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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 12, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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. tonight >> this is crazy. >> steve harvey's leaked memo mess. the harsh letter to his staff, telling them to stay away. everyone's talking about it, but only "e.t." is talking to steve today. why he's not apologizing. >> i'm in my makeup chair, they walk in the room, i'm having lunch, they walk in. i'm getting ambushed by people. >> then -- >> i havpu
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>> janet jackson's new focus on fitness. exclusive details about her extreme weight loss plan. >> plus kelly clarkson's idol show shop. why she decided to join the voice instead. then only "e.t." is invited to china to chat with the stars of pi rats of the caribbean dead men tell no tales. . >> now, for may 11th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> steve harvey lays down the law in a blistering memo that's just been leaked, telling his staff at times not to approach him or even speak to him. >> the memo lit up social media and a lot of people jumped to the conclusion that steve was on some kind of power trip. so, what was realliny gog through his mind? i found out when i talked to steve exclusively by phone today. so, steve, what happened with the memo? >> i wrote it because i was trying to find out ways that i could just
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time for me. i'm a 60-year-old man and i could not find a way to walk from the stage to my dressing room to sit in my makeup chair, to walk to my dressing room to the stage or to just sit and have lunch without somebody walking in. >> steve harvey spoke to us exclusively this morning from chicago, where his talk show is wrapping up its last day of production before it's move to l.a. in a startling memo to staffers that just leaked, harvey wrote, quote, "there will be no meetings in my dressing room, no stopping by or popping in, no one. do not come to my dressing room unless invited. do not open my dressing room door." it goes on. "if you open my door, expect to be removed. my security team will stop everyone from standing at my door who have the intent to see or speak to me." steve told me he sent the memo because some staffers were taking advantage of his open door policy. >> i'm in the hallway, i'm getting ambushed by people. with friends that come to the show and having me sign this and
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i just said, wait a minute. >> so, who leaked the memo? well, steve has some suspicions. >> you know, it's the end of the season, everybody knows the show is moving to los angeles. a couple of people are not happy with that, they're disgruntled, so, why would you wait until the end of the season to report something that i gave you back in august? and it was just simply asking everybody to honor and respect that. look, man. anybody -- if you come out your house, you don't want nobody on your porch waiting on you. you walk to your car, you don't want people bothering you on the way to your car. everybody wants the freedom to be able to move around. i just didn't want to be in this prison anymore why i had to say in this one little room, scared to go out and take a breath of fresh air without somebody approaching me. so, i wrote the letter, man, i don't apologize about the letter, but kind of crazy what people who took this thing and ran with it, but i appreciate you asking me. >> i experience with steve is
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this is also a gd reminder everyone should take a pause and maybe a walk before you send an e-mail. >> all right, let's go from a busy fella to a very busy lady. somebody going back to work, janet jackson on tour. in fact, she just gave birth to a baby a little more than four months ago. >> you better believe miss jackson will be ready when it's time to hit the stage. we have new exclusive details on now janet is gngetti b herody back. ♪ this is a story about control, my control ♪ >> i have put on quite a few since i had the baby. can you please be quiet, randy? nobody's talking to you. ♪ i'm going to be the one to take control ♪ >> 17 weeks, ts hat'lohow heng t soon to be 51-year-old has until her first concert. so, how does she plan to lose the baby weight? we're told janet is juicing right now. she's eating a little
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just lean proteins and vegetables. she is also going to be working with a trainer. but as janet prepped for her last t sour,he gave me this confession. >> i hate working out, period. >> do you? >> yeah. >> to get back to this, janet also plans to do the master cleanse, you know, that diet where you drink nothing but a lemon, honey, maple syrup and cayenne pepper mixture sure for ten days. hey, it worked for beyonce, who lost 20 pounds in two weeks, but gwyneth paltrow admitted the cleanse left me hallucinating. be warned, janet. we all know miss jackson loves covering up her body, but she's already looking great. here she is, one month after giving birth. three months later, look at her, just last friday. we're also told janet is definitely looking forward to mother's day. shs ecstatic about being a mother. that little guy has changed the cus of her life. >> he's so beautiful. so sweet, so loving, such a happy baby. >> more music
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kelly will be a coach on the next seen. >> now we are taking you all the way across the globe to china. that is where captain jack sparrow con kerred the red airport. everybody wanted to be there but carly steel got the inside because "e.t." was the only u.s. show at the epic launch of johnny's new adventure. captain jack sparrow is back and we flew halfway around the world to assange high disney. >> things are going to ged weird. disney we love it. who doesn't love disney. >> playing orlando's son is handsome 27 year old bring tan
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it's great. they seem more spited than i was when i got the role. >> another pirate and his wife penelope cruz was in the last one. >> any advice on working with johnny. >> it's very simple. have fun. it was watch him how he became sparrow. >> i'm sorry were you still talking. >> what advice would you give to your younger self. >> moisture rise more. >> does your son know you're a pirate. >> he's like do you really hold your breath that long. it's cute. >> how would these actors do on the deck of a pirate ship. we took the stars to the
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scallywag. >> miscreant. >> rascal? >> burnt piece of toast? >> no. >> poop deck. >> that is the aft of the ship. >> the back of the boat. >> oh, he's good. >> coxswain. >> one of the crew. >> the captain of the ship. >> the helmsman, yes, the person that steers. let me give you a clue. kim kardashian. >> a hair of high heels. >> no. >> buttox. >> from shanghai, we're heading to london for the premiere of "king arthur." it was all about father son bonding. director guy ritchie was joined by son rocco, while david beckham brought along brooklyn, and i won't be surprised if we see more of david on the big screen. >> i enjoyed it. where do you want me? bouncing on my knee. where do you think i want you. >> the former soccer star looks almost unrecognizable with prosthetic scars and fake teeth in the medieval tale. it's becks second feature film, but the first with a speaking part. >> he's a very good actor. he's a natural performer. and i used him in "man from u.n.c.l.e." and just the next
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step on the evolutionary ladder was to have him have a speaking part. >> david's role only took a day to shoot, but he left a lasting impression on costar charlie hunnam. >> i saw in that one day of work why he's the superstar that he is. just stood in line with me at lunch and had people falling over themselves to serve him lunch. he said, no, i'll hang with my pal charlie. just regular, humble chap. >> listen, you get david beckham >> cameron, you were hanging out with the stars of "snatched." >> i feel like i've beenh wit them since they started doing press for this movie. but last night, goldie's daughter, kate, stole the spotlight. kate, you just debuted danny on the red carpet. >> yeah, he's a great guy. >> danny fujikawa, an l.a.-based musician, most comfortable on the carpet, not so much on his girlfriend's snap chat.
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nice talk. how does kate's pop feel about the new man? do you approve? >> he's a nice guy. >> kate brings good guys. >> it was family night for amy, who brought her siblings, but why did schumer only pose with sister kim? >> my brother's here. he's very uncomfortable. my boob comes out in this movie and he was, like, gagging. we haven't made eye contact since. it's very uncomfortable. >> well, no judgment here, but what was up with her sister showdown this week on judge judy's set? >> she kind of agreed to have lunch with us, so, we got to watch a bunch of cases, and sit in the room, so, i'm going to be in -- a background actor in a lot of this season of judge judy. i got it. my but ket list is done. what's left? >> amy told me that her other bucket list show is "family feud," she's going to be on this season, too. >> good for her. all right, up next, the gosselin sextuplets turn 13. >> eight teenagers, the year i've been dreading. >>
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>> then -- >> dig in, find something. >> we have a sneak peek at tonight's "scandal." >> and i'm on the set of "daddy's home 2." will ferrell and mark wahlberg are back. what in the world is mel gibson doing there? >> the man is an insufferable diva. z2ay2z z16fz y2ay2y y16fy there goes my sensitive bladder. sound familiar?
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what are these? >> petitions for a presidential pardon. the white house wants to execute a high profile pardon, something clean with little blow back. >> that is a sneak peek at tonight's episode of "scandal" on abc. here's the deal. the word is out. next season will be the show's last, and the internet and fans of the show are losing their minds.
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you don't want to make the gladiators mad, do you? can you believe it's been 11 years since we first met the gosselin sextuplets? it's true. now they are celebrating becoming teens. >> eight teenagers. the year i've been dreading. um -- well, since they were all born. >> just like every other parent does. kate marked the milestone birthday on wednesday with this sweet instagram post, saying, "i love you guys. i got six times what i planned on, but i'd never ever go back." she spent the day with the kids and shared a pick of homemade birthday treats. we hear four of the kids, hannah, leah, joel and aaden celebrated with jon the night before. with a family barbecue and kate in the backyard. since their divorce, jon only gets a few of the kids at a time. >> i don't know who i'm going to get. i know in my heart i'll get the four that i mentioned, hannah, leah, joel and aaden, but i really don't know at any given time who i'm going to get. >> so, what is jon's relationship with the kids these days? >> i hope i can talk to them and ve
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future, but i -- there's a lot of stuff that has to go on before that happens. ♪ happy birthday >> the now teenagers have been on tv since they were infants. today, the sextuplets are still living in pennsylvania, and from the looks of it, they really love their dogs. still ahead, in 'm othe set of "daddy's home 2." will ferrell versus mark wahlberg versus his new movie dad mel gibson. >> i had to work out to keep up with this guy. >> then, sharon stone on her single mom struggles. >> not a lot of men think, gee, i'd love to date her and be the baby daddy of three kids. >> and ashley graham's shocking relationship confession. >> love is crazy, love is amazing. love is a butcher knife. closed captioning provided by --
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remember, one down, four up. >> everyone knows, it's one down, four -- watch out! >> "daddy's home" was a box office hit, raking in nearly a quarter of a billion dollars at the box office. so, how do you top that in a sequel? well, you double down on the dads, adding mel gibson and john lithgow. i made t
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boston to see how all the dads are getting along. what is it like working with mel? >> pretty damn cool. >> tell him, tell him. you've been astounded. >> difficult getting him to play my dad, because he's actually two years younger than me. >> he's kidding. mark's 45, mel's 61, and in real life, gibson is father to nine kids, including a newborn. how is that? >> it's fantastic. >> it is always such a joy, the little ones, you know? it's like being young again yourself. you get to see everything through their eyes. >> i'm going to start talking about what i was going through with my 13-year-old teenage daughter. >> dad, i want to hear you rap. right now. >> no. i'm a 45-year-old father and i got a rap and if you keep misbehaving i'm going to give your behind a slap. he was very helpful in giving me advice in how to deal with the teenagers. >> yeah right i've got a bunch of them. >> oh, but how does this dad measure up to this dad on set? >> i had to work out to just keep up with this guy. >> how much fun is it working with mel?
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>> it's impossible. the man is an insufferable diva. he has no sense of humor. you know, they talk about dead pan comedians, he's like a dead comedian. >> will ferrell brought big laughs to the first film. in the sequel, john lithgow plays his dad. will may be getting too much into his character. >> there's strict rules about his schedule. we have to -- and he has to go to school once every two hours. >> i just started solid foods, so -- >> how is that working for you? >> it's a transition. >> but he's still -- >> by the way, that's interesting for a man about to turn 50 in july. will told me that he will most likely celebrate that big milestone with a family vacation in europe. >> ferrells on a european vacation. there's a movie in there somewhere, right? >> that would be great. >> all right, enough daddy talk. mother's day is just three days away. for sharon stone, every mother's day is extra special, because of the struggles she ce
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>> i adopted my kids when i -- started at about 41. i have three little kids. >> 59-year-old star says motherhood is her greatest joy in life. the mom to three boys had infertility issues when she was younger and turned to adoption to fulfill her dream of having a family. >> i think my struggle to become a mother was something i didn't talk about until recently. but i think that people understand the struggle that i've had being an adoptive mother. i think it was so public and weird and i think it's just so exciting for everyone to get to see my boys having such a good time. >> she's been raising her kids as a single mom, and has not really been looking for love. >> there's not a lot of men that think, gee, i'd like to date her and be the baby daddy of three little kids. so, it kind of took me out of the dating sphere. i'm okay with that, but it's much more interesting to me to have a real and true love with
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my friends and family than a pretend relationship with a man that doesn't have what it takes to step up. >> sharon was honored as mother of the year at the associate for breast and prostate cancer studies mother's day luncheon. she says despite living in hollywood, her family of four is actually quite normal. >> we have all of the regular upsies, downsies of every family, and i'm a single mom raising three boys that the grace of god brought to me, and it's very interesting and beautiful. >> that's right. you don't have to give birth to be a great momma. >> no doubt about that. all right, from one beauty to another. ashley graham is a groundbreaking model, who has really changed the industry. >> absolutely. >> but she opened up to our senior news editor about a serious struggle she faced off the runway. ashley says she was abused by an ex-boyfriend. >> he hit you and chased you around with a knife. >> yeah, in the moment, i didn't see it. in the men
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this is just what love is. love is crazy. love is amazing. love is a butcher knife and it's like, okay, as funny as it might sound now, it was really crazy, looking back on it. i should have ran, and i didn't, because i was insecure. >> ashley admits low self-esteem kept her in that abusive relationship when she was younger. her curves made her famous, but says it took a long time for her to really appreciate her body. >> weight watchers, cabbage soup diet, no carbs -- you're not thinking like that in high school. all your friends are eating whatever they want. it was hard. >> she doesn't think about dieting anymore and now ashley's all about working out and being healthy. she gets candid about her emotional journey in her new book, "a new model." >> when you saw yourself on "si" for the first time, what did you think? >> when i saw the cover, i was like -- oh! i mean, you're speechless.
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illustrated" cover. and then to be the first curvy girl to be on the cover, that's a groundbreaking moment. a girl with sell you light on the cover of sports illustrated? oh, my word. >> keeping it real for all us girls. i love it. >> all right, when we come back, we love cameron mathison, we really do, but wait until you see all the absolutely outrageous things we have him doing next week.
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well, we've all watched cameron mathison as a daytime soap star. we have watched him compete on "dancing with the stars," i mean, pretty much it seems like there's nothing you can't do. >> wow. >> he's a movie star, too. >> listen, i like this crowd. this is good for the ego. there are a few things out there i cannot do, but i'd love to keep trying different ones until i find them. bring them on w>>e're about to find out. next week on "e.t." -- ♪ vip? >> make some noise for cameron maonthis. >> three, two, one -- >> what can cam do? >> yeah! >> strip teases. >> no, totally wrong. >> race sport stars with cars. >> you're going to eat my dust. >> dangerous stunts. >> your american ninja warrior. >> lip sync battle. and face his biggest fears.
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♪ ice, ice baby "e.t." is pushing cameron to the limit. can cam survive? >> she's pointing at me. >> next week. >> oh! >> i got goose bumps. >> that is all next week, and, yes, keep your shirt on for now. >> all right. it's staying on. >> bye, everybody. ,$8drw
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questions today. "did the president or anyone else direct you to write your memo? were you aware when you drafted it that it would be used to justify comey's firing?" rosenstein came to capitol hill today not to answer questions but to meet with the leaders of senate intelligence. did mr. rosenstein confirm that he threatened to quit over the handling of the comey firing? and did you ask him about that?


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