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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  May 31, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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tonight, george clooney on baby lockdown. >> if i came there, and my wife had twins i could never come home. >> the twins due this weekend, but is amal giving birth sooner than expected? >> then olivia newton-john's devastating breast cancer diagnoses. after thinking she beat the di
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>> you don't know if you're going to die. there's a lot of fear. behind the scenes of kelly clarkson and amy schumer's celebrity family feud face-off. >> celebrities are out of tch a lot of times. >> blah! like it's bad. >> all hell breaks loose. how will hollywood's busiest man find enough time for a new baby. >> as we were sitting here just now, i just took a nap, and i woke up that fast. now for may 30, 2017, this "entertainment tonight". >> the countdown is officially on to the premiere of george and amal's twins. a source tells "e.t.," the two little clooneys could arrive any day now. >> george is thinking they'll come any dayau becse he just blew offig a b awards ceremony to stay by his wife's side. >> i'm sorry that i can't be with you all tonight, and i really would have been there, but if i came there and my wife had twins while i was there i could never come home.
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>> we've been told the official eduat de is june 4th, and with a source in london saying amal is expected to give birth early, you can't blame george for not making the 8 1/2-hour flight to attend armenia. the 56-year-old dad--to-be sent this instead. >> united we can make a difference. it's not just okay to take care of yourself. we're as successful as the least fortunate among us. >> right now george and amal are on baby lockdown here at their home in berkshire, england. the couple spent $16 million renovating the 5 1/2-acre island estate which is said to include 18 security cameras, a nanny's headquarters and an editing suite so george can work from home. >> have you fully digested that there are two coming? >> no. i don't know how you digest that. i'm excited. >> amal was seen taking a walk with ge
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any sign of a baby bump. throughout her pregnancy, the 39-year-old mom-to-be was able to wear non-maternity designer dresses often with four-inch heels. >> do you guys haveve einrythg picked out. >> my wife said i can't name them casa and ago migs, the one thing i'm not allowed to do. >> amal threw a surprise birthday party for george, bestie cindy crawford and randy gerber was, and one gift was pink and blue casa amigos onesies. >> i like the ring to it. >> not only is the countdown on, the race is on because beyonce and jay-z's twins are due any day now and look at her wearing a solid blue bikini, gosh, she looks great. she's holding her 5-year-old daughter blue ivy and there's also major music news tonight. ariana grande will return to manchester for a special concert and she's asked big names to join
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bieber, katy perry and miley cyrus and the concert will be broadcast on b.e.t. television and streamed worldwide. all proceeds will go to the we love manchester emergency fund. we are learning more about tiger woods' memorial day arrest. there was speculation that the golfing legend was intoxicated and smelled of alcohol when police pulled him over, but woods released a statement saying that alcohol was not a factor. quote, what happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications, and according to the police report a breathalyzer administered at the scene failed to detect any alcohol. but still, this latest scandal could be massive damage to an already tarnished man. >> tiger's dui puts at risk over $40 million in endorsement income. >> michael lozianian of forbes.
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comes from his business arrangement with nike which pays him over $20 million annually. >> in addition to nike, woods also endorses taylormade golf clubs and watches. so far his sponsors have mostly been silent. a spokesperson for bridgestone golf told "e.t." quote, we are aware of the situation and we will continue to monitor. >> woods was arrested in jupiter, florida, about three lemis from his reported $60 million estate and three miles from his restaurant, the woods. >> did you learn anything? >> tiger's endorsements have taken previous hits. in late 2009 he confessed to being unfaithful and his marriage ended. >> tiger lost $40 million when many endorsers fled among them buick and at&t. >> nike stood by that public relations challenge. >> he's recovering from his third back surgery in two years
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surgery seemed successful. woods posted words cannot convey how good it feels to be pain-free. tiger has a mandatory court appearance scheduled for july 5th. >> tiger competed briefly this season and pulled out of the tournament with back passms and will not play this year and by the way, it is now the ninth year since tiger won a major championship. well, that is a somber brad pitt arriving friday at the funeral of his friend chris cornell and that same day about 30 miles away his ex angelina stepped out with four of their kids for a very special occasion. angelina celebrated daughter shiloh's 11th birthday with a family weekend at disneyland. the jolie-pitt clan plus friends rode rides like thunder mountain railroad at the park and earlier took in the sights at l.a.'s historic la brea tar pits. raising her six kids as a single mom seems to be weighing
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she tells france's "elle" magazine saying, quote, i would give anything for her to be here at this time. i talk to her often in my mind and try to think what she might say and how she might guide me. she died in 2007 of ovarian cancer and angelina spoke on "60 minutes" about the impact of her mother on her life. >> my mother was a full-time mother. she didn't have much of her own career, her own life, her own experiences and her own -- everything was for her children. i will never be as good a mother as she is. i will try my best, but i don't think i could ever be. she was -- she was just grace incarnate. she was the most generous, loving -- she's better than me. >> brad has talked about going into therapy after their split. jolie has primary custody of their kids an
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resilient. she says, quote, but they are children and as much as they need help to understand the hard truths in life, they also need what we all need, protection and love. >> amen, angelina. we all remember when angelina elected to have surgery to minimize the risk of breast cancer, right? olivia newton-john is a survivor of the disease and today olivia shared the sad news that she is in need of treatment again. ♪ >> the 68-year-old posted on facebook that she's reluctantly postponing her tour, what she thought was a sciatica flare-up was breast cancer that spread to her back. she was originally diagnosed in 1992 with breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy. >> when you get that diagnosis you are fearful, and it is very frightening, but you have to make a decision that you are going to get through it. >> when the chance that you can die, when you confront that, things don't become such a big deal amo
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>> olivia beatce canr and just four years ago her older sister rhona was stricken with brain cancer, passing just six weeks after her diagnosis. >> it was very, very fast. we never know when it's our time. >> as for olivia overcoming her battle, she didn't want to be called a survivor. >> i feel i'm healthy and i don't feel it's part of my life and i live every day to my fullest. >> are you ever afraid that the cancer will come back? >> no. that's just the way i choose to think. i choose to think in a positive way, and i don't live in the fear. >> she opened up a cancer and wellness center mere melbourne, australia, in 2012 and that center has helped her with a treatment plan. quote, i decided on my direction of therapists after consultation with my doctors. she has completed radiation and is confident that she'll be back
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show. >> singing to me is my way of healing and has always been. >> our thoughts and prayers are with olivia, and honey, we cannot wait to see you get back on to the stage. >> 100%. simon cowel givess u a sneak peek at "america's got talent" premiere. >> she's got a real shot. >> amy schumer versus kelly clarkson. why kelly has an there's a story behind my skin. it's a mosaic of all the faces before it. only true match has l'oreal's technology to match your skin's unique tone and undertone. 100% guaranteed. there's only one true match for me. and it's perfect. from l'oreal.
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low. >> have you watched the bachelor? >> well played. >> mila and ashton poppeded up on the bachelor because they were leading an obstacle course challenge in order to find husband material for rachel. >> i love that mila and ashton are big fans of the show. they watch the show and they have a little cocktail, you know? >> just like the rest of us. rose all day, buddy. meanwhile, tonight is the return of "america's got talent". >> i visited simon cowel in beverly hills to see what surprised him this time around. ♪ ♪ >> i didn't believe, by the way, that was her, first of all. no, she saw me doing that. she's, like, 11. she's got a real shot. >> when bombarded with ventriloquists, pole sitters and fire spinners it's the audience helping simon get a read. >> you've got 2,000, 3,000 people behind you and it's
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good there is a different kind of energy you feel behind you. >> that was amazing and when it's really good the place goes crazy. the funny thing is they can spot them as well, instantly. ♪ >> no way. >> tonight we'll see how those fans react to the piano-playing chicken. ♪ ♪ >> but if there ever is a rejection, new host tyra banks, now mom to 16-month-old york, is there to dry the tears. >> especially when a child gets a no i'll give them a mama hug and tell them it will be okay. >> i just want to be held by tyra. >> how different is it working together on agt when you started as models together. >> now we talked about different things and then it was about lashes and eye color and now it's about school and how you do this when you travel here and there. it's cute. >> i don't care whaty
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about. they're still supermodels to me until the end of time. >> airing right after agt is the premiere of jennifer lopez's new competition dance show "world of dance". >> i'm ready fhior ts show, j. lo. >> still ahead -- >> i'm having a boy. >> kevin hart on his new baby and delivery room etiquette. >> i've been here before. i don'ot g in the back half. i stay up. >> you don't go low. >> no. no! >> plus how gal gadot filmed "wonder woman" while nine months pregnant. >> kelly clarkson's family feud face-off. >> it's fun watching celebrities squirm. closed captioning provided by --
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bite into magnum double caramel... ♪ and unleash your wild side. ♪ ♪ made with silky vanilla bean ice cream and rich belgian chocolate. ♪ discover magnum. ♪ give me kelly! give me amy, let's go! >> yes, that really is kelly clarkson versus amy schumer and it is a celebrity family feud that you do not want to miss. kelly confesses she is more comfortable belting out a song than she is putting her hand on the famous buzzer. >> when i talk i get nervous and i feel like i'm beyonce in my head, but, like, obviously -- but when i have
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is, like, blah. it's bad. >> the new voice coach may have an advantage. season three of celebrity family feud was shot on a familiar sound stage. >> she is from the original "american idol". >> this is actually the studio. >> this is the studio. so i feel like i have home field advantage. >> ladies, here we go. woe have the top seven answers. one of you is headed to youtube. >> we are all big, like, family feud dorks. i feel, like, i have a crew of, like -- people that support me when i answer questions. >> kelly's crew includes her sister and three best friends. >> yes! >> amy enlisted her sister, brother, his wife and a friend to try to take down the idol alum all for charity. >> amy, we've got two strikes and you've got to be careful. >> celebrities are out of touch a lot of times. you ask them a regular question and they haven't had a regular life and it's fun watching celebrities squirm. >> name something a wife might
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do to her bald husband's bed in the bedroom. >> rub it. >> rub it. [ cheers and applause ] >> amy's answer from there got a little x-rated, but i do want you to know the show premieres on june 11th and hopefully they'll share everything with you. >> i went head-to-head with kevin hart, and i had to clear something up right away because kevin cleared up the facts that he's got a baby boy in the face. >> last time we were together we looked each other right in the face. >> we have a relatiiponsh. >> we do. >> and we looked each other in the eye and i saidil wl you add to the family? do you think you'll start a family? >> i was trying to keep it as cool as possible. y>>ou gave a little look. you're, like -- >> and then i was, like, i can't. >> kevin and e niniko made thei announcement on mother's day. >> are youdy
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diapers? >> no. not at all. i have two kids. i'm not doing that. >> get up and stop that game and get up and wipe that boy butt! >> this is her first and you've done this before. >> i've been here before. >> does she want to hear that? >> no. you can't say it. this is the first time i've actually said that. you can't say that to her. whatever she says you have to make it like it's the first time. >> yeah. of course, honey. >> yeah. i'll trd with you. >> what's it is a? until she's in the hospital. >> and that's when -- >> all hell breaks loose. >> i don't go in the back half. i stay up. >> oh, do you? >> you don't go low. >> i don't go -- no. no! you looked? >> kev, i filmed it. >> ain't no way. >> just don't be surprised if kevin posts a delivery room shot like the ones he's posted on the set of jumanji with the rock. hollywood's $120 million man also just finished shooting
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starts sunday and not to mention this. >> he'll be fine. what could possibly go wrong? >> why, thank you, vehicle person. >> did we just create a superhero? >> yes, kevin is a voice in "captain underpants" the first epic movie based on the kids' book that has sold $80 million copies worldwide. ♪ >> how did you get "captain underpants". >> i don't have time to fit everything in. as we were sitting here now, i just took a nap while you were talking. >> in between questions. >> in between, and i woke up that fast. >> i just took a nap really quick? >> between the two words? >> that's what i love about kevin, he does it all. >> yes, he does. there was no snoozing during my interview with gal gadot unless she can sleep standing up. she's fighting her way through major, major back pain, but there's nothing that can stop wonder woman. >> you've g
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are you okay? >> i'm okay. i just threw my back out. it happens. >> because of her bad back, gal stood during my interview. she also has her hands full as a new mom. >> what really bothers me is sitting. so i can stand and lay down and when i'm standing with the baby and you know, you find you just work around it. >> her second child, daughter maya, was born in march. you can't see a baby bump under the skin tight wonder woman suit, but for some of the scenes it was there. >> you were pregnant when you were filming parts of this, still? did that impede anything? >> we shot the movie and then i went straight into "justice league." at the end of "justice league" i did have to do additional photography for this one, five months pregnant and i had a funny costume and we cut a big triangle and painted green, and i came to work, me and maya, we came to work together. >> in the
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diana on a secret island of female warriors. >> when we were shooting the saddle scene in italy, i felt the sisterhood. it was so much fun. all of us women working together. it was really cool because all of the men came to be with the wives or girlfriends and they were walking around with strollers. it was like a new era. >> a new universe. >> it was so much fun for everyone. >> what's so craze bethat? when my wife is in court? daddy takes over. >> daddy day care, frazier? >> you bet. >> when we come back we're hanging with the star of "the american" as she cements her place in hollywood history. ♪ ♪ you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america.
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primal consideration provided by -- you know, kerri russell has come a long way since "felicity". >> got me through adolescence. >> she got her star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> yes, she did, and we joined keri for the celebration. >> an incredible honor, obviously, and it's so special to be a part of this.
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>> a longtime partner and co-star on "the americans" matthew reese was there, but keri's kids had other plans. >> i think my daughter willa would have liked to have dressed up but they're on a camping trip. >> and j.j. abrams is her friend who she met on the mickey mouse club. >> i guess my rapping on the
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