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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 31, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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how do you get a kid ready for college when your only hope was that he would survive the streets. >> a d.c. cab driver accused of hurting one of his passengers. a police department facing a list of allegations. >> the chief decided to go behind me, take a pool cue, bring it up inside my skirt, between my legs. >> should you be looking out for needles if you pump gas? we'll verify. >> and a i mid pomp and circumstance,
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wusa 9 at 11:00 starts now. these young men, we can't forget them. the graduating class of 2017 from friendship public charter school. 17 of them got full rides to the universities. celebrated full of emotion. >> no exaggeration to say these young men came face to face with at the time death. they are getting ready for a new chapter of life. >> more students to college than any other charter school in the district. but what is it like to get your child ready for higher education when your only hope for 18 years was that he or she would survive on the street? here's delia goncalves. >> what does it take to dodge crime scenes in your own backyard when according to police records, while you were in high school, six people died and about 100 people were shot in your own neighborhood. >> i have been praying over them. >>
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>> meet vincent mcclane and his mom, jovanna anthony. >> you are bound to do great things. there is something special in you. >> she lifted them up. and vincent rose to the challenge, getting a four-year, full ride to the university of san francisco as a design major. >> when i saw the acceptance letter from san francisco, i bawled like a baby. oh my goodness, i was so happy for him and so grateful. >> he's not going to be on the west coast. >> to the teachers who are more than mentors, not only paying for college graduation, but introducing vincent to their west coast families, they opened up a whole new world of possibilities that this young man, as the first in his family, can go to college, can drive to do great things, can change the course of his future. >> i felt like i would go on to
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think it would be like this. >> and congress heights, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> violated in their own house, that's how leaders at the national museum and culture say they are feeling after visitors found a noose there, left in an exhibit on segregation. john henry is on that for us tonight. >> whether it be on the american university campus, or at a middle school in anne arundel county. hatred continues to rear its ugly head in our area. >> in these times, there are people that have those kind of feelings. >> the latest target, the national maw see yum in culture. right now, there are still many questions as to how a person could put up a noose inside this building. the museum would not comment on whether surveillance cameras caught the incident. the deputy director did tell us one thing, however, it was an act of cowardness. >> there are people who, for whatever reason, can't seem to find a way to live with their
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>> unfortunately, this is not the first noose to be found on the national mall. a few days ago, another person found a noose nearby the museum. right now, it's too early to tell whether the two cases are connected. >> somebody making a statement and it's just pure ignorance. >> u.s. park police are investigating both cases. in the meantime, this museum will not let anything stop it from spreading the story of the black experience in america. from the national mall. >> at the end of the day, it's important work. >> john henry, wusa 9. >> a series of lawsuits filed by former police officers in maryland paint a picture of a department allegedly infected by workplace intimidation, sexual assault, and officer misconduct, they say, goes right to the top. some of the allegations go back almost a decade. coming up in june, there's an important court hearing, so when tonight's special assignment unit report, our scott broom takes a deeper dive into both sides of the many allegations. >> here, if the clai
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lawsuits by these expolice officers are true, it would mean the police department has operated like a rogue paradise for nearly a decade. police chief, buddy accused of sexually assaulting an officer's wife, firing anyone who complained about it. looking the other way when his supporters did wrong. and even ordering racist police tactics. but are the claims made by these exofficers in their lawsuits true? judges have already ruled that some of the exofficers were fired for good reason. but that didn't stop them from suing the town anyway. >> this is something that we've had to deal with for six years. >> donna is the wife of fired police officer frank schmidt. chief buddy sexually assaulted her at a department christmas party in 2008. and the sworn affidavit of a former police officer backing her up. >> the chief decided to go behind me, take a pool cue, bring it up
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inbetween my legs. >> the chief of police. correct. i knew that it would hurt frank. so, i didn't say anything. >> former police officer, wrote in an affidavit, quote, she walked away with a look at disbelief on her face, he went on to describe a crude remark he made. >> if you speak out against him, he's going to come after you. he told us in a staff meeting. >> former police officer claim in their lawsuit, they heard the same language in staff meetings at the police station. and claim they were threatened if they dared to make an issue of it. >> you tell us, numerous times, multiple times, he wanted to throw up on a pool table. and -- >> he told you guys that? >> he told both of us numerous times. >> about my partner's life, yeah. >> the chief had continued to make remarks thug
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department of his wishes to have sex with me. >> no one told frank. donna kept quiet for a long time, because she feared retaliation. >> a year and a half later, frank and i were talking and i decided to tell him. >> when the news finally breaks for you, what happened? >> i have not been the same since. i kept it inside, too. i don't want to be fired, but i wanted to do the right thing. what do i do? do i keep my job and keep my house and keep my kids happy so they can go to college or do i do the right thing and protect my wife and her honor and that's what i did. and since then, i lost everything. >> and he stood up and fought and look what he got from it. he lost his job. i opened my mouth. i lost my job. he opened his mouth, he lost his job. him being second in command, stood up for another officer,
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and they abolish his position. >> lieutenant joseph is the former deputy chief. he was his right hand man, but he ended up out of a job, too. >> you'll have to pick an allegiance here, or what side of the fence you're going to be on. whether it's going to be serious consequences down the road for you. >> he's a bully. >> the lawsuit alleges rob shaw carried out quote, a campaign of harassment and humiliation. frank's lawsuit claims he was targeted with an internal investigation over damage to a police car and eventually fired, reinstated, and then fired again. during the process, a hearing board violated officer schmidt's rights when the chief stacked the panel, according to a maryland circuit court ruling. schmidt was fired a second time on allegations of overusing leave and poor job performance, this time an appeals court upheld the firings. despite being a seasoned officer having over a decade of experience, officer schmidt
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being reinstated. special courts appeals judge wrote in the court's opinion. >> that hurts the credibility of frank schmidt and judges upheld the firings of stone. they were caught hanging out at convenience stores and up at the prince georges hospital center parking lot instead of being out on patrol. stone was fired when they made false entries on their logs, according to court records. the town fixed gps tracking devices on the police cruisers. courts upheld those firings because of the officers failure to exhaust administrative remedy. >> they were no shows at their trial board hearings on the advice of their lawyer at the time. the officers claim they were set up to fail and targeted for investigations that no other officers with serious allegations raised against them have faced. stone claim rob shaw imposes discipline in a desperate and arbitrary manner. other officers who did not se
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more serious misconduct, but were never forgetted for investigations. the fired officers claim a rogue colleague was involved in a hit-and-run dui accident that was intentionally not investigated by the department. another, they claim, has been padding his time card for years in his town showing him going home early will prove it. they accused chief rob shaw of correcting his white officers, if they saw a black person out late at night, they would ascertain why they were in the town, and officers were ordered, quote, if there's more than one black person in a car, there's marijuana present and they should investigate. this all comes off sounding like a police department here. that might be out of control. >> it's a public meeting. >> mike callahan didn't like it when i asked about the case at a winter town council meeting. council members said they couldn't talk either. >> it is, you know, currently being litigated. >> town leaders never opened
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of rob shaw's behavior, and breeched their duty to investigate, according to the lawsuit. >> people come to me, i'm going to go to them. >> i met chief rob shaw where he refused an on camera interview, because the allegations are personnel matters. in a sworn deposition, he denies everything and says his accusers are liars. it's your contention that all lying, rob shaw answered, that's correct. >> what about the people of the town? >> they have no idea what is going on. they have no idea. >> the mayor, mike callahan, said he has been doing a good job cutting crime here over the years. the chief has the support of the town council. and the mayor says there's no need to investigate this while it's all being litigated in court. if chief rob shaw, or the police department did anything wrong, the mayor says it will be up to a judge to decide. in
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>> attorneys for the town will ask a judge to throw out a lawsuit by stone, gazinsky at a hearing june 20. the case is scheduled to be tried by a federal jury in october. this is not the first time he has been accused of wrong doing. you can learn more about his history by going to our wusa 9 mobile app or website, just search, special assignment unit. i would verify another facebook post gone viral. this one a warning about gas pumps and hyperdeterminic needles. >> tomorrow is the beginning of june and the first day of summer. it's 6:00, it's going to have a cool day. a look ahead to the weekend. plus, we'll bring you a surprising view of what the future could look like for d.c. you're watching wusa 9 at 11:00.
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narrator:to do time is what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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o and in congress i voted for obamacare because it was wrong that a million virginians weren't covered while insurance companies held all the power. now i'm running for governor because it's wrong that most virginia incomes haven't gone up in 20 years. together, we can stop donald trump, raise wages and build an economy that works for everyone. and we'll make sure this never happens in virginia. the fbi, they need your help, tracking down a man who did something unthinkable to a young girl. and if that wasn't bad enough, it happened on memorial day at arlington national cemete
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during a wreath laying ceremony. this person touched the little girl inappropriately. here's what he looks like. about 5'5" to 5'7". short, spikey, black and gray hair. authorities describe him as hispanic between 50 and 60 years old. you can help catch this guy, call the fbi. in the district, serious charges for a cab driver, police believe he raped and kidnapped a woman from virginia. stephanie ramirez has the police report. >> you're a young woman, this is definitely something you'll want to hear. court documents say a young boman was out drinking with her yfriend just this past weekend, and the court documents don't say everything. they don't explain what haened to her boyfriend. what it does say is early saturday, she woke up in the backseat of the cab with a driver on top of her. that driver was having sex with her. court documents say the victim became hysterical and started to push him, hit him, then it says the driver t goback behind the wheel and began to drive.
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wouldn't let her out. now we're on 16th street northwest, where a plan tells police he was passing the cab when he heard the screams of the victim through a closed windows and saw her waving for help. that man, according to court documents, decided to turn around, he used his car to stop the cab. police say he is the one who called 911. the police arrested 24-year- old, yarid. by the way, he told police a different story that the victim wanted to go to downtown silver springs. that's where investigators say the suspects, the cab driver, also lives. in northwest d.c., stephanie ramirez. >> the suspect does not appear to have a criminal history. he's now facing suspension from his job and he is headed to court tomorrow morning. >> the most mundane task could be putting you in grave danger. another life changing facebook post that is sure to scare the hell out of you
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to your core. pumping gas, we all do it. but none of you have ever seen this, right? that's a needle sticking out from right underneath the lever of a gas pump. now this picture and the facebook post have been shared tens and thousands of times over the last week. st post says some devilish people are now sticking hiv infected needles on the gas pump handles. already online, there are a slew of people reporting that this is made up, fake news, a hoax. total bs. but guess what? i can verify that this story is true. kind of. now this is from fox 11 in los angeles. they talked to a man, jose medina, who says it happened to him. he made a police report, the cops are investigating. so why all the fuss about this being a potential hoax? here's where the confusion is coming from. okay, so this type of story, it isn't new. in fact, we can trace it, and i did, all the way back to 2000. when an e-mail chain started
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landing in people's inboxes warning them about this same thing. it was quickly dismissed as a hoax. in 2013, the same fake story started getting circulated on facebook, again, dismissed as a hoax. people are seeing this new post about the california incident, remembering the hoax, and thinking this latest one is a fake. well here's a post from the daughter of the victim. it says, my father's lab work came back negative. but he'll be getting followup tests and it says towards the bottom. people are taking the photo, her dad took and adding different stories to it. like saying the needle has the aids virus. bottom line, don't believe anything you read. unless you trust the source. in this case, the police are involved, local tv stations are reporting the incident as well. but if you see a post without sources, without attribution, do some research. send me a screen shot for a link. i'm going to verify it
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send me a big fat juicy e-mail. we can verify tonight, topper is on deck, ready to talk about a terrific thursday, tell us all about it. >> we've earned it after 21 days of rain in may. we're going to verify a 3- degree guarantee. we went for a high today of 82 and the high was 80. we made it. we're going to go for a high tomorrow of 84. it will be spectacular. dew points in the low 60s. tomorrow, it's going to be in the 50s. that means dryer air will move in. bus stop, 58 to 75. a little patchy fog, should not be driving, gorgeous thursday and friday. a great day. showers and storms return over the weekend. but at this point, saturday, looks better than sunday. we might get out early sunday, but right now, plans for saturday as opposed to sunday. 84 sunday. maybe even 80 or close to it on saturday.
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on sunday and monday of next week. so, future cast. 6:00 in the morning, low 60s and upper 50s and pretty much clear as a bell. by 9:00, we're 70, downtown, already 70 in leesburg. 69 in frederic. and then we get into the 1:00 hour. look at this. upper 70s to near 80. low humidity, a light northwest wind. talk about a great day to eat outside. take your lunch outside. burn time tomorrow is about 18 minutes. you're not going to feel yourself getting cooked, and you will get cooked tomorrow. by 10:00, about this time tomorrow night, 63 in gaithersburg. 67 in fredericksburg. another night, we can probably rest the ac. so, day planner, 60s downtown. we'll be in the upper 50s and 76 by 11:00. just gorgeous. 78. 79 by 1:00 with full sun. friday, great finish to the week as well. 81. pleasant on saturday. a few clouds late and near 80 again. next ten days, here are your showers and storms late sunday and then
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monday and tuesday of next week, and much, much cooler on wednesday. left over showers, temperatures struggle to get to 70. >> now, four things that have happened since you left work. here is tiger woods failing that field sobriety test. police dash cam video, officers say he had a tough time even keeping his eyes open. killer new video here from the pentagon. a missile tracks down and takes out a mock icbm over the pacific. basically, a bullet hitting a bullet in midair. $244million taxpayer dollars. >> a lady can't get to the boost by her backyard pool. caterpillars, the place is crawling with them. and grabbing a tiger by the tail, the beach version. a guy in atlantic beach, florida, drags the stranded shark back to the deeper water. don't look this in the mouth. we have some just released
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camera footage that shows what happened during one of the deadliest mass shootings in american history. 49 people killed by a gunman at the pulse nightclub in orlando last summer. the gunman, omar matin was holding hostages so law enforcement couldn't take him out. that standoff lasted three hours until police stormed the building and killed him. >> our partners are reporting that president trump is telling his allies he is pulling the u.s. out of the paris climate deal. he has gotten advice from the hill. even the pope. but it's not official yet, he has been known to change his mind. the big announcement set forth at 3:00 tomorrow. >> and that is sure to have set climate experts, adding to worries. it shows washington as a water world in just
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here's pete muntin. >> global warming could cause the icecaps to melt. the sea level could rise 12 feet by the year 2100. here's washington, national stadium flooded in through the east gate. over to reagan national airport, a similar story, the entire tarmac covered by water. on the national mall, things no the looking good there either. the title basin and the reflecting pool also under water. >> this is not a likely scenario, but it is one that is increasingly plausible. >> a scientist with climate central. it's the nonprofit that put this together. the data comes from a government agency. the national atmospheric administration. >> pretty much, every coastal city in the u.s. would be impacted. and things we don't think about, like d.c. >> they made it so you can see this on google earth. the visuals mean real numbers. sea level rise would impact the most people in new york, but this image speaks
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leaders here. >> we certainly hope that helps leaders to understand the consequences and facts behind the choices that they are making. >> pete mintin, wusa 9. >> and the news at 11:00 continues after this.
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now, wusa 9 game on sports brought to you by exfinty. the pittsburgh penguins are punishing the predators. stanley cup finals game two tonight. a fan of the national predators was charged after throwing a cat fish on the ice. how did he get it into the arena, topper? he hit it in his crotch. later, he late reallily referred to himself as a dumb red neck with a bad idea. charges have been dropped, he has been ordered to take a shower. 4-1, the penguins won tonight, they are up 2-1. lesli. >> something is fishy about that story. >> fishy for sure. we'll
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