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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 9, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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tonight -- >> so, this was news to me. >> ryan's "american idol" return? >> are you goingo host it? >> and who is in the running to be a judge? >> she said she's going to audition to do something. >> then, where angelina was knife shopping with her kids. inside mommy's day out. did she really just buy a mansion in brad's neighborhood? and new details about how brad got sober.
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plus -- >> how are you feeling, abby? >> abby lee miller back in court. the latest on the dance mom's star's sentencing for bankruptcy fraud. and maks and peta's first date night after baby. >> amazing. >> the last minute emergency that almost kept them home. >> i'm just happy i'm here right now. >> now, for may 8th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." just days after brad's tell-all, why did angelina take the kids out in public? we have the details in a minute. >> but first, a deal may be in place for "american idol" to come back, but what about ryan seacrest? will he return as host, and how would that work with his new job on "live with kelly ripa?" well, kelly and ryan addressed the rumors this morning. >> so, this has been in the press. and i'm hoping this is true. that abc gets close to a deal for "american idol" to return. okay. ar
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please tell me yes. >> whatever you want. >> yes, okay, yes. >> you're my work wife. i say yes and bow to you. no, no, i don't know about that part yet. we haven't gotten that far. >> you can do this. >> you know the preparation i have to do for this show every night. >> you can disconnect for that. i promise on the days where it's, like, the day after, i will totally -- you won't even have to think. i'll do it all for you. >> kelly practically begged ryan to return to "idol." this morning, seacrest kicked off the second week of his new job. "e.t." has learned idol could relocate to accommodate ryan's busy schedule. ryan's mom was asked about it at l.a.x. >> would it be too much to go forth from l.a. to new york or should "idol" been don here? >> we don't have a clue but you know he is super man.
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details on his radio show. >> it looks like it might come back in a year or so on abc, which would be so fun. >> and how does this sound? judge kelly clarkson. ♪ since you been gone >> michael orland told "e.t." he thinks kelly and other alums like adam lambert would make great judges on a new "american idol." ♪ since you been gone >> that would be fun to see the former contestants as judges. >> i'm happy the show is coming back. ryan's busy. kelly and ryan announced that they're taking their show on the road. they'll be in niagara falls starting monday, june 5th. angelina jolie took two of her kids on a road trip this weekend, and they hit a huge festival in southern california. shades on, big smile on her face, those black leather pants and boots totally remind us of kick butt "tomb raider" angie. but our favorite, that giant $12 turkey leg angelina was seen eating. saturday was mom's day out,
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the star was accompanied by two body guards as she took shilo and knox for a two-hour visit or the renaissance fair. an eye witness tells us angelina and the kids spent some time in a knife shop, looking at knives. now, here's major proof that brangelina is putting family first. today, we have learned angelina dropped around $25 million and is currently in escrow on this mansion, located less than two miles from brad's home. a source items us that angelina wants the six kids to be closer to brad, and they can see both parents easily. the 2.1-acre home has six bedrooms and ten bathrooms. a pool. and a guest house. as for brad's new life sober, well, after his tell-all "gq" interview, we're learning new details on how the 53-year-old quit alcohol. a source said, quote, he went through counseling, not rehab.
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a second source adds he attended meetings at a discreet place in l.a. and the whole family is in a better place. well, the family will be pulled further apart, because angelina is set to teach a masters course at the london school of economics as a visiting professor. >> i don't want to be challenged. >> right. >> i am the best thing for her. >> that is the abby lee miller that millions of americans got to know on the show "dance moms." today, it was a much more subdued abby, who appealed in federal court for sentencing. >> how you feeling, abby? >> nervous. >> arriving with her attorney, abby lee kept a composed smile on her face as she entered a pittsburgh courthouse. >> do you have any words to say? to your fans? >> pray. >> the star facing 2 1/2 years behind bars after pleading tyguil to fraud charges last june. prosecutors claim she hid $775,000 in income. after filing for bankruptcy. in an emotional "e.t." interview back in march, she confessed
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scared her. >> what do you fear most about being sentenced on fraud charges? >> i just don't want to fight anymore. i don't want to do it. >> are you prepared to spend time in prison? >> no, no. >> if abby lee goes to prison, one of her concerns will be whether the prison food fits her restricted diet. just 17 days ago, we were with abby as she had gastric sleeve surgery. she broke down just before the surgery. >> i'm an only child. >> i'm not married. i don't have any kids. there's nobody freaking out if something happens to me. >> abby lee is hoping for leniency. >> is this a fair punishment if you do have to spend time in prison? >> like i teach my kids, life is not fair. >> no, it is not. and meanwhile, we have more legal news. charges have officially been filed against former "dancing with the stars" stars contestant and bachelor chris soules. authorities have charged him with leaving the scene of a fatal accident. that is a class v felony in iowa.
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the latest developments in the soules saga. >> that's kind of a surreal thing right now, and i think it's best for everyone to just kind of, you know, just pray for the people involved. >> no doubt about that. also at the same event at nick, we talked to peta and maks, because they hit the red carpet for the first time as parents after dealing with a wardrobe malfunction before they left the house. they give us the details, stuff by sh.titc >> so looking forward to tonight. and then the worst thing happened. my dress broke. my whole zipper, as maks was doing me up, just went -- and so, he actually sewed me into this tonight. look at where it broke. >> you know how to sew? >> and cook and clean. >> with our partners back in the mpetition days, we all had to know how to sew, so yeah. >> the parents to 4-month-old shai reunited with some of their dancing co-stars, but maks admitted, it wasn't easy to leave the litt o
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>> i didn't want to leave him. >> i know he looked so cute. >> i was like i miss him. for two hours -- but now i get it. >> i love hearing him say he was sad to go. how much has he changed since becoming a dad? >> i don't think you can stay the same person. there's nothing more beautiful than seeing your man fall in love with your child every day. it's the best. >> it's amazing. he's a little person now. he's just really fun, seeing him become a person with their own character. >> refreshing to see maks gush. >> from bad boy to proud papa. >> we like it. >> you are here with more dancing on the way. >> i visited normani in rehearsal. she's so banged up. i wonder if she's going to be for not one but two dances tonight. i'll have that later on in the show. >> i'm happy you're all right, after dodging hail last night at the mtv movie awards. >>
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i had never seen anything like it. before the deluge i talked to billy ray cyrus about his daughter's big debut last night, and just what are we supposed to call him now? you just changed the cyrus, right? >> i haven't changed. i'm still bill ray cyrus. you can call me billy ray, billy ray cyrus. >> let's just call him proud. bet you didn't see 17-year-old daughter noah being soaked from the rain to showered with praise. check out her dad's standing o. >> and the winner is -- >> millie bobby brown. >> and we caught this, as zac efron and his "baywatch" costar alexandra daddario presented millie bobby brown with her best actor award. >> hugh jackman. >> and this had his melting. after hugh hugged his "logan"
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costar we saw crissy metz grab her on screen dad walk offhand in hand. an when hugh jackman's co-star, tv son lonnie chavis won, that was his real life mom videotaping the whole thing. and she's taught him well. >> be responsible and don't be disrespectful to my parents. >> i love you already. if you want, you can come stay at my house. i have a pool and an extra room. >> mom! can i stay at her house? >> a pool? i'm in. >> that was real. >> i know. >> he's ready to go. >> lonnie, i got you. now, we have a major award show. celine dion is going to perform at the 2017 billboard music awards. she's going to honor the 20th anniversary of "titanic" and she will be singing "my heart will go on." >> i can't believe it's been 20 years. >> get ready, everybody. the event airs may 21st on abc. ♪ near, far >> you've gone too far. back to ll
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up next, the cast opens up about the second darker season. >> very emotional. >>n the-- >> everybody is coming back. >> what you didn't know about the l "wilgrand ace" return. >> plus -- >> will you marry me? i haveer nev been more nervous for anything in my entire life. >> john cena, a groom-zilla? new wedding details, from the first kiss to the first dance. >> that's kind of our song.
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give the world what we want. >> right? >> why are we waiting? >> earlier, we showed you millie bobby brown winning big at the mvt movie awards. tonight, the cast is giving up clues to "stranger things 2." >> it's a little darker. we dig into the lives of the characters and it's very emotional. ♪ >> that's one clue to season two. the show comes back on netflix in the fall, but at an event, to meet emmy voter s the stars were being tight lipped and not giving up any spoilers. >> like last year was, you know, we had the missing kid, this year is, like -- i can't even say anything, i'm not even going to go there. >> you're not getting anything out of us. sorry, guys. >> 86-year-old clint eastwood was out, making a rare red carpet appearance, posing with some of his family to support daughter allison's art for animal fund-raiser. the event benefited the east wood ranch
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>> i love her. she's doing good charitable work. it's fantastic. >> clint had his eye on this sculpture. >> i was looking at that owl there, i'd love that. >> and in new york, debra messing glittered in a christian soriano jumpsuit at the glaad media awards. she shared news about the "will and grace" 12-episode comeback on nbc this fall. >> the thing that's most exciting is that everybody is coming back. i mean, the whole cast. the whole crew. i mean, it's just a testament to how close a family we were. >> debra was honored with the excellence in media award and as far as "will and grace" scripts goes, the cast has yet to see one. >> no, nothing. nothing, not until july. >> still ahead -- >> the best night i've ever had. >> betty white's new suitor at 95. why she's bossing around a hollywood legend. >> over here, bernie. >> plus, john cena on his upcoming wedding. >> when they say, you can now kiss the bride? >> i go for it. >> and -- >> how is your back? da>> "ncing's" normani after her injury. why val's adding another hunk to
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ideal southern gentleman? okay. >> ouch. that's got to hurt. but i feel you, girl. normani throwing some shade at her two dancing partners tonight. val and alan. but before we get into how that trio's going to work out, i asked if she's even healthy enough to dance. okay, how's your back? >> it's getting better, honestly, yeah, i can get up out of bed now. my mom has to help me. >> oh, no. >> but yeah, my medicine is really kicking in and i'm killing it. >> she doesn't know where she is, but she's feeling better. >> normani may be on the mend from a back and hip strain, but tonight, she'll have to pull double duty, performing two full-length dances. >> have you have to modify anything you do choreography-wise? because of her injury, do anything different? >> very little. last week, just because i'm super stubborn, she's really stubborn, and that always kind of lingers on the line of stupidity, a little bi
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week. >> we were there as val and normani practiced their first number of the night, a contemporary routine. later, our favorite fill-in pro, alan bersten, will join them for a trio dance. >> is the saying true, two's company, there's a crowd, because now you got alan. >> right. oh. >> no, not -- >> i know, but i'm saying -- >> no, it's good. >> if she loves him -- >> she loves a lot of people. it's amazing. the three of us have great chemistry. and it's going to be a great number. really fun. and i, you know, you're welcome, alan, for the spotlight. pen ji enjoy it. >> you heard that, right? normani loves a lot of people. okay. john cena only has eyes for one woman. his fiance, nikki bella. the man's a beast in the wrestling ring, but when it comes to beauty, he's only thinking about the big day. when they say, you can now kiss the bride -- you go for it, or is it a modest kiss? >> no, i go for it. i am not a
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>> so, full-on pdas like at the mtv movie and tv awards last night? this pro wrestler is all in. but proposing to his girlfriend nikki bella last month? well, that was a little harder to do. >> i have never been more nervous for anything in my entire life. will you marry me? the greatest moment of my life, something i'll never forget. john's latest challenge, his movie "the wall" is about two american soldiers pinned down by an iraqi sniper. >> i'll strike you down! >> you guys shot in the desert. seems very intense. >> it was in the desert. i'll give you the cliff notes. it was hot. it was hot. sand everywhere. >> but back to that wedding. john says, nikki's the boss when it comes to planning. he just has one special request. >> i hope we dance to "at last" because that's kind of our song and i just -- keep a nice two-step and put my hand on her hip. >> do you throw the garter belt?
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do you bunk tradition and not do it? >> if i'm wearing a garter belt something is rotten in denmark. >> you take it from her! >> oh, okay, all right. >> but that could be bucking tradition and you have wear it. >> let's do it. >> i just feel sorry for that garter belt. as big as his thighs are? man. >> i'm not a big fan. last time that guy was here, he almost choked me to death. >> thanks, john. >> oh, you're fun. if you were a fun of "lost", tonight's episode of "scorpion" is right up your alley. a plane crash strands the team on a deserted island. only we were behind the scenes for the gang that normally travels the world helping people were the ones at need of help. >> we're dropping fast. >> there's nothing team scorpion hasn't been through. now, we can add plane crash to that. >> my god. iter's vy dire. we end up stranded on this beautiful deserted island. >> we don't find a fresh water source, we'll be dead in three days. >> which leads us to ask
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would these actors survive on that other cbs show? >> i can eat anything, so, i would been the cannibal of the group. >> i would just say, you can eat me. take me now. >> i do know that i never quit. >> smuggling in contraband. when i was 15, i went to fat camp and i brought a bunch of stuff i wasn't supposed to. >> quiet please. here we go. >> the story has them crashing on the way to fiji, but the shoot is pretty close to home, in malibu. >> cock pit got ripped off clean in the crash. >> once you know the spot, you see it pop up in a lot of movies. >> this same beach was used for a rescue scene in "scorpion's" first season. >>'m home. >> it's been fantastic with the wildlife. we've seen whales, sea lions. it's been really great. >> oh, my god. >> but they did more than just admire the wildlife. production called in animal rescue when they spotted seals in distress. >> nice. >> that'
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tomorrow, we are headed to the lone star state with mom jessica simpson a for major exclusive. >> hey," e.t." it's jessica simpson. >> we hit the road with jessica to see her 5-year-old daughter walk her first runway. >> all my fami hly'sere. my daughter is going to be in a runway show. like, what? >> catch up on new music. >> i am in the studio. >> and her fashion empire. >> what's the secret to feeling great about your body? >> sex. >> tomorrow on "e.t." >> that's why we love her. >> she never holds back. >> but there is still more ahead. >> yeah, is betty white too much for carl reiner to handle? a sneak peek at their tv return when we come back.
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travel consideration provided by -- what an amazing night we're going to have tonight. a very rare thing, because we're going to get to see two hollywood legends onscreen together. carl reiner and betty white guest star on "young and hungry." >> they are both still going strong at 95 years young. i want you to look at what they told me about working together. >> it's a labor of love, because i've loved this girl since i first saw her on "the betty white show" how many years ago? >> 75. >> who isn't in love with betty white, right? >> everybody loves betty. everybody loves carl. and they play former lovers from back in the day, who reunite in las vegas. anything can happen in las vegas.
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>> bernie? >> bernice! you look fantastic! >> oh, i'm not bernice. >> over here, bernie. >> oh, thank goodness. i never could have handled that. >> you do not want to miss the rest. >> bye, everybody.
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attracting ev-5 investment is routine, but these days, there is nothing routine about the kushner name or the closeness to the white house. >> we're back in just a moment.


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