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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 5, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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if it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags. tonight, "e.t." is in london with a janet jackson exclusive. the newly single mom steps out, how he's moving on after her split. >> you have to keep your core very tight. new details about the brad, angelina split. the real reason brad stopped drinking.
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♪ we can't stoep plus -- miley gets sober. how reconnecting with liam changed her. plus, everything you need to know about the big bang theory spin-off. >> it's sheldon at age 8. >> what sheldon's mom is only telling "e.t." and goldie hawn and kurt russell honored. >> thank you for inspiring us -- all of us. >> tearful speeches from reese witherspoon and kate hudson. we're inside the emotional hollywood ceremony. >> did we just get married? now, for may 4th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> what was the final straw that convinced brad to stop drinking. >> but we begin in london with new developments in janet jackson's custody battle with her billionaire ex and exclusive new photos of the mom moving on with her life. >> five, four, three, two one -- ♪ >> the newly single mother stepped out in london to shop for her son, she visited blue
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almond where kate middleton has alsopp shoored f prince george. there was no wedding ring on janet's left hand and we can report news that the singer's entourage on her tour will be getting bigger. >> kevin, "e.t." has learned from a jackson family source that janet's son eissa will be going on tour with her and despite the breakup, her soon to be ex-husband wissam al mana approved of their son accompanying her on her tour. which begins in louisiana on september 7th. we have also learned that janet's brother randy will by by her side when she goes on the road. his side. as the two youngest of the jackson siblings the two share a tight bond. you can hear him in the background. >> i have put on quite a few -- since i had the baby. >> more than
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>> can you please be quiet, randy? >> she's planning a rigorous diet. she's a workout fanatic when getting ready for shows. do you feel that shaking? >> when we're serious and in tour mode. it's six days a week. >> by the way, my arms are still sore from that workout. no one more disciplined than janet. come tour time she'll be in amazing shape. meanwhile brad pitt has drawn at of attention in his slimdown look. it's on full display in the qg magazine. >> of all the stunning images from brad pitt's photo shoot >> this one really caught our attention. right there, the actor appears to have a new tattoo, a tornado on his left side. brad's life has certainly been a whirlwind since his split from angelina. today we're learning more about the events that may have been a turning point in their relationship a source tells us during a flight last month, brad had an argument with their 15-year-old son maddox. another source tells us that
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flight. an investigation cleared brd of any wrong doing. pitt appears to have quit drinking after the incident. he said in the past, he's been boozing too much. adding i've got my feelings in my fingertip it is again. the hardest part quitting wine. we have a winery brad says referring to chateau miraval in the south of france. brad says i enjoy wine very very much. i just ran it to the ground. i had to step away for a minute. a report that the popular vineyard was up for sale. "e.t." has confirmed they'll continue to own the business. still the actor seems to be grappling with his split from angie. he tells the magazine, quote, it's just very, very jarring for the kids to suddenly have their family ripped apart. we're both doing our best. by the way brad is still busy at work. his first
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start s streaming may 26th. miley cyrus never stopped changing. as pop music's wild child finally getting ready to settle down. she's opening up about the big change she's making in her life and the man she just can't quit. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ we had to refall for each other, that's how miley explained her relationship with liam. who was spotted out surfing yesterday. they called off their engage nmt 2013. then they got back together last year. miley confesses, who i am with has nothing to do with sex and when someone's too masculine thll reay grosses me out. ♪ i look at you >> today, miley and liam live together on their malibu compound. that's where these new shots of the 22-year-old were taken. her hair is two toned and long. her pink ruffled dress is a big contrast to what she's used to. miley tells billboard magazine the most unexpected thing she can do is dress normal.
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think you'll see her naked swinging on a wrecking ball any time soon? she said, i'm not going to do it because you're sexualizing me and making me feel gross. >> i'm accepting and hopeful, inspired and smiling. >> miley is returning to the oice this fall and says i'm down for hanging with blake. she kind of disses fellow artists john mayer and ed shee ran calling them granola. she decided to quit drugs for a second, quote, i haven't smoke weed in three weeks which is the longest i have ever gone without it. i'm not doing drugs, i'm not drinking i'm completely clean right now. she wants to be superclear and why? sharp. that sounds as if miley is growing up. the first single off her new album is a love ballad she wrote about liam. it's called malibu and drops a week from today.
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>> yep. >> awesome. they're back, let the box office domination begin. it starts tomorrow when guardians of the galaxy volume 2 hits theaters tomorrow. it's expected to rack inasmuch as $160 million in the first week. for zoe saldana it's just begun. >> i have been celebrating. i've been drinking champagne since 1:00. >> one of the reasons we love zoe. she keeps it real. >> i have three kids to raise and i'm superduper tired right now. thank god for my publicist and like my stylist and my hair and makeup team. they keep me together. and i just have to walk the line and just be genuine, literally. >> zoe walked the new york city carpet in a future alexander mcqueen gown. >> my kids think iou'm csin with the hulk.
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my twins are supersassy and savvy. >> speaking of sassy, we think we know where the twins get it. check out zoe's response when we asked her about mother's day plans. >> we would need to ask my husband that if he has anything in the works, do you? [ speaking spanish ] by the way, zoe's co-star kurt russell and goldie hawn have more than 100 years combined this the entertainment business. can you believe neither has been honored with a star on the hollywood walk of farm. >> kevin you know this is a rare event, two stars getting a
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at the same time. >> listen, let me show this, in this madness, first last night i was at another big event with the cast of modern family. topic number one, is the show done? >> no danger of that. well, we're very hopeful. we're very hopeful. >> okay, here's the deal. everyone's contracts are up at the end of this season. no new deals have been signed for a new season. >> everybody wants to come back. >> oh, yeah, of course. there are still stories to tell. >> the six core actors are reportedly making $350,000 per episode. and are lickly asking for raises. the season finale airs may 15th and apparently no alternative ending was shot in case the show comes back. >> i don't think anybody of us would say we would be happy where it ended. >> i want to go out on the right note >> reporter: of course, the modern family kids have grown up right before our own eyes. >> what do you think when you see this girl -- >> i'm that's me. >> this is a fun time. i didn't know what was going on. >> it's very like weird now to become adults and hopefully they can still be acting with us.
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>> just called negotiations. boent forget michelle will be back a little later with kurt and goldie. coming up next -- sharon one's dating advice for her 16-year-old son and why he's not buying it. >> i will not let her. why is mama june in a baywatch bathing suit. and "dancing with the stars'" dancer's wedding. i . ♪ ♪
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iffer jamie lynn will be
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this haircolor is for new from l'oreal.. féria rose gold. mu lti-faceted, shimmering color. this féria has pure dyes and a kick of meictall reflects. live in color. live in rose gold from féria metallics. by l'oreal paris. >> remember when george and amal adopted millie their adorable bassett
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they're making sure more dogs can find a good home. they just donated $10,000 to a california rescue organization. they have twins on the way and sharon stone knows all about how fast kids grow up. look at who she brought to her premiere of the new film. >> sharon's dates last night were sons laird 11, and roan, 16, and just about dating age himself. >> did you ever give them dating advice. >> i will never let her. >> no. >> he's 16. do i give you good advice? >> sometimes. >> the best advice sharon got came from her mother. >> put a dime in my shoe because i never know when i might need to make a phone call. that was the best advice she ever gave me. >> sharon, last night in an emerald green mini dress, recently celebrated her 59th birthday. and she celebrates a birthday in her new film as well -- a romantic comedy with "scandal's" tony goldwyn. ♪ give me just a piece
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love ♪ >> in this beach scene, shot in malibu, sharon had a little fun with tony, her victim. >> it was incredibly cold and i was wet. and sharon was taking her time about getting ready to go. i think good fun at my expense. >> in real life, sharon is still single but looking. >> well, i'm funny and i'm hoping that romance will one day -- it would be funny if romance came into my life. yeah. >> speaking of romance, she told us that her best and worth birthdays wither the very same day because she got dumped by a boyfriend but she was hanging with willie nelson and he sang her a bunch of breakup songs. still ahead -- exclusive of bing bang's sheldon spin-off. >> this one little guy was really special. a did "dancing with the stars" wedding fail. what went seriously wrong as the bride walked down the aisle. and kate hudson celebrates her ma and
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we'll take you to hollywood boulevard for their big honor. >> i always thought that i would be talking about them at like a wedding. closed captioning provided by -- well, that precious moment was a long time coming.
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well that pressure shous moment was a long time coming. kurt russell and goldie hawn finally got their stars on the walk of fame today and the best part -- they did it together. in a rare double ceremony. >> shining stars standing next to me that we call our parents. their real legacy is what they have instill in us kids. >> kate honored her ma and pa, today, only the third couple in hollywood history to ever be honored with a double gold star ceremony. how cute are they! >> to you i owe my wonderful life. simply put, goldie, i cherish you. >> did we just get married? we never had a celebration like this before. but i'm not going to pop the question, honey. >> side by side stars, kindof fitting for these two, they first met when she was 21 and he was 16.
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one and only genuine original family man. they've been together over 30 years. still they never tied the knot. >> nothing could be better than what we have. nothing. but somehow marriage means a lot to people. so, i give that to them. >> but their 1987 classic, over board is one of all favorites of all time. >> kurt and i are having a fabulous time together. it's relationship tester. >> everyone knows that goldie is terrific. >> we know theirs is a true hollywood love story. they'll be duking it out at the box office soon. goldie's new movie snatched goes up against kurt's "guardians of the galaxy." after all these years i don't think there's anything that can tear those two apart. they're so amazing.
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>> thank you for inspiring all of us. >> i was in tears of joy and having so much respect for the girls. it mattered what they said to me. >> they are amazing. meanwhile "dancing with the stars'" mark ballas just started his married life with his wife bc. and cameron mathison has that story. they're so adorable together. >> they're adorable. i've known mark for a long time. i'm so happy for mark. anyone who has gone through a wedding likely things don't go exactly as planned. let me tell you this they have some very good advice for anyone ready to walk down the aisle. >> you got to roll with it and just enjoy the day. >> phenomenal advice. >> yeah, bc walked the isle which was meant to be a string
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version of bohemian rap so sew did. but it was the real version. all of a sudden freddie mercury i was like that's the wrong version. right when i turned the corner i saw my mama. ♪ >> it was really funny. >> i love that story. first dance? >> first dance, talk to me about the first dance. what was it? >> we danced to magic by coldplay. >> but we had a little twist at the end and we decided to throw in a last-minute tango. >> some tango. >> couple days before the wedding. >> none of my friends had seen her dance ever. >> there was this move where she flipped around my back -- they got a photo of it from the back. you could see all our friends' faces like this -- bphest oto ever. >> now the couple is writing new music together. t
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how is working together -- >> when i was on broadway i saw on your twitter you were in new york for a few days and you didn't come. that's messed up. >> if i could only send you my schedule. >> if i could only send you mine. >> oh man. mark here's the thing i want to see the show and i want to. now the couple's hone moon is still on hold. they plan to make the honey moon part of their one year celebration. >> cam, thanks a lot. meanwhile, tonight on the big bang theory the boys get a big shock when the secret project they're working on disappears. laurie metcalfe, we got to latest on the new series. that's right, like mother like daughter. in the prequel, laurie's real-life daughter zoe perry is young marry cooper, mom to jim
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parsons' character in the prequel "young sheldon." >> either i'm playing her or she's playing me. >> you know the bible says forgiveness. >> mom. >> i'm sorry >> metcalfe, who just got a tony nom for "a doll's house part 2" is psyched about her daughter's co-star. >> hi, this is anne and i'm very excited. >> the little boy they cast is absolutely adorable. >> "big little lies" fans know actor ian armitage as "ziggy." in the "big bang" spin-off, the 8-year-old plays a young prodigy already navigating high school. in texas. >> it's set in the' 90s. >> we saw so many wonderful tapes that so many kids sent in. we just loved this little guy who was very special. >> jim, who will be executive-produce and narrate the series, just took his adorable mini-me to see a broadway show and safe to say ian was elated. "young sheldon" will air next season on cbs, but for now, you can see young laurie, zoe perry, as a killer in "scandal."
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her dad jeff perry is cyrus. but laurie has never seen a single episode. >> i haven't seen it yet. i keep hearing reports from people saying, oh, my god, she's so evil. >> don't call me again, you're annoying. here's the good new s >> laurie, new episode of scandal and it's never too late to start watching. still ahead if i told you a year ago, we would show you mama june posing in a baywatch bathing suit. you probably would have called us crazy. wait until you see the before and after revelation that will put a smile on face.
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travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- ll cool j is hanging on the "e.t." set. >> oh, my god, next level. and we're counting down all the reasons we love chris pratt. >> we'll probably need to cut that all out. >> tomorrow on "e.t." welcome to baywatch. >> the baywatch movie on the way, a lot of people will be getting back into red bathing suit. but we never expected to see this. mama june showing off her new bod.
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comparisons are crazy. she dropped 300 pounds. she looked fantastic. can we be real? it seems like they did a little photo shopping. >> a little? >> what happened to her kneecaps. >> but the transformation is pretty remarkable. so kudos to you, mama june. >> indeed. >> bye-bye, everybody.
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ealth care the way they do, that they argue the reason those numbers are high is under obamacare people were forced to buy insurance. the republican plan doesn't do that, but they think people will get insurance nevertheless and the costs will go down. but they didn't want a number that would look bad as they're trying to build momentum showing republicans coming together and use the momentum to get the senate to overcome its obstacles to passing health care legislation. >> john dickerson, chief washington correspondent and


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