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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 26, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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ariana grande vows to return to manchester. her powerful message to fans tonight. and katy perry's tearful tribute. >> it's awful. it's awful. >> her security plan now, as she takes the stage in england. plus -- >> i got paid. >> did katy ruin ryan seacrest's "american idol" return? why her power move may knock him out of hosting. then, roseanne barr's return to her sitcom. >> we were writing yesterday. >> and why is she in a wheelchair? plus -- ♪ shakira on new music, motherhood and her younger man. >> i would have ten kids with that man. >> but why she won't return to "the voice." and judge judy, giving out life-changing career advice. >> i'm not giving you a preview. >> okay. guess you'll have to stay tuned for that. >> perfect. now, for may 26th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight."
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>> hello, everyone, and thank you for joining us. nancy o'dell is off tonight. >> we have new developments in the aftermath of the manchester terror attack. as ariana grande speaks out for the first time. >> ariana grande said today she's returning to manchester, england, to raise money for attack victims. details still being worked out. she said our response to this violence must be to come closer together, to help each other, to love more, to sing louder. >> it's awful. it's awful. >> meanwhile, last night, at a small london pub, arian a's friend, katy perry, paid tribute to the 22 victims. >> you think about it, and that's my friend, that's my sister, that's my brother, that's my cousin. the person that loves music, you know? >> the singer'xts ne stop, hull, england, where shel wil have stepped up security at bbc one
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>> and whatever you can do to help, you should. if you can't do anything, that's fine. but what you should do is not let them win. >> also performing, lorde, the chainsmokers and shawn mendes. and "e.t." was behind the scenes this morning when miley cyrus performed on the today show. on tuesday night, she dedicated her "voice" performance to the victims. he said the attack has prompted her to take more precautions. >> if i my safe and everyone else, it's been an eye opener. for ariana -- i can't wait until i get a sdecon to give her a big hug for sure. >> miley's mom said her daughter cried when the singer heard about the attack, andt tha it has the family on edge when it comes to miley's safety on tour. >> it's really affected me in a huge way. and the fear of, you know, they're out there performing and you're so there and exposed that -- it's aou
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now. and so sad. the biggest thing, the only thing i can do is pray for ariana, the crew, the fans, the families. and -- it's just devastating. >> we'll continue to bring you all the latest developments. just go to our website, now, did katy perry put ryan seacrest's return to "american idol" on jeopardy? >> there's a sense that the reboot is floundering dangerously. >> a former "l.a. times" writer said signing ryan to host is key to making the show a success. but he claims ryan will now cost abc even more money, and you can blame katy and this "idol" winner for that. >> kelly clarkson was being offers a figure of about $4 million to $6 million to join the panel. and "the voice" swooped in and offered her an amount upwards of $10 million, more than twice that, and she went right ahead and took it. >> meet one
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>> whoa! >> richard says abc scrambled to secure a name. enter katy perry. >> abc panicked, threw $25 million at katy perry. >> i got paid. >> ryan at that point was in negotiations of being offered $4 million. when he found out he was going to be getting a sixth of what this new judge was making, the prospect of flying back and forth in the middle of the night to do two shows for abc looked a lot less attractive. >> seacrest out. >> the original "idol" cost fox an estimated $168 million a season. abc's goal, richard claims, was to produce a cheaper version. >> going to have to offer him somegthin in the neighborhood of katy perry money, which means that those two salaries combined will be around $50 million and make it very difficult for the show to become profitable. >> abc had no comment. but the bestie of ryan's cohost, kelly ripa, andy cohen,
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pretty certain ryan is a god. >> ryan is definitely doing it. >> you think so? >> yeah, of course. >> i love the show. we'll see. >> another show returning to tv, "roseanne, " and we've got new details straight from the star herself. >> it's been so fun already. i'm so psyched. >> of course you are. >> started writing yesterday. >> you started writing yesterday? >> yeah. our whole group was together. >> the eight episodes start this fall shooting, which will give her plenty of time to heal from her knee surgery. that's why she's in a wheelchair, by the way, for safety. the 64-year-old's rep tells us she offered a bad fall and broke her kneecap in three places, but she'll be fine by the end of the summer. >> can you giv ae ust hinhow you bring dan back? >> no. >> anything else you can tell us about how it's going to be? >> i'm going to be nude. >> are you going to be nude? >> yeah. they agreed, finally. >> so, how did the revival qom together? >> john goodman went on the talk, they did a parody with sara gier
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you about for awhile now. i'm a talk show host. >> for a minute there, i thought you were going to tell me you were gay. >> that got sarah thinking, and then sarah made calls to everybody and everybody said, yes. so, it came together really fast. >> your only fear is, you don't want to do a bad version, because you don't want to damage what's been done. >> you'll see all the original characters except one. >> what's george clooney doing? >> he's got some youngins coming. >> if no one else will defend the world, then i must. >> "wonder woman" hits theaters a week from today. but last night, the stars turned out for the l.a. premiere. gal gadot, amazing, considering she was five months pregnant when they were shooting it. her baby's 2 months old now, so, mamma got a rare night out. when you leave the house tonight, do you say to mya, by, mya, mommy's going to be a super hero now? >> no. i try to keep imp
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more like, i'm going to go to work. >> part of keeping it simple, wearing flats with that red sequined dress. that's mainly because gal recently hurt her back. >> i'm in bed because i threw hi back out. woo-hoo. >> how is your back? >> she needs some attention. but i'm sure once we're done with the mayhem, i'm going to have time to relax. >> there was mayhem last night all right. especially when linda carter, the original wonder woman, arrived. you are the bearer of the torch. >> yes, i am the bearer of the torch and now i'm passing it forward. i really want you all to embrace it. embrace this like you embraced me. >> with niece costumes, fans were definitely embracing their new heroes last night. >> it's incredible. i mean, this guy over here has an outfit that he just made. it's incredible. >> he made this? >> there should be an awards show just for the costume. it's off the chain. i just used off the
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anned an ed adjective. >> you're learning. this is a movie to grab your girlfriend and go see. it's that good. we'll be seeing gal in full "wonder woman" mode twice this year. she also has "justice league" hitting theaters on november 17th. well, the wait is finally over for the next pirates adventure, "dead men tell no tales" hit theaters today. it is the fifth installment, and it also introduces us to a new swashbuckling sweetheart. and, she gave "e.t." online the girl's guide to surviving pirates, and guess what? it ain't easy. >> as far as being the only gal, they never treated me like that. i felt completely cool to them, and they made the same jokes around me they would have if it wasn't there. i was definitely in with the boys. >> she may have been on an equal opportunity pirate ship, but there were still challenges, being the only female member of the cast. consider rule number one. get tough. because
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kaya says her corsets were more painful than breaking her shoulder halfway through the shoot. >> i had to wear a sling between scenes. but the core set was the worst part. it was unbearable. i had to get my husband to loosen it at lunchtime so i could eat burgers. i'm not looking for trouble! >> rule number two. working on a pirate ship means being cold and wet all the time. >> we had about three weeks where we were just head to toe soaking wet every single day. and the poor makeup girls who were so nice, they had to come over with a cold bottle of spritzer and then just, in your face. after 12 hours, you're like, oh, stop. >> and then, a rule for pirate moms like kaya, captain jack is not an appropriate babysitter. >> my baby cried when she saw johnny. so, i don't know if that's going to go down so well. >> normal johnny? >> normal johnny. heas wt jus tired and he decided that's who he was going to scream in the face of. still to come, rachel on
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our sneak peek of monday's disturbing date. >> everything is a lie. >> he has a girlfriend. >> it would be easier to run away. then -- >> i wasn't exactly the ideal student. i wasn't really made for school. >> why is ll cool j goinckg ba to college with his daughter? plus, judge judy in high school. and our time with judy and her family. >> she's my fourth
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we have a first look at "beauty and the beast's" dance scene choreography. a special feature when the movie comes out on digital and blu-ray ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war.
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and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. hello, james corden here. i just wanted to let you all know that i won't be hosting the tony awards on cbs -- >> what are you doing? >> letting them know i won't be hosting the tony awards -- >> why? you weare announcin t
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while you're wearing a tux. >> he's got you there, james. kevin spacey will be the host when they hair on june 11th on cbs. james corden will host the grammys next year, after ll cool j hosted the show for years. and speaking of ll, he just received a very special honor from his daughter's college on the same day that she graduated. just another achievement for the guy who didn't even finish high school. >> i wasn't exactly the ideal student. you know what i mean? a lot of thumbtacks in chairs, chair pullouts and gum in hair, it was -- i wasn't really made for school. ♪ >> ll dropped out at 16, so he was beaming as 21-year-old samaria received her associate's degree in design from the fashion institute of technology. >> just nice to see somebody who is beautiful and smart and talented be rewarded for that.
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>> she wasn't the only one sporting a cap and gown. ll suited up to accept the president's award for creative excellence. >> samaria, i'm proud of you. >> because he's creative, you know, i definitely got that creativity. it just kind of runs through. but she had to share her proud papa with a few of the 4,000 other graduates who stooped to take selfies. ♪ don't call it a comeback >> up next for samaria, more school, and one day, she hopes to have her own clothing line. her dad's advice to achieve that dream. >> you do it or not at all. you can do anything you put your mind to, believe in yourself. focus. >> he loves to give his lessons and philosophies all day, every day. still ahead, speaking of graduated. judge judy takes us back to high school. >> if you take advice from a jerk, what does that make you? >> why these high schoolers were honored by her honor. then, our sneakee
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bachelorette rachel's first date drama. plus -- >> shakira on her mom guilt, and her new music about her hot, younger man. >> one mojito, two. are you literally taking us back to the night you met? closed captioning provided by --
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y2d1gy y16fy ♪ well, that is shakira performing in miami last night. now, the two-time grammy winner is back with a new album. but would she like another shot at coaching "the voice"? shakira talking about that and her sizzling love life with our brooke anderson. ♪
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>> i loved you on "the voice." two seasons, you were there. would you go back? >> it was a great experience, and of course i miss the guys. they were a lot of fun. but i wouldn't go back, no. ♪ >> so, we won't see shakira joining adam and blake again. she's got three guys at home who love her. hot soccerro p gerard piquet and their two adorable sons. the best part of motherhood? >> i used to be the center of my universe. the gunning and the end. the alpha and the omega. and now, i'm a satellite of my kids. i completely revolve around them. they're the center of my universe. >> this mama is worth an estimated $300 million, and she was the most liked person on facebook three years in a row. but the grammy winner confesses she struggles with mom guilt, especially whee
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work on her new album, which hits stores today. >> i didn't want to abandon my role as a mother and i started to feel guilty. ♪ the latest hit, which means, "i fell in love." so, how did you and gerard fall in love? ♪ >> the song is actually like, if i would have torn out of my own journal, a page. so, it's a very personal song. >> one mojito, two mojito, are you literally taking us back to the night you met? >> yes, and i was wearing a striped bra, just like i say in the song. ♪ >> shakira is 40, hen
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they're not marriendd, a keeping it that way for now. but will she and gerard go for baby number three? >> if it wasn't so hard on my body, believe me, i would have ten kids with that man. >> i feel you, shakira. he is a looker. now, her new album just became available today. she has already sold more than 60 million albums worldwide. >> television is a fleeting phenomenon for me. sfl it may last two years, three years, five years. when it's over, i will kiss it good-bye without a regret. >> you know, it's not often we can say judge judy was wrong, but boy was she off the mark when we talked to her 20 years ago when he tv show debuted. the tough as nails judge is still on top today, and sharing her words of wisdom with the next generation. >> if you take advice from a jerk, what does that make you? >> can't argue with the judge. she addressed the
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class of charleston, west virginia, high school. the entire senior class entered her facebook contest, and the prize, her honor as their commencement speaker. >> judge judy is all about empowering women. she's celebrating the tenth anniversary of "her honor," the girls mentoring program she helped establish with her daughter, nicole. >> i spent a lot of time in the courthouse, watching her do her thing and there came a point in time when we both decided, let's do something for the community. >> are you proud? >> we know she's proud. >> i'm proud of me because i raised you well. >> over the years, we've shared many moments with judy and her family. >> she's my fourth grandchild. this one is an angel. and she loves her nana. >> at the gramg wags, she says she prefers to counsel young people, because they're more open. >>
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pliable mind than a hard boiled one. >> she's the greatest. and she shared this bit of wisdom. the greatest gift a parent can give a child is confidence. >> during the season premiere of "the bachelorette," we watched rachel meet her suitors, and who could forget that, right? monday night, the dating begins, and the games are already getting competitive. >> rachel! >> there are a lot of smooth guys in this group, like, shmoot talkers, charming. you see a lot of that. >> you're the best looking chick i've ever seen. >> thank you, guys. >> rachel's first group date of the season is a picnic. and even though she's wearing a dress, she's all about playing the field. >> go, go, go. >> there's also a one-on-one date, and, no surprise, it's with 31-year-old business owner peter. rachel told us, she was smitten the minute he stepped out of the limo. >> he was nervous, and that's what i appreciated. that's why when he walked off, i said, we're off to a good start. >> they're headed to palm springs, alonit
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dog. but the competition really heats up on the second group date. a basketball game. and rachel discovers one of her suitors isn't exactly a free agent. >> he still has the keys to my apartment. >> it shocked us that he has a girlfriend. >> yep. plenty of drama. and rachel, who will get engaged to one of these guys, admits it was a rocky road to love. >> there were definitely times where i was like, you know what, it would be easier to run away, but then, i'm like, then i won't get what i want at the end. you have to make the hard decisions to get what you want at the end of this, which i did. >> and listen to this. we're going to see special guest stars monday night. ashton kutcher and mila kunis, as well as basketball legend kareem abdul jabbar.
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travel consideration provided by -- entering the town of twin peaks. never seen so many trees in my life. >> "twin peaks" has returned after 25 years, and we sat down with all the og cast who are back, as well. >> nice. bye-bye, everybody. >> more than 34 million people tuned into the pilot episode back in 1990, as this weird murder mystery reshaped the tv landscape. >> there was a huge rush
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>> people had -- >> they had to get a new television. >> that's good. >> a quarter century later, kyle mclaughlin steps right back into the shoes of agent dale cooper. >> i just had a cup of coffee and a bite of doughnut and i was ready to go. this is, excuse me, a damn fine cup of coffee.
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(grunting) come on. let's go! whoa. (jack yelling) that's three times now! it's four. hey. now we're even, punk! oh, mac, i just think i got a concussion. (grunting) jack: now i'm seeing double. get him, mac. macgyver: jack, i could use some restraints, man! jack: i'm on the ground. one step at a time! (grunts, groans) riley: guys, you better hurry up. elvis has friends headed your way. i thought you said our target's name was victor henley. elvis is the code name we gave him. every package gets one. ah, spy speak. cool. riley: guys, they just got on the elevator. get to the chopper now. three stories, that means we've got, uh... no, mac! this is stressful enough. well, it wouldn't be if you had remembered to bring more restraints. hey, i'm not costco! the op said one guy. i brought one zip tie. (shouts)


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