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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  May 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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within the u.s. government. also right now at 6:00, a stunning report that an elderly father being frisked by tsa agents claim it was excessive and unnecessary. tsa says they have their reasons. a man says his anger moved by the minute when his 92-year-old father who uses a wheelchair was frisked by a tsa agent this weekend. tonight the tsa is suspending its actions after recent security threats, including those from some in wheelchairs. we have both sides of the story. >> reporter: probably the sweetest guy you can know. he's 92 years old. i couldn't believe it. >> he says he can't believe what happened sunday evening at bwi airport. he says his father is not a threat. he's 92. >> the first thing that went through my head was this is totally inappropriate
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the tsa agent, is this necessary? >> his father trying to get to norfork, virginia. the test gave a false positive and the frisking began. >> i was very upset. at that point when the tsa agent told me to get back, i put down my cell phone and i recorded what was two and a half to three minutes of video of what was probably a five minutes that continued as they frisked my father from head to toe. >> his father's wheelchair was pushed away and his elderly father could've easily fallen. >> more of a personal faith being compromised. i was very, very upset when the tsa agent moved his hands across my father's groin area. >> we asked tsa whether the patdown was appropriate. tsa says it screens all passengers, including individuals in wheelchairs. not too long ago a passenger had a loaded gun
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his wheelchair. tsa also has a special hotline to assist passengers with disabilities or medical conditions. he was eventually let go to his gait. >> total embarrassment to subjects someone who is clearly not a threat to national security. >> well, tsa says they also make special accommodations for elderly people allowing them to keep their shoes and even a light jacket on. a developing story tonight. the virginia governor's race. we are standing by forward on the future of corey stewart's campaign. the republican candidate says he'll issue a statement on his facebook page at 7:00 tonight. it's less than an hour from now. sources tell wusa 9, he is deciding weather or not to stay in the governor's race. that decision relates two at least in part this protest led by richard spencer and charlottesville on saturday carrying torches.
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followers marched to protest the removal. republican leaders condemned the demonstration. stuart led his own protest. it's the very same statute and decidingth weaer to disavow and the rhetoric that emerged. the decision may come down to the chances of winning. within the last hour, we received the pole. it shows the commanding lead. 20 points ahead of stuart and 23 points ahead of wagner. 60 percent of those say he has the best chance to win in the general election. we will have stewart's decision coming up later this evening. president trump says he could have a replacement for james call me before the end of the week. over the weekend the
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department interviewed eight people to fill the job. they include republican senator john cornyn, former republican mike rogers, and president george w. bush's homeland security advisor. on capitol hill, democrats are threatening to vote against anyone the president picks unless a special prosecutor is named to take over the russian investigation. neither president trump nor his staff are elaborating on his tweet suggesting that he may have faked his conversations with comey during a visit to the white house in january. democrats and republicans say if they do exist, they want them preserved and turned over to congress. the full senate will get a briefing on thursday from deputy attorney general rob rosenstein. a cyber attack hitting someone on friday spreading to asia. today the malware program is supposed to sell microsoft operating systems. here is how it works. it encrypts files and hackers demand some $300 to decode those fi
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more than a thousand users have been affected. the security experts say the u.s. did not get hit as hard as some other countries because most people in this country have updated versions of microsoft. let this be a hint not to ignore the software update notices that you get regularly for your device. tonight north korea talking about what it calls a successful test of a new ballistic missile designed to carry a heavier nuclear warhead. the video shows the leader inspecting the launch site and celebrating afterward. the white house is calling for sanctions against north korea. the u.n. security council will hold closed-door talks sometime tomorrow. president trump paying tribute to law-enforcement officers who gave their lives in the line of duty. >> is not here nearly enough
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because you do not hear enough, patriotic americans of all backgrounds truly support and love our police. >> president trump signed a proclamation declaring this peace officer memorial day. the white house will be lit in blue lights in it to honor the 394 officers killed in action last year. the first lady has confirmed her son will attend a private school in maryland this fall. the 11-year-old will travel each morning from the white house to potomac. he will attend saint andrews episcopal school. the first lady says saint andrews is known for its diverse community and community -- and commitment to academic excellence. it's more than $40,000 tuition. >> what a shot. >> yeah, what a shot. everybody is asking
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game seven against the celtics tonight in boston. frank hanrahan standby live in washington. what are you feeling and what are you seeing? they have yet to win on the road. i wanted to get the pulse of the celtics nation. but i've got to tell you something, we are from dc. so we are coming to get a victory tonight in game seven. what do you say to that? all right. broke your heart in game six. but the wizards have not yet won on the home court. why are you so good here at td garden? >> bring home the dove. you can go back home. >> we shall see. celtics fans, good luck.
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personally, i feel pretty good. >> frank hanrahan, a brave man. thanks a lot, frank. get ready for a taste of summer this week here at home. tracking the weather. >> going from march on saturday to july on wednesday. we will start with future cast for tomorrow morning. wake up at 7:00. 52 in hagerstown. i think tomorrow is the nicest day of the week and perhaps the month and we will talk about if we break any record highs later in the week. also coming up, the federal government issues a warning.
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we were talking about this bus crash that injured kids. it shut down i-95 north of lt
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police say it started when a car tried to pass a bus and then hit it. that bus overturned. most of the injuries were minor, but there was one child and one adult flown to the hospital. that bus was carrying children from philadelphia. they were trying to do sightseeing in dc. police have reopened all the lanes now. we've got dramatic video of a deadly high-rise fire in downtown pittsburgh. those are the smoke and flames that poured from the sixth floor of the 17th story apartment. burning debris fell from the building as firefighters rushed to get everyone else out safely. >> it was a bunch of white smoke. the firemen helping everybody and everybody running and screaming. it was horrible. >> it was quite a scene. two firefighters were trapped and rescued. they are both expected to be okay. one woman who lived in that building died in the fire and it's still not clear when the residents will be aed
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the pittsburgh restaurant that served horsemeat last week. tonight the u.s. department of agriculture has warned that restaurant not to do it again. the restaurant hosted a special dinner with the navy. there it is on the right right there on the menu. the restaurant co-owner says the meat came from a sustainable farm in canada. it's not part of the regular menu. usda warning carries no penalties. the restaurant would be criminally prosecuted if it serves horsemeat again. coming up, the search for a hero. this man was attacked on metro and is looking for the person who stepped in to
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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prince george's county, a man confesses to murdering a missing woman, but a major problem here. the body nowhere to be found. >> now prince george's county police are launching an all out search to find her remains. >> we spoke
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short time ago who reveals what he would say to the suspect. >> it's horrible. you know, a person shouldn't have to die like that. treat her like tress. treat her like she is a piece of garbage. like i said, she was my friend. she was like a daughter. >> if i knew she was going through this with this guy, i would have pretty much tried to do something about it. >> real men don't hurt women. >> police say this
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tried -- charging the suspect at first and second-degree murder. the man confessed to putting her in a storage bin you. a drunk driver killed five people and prosecuted -- when he failed to turn up for sentencing on friday and deputies went hunting for him, it turned out he wasn't. prosecutors say he was shocked but there's no record of the judge ordering and anklet. the woman at his house today declined to help find him. >> can you tell us what happened? >> don't be in my face. >> they stopped at a light in 2014 killing three adult. two teens facing assault charges after this vicious attack on a crowded metro platform. tonight is looking for the good samaritan who jumped in to break up the fight. he suffered a broken hand, has some facial swellind
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he later learned a man in his 20s who attends gw law school helped to fight off his attackers taking some of the blows himself. >> it would've been a whole lot worse for me. i don't have any contact information for him. i'd like very much to see them again and thank him in person. he was one of the people that stopped and did something when he could've walked by. >> perhaps this might help. a metro spokesperson says the hero did stay at the scene and was even treated for his own injuries. metro says an officer at the station was able to follow the teens and arrest them a couple stops away. this is no typical moving day. this furniture arrived with a purpose, two make a veteran here feel whole again. how you can help those who have served our country. a special assignment unit reports tonight at 11:00.
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the heartwarming story of veterans helping veterans. how you are going. one of these nigel. 11:30 tomorrow morning, nigel and his brothers. it will go dark. later this week you will come to wusa 9 to train as a service dog. he's going to be a pro. >> check out the live puppy cam while you still can. >> seeing some activity now. >> they must know that they've got an important duty. >> earlier today they said it was impossible. >> five dogs. let's talk about me and the rain during the month of may. this week
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pretty dry week. if you think it's been kind of wet, it has. the rained on the first, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth. we are okay today. we'll probably be okay until thursday or friday. the heat will roll in and humidity returns. alive look outside. it is spectacular. it 79. 2 points in the 30s. low humidity 26 percent. winds gusting but they will subside. wins diminish. pleasantly cool tonight. bus stop temps 48 to 68. kind of a chilly start. and tuesday perfect. sunny and 82. 90s return wednesday and thursday but the most uncomfortable day will be thursday because that day the humidity returns as well. low 80s tomorrow, low 90s. mid- 80s on saturday. record high on wednesday. 92.
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record high thursday. the last 90-degree day we had was late april of this year. we have not had a 90-degree day reading in the month of may. we had none in 2016. so 10:00 tonight, low to mid 60s. morning looking at temps at the 40s. gaithersburg, damascus, low 50s. we get to midmorning, we are in the 60s. by lunch time, perfect. sunshine and mid-70s. no crazy winds tomorrow. 50s to start, 71 by 11:00 and 75 and full fund by 1:00. hot but still nice on wednesday. isolated thunderstorms more humid thursday also. better chance of storms on friday. we will back it down into the upper 80s. not a washout. upper 80s on monday. temp
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- female reporter: the woman in this commercial is an actress who lives in new york city. - that woman feels like an outsider, she is one. - female vo: the big hotel industry was caught again... pushing fake stories about airbnb with fake anacostia residents. did they think we wouldn't find out? the big hotel industry and their front groups did they think we can't hide from the truth. if they'll lie about this, can you trust them on anything?
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now, wusa 9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> live in boston. big game seven tonight. washington wizards on the road. can they close out and beat the boston celtics in a huge game for both franchises? the wizards said all along that if they do not get to the eastern conference final that this season would be a big disappointment. so it's all right there for the wizards. can they do it? they are fully awe
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opportunity. >> excited. excited for both teams with the opportunity to lay it on the line and give everything you have. both teams i'm sure are going to play hard. there is no reason and audible. -- [ inaudible ] >> it's a big game. they leave everything they have out here. it's not going to be nothing easy. that's why there's a dogfight. >> we came here to win. we want to win and move on. we haven't one here. get a win for the season. >> can't wait to see. of course, folks getting involved on social media with their love for the wizards. how about th
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they've got to have their head in the game and be ready. >> it your head in the game. >> picture-perfect. here comes a little touch of heat. >> cbs
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>> pelley: pink slips at the white house. did the president reveal highly classified information to the russians in the oval office? also tonight, computers were paralyzed in 150 country, but an american engineer found a fix for just $10. >> it was just another day at the office i guess. >> pelley: a call for justice after a fraternity hazing death. >> this wasn't boys being boys. this was murder of our son. >> pelley: and where's my plane? airlines swap terminals at one of the world's busiest airports. >> we went from i think terminal three to terminal f


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