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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 8, 2017 1:35am-2:35am EDT

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brad pitt tells all about his split. tears in his eyes, how he's monng o after angelina. what he is blame on the breakup and how it caused him to hit rock bottom. >> exclusive photo inside fashion's biggest night and is this j. lo's secret love message to a-rod. >> who would you like to meet? >> amy schumer on the moment she introduced her father to goldie ha hawn. >> and the "e.t." star preview. we fly to bars lona to pick out
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>> and our mariah carey exclusive. is she rekindling her romance with ex-nick cannon. >> why won't you get back together? >> or is he look for a new man. >> come to the club. >> she just told a lie, that's never true. >> now, this is "entertainment tonight." >> brad pitt news after breaking the silence about his breakup with angelina jolie. >> just how lonely is he? we have the latest on brad as he put it all out there this week. a reflective brad seemingly deep in thought. this footage and photo are for "g.q. style" he says, quote, i just started therapy. i love it. i went through two therapists to get to the right one. >> he's going through a split but it's not finger pointing it's about making a better life for their
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>> he says their divorce has been jarring for their six children. he admits in the beginning i was really on my back and chained to a system when child services was called. and you know, after that we have been able to work together to work this out. >> they just put this potential court battle behind them and are settling it themselves. >> appearing on three covers of the summer issue, pitt shot the spread in three national parks. he appears thinner but definitely fit. in this photo, his eyes seemed to be filled with tears. >> there weren't any rules. he wasn't traveling with a publicist. >> the theme is a road trip celebrating the beauty of the parks. ro explored caves in california, lled down white sand dunes in new mexico. he says he quit smoking pot when he started a family and stopped boozing after the
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become a problem. saying i could drink a russian under the table with his own vodka. i was a professional. i was good. >> he is getting rid of all that. >> he says he replaced it with cranberry juice and fizzy water. he says i have the cleanest urinary tract in l.a., i guarantee you. he is living alone with his dog in his hollywood home but he slept on his friend's floor for a month and a half. this is the video of brad leaving his sculpting studio. he says it is the manual labor he needs right now. >> he loves that hands on act of creation and making something that wasn't there before. >> above all, family comes first and he wants to improve his relationship with the kids saying, quote, it hit me smack in the face with the divorce. i got to be more for them. i have to show them and i haven't been great at it.
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>> now to two other star parents this week, janet jackson and jimmy k jimmy g jimmy kimmel. he revealed that when his son was born the joy turned into a parent's worst nightmare. >> i'm sorry, you know, i try not to get emotional but it was a scary story. >> kimmel fought back tears as he told viewers about the frightening moment following the birth of his son. >> they did an echo cardiora gm and found out that billy was born with a heart disease. >> at three days old, billy was rushed to children's hospital los angeles in an ambulance where this surgeon operated on his blocked valve. >> he opened the valve and the operation was a success. this poor kid. this is what he looked like on monday.
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but this is what he looked like yesterday. poor kid, not only did he get a bad heart. he got my face. >> he will need two followup operations but is expected to lead a healthy and normal life. >> even that son of a bitch matt damon sent flowers. janet jackson took to twitter breaking her silence about the split with her husband of five years. >> yes, i separated from my husband. we are in court and the rest is in god's hands. >> she stepped out in london to shop for her baby son, also across the pond, carly steele. >> "e.t." learned from a jackson family source that janet's son will be going on tour with her and despite their break up her soon to be ex-husband approved her request
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accompany her on the concert tour which begins on september 7th. >> she admitted to gaining some baby weight which her brother chimed in on. >> i've put on quite a few. >> more than a few. >> can you be quiet, randy. >> but she will begin dieting so she can look best for herself and her fans. >> thank you, ms. jackson for getting back on stage. and giving cameron a date night. >> i would be a hero. no, no. great, great. all right. let's get to more news this week. the met gala in new york was spectacular as always. and by the way, j.-rod made their red carpet debut. >> for a night called the oscars of fashion some of the styles were a little insane. ♪ in the spotlight all night ready to go ♪
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>> my first met gala. it might be fun in a couple of hours after maybe a drink. but right now, it's like a shock. ♪ >> michael kors is in the house. >> what is your favorite aspect of the whole ensemble? >> i like the peekaboo lingerie and this custom necklace. >> j. rod did the whole looking into his eyes thing and he was all like oh, yeah, that is my girl. even though j. lo was in the most covered up look we have seen in a long time but it was valentino. >> was she sending messages for the after party. take a look at that coat. that is a heart on her sleeve, on the dress and on that purse. she's in deep. a source says that she and ale
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they never left each other's side all night. could i dos be in their future? marriage isn't on jennifer's radar at the moment. >> ♪ can't keep my hands to myself ♪ ♪ >> but they weren't the only hot couple of the night. john leonard and chrissy teigen who wereed nak in bed two hours before being on the carpet. but the hands down favorite was selena gomez and the weeknd. they managed to avoid his ex. she was wearing the same as selena, and not much else. >> i told my wife five days ago we were coming. she could have killed me. >> katy perry changed from her red veil to leather and vinyl for her performance. what else happe i
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only we can show you that. halle berry and clean deion danced. and rihanna got a little help retying her $1850 red lace up stilettos. kylie jenner took this bathroom selfie and scored a seat next to ryan reynolds and blake lively. >> getting ready for the met gala. >> there is more of her gorgeous ralph lauren trench coat dress on and have you seen these memes? katie's head dress reminded some of a beer helmet. and this is what happened to diddy who laid down on the steps while his girlfriend posed. but the queen of the night was celine who passed on the crown as only celine can.
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>> you look great. >> bye. >> i thought there were so many people who went for it. >> we talk about la la anth. but the dress of the night zendaya. >> i love you picked a guy. >> he was styling. i could never wear that. but he certainly could. straight ahead, our mariah carey exclusive on single life. >> and julianne hough's must haves for her wedding day. what does it take to win "dancing with the stars"? the judges share their secrets. >> that's what gets you the mirror ball. and mark ballas with his i accept i'm not the hiker i was. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter what path i take, i go for my best. so if there's something better
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he has gotten married and landed the lead in a broadway musical "jersey boys." and he is going back on stage playing frankie valle. >> something may not happen as planned but you have to roll with it and enjoy the day. >> walked the aisle to what was meant to be a stringed quartet version of "bohemian rhapsody" but they played the real version. and they're like just go for it. >> when i turned the corner i heard "mama". >> i love that story. >> first dance. >> talk to me about the first dance. what was it? >> "magic" by cold play. >> but we had a twist at the end
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last-minute tango. >> and none of my friends had seen her dance, ever. have there is a move where she flipped around my back and they got a photo from the back. you can see all our friends' faces are like -- it's the best ever. >> the couple is writing new music together for their duo ander jean and their working relationship hasn't spoiled their marriage. >> i love to see that in hollywood. they say they might do a missed honeymoon and celebrate their one-year anniversary in november. this week on dancing we
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a double elimination. it is down to the finale. what do you have to do to take home the mirror ball? >> i never got that far. >> oops. >> i have been talking strategy with the judges because they do know and also the contestants. >> the show is based so heavily on fan votes. >> peta was talking about heather and max but she got the boot too. so strategy number one, know what the judges want. >> they're looking for different things. len is looking for that technique. >> it was madness on the floor. there was no control. >> carrie ann is looking for the lifts. >> no lifts in a ballroom dance. that is the number one concern. >> i knocked a point for the lift but i love you. >> bruno is looking for the personality. >> the tng
1:51 am
stand, people who don't put their passion in motion. go wrong be do it with passion. >> know your partners abilities. >> the choreography was amazing, peta. so good. >> you have a routine and have an idea what you want. but you can't get married to the steps. if that doesn't look good on them you have to find another option. >> then the hard to define quality called chemistry. >> julianne likes the chemistry. >> when you want the viewer votes when you perform is just as important as how you perform. >> do you think the order affects the votes? >> for sure. you want to be closer to the end of the show. >> when it comes to the last dance, the judges scores don't
1:52 am
the one that gets the public. they get on the phone. that's what gets you the mirror ball. >> good points in there. here's another key to surviving on the show, music selection. the producers often pick the songs and the pros have to find a way to make it work. sometimes the pros can request a change. >> i've heard them say it's hard to keep up with the beat. >> t mhatay have been one of those times. >> this is the inside information right here. coming up we are on the set with kevin james and leah rimny. >> betts dance floor ever. >> we are with jewulianne hough and kate upton. and the property brothers bringt. "e."
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welcome back, everybody. "dancing with the stars"'s judge julianne hough is super busy these days. she has that and a dancing tour and a wedding to plan. "e.t." got the latest on the big day. >> three must haves for the wedding. >> best dance floor ever, best music. and lexi and harley have to be a part of it. the dogs doing something. >> and derek will be by her side. she with with him in the northeast for their sold out move beyond live tour. >> we call him grandpa hough. he is so nervous and worried about anything. and i'm like a hurricane. i'm likt'e les go foull out all the time. >> and she is putting her support
1:56 am
help teachers buy school supplies. >> for everybody who does thanks teach. >> i want you to teach us something. "a" is for abs. >> dancing and moving my hips. if i'm moving my hips i'm using all of my stomach. >> "b" is for brook. how did you know this is the relationship for me? >> when you know you know. and i just -- when we saw each other for the first time. i'm like, and we're done. >> and "c," "c" is for celebration. how do you balance all your work with planning one of the biggest celebrations in your life? >> between the tour, planning the wedding, doing "dancing with the stars" on the monday, i like being busy. i feel like the more kind of creative stuff you're doing it breeds more creativity because once you're done, you're done. enjoy it.
1:57 am
but it ain't over until it's over. >> and it's not over any time soon for you. you think there will be sibling rivalry between her and her brother. but she is pumped. she says the show looks awesome. >> i love that derek was sneaking a little bit. >> i know, right. let's talk about these two drew and jonathan scott, otherwise known as the property brothers. they got a lot going on now, a new season of the show and they're planning a wedding. we travelled to texas to hang with hgtv's busiest twins. >> with the wedding coming up i take it you're going to be best man. >> he said he doesn't know. >> maybe it's the older brother. >> hgtv's reported $20 million men are officially off the market. jonathan is dating and drew is engaged. both work
1:58 am
companies. right now they are shooting season five of their competition show brother versus brother. >> we are with the property brothers and jonathan is scouring the beach behind me. let's see what he is up to, shall we? >> head's up! i'm a jerk. sorry. >> that's just a glimpse of what life behind the scenes is like with the 39-year-old twins. they are nonstop cracking jokes. >> this is his strategy. he tries to act all confident. he does this. it's his zoo lander. and he does that all the time. and if i talk like this, everybody will believe me. >> drew put a crocodile in my house loose. >> he is lying. >> it was an alligator. >> it didn't have his mouth taped. it could have bit your hand off. >> but this has to be our favorite. >> drew is always reaching at the ca
1:59 am
>> nobody wants it that way. >> no? >> linda does. >>. ♪ tell me why ain't nothing but a party ♪ >> they got jokes. i see you but so do these two, kevin james and leah rimini. it has been a decade since "king of queens" wrapped. do they still have the same tv magic? only we were there as they reunited on the set of "kevin can wait." >> we're back. >> on "e.t." >> there you go. >> i don't live in the past. i live in the present. i'm presently about to get into this mini bar. >> she's in my life forever. >> in the episode, kevin comes out of retirement to go under cover pretending to be husband and wife. >> your name is vanessa and you are from queens. >>
2:00 am
of the characters. >> yes. >> sometimes i get panicked when i go for a bigger word out of my range. reuniting. >> that was weird. >> the best mail order bride ever. >> they spent nine seasons married together on "the king of queens." on our first set visit before the show even debuted they were completing each other's sentences back then as well. >> right now he's great. >> it's like a new relationship where everything they do -- it's you're so funny. >> you're so great. >> it worked from the beginning. >> i was horrible. i'm not great now. >> you were never horrible. >> why would i say it if it's not true. >> a decade later, they haven't missed a beat. >> you should get a job
2:01 am
>> they are in a two-part episode with more potentially to follow. >> it could be like, get the loud mouth out of there. >> i don't think so. >> you never know. >> when you get it right with tv you get it right. >> the chemistry between those two. >> they're amazing together. whenever kevin catches one of their old episodes he calls up leah to give her some praise. >> i love that. >> on the way. >> amy schumer on the tearful moment she brucintroduced her fr to goldie hawn. and king arthur talks about his beefy movie body. >> this is my natural body style. >> closed captioning provided by --
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resuming her world tour and breaking her silence about her ex. >> yes, i separated from my husband. we are in court and the rest is in god's hands. >> the tour is called "state of the world" and opens in september in louisiana. >> i cannot wait to see you on stage september 7th. >> number four, jimmy kimmel shared the frightening moment after the birth of his son with his audience. >> they did an echo cardio gram and found that billy was born with a heart disease. >> this surgeon at children's hospital los angeles operated on the newborn's blocked valve. >> he opened the valve and the operation was a success. it was the longest three hours of my life. this poor kid. this is what he looked like on monday. but this is what he looked like yesterday. poor kid, not only did he get a bad heart, he got
2:06 am
>> billy will need two followup operations but is expected to lead a healthy and normal life. number three, j.-rod made their red carpet debut at the met gala monday night. inside, she got her groove on while a-rod sat back and took it all in. is american idol making a comeback with ryan seacrest. they are in talks to bring the show back to primetime next year. ryan seacrest is the top contender to host. for 15 seasons on the air, idol shot in l.a. and he just relocated to new york to be kelly ripa's co-host. it's possible to do american idol in new york city. and number one, brad pitt posing for new photos and speak out about his
2:07 am
with angelina jolie. he tells "gq" i just started therapy. i love it. >> he's going through a split but zero finger pointing. it's all about making a better life for their family. >> pitt says he quit smoking pot when he started a family and stopped boozing after the split. he acknowledges his drinking had become a problem saying i could drink a russian under the table with his own vodka. i was a professional. i was good. go to for the latest. and can amy schumer and goldie hawn take the top spot next weekend "snatched". >> but before the screening in new york, amy made a dream come true for her father who is living with ms. she told us about the emotional moment. >> i saw your post
2:08 am
goldie to meet your dad. >> who are you about to meet? >> goldie. >> yeah. my dad, he just loved her forever and you know, he's not doing great and in the assisted living place he lives, he has her picture. our family loves goldie. he's been looking forward to meeting her for such a long time. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. i'm emotional too. >> play it cool, dad. >> that seemed like an amazing special moment. >> it was special for me. it's not just a fan thing. it was so deep and pure. and i don't know. i felt very close to him. i got emotional too. it's like crazy. >> it was a beautiful moment. i'm glad you guys captured it. another beautiful moment coming up, you are going to share a double hollywood
2:09 am
ceremony. how special is that? >> we never got married. so this is an interesting little ceremony. it's like, is this really happening? we're having our stars together and it's kind of a celebration of the two of us, right. it's not a marriage. >>s thiis a ceremony. >> yeah, it's kind of a ceremony. >> i love that. >> how cute are goldie and kurt? >> i love those two. >> we saw that as they each got their own star. how beautiful was that moment, too. a beautiful family. >> absolutely. >> let's now talk about this beautiful movie star. charlie -- >> stretch it out. >> i'm going the make this one count. he packed on 20 pounds of muscle to play king arthur. i'm not complaining. not at all. we found out how tough it was for charlie to transform.
2:10 am
looking at charlie's chiselled abs it's hard to believe that guy richie didn't want him. >> i lost weight for the last season of sons. and i showed up skinny and he wanted someone physically imposing if for role. >> charlie was up against well known actors. so to convince guy he threw down a challenge. >> i said just bring them all in here and we'll fight. whoever walks out of the room gets the role. i saw a twinkle in his eye and he said all right. >> how intense was the training and what was the hard "est part? >> maintaining the diet. this is my natural body size. >> one person not impress where had the muscles, his girlfriend of 11 years. >> she thinks it's a bit silly. she
2:11 am
small. >> i'm looking skinny. >> exactly. i think she likes it in that regards. but we've been together so long. it's like put your muscles away and come to bed. >> i like that he has a girlfriend but i don't like he has a girlfriend. >> he is grounded. up next, everybody. >> from the ages of 21 to 24. >> confessions from an empire star. plus our alnew exclusive with mariah carey and
2:12 am
2:13 am
2:14 am
you don't know what i've been through. i ain't never had no boyfriend. >> gabby sidibe got an oscar nomination for "precious." before all that she was a phone sex operator. >> i did not know that. and i'm telling you right now, there's so many jobs i could have guessed but that is not one of them. >> but our senior news editor got gabby to show off her gift of gab live and in person. >> not many people knew you were a phone sex operator. >> from the ages of 21 to 24. my phone sex voice is around here. this is
2:15 am
there's barely legal or like college girl and she is a little bit up here. she's a little bit young. and then there is dominant girl who yells at you. it's improv. i was actually doing that not nowing it was preparing me for -- that was my acting school. >> a basket please. >> fries? >> i don't know yet. still thinking about it. trying to watch my figure. >> the oscar nominee is candid in her book, this is just my face try not to stare. from losing her virginity at the age of 20 to weight loss surgery last year. >> are you happy that something you did in your life? >> i am happy. no regrets. >> not yet. and i'm also really glad about the way i did it. i
2:16 am
the thing about my body is that it's mine. the only opinion that mattered was mine. i don't tell people when i'm changing my hair either. i just do it. >> she just directed her first short film. but fame is something she is still getting used to. >> you go to the store and you are in a dress from the mall in shoes from payless thinking how did i get here, do you think you are meant to be where you are? >> i think so. i just want to say that this is who i am. and that i'm working on myself. >> gabby, i root for you so, so hard. love that girl. she just turned 34 this weekend. we got to shout a big happy birthday to you. still to come, our mariah carey exclusive. only we're getting the real story. en
2:17 am
in spain to find the perfect wedding gown. >> maybe multiple dresses. plus is this bachelor couple saying i do. >> first comes marriage, then comes a bachelorette baby boom. inside the photo shoot with six bachelorettes and their babies. this weekend in the birthdays, which actor unsuccessfully interviewed for introducing listerine® zero alcohol™. it delivers a whole mouth clean with a less intense taste. so it has the bad breath germ-killing power of this... [rock music] with the lighter feel... of this. [classical music] for a whole mouth clean with a less intense taste... ahhh. try listerine® zero alcohol™.
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amope. love every step.
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what do you think about -- >> giving the fans some time but would you except anything less? >> that is mimi in that car. >> in her convertible rolls royce looking stylish at her party celebrating her new record label. >> we talked about her upcoming tour to her newly single life and is she getting back with her ex, nick cannon. >> nick is going to be here tonight. he is supporting you. why don't you jus get back together? >> i don't know, come on, kevin. >> look in the camera right now. >> we're together when it counts. we're together for kids. ♪ >>
2:21 am
i adore her. that's always going to be my dream girl but it's i think it's just as mature adults we just operate better the way things are right now. >> this photo of the family in bed together, nick asleep started the talk that they could rekindle things nearly three years after their split. but trust me it's all about co-parenting right now. do other men have a problem with nick and your relationship? how should i know what these people think? >> we're friends. and beyond friends we're family. we put the kids first. >> i'm so excited. i'm so happy. >> kids first but does that mean dropping a fortune on the twins' disneyland birthday party. >> we can't believe everything we read. >> one moment you're looking like a mom and t
2:22 am
looking like this. >> i was just hanging with the kids. >> mamas can look good. >> we love mamas all over the world. we revere and respect. >> the kids, it's time for school. will you go to the pta meetings? are you ready for that? >> i'm the queen of the pta. >> make that working mama slash queen of the pta. at the launch party for mimi's mca records she tells me new music is coming soon. give me a little take. >> there's nobody like you. i can't -- you like -- you rule interviews better than me. i can't turn it around with you. i love you, you love me. >> 100%. you know that. >> gave kevin the heisman. he got nothing. the all the hits tour k
2:23 am
check out molly sullivan manno. she became a "people" magazine cover girl at 9 months old. six of the bachelorettes had little ones in the same year. >> the this is the most epic play date ever. six bachelorettes and six babies under nine months old. a photo shoot and girl talk. >> we used to stay out late and now we walk in with bags under our eyes. who wants to get together for a drink and everyone is like sure at 5:00 p.m. i have to be in bed by 7:00. two years ago we'd be like who has the booze? >> desiree and chris are happily married. they welcomed baby arbor in
2:24 am
host and is engaged. and deanna is now a mom of two confessed she is sleep deprived. >> i was asleep before 9:01. and baby girl essex made them a family of four. i worry about gibson's safety sometimes around jennings. he loves to kiss him but it's more like a headbutt. >> all the moms love posting pics of the families but the mom shaming is hard. >> we were in hawaii. i didn't put sunscreen on them. >> how do they know? >> the car seat. >> the car seat strap. >> i lowered them to take the picture. i need to say i lowered them. you know what, somebody says
2:25 am
whatever. about my husband, fine. the minute you talk about my kid -- >> yeah, that's how it is. >> that's right. you don't mess with mama's baby. >> i'm telling you. >> so let's talk about a bachelor star, ben higgins. >> it has been a year since he proposed and there have been rumors of a rift if their relationship. what is going on with the wedding planning? we just asked. >> we get it. people are interested in when we're getting married. excited for that day. but we don't know. >> we don't know. >> our life is crazy. we're having a blast being engaged. >> while the couple is not ready to say i do, they got inspiration hosting disney's fairy tale wedding special. >> i thought i wanted a small wedding and i see this wedding pavilion with the
2:26 am
married here. ♪ >> we were behind the scenes as pe pentatonix was singing. it took four months and 500 people to plan. >> the first wedding was a rush over to the courthouse and we got called to serve her country in iraq. and eric is back and wants to give his bride a special wedding. >> a once in a lifetime experience. >> the finale? a giant water works display in front of the ferris wheel. but the favorite part? >> the cake. my goal is to make sure we have a good cake. the icing is really smooth. >> so ben's
2:27 am
i expect a very large cake. and expect a big presence from bachelor nation. >> rise up. >> sports illustrated model kate upton is getting ready to say yes to a dress. and we were checking out gowns with the bride to be in barcelona. >> this is incredible to have that train. >> it's the kind that people will step on. >> first up on kate's wedding gown tour, the bridal show where the dresses take up to 200 hours a piece to create and range from 1500 dollars to over $10,000. >> i like it all. so maybe multiple dresses. >> more conservative or more sexy? >> i think that i always like to add a little flair of sexuality to any outfit i'm wearing. >> remembering the
2:28 am
grandpas are in the audience. >> but my grand parents get sports illustrated. they've seen it. >> pretty sure any of these gowns will amazing with the $1.5 million engagement ring. her fiance is justin verlander. she is not shy about sharing stuff like this. >> so you know this wedding is going to be one big bash. >> definitely going to be -- >> i think when a girl before she gets married there is crazy beauty trends. >> i feel like before my wedding i will definitely amp up the facials and oxygen masks and working out, for sure. can you imagine if i was like -- >> get your life and get your treatments. >> absolutely. >> she told us that justin is a traditional type of guy. he did ask for her
2:29 am
permission even though he was
2:30 am
2:31 am
travel consideration provided by -- look at all those stars with
2:32 am
birthdays the weekend. dancing's tom bergeron is 62. roma downey is 57. but now look at your choices which actor unsuccessfully auditioned for the brad pitt role in thelma and louise? that is george clooney. he is 56 this weekend. he is buddies with brad hit. happy birtds day. mark wahlberg, amy schumer, vin diesel, we're partying with the stars at the mtv movie awards. we're almost out of time but for our breaking news, check out >> check out this music video. >> you may know she is a recording artist and this is one of the 20 most popular songs in pop radio ahead of his a
2:33 am
release. >> it's a banger. it is. enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye-bye. ♪ ♪
2:34 am
2:35 am
president trump's weekend get aways are costing the u.s. taxpayer millions of dollars. the airport says it costs $1.2 million to fly him to his winter home at mar-a-lago. that's just for two of the several trips he's made so far. this weekend it was at one of the golf courses in new jersey. margaret brennan reports. >> we're a small town with a small budget. >> reporter: the mayor serves a town. >> he's been a good member of the community and the second highest property taxpayer in the troun. >> since the election the government visits are -- he said this saves the country money. the new jersey golf club is cheaper to secure than


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