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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 26, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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tonight -- >> i see you. >> brad pitt's strategy after scandal. >> we were able to survive our mistakes. >> and how he's winning back hollywood after splitting from angelina. then -- >> yes, yes and yes. >> tyra banks' biggest challenge on "america's got talent" may surprise you and so will how she t goher new hosting gig in the first place. >> it was that quick. >> simon cowell spills all. plus --
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♪ >> bieber has the number one song in the country, so why can't he remember the words to it? ♪ i just want a burrito and one-on-one with celine dion, our exclusive backstage interview. ♪ put your head on my shoulder oh, i put some foundation on your jacket. >> it's okay. it's going to be worth a lot more. don't worry. now, for thursday, may 25th, this is "entertainment tonight." ever since from his split from angelina, brad pitt has been camera shy about doing interviews. >> we've seen him on red carpets, keeping his lips sealed, but now, finally, brad is getting candid in front of the lens about his new life. >> it's not so difficult to achieve a balance. i'm able to compartatmenlize pretty well the private life and the public life. fortunately, i guess we were able to survive our mistakes along the way. >> brad gave his f tirstv
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sitdown since his split, speaking to cnn-18 in india. brad made a casual reference to angelina, saying the last time he was in the country they were together. >> we actually shot "a mighty heart" here. it was really nice to get out amongst the masses. >> what's the secret to staying relevant? >> i'd say a little bit of luck. i try to reinvent. make sure you have time for yourself, time for your friends, time for your family. >> the 53-year-old has been all essmil, traveling the world promoting his netflix film "war machine." so, what's brad's strategy for maki cng aacomebk after scandal? one word, charm. >> i see you. at the point, the wave, th smile. working the crowd and being funny. >> do you believe in life after death? >> i definitely believe in death after life. >> brad did the comedy bit with colbert. he did the distract them with weird fashion thing, wearing those grandpa pants. and he did the vulnerable confess all interview with
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much, i just started therapy. and the one that tops them all? this prom pose selfie with gina rodriguez. >> brad pitt. >> yes, yes. my boyfriend was like, it's like you met the male beyonce. >> does that make him the king bey? >> a lot to live up to. cameron mathison with news about everybody's favorite show, "america's got talent." it's back in just five days, but this is after major upheaval. >> we were pretty shocked when nick cannon was out and another shocker when tyra banks signed on to replace him as host. simon cowell let me in on how it all went down, when him and i sat down and talked about it at his malibu mansion. >> one of us got a phone call, said, tie ya banks is interested. come over to the house tomorrow. she turns up, ripped jeans, not really any makeup, sat down and within five minutes, we literally all said --
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>> a production source tells us tyra is off to a great start, but her real test will be when the show goes live, that's because, according to our source, she often requires several takes. as for that job interview at simon's, well, the place is insane. cowell recently gave us a tour. ♪ that grand piano is just the beginning. simon's home is more than 9,000 square feet. six bedrooms, six baths. and here's the fun stuff. a massage room, a sleek lap pool, massive fire pit and a superhip pool cabana. >> i don't like being indoors. i'm very, very claustrophobic. so, these doors are permanently open the whole time. even when it's cold. >> it's a dream home with plenty of space for family time. simon is the father of a 3-year-old. that's him in an exclusive clip from the season premiere. tyra's son is nearly a year and a half. have you two
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first-time parents at all? >> yeah, i haven't met her son. but she's met eric. they kind of got on really well straight away. >> does eric have a sense of what his dad does? does he get any idea of that? >> well, funny enough, the other day, we went out and he said to me, how come everyone knows your name? i went, i have no idea, eric. he's beginning to understand that i'm actually on tv for a reason, because he used to get confused. now he understands the show and he's actually going to be a great little judge. if you had to be on a desert island for the rest of your life with me or mommy, who would it be? >> you. >> why? >> because i press the scary buzzer all day. >> like father like son. >> that's right. now, simon also told me that he listens to eric's music favorites. tom cruise was promoting his new thriller "the mummy."
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he was scheduled to appear at the premiere, but that event has been canceled in the wake of the manchester terror attack. celine dion is scheduled to tour all over europe this summer. how is the attack affecting her plans? well, i found out when i visited celine at her residency in vegas. you're scheduled to be performing at the mastncheer arena on june 25th. >> correct. >> as of now, is that show still happening? >> the tour is still happening. and we're taking as many precautions as possible. >> understandably. >> try to make it as safe as possible. raise your hands and join them, to the person on either side of you, please. >> after leading a tribute with her fans earlier this week, sleen told me while her tour will go on, the attack has left her shaken. >> during the concert, it kept coming to my mind, and even tonight, it kept coming to my mind. i still live with that fear, i still live with that tragedy. ♪ >> when her
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off, listen for a new song on the set list. sleen's ballad from the "beauty and the beast" remake. last night, she gave fans at caesars palace a surprise. >> and i'd like to sing it for you in concert tonight, for the very, very first time. >> but after the show, when i met up with a very tired sleen -- come here. put your head there. there you go. ♪ put your head on my shoulder >> she told me it was hard to record the new song without her late husband rene, who worked on her classic duet from the original. ♪ beauty and the beast >> now i have to make my own decisions, and then i look at one of the paintings that i have of him at my house and i say, you know, should i do this? i hope i make the right decision. because you go to the olympics, win the gold medal, are you going to go back? ♪ >> well, i think we can all agree she made the right decision.
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i captured on my phone. sleen pulled a little girl onstage who was dressed as belle. that being an indication that the song is definitely opened her up to a whole new generation of fans. nobody puts baby in corner. >> or maybe they do. a little more than 6.5 million people tuned into the "dirty dancing" remake last night, and the reaction on social media was harsh. >> it was. someone said quote -- as far as i'm concerned, they can put this baby in a corner and leave her there. ouch. >> the internet. >> mean. >> yikes. but you know, it was not all bad, because there was this one. there's like 12 good things about this remake and they are all colt prattes' abs. >> listen to you girl. >> i agree. one of the stars from the remake, sarah hyland from "modern family." she took to twitter, but it wasn't about "dirty dancing" but fighting against those who have tried body shaming her. after posting this photo to instagram, fans flooded the
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comment section alleging that the-y 26ear-old is battling anorexia. hours later, sarah responded, telling fans, "i haven't had the greatest year. i've basically been on bedrest the past few months. my circumstances have put me in a place where i'm not in control of what my body looks like." she went on to say, "i'm here to say that no one should aim to be the weight that i am right now." she didn't specify what hell issues she's currently face, and she declined to comment when he reached out. but she has been open in the past about her battle with a kidney condition that required a kidney transplant in 2012. >> if i didn't get, like, 12 hours of sleep, i felt like i got, like, none at all. >> sarah is on medication, telling fans, i don't mind when you say that i look pregnant or fat, because i know that my face
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know what you're going for. we just want sarah to be okay. that's it, bottom line. she is going to be getting back to work in august when "modern family" starts shooting season nine. coming up next, an unexpected confessn from andy cohen. why his love connection with a celebrity didn't work out. >> we never got past the first phone call. plus, which real housewife just admitted to dating j.lo's man a-rod? and -- >> this is the cutest place ever. >> miley's mom versus her older sister. our sneak peek at the cyrus family's home renovation show. >> i came in like a z2cufz z16fz
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z2cufz z16fz
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y2cufy y16fy you did used to date a-rod? >> what does used to date mean? >> did you fool around with him? >> i was out with him twice. >> i didn't know that. wow. >> i did not see that one coming. >> i sure didn't. >> but apparently bethenny frankel added that she dated j lo's man alex rodriguez back in 2009, now she added that she doesn't remember if alex was a good kisser or not. >> do you believe that? >> i need confirmation from a-rod. the bethenny thing didn't work, but andy cohen is hoping to make with a-rod, but andy cohen is hoping to make other love connections with other people. >> andy is giving up his own dating secrets. do you like being set up? >> that's how anderson cooper and i met. we never got past the first phone call. he said i was too enthusiastic. >> now, andy is helping to hook up others. as the host of the new "love connection."
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that where people are going to have to choose between their love connection or a rejection in which money is involved. that's going to really up the hah nte. also coming soon to tv, "still star crossed." >> how can you do this? >> i'm trying to help me. >> "game of thrones" fans may love this latest creation from executive producer shonda rhimes. the series was shot in spain, and follows the aftermath of romeo and juliet's tragic end. >> a curse on the house of montague. >> a lot of drama. a lot. and finally, anthony anderson is taking a tv break. sort of. >> out of the three and a half months of hiatus, i'll probably have three weeks to myself. >> while "black-ish" is on a break until july, anthony and his mreom a gearing up for season three of their game show "to tell the truth." what about those rumors
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11-year-old miles brown could be vying for a spot on the new "dancing with the stars" junior? >> he already got a day job. it would be an unfair advantage, because miles is a superstar dancing. >> he is an incredible dancer. i'm always reposting hissen s y instagram videos. >> i spoke to anthony at the college television awards. i'm really getting tired of him taking all the hosting gigs. atth's a different story. mandy moore was there, too, and coming up, she's giving us clues about what to expect from season two of "this is us." >> people's curiosity will be peaked. >> then -- ♪ >> did justin bieber just forget the lyrics to his new song. we talk to the writer of the hit. >> we had an english lyric for everything. he was like, no, no. w > and what you don't kno about baywatch's sexy villain. >> why am i so good at being bad? closed captioning provided by --
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which is pretty impressive, b ♪ i don't know the words. >> yep, at club 1 oak in new york city, it's his own version of "don't forget the lyrics." ♪ despacito ♪ i don't know the words ♪ so i say dorito >> it's strange because he's performed this live before and he does know some spanish. >> hola. te amo. >> his latest number one hit is a remix of a song by puerto rican duo lusi fonsi and daddy yankee's song. that version was a number one hit, and bieber asked them to collaborate. abou
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biebs was belting out the lyrics in spanish, which were spelled out phonetically for him in the studio. the song was translated for justin to see. >> we had an english lyric for everything. he said, no, no, we're going to do it in spanish. >> five weeks later, without his cheat sheet, this happened. ♪ i ate a burrito ♪ i just want a burrito >> bieber does have time to brush up on his espanol before going on tour next week in europe. >> well, maybe in the meantime, he'll go check out a movie. because memorial day is traditionally the kickoff to the summer blockbuster season. and we have two titans going head to head this weekend. "pirates of the caribbean" and "baywatch." working in "bay wiwatch's" favo the bad guy, who just happened to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. peel yan priyanka chopra. >> thank you. >> whoa, easy, okay. >> sexiest villain of all time. where do you rank yourself? >>
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>> i can. >> all right, number one. >> number one? i>> don't settle for less than that. >> priyanka is victoria, the villain, who poses a threat to our "baywatch" thee roes. >> some people are up to no good. it makes me think about it. why am i so good at being bad? >> hmm. no sexy red swimsuit for her. >> every outfit that victoria wears has to be a power suit, you know? every gown that she wears. she's just a power chick and, you know, i have to feel that authority in everything that i wore. my heels had to be super high. >> speaking of power dressing, we'll never forget that ralph lauren trench coat dress she wore on the steps of the met gala. >> i wanted to sort of have a moment of rebellion on the carpet and i think -- >> but it was still sexy. >> yes, of course, i'm a girl. i wanted it to be sexy. >> once priyanka got inside the gala, the 20-foot train came off, and she partied the night away in a trench mini dress. >> i still don't know where the rest of my outfit is, though. >> who has your train? >> someone in vogue.
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favorite memes of the outfit. >> there was a car, the cover of the car. there's a tent. and then there's a magical flying carpet. >> how about the most common mispronunciation of her name? >> bianca. my name starts with a "p." >> and her best impression of the "baywatch" theme. she was also asked what is the greatest thing about america? her answer? it's the land of the free, the home of the brave and cheeseburgers. i hear you. we're in the middle of cyrus family takeover. dad billy ray performed this morning on "the today show" and then he joined noah on her new song that just released today. miley has her new music and now brandi and mom tish are going head-to-head on a new home renovation show. >> i came in like a wrecking ball. >> oh, my god. ♪
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>> in "cyrus versus cyrus," they compete to win interior design clients. the family member whose design wins gets to execute her plan. the loser is stuck working as her assistant on the project. >> we're both pretty bossy. >> we're bossy girls. >> it's fun when you see, like, who wins, because that person immediately turns super bossy. ♪ i win ♪ we don't need to hear mom >> why did they want to do a home renovation show and not a reality show revolving around their high profile family? >> it's just so invasive and they definitely want the drama, and our family is so tight-knit is that's something i would never consider doing, even though this was never about our family. somehow, every family member ended up being involved a little bit on this show and so, it was really, really fun. >> in one episode, miley proves that her personal style has
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is still pretty wild. >> this what does mom thinkf o the singer's new look? >> i think miley's the same miley she's always been. >> it's like miley going back to her roots. the way she dresses is the way she dressed when she was younger. >> yeah. >> it's hail lair use, the boots she wears every single day are mine from middle school that she found in a storage room. >> turns out the cyruses don't throw anything away. >> there's, like, an entire literal school on our property in nashville. it's a literal elementary school that my dad bought that's storage that's just filled with stuff. and then they have stuff in l.a. >> six storage units in l.a. >> actually, they dig into the cyrus family storage unit to find furniture to decorate clients houses. >> i mean, it's crazy they have that much stuff. all right, when we come back, mandy moore gives up a season two secret that will make fans very, very happy.
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travel consideration provided by -- mandy moore looked absolutely gorgeous last night as she presented at the 38th college television awards. >> and fans of "this is us," i
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i know the seasont o fal questi like, how does her his jack die? mandy told us, hold on, season two is on the way. >> i think the writers are heeding that call to sort of give people what they want. >> but we need to know the answers to these questions. we need to know. >> very unsettling for you. >> it is very unsettling. >> bye, everybody.
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but the pentagon said today isis had explosives in the building and the secondary blast collapsed the structure. coming up next from brussels, alarming news from people who don't get enough sleep. and later, one family, five graduations.


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