about him in heaven.
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she said, i'm sorry, i'm late, but i have a present for you. and here she comes with these beautiful gowns. there was a piece, i, as a mom, i wanted to do everything that i could for my son. providing something that he could -- the only outfit he was ever going to wear, that was very, very important. >> so, these are some of the infant gowns and you can see the beautiful detail in each one. this is one for a girl. this is one for a boy. and each one on the back has the name of the seamstress and the bride attached. the dresses are free. they can be shipped to families and hospitals and organizations directly and everyone involved in this process hopes that we will all work to better
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women and families who have lost children. >> this is something that just none of us ever want to think about, but if you're not thinking about it, you can't help somebody who has gone through this. it's such an easy way for people to help. i mean, it was somebody's special day once and it could be special for someone else. >> you're so right. part of acknowledging all of this is the fact that it happens. 23,000 families have to deal with stillborns each year. and that's a pretty big number. so just being there for a family with a kind word or a gesture offering to make a meal or calling, something that acknowledges this loss is key in assisting families to grieve. you mentioned something about getting people involved and what they can do to help. there is something that you can do to help, because we are teaming up with for ever angels of virginia to collect wedding dresses tomorrow right here at wusa9 from 10:00 in the morning until 10:30
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i will be here as well as some of the seamstresses who do this wonderful work and you can also volunteer to create some of these infant gowns or to make a donation. just go to our wusa9 website or our app for more information. i'm pete with a new trick by scammers calling to fix your computer. it worked on david, he's a big sailer. now he is out $1,918. >> somebody has to follow it through from start to finish. >> because david says papal won't. it processed the payment to the scammer. david led the scammer to make updates. he insists the scammer clicked the pay button, using the popular online service. >> he was moving so fast, he did not give me an opportunity to think. >> some of these statements are so small, you need a magnifying glass to read them. the company shouldn't need one of these
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scam. >> when we originally call papal to have this -- to let them know what happened, they didn't care about us. >> david has been trying to get papal to do something since march 17. the company website says it has sole discretion about whether a purchase -- so your money doesn't go sailing away. >> i would just like to see this not happen. it feels like such a victim. >> wusa9. did a tv show from the 1950s predict donald trump's presidency and his plan to build a border wall? we'll verify that, next. and the trump administration is bringing some cuisine changes to your child's school. and topper and howard are tracking those storms tonight. all right. they'll be back with an update. and, we're going
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who is going to be the future service dog joining us here at wusa9. is it ned, or nigel? your votes are in and we have the big reveal on the way tonight.
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the lune lunch lady has spoken. chocolate milk is back on the menu. then he signed a proclamation to let schools opt out of standards set by the obama administration, governing whole grains, sodium, and milk. >> what the idea actually boils down to, local flexibility and trusting the people in the lunchrooms across america to do the right thing. >> perdue said nutrition standards are not worth it if the children chuck their lunch in the trash. the administrators, and the lunch ladies across the country. it doesn't matter which side of the political spectrum you sit on, there's a whole lot of stuff on facebook and the internet about president trump.
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isn't true. here's something we're going to verify tonight. 60 years before donald trump was gaining followers, there was this guy, walter trump, who was scaring people and trying to make them believe that the world was coming to an end unless they could build a wall. >> the world will come to a flaming end at midnight tonight. without my help and knowledge, every one of you will be dead. >> so the thing going around is that a tv show from the 50s predicted the coming of donald trump. through a snake oil character named walter trump. this was uploaded to youtube. a few days before the election. >> i am the only one. trust me. i can build a wall around your home and nothing will penetrate. >> how do we save ours
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you ask, and i'm here to tell you. you're a liar, trump. >> okay, this show did actually air on cbs in 1958. it it was episode 30 of the first season of a show called track down. a western. there was no mention of who was going to pay for the wall. this trump clearly doesn't have the hair game of our modern day trump, and it didn't end well for walter. he got shot in the end. so, i can verify, it's true. a 59-year-old television show featuring a con man named trump who tried to talk people into building a wall. looking forward to your angry e- mails tonight. now if you see something on tv or your social made yay feeds that has you wondering if it's true or not, somebody may be trying to pull a fast one on you, let us know. we'll try to verify it for you. find me on twitter or facebook, or send me
11:17 pm just a few weeks ago, we came down with a serious case of puppy love. we found out one of these little bundles of joy will be ours, a service dog in training fostered by our own, andrea mccarren. so these are the puppies born march 23, at a k-9 companions for independence facility in california. now we don't know which one of these little puppies is coming to us, but tonight, we do know what his name will be. we asked you to vote and you did. choosing between three awesome names. each litter born at canine katrina canine -- it's nigel. nigel is the winner. >> what? >> i had the same reaction. i understand why you are feeling -- you and i were pulling. nigel is the winner with 519 votes. nimbus came
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and ned got 256. nigel is an irish name, which means champion. you could be like me and just call nigel nimbus, but that might confuse him. >> he's a puppy, calm down. >> we have more good news, because now you can watch all these puppies live. remember the giraffe cam? yeah, we got puppy cam. >> this is puppy cam and you can see one in the corner sleeping. it is three hours earlier in california. there we go. getting action on the puppy cam. two night owls trying to play. 8:00 out there in california. you can watch this any time on our youtube channel. search wusa9 puppy cam. someone is getting a stretch in there. >> look at little paw. >> this will be the new thing. >> that is better than the giraffe cam, i think. >> nigel. i'll embrace it. we get participation medal. we are looking at a nice day tomorrow. in
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then some changes late in the week. first things first, our three degree guarantee, almost a bulls eye. >> i can tell. >> okay, we went 83, it was 84. 78 tomorrow. a cold front went through. southwest winds will keep it warm. it's 75. winds are south, southwest at 13. you can see wind gusts up to 130 miles per hour. great pictures, thank you for sending the pictures. these are cool clouds. and then leon sent this in from fairfax. ominous with clouds breaking off to the west. we had a nice sunset eventually, and a little late evening rainbow here. this was sent to us by maker 71. here's the radar. just a couple showers west of winchester. they may hold together, they aren't going to be severe. brief heavy downpours. this storm could hold together and maybe make it to hagerstown by 12:14, that's about it
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so tonight, the bus stop, we'll say 54 to 66. it will be breezy, but it will be dry at the bus stop. cooler tomorrow, but we're talking 70s. afternoon showers and storms on thursday, then the weekend looks chilly. and unsettled. upper 50s to maybe 60. some areas may hold in the 50s over the weekend. look at the temperatures. 78 tomorrow. okay. 70 on wednesday. okay. 71 on thursday. maybe too high. we'll keep it for now. 75 on friday, and then boom, down to 60 on saturday. okay, future cast. 6:00 in the morning. partly cloudy skies. 66 downtown. 62 in fredericksburg. by mid-morning, generally in the 60s. maybe you're hanging on to 59. notice the winds out of the southwest. still a warm wind. 73 by lunchtime. by evening, 76. even 70 up in martinsburg and 75 in culpeper and by tomorrow night about this time, it will be a little bit cooler. 63 in leesburg and 67 downtown. but it will
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into the 40s and 50s tomorrow night. notice a change. here's a forecast for the wind. these are gusts. so 6:00 in the morning, we could see winds anywhere from 15 to 26 miles an hour. by noon, we could see gusts to 29. in gaithersburg. by 6:00 p.m., winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. still, somewhere between breezy and windy tomorrow. 73 with full sun by 1:00. there's your winds. so, pleasant on wednesday, 70. showers roll in thursday late. 72. we'll watch that because there's a nats game. nats are playing tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. friday, lingering storms in the morning. saturday, sunday, next monday, some showers, some drizzle, highs either side of 60. >> right now, three things that have happened since you left work. the reward has climbed to $10,000 for this tattooed
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escaped prisoner. david watson has been on the run since friday. when he broke from guards taking him to a hospital in jesup. >> in harrison county, fierce winds ripped the roof. they say it's a miracle no one was hurt. >> may day protesters trashed a police vehicle and tossed cocktails. >> steven colbert meets a stranger. >> hey, everybody, tonight, we have chris from guardians of the galexy volume 2. chris, thank you for being here. >> oh my gosh, i'm thrilled to be here. >> i don't know you, but i feel like i know you. >> that's your magic. >> i met you, but i don't know you. >> tonight, that all changes. >> the late show with steven colbert coming up after our broadcast. and brutal and
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this an angry matchup, game three caps pens in pittsburgh. and it went down to the wire. stick around. announcer: while everyone discusses the future of health care, 18 million americans are already choosing it.... with medicare advantage: a proven public-private partnership, where health outcomes are valued over volume. where early intervention and management of chronic conditions is leading to better outcomes. and costs are more predictable and affordable. why do so many seniors choose medicare advantage? maybe because with age comes wisdom. medicare advantage. leading the way.
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hey there, do you
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obsession with your smart phone? i think a lot of us do. >> selfie stick? the filters on instagram. between you posing pictures and looking through news feeds, we are all on it constantly. could you even imagine going cold turkey? >> no. >> but we did ask 100 brave college students to shut it down for a couple days to see if any of these millennials could. see how they did tomorrow on wake up washington. now, wusa9 game on sports brought to you by exfinty. >> there was some angry hockey played tonight. i mean, everybody was downright rude. would the fan be happy? must win situation for the caps tonight. down two games to none, entering the confines of pittsburgh. still trying to avenge. we'll skip ahead to the third period. look at that blind side hit. tom wilson comes in and settles the score. turns into a three on
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beating. it worked out great for him. caps coming out of this. would go on a two minute power play and get nothing. a few minutes later, beautiful puck work and patience. watch this. in the corner, just perfectly placed. caps up 2-0. you're thinking, we got this. think again. pens go empty net. less than a minute later, oh boy. goal. penn's tie it up, we're going to overtime. that hasn't gone too well for us. but three minutes in, kevin out of the power play and the caps win. that's the game winner. everybody there loving it. people in the stands, the people in the stands in pittsburght noso much. who cares about them. forget them. game four on wednesday, got to even it up. one of the most beloved voices will take on a new role in a new basketball season after 33 years. since 1984, called the wizards games court side.
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to the broadcast with the csn network is looking for
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i calmed down after the caps game because it gave me a heart attack. >> you and me both. >> tomorrow is nice, windy to breezy, but 78. 70 on wednesday. then showers roll in thursday and friday and it's the weekend. not a washout, but a little on the cool side. >> the late show with stephen colbert
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