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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 1, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, june 1st, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump announces today if he'll pull out of the paris climate agreement signed by nearly 200 countries, and the president launches a new feud with hillary clinton on twig over russia and the election. newly released video dash cam shows tiger woods struggling to answer questions over his suspected dui. and a documentary for showtime. the russian strong man talks about why he's still alive after multiple assassination attempts. but we begin this morning with today's "eye openerou
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world in 90 seconds. >> this is a campaign promise he madeut, b that campaign promise is going to undermine american leadership, it's going to undermine our national security. >> the world waits for president trump's decision on the paris climate accords. >> details are still being lifina azed,nd the president has been known to change his mind last minute. >> you know, must-see tv. what'sng goi to happen with this. former fbi director james comey is going to be asked about chisntommes in meetings with president trump. >> it's definitely going to be a hard hit for this community. >> police have released video of tiger woods' dui arrestha tt shows tiger woods disoriented and confused. >> are you okay? >> what are we doing? >> lebron james southern california mansion was vandalized with a racial slur. >> no matter how much money you ngot,o matter how famous you are, being a
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is very htfrigening. a malaysian airline flight landed shortly after takeoff awhen man tried to get inside the cockpit. two bounties confronted a fugitive at gunpoint. >> all that -- a driver left his tanker before it be acamefen inrno on a highway. >> all that -- >> and all that matters. >> goes completely covfefe over it. >> a small group of people know exactly what he meant. >> on "cbs this morning." >> i thought it was a hidden message to the russians. >> kind of like maybe it was going to be the word coverage and then -- >> i don't know about america but donald trump has definitely made twitter great n.
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say what you want. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump will reveal today if the united states will withdraw from a worldwide agreement to fight climate change. sources tell cbs news the president told senior advisers he will drop the paris climate accord. it was signed by former president obama. president trump said yesterday he's still hearing arguments from both sides. if he pulls out, it will put the u.s. at odds with nearly every other country on earth. 195 world leaders have signed the agreement in 2015. >> president trump tweeted he will reveal his decision at a rose garden ceremony this afternoon adding "make america great again." major garrett is at the white house. major, good morning. >> good morning. conservas
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out of the paris accord makes it clear that it's won. now, if the u.s. does pull out of the pact, it would join russia as the only other industrialized nation to accept and then reject the protocols. the only two nations who didn't sign many the first place, syria and nicaragua. >> you're going to find out very soon. >> by that, the president meant today. the topic? the paris climate accord and the greenhouse gas emissions in the hopes of slowing global warming. >> steve bannon, scott pruitt and others have urged the president the withdraw. >> we're going to cancel the paris climate agreement. >> mr. trump decided to do just that after conferring with the g7 leaders in italy. but some voices are pushing back, n
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rex tillerson, daughter ivanka and top economic adviser cohen. what's more is microsoft and intel have purchased a full page ad in today's "new york times" arguing the agreement generates jobs and economic growth and withdrawing could expose us to retaliatory measure. the paris accord was adopted in december of 2015. it is not a treaty but a voluntary commitment for nations to set and meet pollution reduction goals. more than 190 nations have agreed to the framework and a taxing system to help poorer nations reduce greenhouse gas emissions. >> this is one of those things where we're in it all together. >> reporter: in 2015 president obama told norah o'donnell he considers it one of his most important achievements. >> you can't build a border wall when it comes to carbon emissions or global temperatures or the ea
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say that what he is looking to do is renegotiate terms of the paris climate accord. it's unclear whether other nations will join in those talks. advocates say that's a man to clean up technology and those around it. one official said america cannot win that battle if it's not even on the playing field. norah? >> all right, major. thank you so much. hillary clinton is speaking out saying she suspects those working for donald trump provided guidance to russian propaganda efforts during the campaign. she brought it up yesterday as she discussed why she lost the presidential race. president trump responded on twitter last night saying, quote, clinton refuses the say she was a terrible candidate. clinton responded, people in covfefe houses shouldn't throw covfefe. that was in reference to
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night. jan crawford has more. good morning. >> good morning. it's the first time she's accused president trump of collusion. she said propaganda on social media websites helping contribute to her loss and she said there's merit with false stories with the public who had detailed voter data. >> you're leaning trump. >> yes, i'm leaning trump. i think it's pretty hard not to. >> speaking at a tech conference clinton said trump helped the russian government spread misinformation about her. >> the russians based on my opinion and those involved could not have known how to weapon nice that information unless they had been guided. >> guided by americans. >> guided by americans and guided by people who had polling and data information. >> reporter: she blamed former fbi director comey for her
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talk about my e-mails but wouldn't talk about the investigation of the russians. >> and said she inherited nothing from the democratic national committee. >> its tata was mediocre, poor, wrong. >> on twitter donald trump fired back. crooked hillary clinton now blames everybody but herself. clinton compared the president's twitter tactics similar to a circus. >> covfefe, trending worldwide. mamt for a moment you'll forget the latest accusations of them conspiring with russia. >> sean spice r -- clinton said she knew exactlying what the kind message meant. >> i thought it was a hidden message to the russians. >> when asked why she
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campaign more she pushed back. she thought the campaign was doing well, in michigan and wisconsin. she said the information was not as reliable as i wished. >> thank you, jan. fired fbi director james comey could testify as early as next week. he's expected to talk about the president asking for loyalty and his request to stop investigating then national security adviser michael flynn. special counsel robert mueller gave comey the go-ahead to testify in front o the senate intelligence committee in public. he's not expected to testify on the russian investigation meddling. police dash cam video footage shows tiger woods on the day of his dui arrest. they were mounted on two of the police cruisers. he was confused and unable to perform the simple tasks. jeff glor reveals more. good morning. >> good morning. the police reed
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everything from finding woods' car on a road in jupiteren till he arrived at the county jail in back of a police cruiser. >> are you okay? wh's wrong. >> what are we doing? >> the dash cam videos describe what police officers confirmed earlier this week. tiger woods mumbled his words. >> a through z and make sure every one is correct. >> reporter: had trouble keeping his balance, and when asked to recite the alphabet became confused. >> what were the instructions? put your hand behind your back, okay? more minutes later they made their decision. >> i'm placing you under arrest for driving under the influence, okay? >> what his friends,
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fellow golfers are used to seeing. >> just the aura about the guy was so special. i miss that out here because i really do want to play against him at his best and i want him to be healthy. >> police say woods was asleep behind the wheel when they arrived around 2:00 a.m. monday. both driver side tires on woods' black mercedes were badly damaged. >> did you have anything to drink today in. >> no. >> for sure? >> for sure. >> 100%? >> yes. >> have you taken any illegal drugs? >> no. >> prescription drugs? >> yes. >> i think there's a lot of sympathy for tiger woods even though some think he's a villain. he's had a difficult life as successful and as wealthy as he's become. >> two breathalyzers conducted by police showed tiger woods to have
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zer zero, it was said he's a member of our family and we're going to do everything we can to support him. >> very difficult to watch. >> yeah. they're going to look closely at whatever prescription drugs he was taking that may have led to this. one person is dead and two people are dead after a large explosion rock ed last night. it's north of madison. dean is near the scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can still see the smoke pouring from part of the milling plant that exploded hours ago. there were 16 workers inside that plant when it blew up. >> cambria fire, cambria ems, you're needing at
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milling. >> reporter: the blast was so strong it shook nearby homes. >> i live four blocks away from the plant. i heard the explosion. power when out immediately. >> reporter: emergency crews and at least four medical helicopters rushed into the scene. the explosion leveled the three- to four-story plant. >> we have several burned individuals. >> we're on the scene. i see visibly five walking wounded. >> reporter:didion is a staple of this small town. >> it supports our parks, et cetera. so any loss for them is a loss for us. >> reporter: nayeli hernandez works at the plant and said two of her
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>> we're all close. we're a small town. i'm sure everyone sends out their prayers to everyone and their family. we hope the ones that are still missing are found and safe. >> reporter: now, cbs news has reached out to the president of this plant but has yet to hear back from him. federal regulators have cited the plant for serious safety violations several times over the last decade. gayle? >> thank you very much, dean. new video shows a deadly shoot-out between two bounty hunters inside a texas car dealership. that cell phone video captured tuesday's gun fight that left three people dead. david begnaud is outside the car dealership in greenville, texas. good morning. >> reporter: tuesday morning the two bounty hunters showed up. there was a fugitive inside they were looking
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then eventually moved in. the suspect was prepared. he had a handgun. he went for it and dropped it. two boyne tell hunters tried to apprehend ramon hutchinson. they approached with guns drawn. then about 20 shots ring out. the shoot-out shattered windows and sent people running. the suspect was shot including fidel garcia jr. and gabriel bern bernal. >> there's been a shooting. i'm in the bathroom. please hurr
7:16 am
hutchinson. >> reporter: stu peters is a bail investigator who helped track hutchinson. he then handed it over to fidel garcia. >> he called me later on and said he was going to be at a car i heard from him. t was the last >> reporter: in texas a boyne tell hunter can carry hand curves and a gun but cannot pretend to be an offer. they can make aarrest. dustin steal was a bounty hunter for 30 years. >> they described themselves as federal agents to the car manager and a receptionist. a friend said he
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misrepresent himself like that. >> thanks, david. police are investigating a possible hate crime against nba star lebron james. the lapd said someone spray painted the "n" word across the gate of his mansion. it was removed. he and his family was not there. tonight is game one of the finals tonight. >> lebron james has never been one to shy away from commenting on social issues especially racism and with this latest incident impacting james directly, it comes as no surprise he addressed issue head on reminding people he doesn't feel equal in america. >> know matter how much money you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, being black in america is tough, and we've
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got a long way to go. >> the day before game one of the nba finals, lebron james struck a sobering tone about race in america after police say someone spray painted the "n" word on the front gate of his los angeles home wednesday morning. >> racism will always be a part of the world, a part of america, a and, you know, hate in america, especially for african-americans is living every day. >> reporter: unlike other contemporary superstars, three-time nba champion has been vocal about social issues. >> lebron has never lost track of it. >> reporter: bill rhoden covered sports for years. >> there's been a history of in particular shying away from anything that might, you
7:19 am
endanger endorsements. pbeen refreshing as an athlete, an american athlete, of not backing away from it. >> game one of the nba finals is tonight. james said despite the incident, he'll be focused on the game. he also said basketball comes after his family and being a role model for kids in this country. >> he's got so much mental discipline, he can focus. >> i'm so glad he's speaking out. but it's so painful in 2017 -- we just had this story last month. in 2017, we're still talking about this. >> no matter the money, no matter the prestige, it does not matter. >> that's right. >> thank you, dana. russian president vladimir putin said he is not worry about the risk of being assassinated.
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ahead, cnn
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covfefe isn't a typo. it's a fantastic new word. >> the national spelling bee could all come down to this. >> the word is "covfefe." >> can you use it in a sentence? >> despite the negative sentence, it's covfefe. >> can you use it in full sentence? >>. >> >> covfefe, c-o-v-f-e-f-e. >> that is correct. congratulations. you win a job in the white house. >> what? no. >> i think that word
7:31 am
is going to be around for a long time. i still think he was trying to say "coverage." >> it looks like they've picked up your pronunciation of cover fifi. >> i've heard it many ways. >> he looks like he needs to get more sleep. >> we all do. >> we all need to get more sleep. >> covfefe and i heard covfefe. kathy griffin will no longer host the new year's eve countdown. >> she was fired after holding a bloodied head. first lady melania trump issued a strong statement, she said as a mother, a wife, and a human being that's very disturbing. with what's happening in the world today, that is simply wrong. here's a look at this morning's headlines from around the globe. they look at the aftermath o
7:32 am
so far there's no claim of responsibility. the blast killed at least 90 people. at the united states embassy, nine afghan guards were killed. 11 were wounded. it was one of the worst attacks since the international draw down of forces in 2014. the "washington post" said the administration is working ha hand back two compounds to russia. one is in maryland and the other on the eastern shore. remember they ejected russian officials from the property in december as punishment for moscow's interference in the 2016 election. well, last month the trump administration told the russians it would consider returning the property if they would lift the freeze on the consulate in st. petersburg. the u.s. and russia have reached no agreement. passengers tackled and tied up a man who tried to
7:33 am
the cockpit of a malaysian airlines plane while it was in the air. cell phone video shows them carrying the man off by his arms and legs down the aisle. the passenger had said he had threatened o blow up the plane ten minutes after it took off from melbourne. he had just been released from a psychiatric hospital. police say there is no terrorist link here. oliver stone says he doesn't have a full picture of president putin. he plans to change that. they had discussions over the years. they were shot in two years. in one discussion putin talks about multiple assassination attempts but he is not worried about his safety. >> and in 2012 you run for president and you win by 63%? >> you're right. >> three times president, five assassination
7:34 am
not as much as castro, who i've interviewed. i think he must have had 50. there were at least five i heard about. >> in other words, you trust with your security. >> yes. >> you try to get into the security of the president. >> what is your fate, sir?
7:35 am
>> a lot of people would like to have two hours with vladimir putin to talk to him even though this took place over two years. >> he said those who are hanged are not destined to be drowned. very curious to what he has to say. charlie, you've talked to him. >> i have indeed. they will be aired june 1 th on showtime, a division of cbs. that morning on showtime oliver stone will join us right here in studio 57. >> so we'll have more of that. a chinese company who has made shoes for the ivanka trump brand has denied accusations about low wages. three activists investigating
7:36 am
either arrested or have disappeared. the company says it stopped making ivanka trump brand shoes in march. ben tracy is in beijing about the growing concern of the missing investigators. ben, good morning. >> good morning. so these three men were worked for a u.s. based organization called china labor watch. this is an organization that's ben investigating poor working conditions here in china for about 14 years now. they've never seen chinese authorities crack down on them in quite this way and they think it's because the trump name is involved. the ivanka trump brand style is all about style and sophistication that's grown into a $50 million brand, but this is the reality. some of her shoes have been made here at this shoe factory in china. they say three men have been investigating
7:37 am
conditions since last year and claim they documented work days that often last longer than $18 hours. how all three men have been missing since at least sunday. wife of this man tells cbs news that the police have detained her husband and accused him of illegal surveillance. william hurst is a professor and is on board of chinese labor watch. >> anyone working in this this have been detained. >> china labor watch have spent twody cades. in april the organization says it sent a letter to ivanka trump about its concerns and received no reply.
7:38 am
they told cbs news, we were unaware of the allegations and will look into them immediately. ivanka trump is well known here in china, especially after videos of her daughter singing mandarin in china. and her husband has been seen as instrumental in meetings between the president and president trump. they say they chose this factory in part because they knew that's where ivanka makes only some of her pumps. we wanted to find out if they plant to continue making products here in china given president trump's america first agenda, but they did not respond. gayle? >> thank you, ben tracy, reporting from beijing. critics fear they'll scare people away from bars.
7:39 am
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the state of utah faces opposition over a newly passed drunk driving law. it lowers the blood alcohol level from .08% to .05%. that makes it the lowest in the nation. some are fighting back as they launch a new ad campaign. carter evans is at a craft brewery in salt lake city. carter, good morning. >> good morning. according to the national highway safety administration, a
7:44 am
limit after two drinks in one hour. they're hoping it will convince people to think twice about driving drunk. an opponent want to let people know who come here it could have serious consequences. people who come to utah for vacation leave on probation. >> reluctantly, i think they have a point. >> doug is the owner of squatter's brewery. he worries the ad and the alcohol limit will scare people away. >> whatly they do? they won't come because they're afraid to drink? >> that's what we think. >> state representative norm thurston sponsored the bills and said it will save lives by deterring people from drinking and driving. >> the public impact of this is so compelling it's worth doing. >> even though you've a
7:45 am
country many. >> we're not at zero. >> it's recommended a .05% since 2013. utah will be the first state to adopt it. >> there are a lot of businesses and restaurants who are worried about it. >> it's hard to sympathize with people whose business motto is to drive and drink. >> they blatantly point out. >> this law targets moderate responsible social conservativers and it doesn't target the hard core drunk drivers that cause the vast majority of it. >> predominantly mormon, utah has been known for its liquor laws and setting out so-called zion curtains from seeing bartrs
7:46 am
and now restaurant owners say even a more difficult plan is brewing. >> tourism and hosspy tate are a major, major system in utah. i'm terrified of the effects it can have. possibilities are hoping to appeal the law or lessen the penalty. lawmakers say it's already having an impact even though it doesn't go into effect until 2018. they're hopping other states follow suit. >> thank you so much. subway passengers come together after a college graduate missed his skmoen. plus a 6-year-old girl spells her way into history. >> tapas, t-a-p-a-s, tapas. >> correct.
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stranger? only on "cbs this morning" how they're being sentenced to the stage. use words on live's lessons. former second laid of the united states, that, of course, is jill biden and former trump adviser carter page are here. they'll both be joining us at the table with two different conversations. we'll be talking to them both right after the break. it myself. spent time, money. no go. but i didn't back down. i talked to my doctor. she said: one, movantik was specifically designed for opioid-induced constipation-oic- and can help you go more often. number two? with my savings card, i can get movantik for about the same price as the other things i tried. don't take movantik if you have a bowel blockage or a history of them. movantik may cause serious side effects
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thursday, june 1st, 2017, and welcome back to "cbs this morning." former trump campaign adviser cater page is in studio 57. ahead why he says testifying to congress will clear his name. plus, how this girl made the national spelling bee at just 6 years old. but first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. president trump will reveal today if the united states will withdraw from a worldwide agreement to fight climate change. >> those close to the president say what he is looking to do is renegotiate taerms with the paris climate accord. >> this is the first time she's accused president trump with collusion with the russians. >> you canll sti see the smoke.
8:01 am
there were 16 workers inside that plant when it blew up. two bounty hunters showed up, but the fugitive was well prepared. he had a handgun. laere was a shoot-out and it sted less than six seconds. police released video. lebron james addressed the issue head on reminding us even he doesn't feel equal in america. >> covfefe. you decide. ♪ a whole new word >> covfefe. >> covfefe. >> covfefe. >> covfefe. >> corncob. >> covfefe. trump is right he really does have the best words and he spells it right. -v
8:02 am
. world leaders are braced for trump's decision later today on the paris climate accord. the president said he'll announce this afternoon if the united states will stay in or not. he said yesterday he's still hearing from people on both sides. sources tell cbs news the president has told senior aides he plans to pull out of the deal. >> we'll see. only two countries did not sign the agreement. syria and nick wag rah. this morning china and them keep fighting. the accord would be less effective without the united states. you can see the president's rose garden announcement in a special report. we'll bring it at 3:00 eastern time, 2:00 central right here n cbs. four are tied to the
8:03 am
probe. they're aimed at michael flien and nikal cohen. the other subpoenas yet yesterday went to the fbi, cia, and nsa. they're related to the unmasking of trump's associates and classified intelligence reports. former trump campaign adviser carter page is urnltd scrutiny for his contact with the russians. he wants to testify to clear his name. h was named a policy adviser back in 2016. page resigned from the campaign by september after reports came out that he had been communicating with the russians. the "washington post" obtained this year. >> the fbi believed page could have been acting as an agent of a foreign power. the president tweeted yesterday they don't want page to testify and he called the probe a witch hunt. carter page
8:04 am
innocence and he's here in studio 57. welcome. >> thank you. did you have conversations with russian agents, did you clud with them? >> charlie, across the board, no. >> no contact with -- >> well, the term agent, right? i think people are prevaerous testimony. >> the fbi must have sought so because they went and sought a fisa warrant about you. >> charlie, all i know is what's in the press. there have been a number of reports saying it was based in part on that dodgey dossier. so i'm hoping we can get some disclosure on that. >> what do you know that's relevan relevant to this russian propose question? what do you know that's relevant? >> i know everything or a vast majority of what's been out there from the get-go is
8:05 am
>> so what exactly did you do, carter, for the trump administration? sean spicer at one time called you a hanger-on and you were sent cease and desist order. were you sent cease and desist orders. what did you do for the trump administration and how did you become involved with them? >> i was an informal unpaid volunteer, right? and at the end of the day, what did i do? literally someone who was putting signs on yards in idaho did more than i did because everything that was -- i was constantly getting badgered by all this -- all these fake allegations about my supposed interaction with russian sanctioned officials, as per the dodgey dossier. >> how did you go from a volunteer to a paid
8:06 am
adviser? i'm trying to figure out what you did. >> i've about been involved in foreign policy issues going back to my days at the navel academy. i was armed negotiations actions officer in the pentagon. i've done energy deals around the world, middle east. >> and that leads you to the trump campaign how sth. >> well, i never wanted to tie people into this big controversy, this fake controversy, but there is a false report last week saying i was -- i walked in off the street and i talked with hickox who's the chairman of the republican party here and he ended up having a conversation with them to set the record straight that it was he who introduced me. >> let's set the record straight. you say you'v
8:07 am
candidate trump and president trump shah that's correct. >> why is president trump defending you like he did on twitter yesterday? >> i think it reflects the support he gives to americans in general, right? i don't know. it is extraordinarily -- >> so you welcome that support by president trump. >> what's ha? >> you welcome that support. >> i wish he didn't have to support me. i mean he's basically sticking up for civil rights in the united states given the wire tapping? why did you meet with the russian ambassador? >> meeting is a technical term. i said hello to him a cup of times in cleveland during the convention. >> have you only met with him one time? >> well, he was around for several days, right? again, i don't like talking about confidential information. everyone that was in that meeting agreed it was off the
8:08 am
record. >> do you believe the russians tried to influence the american election. >> i think the influence that was taken by the obama administration actually had a much bigger influence. >> i'm asking about the trump ee lerkz campaign. >> i don't have any information. >> to influence the election that. >> i don't see any information that you've never seen any information that would suggest that? >> i've seen a lot of information. >> you don't believe that. >> you don't believe the consensus of the u.s. intelligent community. >> i think it's -- i didn't necessarily agree with the consensus of the intelligence community in 2003 leading up to the iraq war. >> that's a different thing. the question now has to do with russian intent to meddle in russian elections. all of them believe they made that attempt to meddle. now, the question is do you believe that? >> well, i believe that's been a lot of meddling by the -- >> do you believe that the russians tried to meddle in the electi
8:09 am
agencies do believe, the cia, nsa, and others. >> you know, charlie, in 1978 -- >> a simple yes or no. yes or no. >> think secrecy -- we don't have the information. it's like senator moynihan told you in 1978. secrecy is all about government telling you wait may know. i haven't seen enough information -- >> but democrats and republicans agree on that and you're sitting here saying i don't know. >> well, i think there was also a consensus during the iraq war. >> we're talking about the russian effort to -- a very serious issue for lots of americans and lots of politicians in washington. >> i think it would be serious if there were -- >> whee is it hard for you to say? >> it's hard for me to say because i see a lot of evidence of potential collusion and also influence on the election by false propaga
8:10 am
information against attacking me and a lot of people that were supporters of the trump campaign, which is unfortunate. >> and now you're welcoming the chance to tell your side of the story to clear your name. >> i hope i can. >> okay. >> as senator moynihan talked with you nearly 20 years ago is that thank you for coming. >> 20% of children live in house hoemds without access to adequate food sometime during the year.
8:11 am
one of the adorable contestants made national history. >> nyctinasty,
8:12 am
n-y-c-t-i-n-a-s-t-y, nyctinasty. >> correct. >> that's impressive. meet the 6-year-old girl who became the youngest girl ever to spell her way to the competition. you're watching "cbs this morning." this is what my day on weight watchers really looks like. ♪ on weight watchers, i can live my fullest life and still lose weight. in the first two months, members have lost 15% more weight than on our prior program. join for free and lose 10 lbs on us! hurry, offer ends june 5th! enamel is the strong, wof your tooth surface.
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to act or not to act, that is the question for some juvenile defenders. they can choose to be part of a program involving shakespeare to earn a second chance. they can go to stage instead of lockup. michelle miller is here this morning. >> it is great. shakespeare and company to the resc rescue. jail time or acting. it seems like a pretty obvious choice for someone facing hard time. if they think that's getting off easy ask the kids if they believe in the genius of william shakes sphere and life's sonnet lessons.
8:17 am
reciting shakespeare is tough enough without adding fight scenes. >> they're like huge weapons. >> what baffles them more than anything -- >> it's a bad idea. >> that they be trusted with a weapon at all shoo so why would they do that? >> i think what they're trying to do is that prove that evenly though you have a juvenile delinquent you can trust them and they can like move on from assault and battery. also i think it's to get our anger out. >> to tania, queen of the fairies and puck our sprite are names we're using to protect their identities. both landed in court after misdemeanor offenses. >> i was fighting my dad. i had no clue i actually fought him until the cops came. >> this was their second chance. >> so you're here in
8:18 am
you're sitting here before the judge. what are you thinking you're going to get in. >> more probation and a week or two in jail. >> if shakespeare were aliving he'd most destinily end up in court. >> he began sentencing them to the bar 17 years ago because he saw the playwright as an outsider. >> shakespeare was a tyrant. he was always against way people were doing things. >> not everyone was sold. >> we think they're coddling them whether they're going away. if we don't help them get some new skills, they're going to continue on to a life of crime. >> i've got adhd and bipolar depression. so it's like the more i have to do, learned linesing i don't gets a
8:19 am
>> here teen gross to relate to one another. >> if one of us are down, we help each other out. >> and help each other find patience to stop, breathe, and then act. hope is after six weeks of playing the part something sticks. and on this night in flonlt of family, friends, and parole officers, all the world a stage. 350 kids have been sentenced to the stage. this is no walk in the park for them. they're terrified when they first get up there. there's no measure to see if these kids go back to a life of mistake, but what they're saying is it's exposing them to a new experience and gives them the confidence to move on. >> and the tools. >> and the tools. >> i know. new appreciate i bet they didn't have before for shakespeare. >> they kind of dig him. they say he's a
8:20 am
>> cool dude. >> thank you. >> quite a story. ahead, wheel talk to wonder woman director patty jenkins to become the first woman to direct a business budget superhero movie. plus a familiar face turns up on "house of cards." see the much anticipated new season of the hit netflix series. you're watching it. >> that's the "house of cards" scene. ♪ coppertone sport versus the sun. coppertone sport stays on strong when you sweat and is strong enough to stop up to 98% of the sun's damaging uv rays.
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight.
8:23 am
as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
8:24 am
the white house has yet to release one piece of information about the intended capture of those domestic terrorists. >> ico terrorists, yes. >> reports from a few hours ago, north carolina or virginia, but that's all we have. >> i love this. you might have done a double take if you started binge watching. why? because charlie makes a cameo appearance on the drama playing who? >> i think he's playing himself. >> he sparks a fire are debate between first lady claire underwood. >> it's so convincing. >> it was taped right there on my set. d
8:25 am
a 6-year-old is the youngest ever to qualify.
8:26 am
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we welcome you back to "cbs this morning" on this thursday morning. >> yeah. >> right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the seattle times" covers the unveiling of the largest aircraft. the stratolaunch was rolled out yesterday. the co-owner paul allen is bankrolling it. the aircraft is designed to carry rockets into the air before launching into space. >> i couldn't stop reading that story. >> it reminds you of howard hughes. >> it does? uk has been watching this giant crack for years.
8:31 am
last year. it's grown another 11 miles. the shelf is hanging on by a section that's only eight miles lodge. when it breaks away, it will be the largest ever recorded. slightly smaller than the staut of delaware. >> today is international children's day. they're releasing a new report that underlines stark challenges of children around the world. there are several life-changing events that disrupt childhood. they include security, mortality, violence, and lack of education, among the findings, the united states ranks 36th out of 170 countries. jill bind is the former second lady of the united states and board chair of save the children. carolyn miles is president and ceo. u ire here for an interview you'll see only
8:32 am
morning." welcome to both of you. >> good to see you both. >> thank you for putting this report together. let me start with you, dr. biden. the report notes the threats to children are across the board regardless of income level or geoff. >> right. >> what's the threat? >> well, the threat is there are several childhood enders and we put out a report. by the way, it's a global report and tells what's happening to children all over the world. and then we looked at the united states and we used five of those enders and ranked our states. so the united states globally became 36. >> carolyn, i'm so surprised by -- i should p by -- by where you were born affects kind of childhood you will have, including your health, your lodge everity and the kapd of life you have. >> that's right. and that's why for save the children this is s
8:33 am
the kind of childhood you have today will determine the kind of world we'll have in 15 years. looking at the enders of childhood, which, again, the disparities are all across the board. things like violence against children, child marriage, teen prelg nancy affect children all over the world. what we have to do is go after those kids who are most losing out. >> but we're a super power. why is the u.s. so low on the list? >> if you look at the rest testify world, we haven't made the progress everyone else has made. we've got to invest more. >> beyond money, what would we do? >> beyond money, we would get everyone involved. i mean we would get parents involved and corporations involved and
8:34 am
everyone has a responsibility. >> child ender gives me a chill. i think it's such a chilling phrase. >> i think lack of education is a huge piece because if you look at these childhood enders, we look at things like early marriage. it's important in that it ends a girl's childhood, but it also ended her education. child labor is another issue, but education is a key piece of that. >> you've done so much. 70,000 drop out of school every year. >> we did lower the dropout rate and increase the graduation rate and we did invest a lot in
8:35 am
teachers and in community colleges. there's so much more we need. >> why are they dropping out, jill? have you been able to figure that out sf. >> i think problems at home. drug use is a big one. we've just got to do better. we've got to do better through mentoring these kids through high school. >> we spend a lot of time on early education as well because getting kids that first start and making sure they're reading well. everything depends on reading. >> i like how, carolyn, you make the point that this is our future. >> that sfliets investing many our children is investing in our future and one of the things is that 28 million children around the world are displaced, living in refugee camps. i know dr. jill biden you just got back from jordan. >> refugee
8:36 am
>> right. everywhere i go to see refugee camps, it has been there. th save has been there. that's why i'm so honored. without it they can't get jobs. ud's really crucial. >> who's going to pick up the slack? >> well, i think as i said before, we all have a stake in it. >> that's got to be a call to action. >> and we're going to do it. and we're doing it today. >> before you go, are you aware joe biden has launched a political action committee? >> he did. >> that he may be thinking about running for 2020 but he hasn't made up his mind. >> joe is not going away. he loves politics. he said he would stay involved.
8:37 am
going to be involved in the midterm election that and his devotion to moonshot. >> oh, absolutely. we've goet to give hope to families who are suffering with loved ones. >> thank you so much for coming. >> thank you. >> jill biden and carolyn miles. tlooerl 300 are taking part in the 90th scripps national spelling pea. a 6-year-old girl has already made history. jan crawford has spoken with the youngest speller ever. she's there where the competition is taking place. jan, good morning. >> well, good morning, charlie. so edict fuller was just 5 years old when she qualified for the scripps national spelling bee when she earned a trip to washingtd.
8:38 am
hometown of tulsa, oklahoma. yesterday she took the show and stoel the show. >> hi, edict. >> hi. >> reporter: 6-year-old edict fuller was the belle of the bee yesterday. >> spell tapas. >> tapas, t-a-p-a-s, tapas. nyctinasty, n-y-c-t-i-n-a-s-t-y, nyctinasty. >> correct. >> as the youngest person ever to qualify for the national spelling bee, edith first had to get through her regional competition. you won't believe the meaning of her winning word. >> knowledge, used in hinduism. >>
8:39 am
>> you win. >> sometimes like to play with animals and play in the trees. >> annie and justin fuller who home school edict -- >> 6-year-old sitting in one place, not interacting with anybody for two hours is the equivalent of torture. >> edict aced the verbal test but her score wasn't quite high enough to put her in the finals. luckily she had nine more years to become a champion. >> do you want to try again next year? >> i do. >> now, the 40 spellers who made it to today's finals also spelled their words correctly but they scored higher than edith did. by getting to washington, ee death made history and she made all of us smiechlt gayle? >> i'll
8:40 am
i love everything about little edith. such a normal reaction at 6 when you don't get it and you cry and go to your dad. >> my reaction is this 6-year-old can to this and i can't. >> income nasnyctinasty and she what's the origin. i circulate a feeling we'll see edith again. >> "wonder woman" is being called the best of all time. the film director patty jenkins, in the stripes the middle. she's in our toyota green room kwhie she had to fight to bring
8:41 am
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m, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls... to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business.
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8:44 am
it's not even in the movie theaters yet but "wonder woman" is getting rave reviews. actress gal gadot plays wonder woman. she leaves her secret island of amazon and joins forces with captain trevor during world war i. >> give us the doctor's notebook. >> whereid
8:45 am
stand back. >> let's just say she chatakes m all down. this is the first to be directed be a. wo. that woman is patty jenkins, aka, a badass. she joins us at the table. good morning. >> good morning. >> i am not an action movie girl but i thought, wow, this is good. you took it to the movie producers in 2005 and it took this long to get it made. >> i didn't exactly take it to
8:46 am
rounds, you know, "super man 1" had made an image on my life. when i realize the math came together and no one has done "wonder woman," i thought, are you crazy? i would love do "wonder woman." i would say, i want to do "wonder woman" and we'd talk about it every year. >> do you think of yourself as a badass in. >> no. >> everybody else does. because even in your fight scenes, patty, you had a specific thing in mind. i just marveled at art strift of the fight scenes. >> thank you. >> what's behind it? >> it's interesting. people say how different was it doing action. my answer is not that different. you direct them like anything else. you approach it from a
8:47 am
point of view. what was fascinating here, her objective was going to be a little bit different. >> you gave specific direction. >> the interesting thing about her -- she's a super badass. she doesn't enjoy violence. it was interesting. it's never this. it's this. >> what's the difference. >> it's not, i'm going to get you. it's always staying present in the moment almost more like a martial artist. not emotional, not gleeful, not rangeful. it was fascinating to direct in that way. >> the whole mythology behind "wonder woman" is always great to revisit. everyone knows "wonder woman" d
8:48 am
and saving the world. >> he's one of my favorite things about "wonder woman." i couldn't believe the entire time about what was inur o hands. yes, e love "wonder woman," but her message is lay down those weapons, i believe in a better you in the future, which i love. >> yeah, she doesn't come from a place of revenice. >> but also you said it empowered you. >> yeah, absolutely. the greatest thing for me, i was that kid on the school yard who saw lynda carter and went racing out to where all the other kids on the playground and always fighting every other girl and when you were her in that head, you were like the bully and stop them and i
8:49 am
carter while doing it. it was like a wish fulfillment. >> she gave you the power to have that thought. >> absolutely. >> and your mom too. >> absolutely. >> you say your mom made you super aware of some of the differences of men and women but that you could do anything. >> it was interesting because my mother had been embroiled of the struggling, trying to get herself an education as a young mother. somehow i came out of the whole thing with the impression like that was too bad, mom. lucky for us those days are over. so i kind went blindly into the feature and said, that's great, but that's the past. >> huge hit. i watched it with my kids. you can see more on
8:50 am
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the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. feature and said, that's great,
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today, we find out who wins the amazing race. we gear up for summer comfort -- concert season with the d.c. jazz festival. it is thursday, june 1st and this is "great day washington." [ applause ]
8:59 am
my name is chris leary. >> i'm markette sheppard and we are your host of "great day washington" on this amazing thursday. >> nine countries, 17 cities and 36,000 miles later, tonight, one team will walk away with a $1 million grand prize on the, quote, amazing race, quote. >> we talked to a local contestant from virginia, a mother of four serving our country abroad in afghanistan. >> were happy to report that terry and her partner made it all the way to the final three teams for "amazing race." here is a sneak peek. the team mom and dad will race for $1 million. >> we are about to board -- board our final flight. >> prestige class. >> i said i'm he
9:00 am
like we have a good chance at this point. >> tear it just got back from afghanistan a few days ago and she is here. please welcome "amazing race" finalists, major tara carr. [ applause ] >> good morning! >> how exciting! >> she is a hugger, by the way. does this make you a major celebrity? good morning! >> i'm so happy. >> is this a sign of what we might see on the season finale? >> if it's any indication, yeah. >> you have 15 kids, or four. that is exciting. you are the mother of four and a major in the army and then


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