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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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this one. you never know. sometimes they see something they get distracted. i get upset with him. i don't want my baby to go missing she is a little girl and there is a lot of perverts out here. >> reporter: so far no one has claimed this little girl. >> my heart goes out to her. i hope had he find her. >> reporter: i talked to the security guard of this building here, 2900 14th street. she saw the child last night and with another individual, who saw the child, held her hand and then called mp.d. they are searching for the family and i'm told some people from this area know the family. so hopefully we can find the family and get this little girl home. peggy fox wusa9. an outpouring of support this afternoon for
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museum of african-american american history and culture. that is where someone left one of the most hated and feared symbols in all of america, a noose. it was found tossed near the kkk exhibit in the museum and police are investigating this as a hate crime. bruce johnson got an exclusive interview with museum founder and director alon any bunch. what has been the reaction to all this? >> the range. anger, disgust, surprise. it is worldwide. the web is blowing up over this. i talked to lonnie bunch. he says there is grave concern from the thousands of people who have contributed to the african-american mizzou seem. it was intentionally left in clear view so others could find it. >> yesterday afternoon a noose was found in the history galleries of the museum, near a section that looks at the kkk in the 192.
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kind of message? >> i don't know. i don't know how to read it. what i know is the noose is such a painful symbol, that, to me, this really was a very hurtful moment. >> reporter: who do you think would do such a thing? >> i think, we have no idea. was it a kid who thought this was an interesting prank? was it somebody who felt that this museum was a symbol of an america that maybe they didn't agree with? but all i know is that is reminds me why this museum is so important. >> reporter: lonnie bunch would not talk specifics about security. he did call it one of the safest museums in the country if not the world. inside and out there are protection, cameras, people with weapons, and security you don't see. now here's something positive about this hateful act. our interview from our off script broadcast had been in the works for quite some time okay? lonnie bunch and i were
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appears out of nowhere and tells the director of the african-american museum of history and culture, you have to get out there, because scores of smithsonian employees had gathered outside in a show of support and needed to see and hear from him right away. i followed along behind and recorded the scene on my iphone. >> i am so moved that you are all here. as you know, we are a family and it is so wonderful to us to see everybody come together at a time of pain, but a time that reminds us that the smithsonian is at its best when it helps people confront the issues that have divided us. when it helps people realize by working
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get to make america better. >> an incredible diverse scene. u.s. park police are investigating this noose incident. we are asking for some word from them, where does the probe stand? thus far we haven't heard anything. dray you are going to hear from people that gathered and it is really heartwarming. >> if it was meant to divide us, it showed we are united against hate. >> i would hope so. coming up at 5:30 we'll talk about the other incidents involving nooses in our area and the last known man in maryland killed by lynching. >> bruce and andrea, thank you. here is another important moment taking place outside of the white house. we are able to show you live pictures of a protest going on there, this coming several hours after the president announcing the u.s. will
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withdrawing itself from the paris climate accord, now joining syria and nicaragua as the only countries. the president argued the climate agreement is bad for american workers but said he is open to negotiating a new dole. >> reporter: so we are getting out. but we will start to negotiate, and we will see if we can make a deal that is fair and if we can, that is great. and if we can't, that's fine. former president obama actually released a statement about this, saying donald trump's decision reflects the absence of american leadership. german chancellor anglicans la americaical says she regrets the u.s. move. this quickly became the top trend on google and smithfield, eileen saying he is treating his presidency like a business agreement. did you want work like that. while richard wrote thanks for doing the job obama should have done. those were
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hundreds of comments. on our wusa9 facebook page. right now police in the philippines are looking for the people responsible for gunshots, explosions and fire at a casino resort in manila. at least 25 people were hurt. gunmen wearing masks and black shirts opened fire inside the hotel. police in manila say they haven't found any terrorist ties, but a u.s. group says an isis operative claimed responsibility for the attack. right now we are learning new details about the man accused of having guns and ammo in his car at dc's trump international hotel. ryan moles made his first court appearance this afternoon. drew? >> reporter: yeah andrea, we are actually still waiting for brian moles to make his first appearance here at
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court. when he does, we are hoping to get those new details about his intent and why dc police, the u.s. secret service were so concerned. now here is what we know at this point. a tipster called pennsylvania state police early, early yesterday morning, and said that brian moles, an er doc, a dog trainer, a former navy corpsman, was headed to the trump international hotel and that he may have evil intent. the tipster told the police he had been texting and e-mailing with moles and that moles had been talking about the oklahoma city bomber timothy mcveigh, and that he had weapons. the police and the secret service swarmed the hotel, they found holes's car in the garage at the hotel in plain view. police found a bush master
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15 assault-style weapon. and when they searched that vehicle, they say they also found a .40 caliber glock handgun and 90 rounds of ammunition for both guns. now the reason that we are here is beth to get a good look at him and to get a good look at what are called probable cause charging documents here. in those documents we expect the police to really lay out exactly the nature of the threats. moles's family can't believe this. his friends can't believe this. they say it can't be true he had evil intent. his facebook profile his other social media profiles suggest he was actually a fan of president trump and not a fan of hillary clinton. but again, we are hoping for some more answers, more details, when we finally get ahold of that probable cause document. live at dc superior court,
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bruce leshae on wusa9. two firefighters were slightly injured putting out flames, people inside managed to escape. not clear what started to fire but the damage was pretty extensive. police investigating a double homicide. a man and woman were found shot to death overnight in shadyside. police aren't releasing a lot of information, they are saying they don't believe there is any threat to the public. dc mayor telling people to tear down flyers claiming to be from immigration and customs. they appeared overnight. posters telling people it is a crime to protect illegal alien and his points to a customs and border protection hotline. but an ice spokesperson says the posters are bogus. new information on a 2-year- old little girl dropped off at holy cross hospital in silver springs. this happened on sunday. we did some digging. the girl has been released from the hospital. she is in a safe place. her mom and other relatives
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officials do know who dropped the child off at the hospital, but they are still investigating the circumstances of why and how she was dropped off. no charges have been filed at this point. we are down to the finalists in the scrips national spelling bee. >> edith miller made history as the youngest person to ever compete. >> my cti na s t y. >> still don't know what it means. edith didn't make it to the finals but 15 other whiz kids did. the winner will be crowned during a prime time spell-off this evening. some of the winning words, eczema in 1936 and again in 1956. in 1978 the
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beautification. staphylococcus. >> fortunately there is none in my coffee. we are just getting started here on wusa9 news at 5:00. topper? take a walk tonight after dinner. 71 still downtown in the comfortable mid-60s north and west. we'll come back and let you know if you can shut the ac off tonight and which day will be better over the weekend. thank you, sir, two students silenced during graduation. the heated exchange here from prince george's county. a wassy tiger woods on dash cam video. allegations of misconduct
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and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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we are following reaction to our reporting on lawsuits alleging serious misconduct in the maryland police department. so far town leaders are treating this issue as if it is radioactive. they won't touch it. scott broom is live with us to talk more about this. great report scott. >> reporter: part of that is because this is all still in litigation. i'm not hearing much but crickets. the mayor and town council and other leaders have adopted pretty much a silence policy on these allegations against the police chief and the police department here, which have festered away since the very first complaint was filed in 2011 and it all still has not been resolved. the most serious allegations are leveled at the police chief harley show the third. he is accused by the wife of a former officer of sexually assaulting
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then the chief is accused of retaliating when she complained by conducting a campaign of alleged harassment and humiliation against any police officer, including her husband, who dared to support her. so far three officers claim, in lawsuits, they were targeted for retaliation and fired during the years of fallout. the department's second in command had his job eliminated. all of them are suing. but some of the ex officer's credibility is likely to be an issue. courts have ruled three were fire for good reasons like falsifying patrol records and flunking an improvement plan. the tangle has included allegations that shaw looked the other way when officers that supported him engaged in serious misconduct, like allegedly being involved from a dwi accident. then there is the claim made by ex officers that shaw directed officers to use racial profiling on patrol. >> trust me man, i was getting harassed over here. >> reporter: that is the part of our reporting that seems
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but if you want to talk about it with someone on camera, good luck. this plan was reluctant to show his face because he says he is afraid of retaliatoryiation. >> i live right here. every time they see me they stop me for silly stuff. profiling. >> reporter: viewers questioned police with comments like none of this surprises me at all. if you don't live here you know to stay away. keep rob shaw says he can't comment on the lawsuits because litigation is still ongoing. one newly elected council member did respond by phone, saying he couldn't comment on the allegations either, but note i go the chief has recently called for racial bias training. quote i support the chief's call for racial and implicit bias training said julian ivy who made police accountability a top priority in his campaign for town council. just a few moments ago, by e- mail, a state representative, a delegate who represents this
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fennel. she thinks there should be an independent, outside investigation of these allegations, regardless of litigation that's going on. i want to point out before we go here, the chief rob shaw, according to town leaders here, has done a good job at reducing crime over the years, he clearly has the support of both the mayor and the town council despite these allegations, and the mayor believes that the truth will come out when all of this is eventually litigated in court and a lot of that is going to happen later this year. scott broom wusa9. thank you scott. a jury trial is scheduled for one of the days in october. attorneys are seeking to have the other lawsuit in the case thrown out by a judge, a hearing on that matter is scheduled for june 20th. you know after days and nights of stormy weather,
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this is i know a little breezy for some, but absolutely gorgeous. >> reporter: comfortably warm, good hair day, except for the breeze. >> reporter: let's start with our 3-degree guarantee. i think we are okay with this number. we went to 84, for a high. remember our average high is only 80. so above average today. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00 when we add everything up. a live look outside. spectacular, clear as a bell. right now under clear skies, temperatures still hovering about 82 degrees. we talked about this yesterday. remember i pointed out the dew points, and said they were like 64, 56 yesterday. remember i said remember them tomorrow? low 50s. that is really, really comfortable. drives the humidity down to 34%. that is almost as good as it gets for the first day of meteorological summer. i put something on facebook as to the june almanac and a little bit on
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comfortably cool tonight. bus stop temperatures 54 to 74. just about perfect for the kids. a gorgeous friday with low humidity. good hair day. the weekend we are going to call 75/25. showers sunday evening but looking at a fantastic saturday and at least half of a good sunday. we might even get more than that. might even hold off showers to 4:00 or 5:00. temperaturewise, warm through monday. 84, we dip a little saturday, back in the mid-80s sunday, monday, and dip tuesday back into the low 80s, still above average. futurecast 10:00 tonight, fantastic. 71 downtown, 65 in manassas. by morning in the 50s, 57 in leesburg. 54 in damascus and even in the low 60s downtown. by midmorning we are back up flirting with 70 once again. upper 70s, low
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nice breeze out of the northwest. by 6:00 these temperatures are a little bit low. yesterday upper 70s, low to mid- 80s right now. a little bit low tomorrow. probably the same air mass. low to mid-80s again. i know you have seen a couple of showers here, i can't rule them out. by 10:00 tomorrow night, 70 downtown. so your friday night plans are safe, perfect. low humidity. you'll even have good hair on your friday night date. 56 in leesburg, 64 in manassas. 67 in fredericksburg. day planner low 60s to start. a great friday morning. 76 by 11:00. 78 and close to 80 by 1:00 full sun. saturday great. 81, sunday some afternoon storms but again the first part of the day looks fine. i think you are safe teague off as late as 11:00. then on monday, here come the storms, our next yellow
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alert. 84, a slight chance of a shower on tuesday. a pleasant day. temperatures are falling maybe a leftover shower thursday with highs back into the upper 70s. thank you, sir. right after the break two people are still tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor
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investigators are looking for the cause of a deadly factory blast in wisconsin. one person was killed and 11 injured in the large explosion. it happened in a plant in cambria, wisconsin, a small town north of madison. the mill processes corn and corn byproducts for ethanol. the blast flattened the 3-story factory and sparked a huge fire. the mill was cited six years ago for exposing workers to dangerous conditions. two people are still missing. protesters called for an independent investigation to investigate president trump's ties to the criminal lynn. meanwhile former fbi director james comey is now scheduled to speak before the senate intelligence committee next thursday. comey is expected to reveal allow he felt pressured by president p
5:25 pm
investigation into former national security director michael flynn. a fellow comedian is defending kathy griffin as she released photos of her holding a severed donald trump head. jim carrey says comedians are the last voice of truth. griffin apologized saying she crossed the line. newly released dash cam video reveals a days interested confused tiger woods during his traffic stop in florida this week. >> are you okay? what's wrong? >> what are we doing? >> both driver's side tires on woods' mercedes were badly damaged. the golfing great was charged with dwi. woods blames his confusion on a mixture of four prescription drugs. hurricane season starts today. what you and your family need to know before we star
5:26 pm
tropical weather. a disturbing string of incidents involving nooses in our area we'll hear from relatives of one man, the last known lynching victim in the state of maryland. right after the break, two student leaders in prince george's county aren't allowed to speak at graduation and they claim it got physical. racking up thousands of dollars using other people's credit cards, how you can prevent thef ralph northam: being a pediatrician has taught me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam, and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban
5:27 pm
i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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it was supposed to be one of the best days of her high school career. graduation day. but for some student leaders at oxen hill high school it was a day of frustration and tears when they say a school administrator bullied them on stage and now the school board member who blew the whistle is now apparently being threatened with arrest. delia goncalves has the story you'll see on wusa9 only. >> reporter: this cell phone moment shows an allout company buy yeah -- moment. destiny richardson the student government association.
5:30 pm
volunteer hours. they were left off the speaking program at commencement so asked school board member ed burrows for help. he said the principal gave him the green light to share his time with the ladies. >> i was going to start my speech and the microphone wasn't working. >> reporter: it happened twice. take a close look at the cell phone video. it is quick but it captures the moment. and there is more. >> monique davis she came, charged at us said sit down, don't say nothing. don't even get up. every time i attempted she would cut her eyes at me to intimidate me to not get up. i got emotional and started crying. >> reporter: dr. monique davis is the deputy superintendent who never returned my calls today. >> >> reporter: if the deputy super apologizes, is that enough? >> to me, i
5:31 pm
it. but i need to make sure the class under us that this doesn't happen to them. i need to make sure other schools this doesn't happen. >> we have employees on administrative leave for similar actions. i cannot believe we treat children in this way. i'm so disappointed in monique davis our deputy superintendent, and this is unacceptable. and get this. just a short time ago school board member ed burrows told me he tried to attend another graduation this afternoon. he was surrounded by police who told him they were directed by the superintendent to arrest the school board member if he approached the stage or the administration. now i called a school spokesperson immediately, who agreed this sounded unusual. i'm still waiting for an official response. adam? >> a strange set of circumstances unfolding there. let us know dee. we did hear back from the school department about the
5:32 pm
administrators approved the ceremony's schedule in advance and day of request to speak cannot be accommodated. investigators continue to look for answers after a noose was found inside the museum of african-american history and culture. it is just the latest in a spring of incidents involving nooses in our area in the last month alone. last friday a noose was found outside the museum and sculpture garden. two students have been arrested after a noose was found last month, and police are still looking for the person responsible for hanging banana and his what appeared to be a noose outside a sorority at american university, and in april at the university of maryland, someone left a noose hanging in the kitchen of a fraternity phi kappa taw. if appears the -- it appears the target was the african- american kitchen staff. the new symbol is no joke. scott broom looked up
5:33 pm
lynching in maryland history and it wasn't that long ago. it happened in 1933 in princess ann maryland in somerset county on the eastern shore. you are about to meet the relatives of the last man strung up by the noose before authorities finally put an end to it. >> here it is. this is the historical jailhouse in princess ann maryland. a nice town, quiet, historic courthouse. so now imagine out here, more than 1000 people, a mob, one night in october of 1933 screaming. they had battering rams with them, baseball bats and other weapons and they wanted inside this jailhouse, where a young man named george arm wood, accused of assaulting an older, white lady was locked up. the crowd eventually used battering rams to ram down the door. the crowd got him and there was going to be a
5:34 pm
university of maryland eastern shore profess sore dr. kirkland hall and henry giuliani arm wood both distant cousins of the victim that night. >> they went up the stairway and threw him down the stairs. they took him down, and found a tree close to the judge's house. >> reporter: they tied him to the back of a truck and dragged him down this street. along the way he was shot, he was stabbed, they hung him in one tree near the judge's house, took him down, hung him up again closer to downtown, and they lit his body on fire. >> after all the fun was over, this is where they left him. >> reporter: the mob dumped the body in the lumber yard behind this hardware store. >> you talk about isis and all those types of organizations and look what they did to him. >>po
5:35 pm
here was pure terrorism. >> the message is, stay in your place. that terrorist symbol, the use of that, trying to keep us in our place. >> reporter: the noose is not just a symbol to these men, it is as real as the stones of this old jailhouse. >> do what terrorists try to do, intimidate and change people's behavior through fear. >> reporter: that is why leaving nooses around as some kind of message of intimidation, whatever, that is not a prank. not a joke. it is right out of the terrorist and racist playbook. and it is why the surviving relatives of george armwood fear it is way too short a distance from leaving nooses around and actually acting on the hate that smolders in the minds of way too many people. scott broom wusa9. the evidence against george was thin. an attempt by
5:36 pm
to prosecute whitesch leading that last lynching in maryland resulting in the national guard to fire tear gas against a local mob. lebron james says hate and racism, especially for african- americans, are a way of life in america. >> the nba great making those comments after somebody vandalized his l.a. home by spray painting the n- word on the front gate. >> no matter how much money you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, you know, being black in america, it's tough. police are reviewing security cameras at james' home to try to catch the vandals. lebron suits up tonight for game one of the nba championship against the golden state warriors. trending now, what a beloved mascot did to mets fans
5:37 pm
>> oh new york. >> what happened here after a massive train delay caused a nursing student to miss his graduation. and jennifer garner blasts people magazine over there front page story. a comfortable night. low temperatures in the 50s and 60s. even downtown the low will be 63 or 64. when we come back, we'll look ahead to the weekend and talk hurricanes. we actually have forecasts for his area. vo: at dominion, we have ng
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mascots behaving badly. it appears even mr. met has had enough. the mascot of the baseball team in queens flips the bird to fans last night. it happened at citi field, following the team's 7-1 shell looking at the hands of the brewers. he has been canned. once considered a favorite in the east, they are nine and a half games behind the nats in the nl e. >> thread a tough time in that part of new york. a student who was on a suay
5:41 pm
college graduation didn't make it. because his train was stuck in the tunnel yesterday for hours. so a friend made the best of a bad situation. he scrawled a makeshift diploma on his iphone and presented it to al cantera. >> our graduation was held in mta, for better or for worse. thank you guys so much for coming out today, thank you for coming out and watching me graduate today. >> reporter: all those who graduated and were strangers on the train joined in the makeshift ceremony. the trip that usually takes al cantera 40 minutes ended up taking four hours. he will receive his real diploma in the mail. >> we are not the only ones with subway issues. jennifer garner is firing back at people magazine. >> in a post on facebook the actress is taking issue
5:42 pm
this week's cover story. her picture and the words life after heartbreak. garner said she didn't pose for the cover and didn't authorize the story. the 45-year-old actress is shooting down tabloid rumors that she is pregnant with twins. people says it stands by its story. tennis star serena williams is responding to the racket about her being pregnant with a girl. >> no twins. her sister, venus, started it all when she said on a tv interview she is going to call me favorite aunt. serena tweeted i think the surprise of knowing what you are going to have on that very special day you give birth is probably the best surprise you can ever have and then serena goes on to say she grew up with only sisters so she use the pronoun she more than he. so it is a first in the nba. two seeds will meet in the finals for the third straight year. our take on the best trilogies, that is on the way in sports. t
5:43 pm
but the warm words between hillary clinton and donald
5:44 pm
the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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>> that is what we told you. but hillary clinton and president trump are still going at it. at a tech conference yesterday clinton said donald trump helped the russian government spread disinformation about her. she also blamed former fbi director james comey for her loss and said the dnc provided her with poor data. on twitter afterward president trump fired back saying crooked hillary clinton now blames everybody but herself. you may have notice our leslie for the soldier missing today. >> leslie was speaking this morning in college park for high point high school's graduation. here's her advice for the new graduates. >> do the work, despite the odds. the second is grit, character and resilience matter. and the third find your voice and use it. leslie reminding students their journey
5:47 pm
today. it is the first day of june. also the first day of hurricane season. for a little insight, i spoke with craig a meteorologist at our cbs affiliate. let's talk about how forecasting has changed and how you go about warning your viewers. >> you talk about it being an above normal forecast. we try to discourage or viewers from taking any action on that. down here in south florida we are at the number one bowling pin in hurricane alley. i think the main message for us is to always have a plan. and what you are going to do if we do have a threat or air direct lit. >> a bad hurricane season is only one. the other thing you might have trouble wi
5:48 pm
be focused on the wins but it is not always the win. be more concerned about the storm surge and tornadoes and other aspects about the hurricane. >> fresh water flooding or storm surge flooding, even though the wind is the most ferocious part of a hurricane the water is insidious and so many people die from it. you can never lose the message of your house may come apart. but if you live in a flood zone the risk of you dying from that is much greater than the wind. >> we have new tools now, do you feel that is a good tool to sort of wake people up about that flooding risk? >> i think so. sometimes flooding can precede the wind by hours if not a day or so. we saw that with ike in galveston, texas. i think this new warning watch will help emphasize that that
5:49 pm
threat exists. maybe we have an active hurricane season. greg assessor, thank you for joining us. we've already had one early, early storm named arlene. the next storm will be named brett. what about month by month if we break it down? not specifically a lot of storms develop in june. only 4%. july of%. august 29% of all hurricanes develop. by september 30, 36%. you might think october is not that busy. it can be. 19% of all storms. we'll keep an eye on it forecast above average. it is all about landfall. live look outside, beautiful, 82 right now. dew point 51. humidity only 34%. just a spectacular air mass. for tonight, comfortably cool. bus stop 54
5:50 pm
very nice bus stop tomorrow. the weekend 75, 25%. all of saturday is good and at least half of sunday is good with afternoon showers. it might hold off until 4:00 or 5:00. but sunday morning is better than sunday afternoon or evening. 84 on friday. 81 on saturday. mid-80s sunday and monday back into the low 80s tuesday. it does look a little stormy as we get into late sunday. that will carry on into the work week next week. 10:00 tonight, comfortable, 71 do you want. 66 in leesburg. by morning there will be mid- 50s. 55 in gaithersburg, 58 in la plata. 57 in leesburg. just a great air mass. by 9:00 comfortable, upper 60s to near 70. by lunch time, things are a little higher, more
5:51 pm
pure sun. by 6:00 futurecast trying to develop storms in the mountains. it is possible. i wouldn't plan around these storms, we are looking at temperatures by then in the upper 70s and low 80s with low humidity. each by 10:30 tomorrow night. low 60s down in the suburbs. a comfortable air mass tomorrow night. 54 and 64, open the windows. winds will be light. looking at really a very, very nice start to june. i think we have earned it after our 20 of 31 days of rain from play. low 60s to start downtown. 76 by 11:00. pure sun 78 by 1:00. saturday still great, low 80s. sunday okay but afternoon storms 58. closer to sunday, more granular on when the storms will roll in sunday afternoon. monday a lot of storms, 84, probably a ylo
5:52 pm
alert day. isolated shower tuesday, still a nice day, then an afternoon shower on wednesday cooler. thursday afternoon shower and highs still in the upper 70s. round number 3. ding, dipping. golden state cleveland cavaliers nba finals game one tonight out west. who are you rooting for? first time ever in finals history the same two teams will meet again for the third straight year. of course they split the first two, warriors are big time favorites to win it all but don't tell that to cleveland and lebron james. tipoff is at 9:00. so this third meeting between golden state and cleveland got us to thinking about the top trilogy movies of all time. yeah i think you've got to go with "star wars"
5:53 pm
that is "star wars," empire strikes back and return of the jedi. how about back to the future? i almost say the first one picks up the slack for the second and third which are decent. but back to the future one, a masterpiece. speaking of masterpieces, the godfather trilogy. the first two make up for the last one. so this leads us to the theory this third go round in the nba finals may not be so great. we hope not. we hope it is the other way. >> who are you picking? >> cleveland. >> who have you got? >> golden state. >> coming up, a man who was active in the gay community is murdered in his prince
5:54 pm
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we all had big dreams as a kid. but after years of trying and failing, many people just abandoned those dreams. sean introduces us to a young girl from north texas who polite make you never want to
5:57 pm
when her daughter wanted to be a cheerleader cindy low had no choice but to say yes. when britney saw other cheerleaders doing back hand springs, she just figured she could do one too. >> had no doubt in her mind she was going to get it. >> reporter: never mind they didn't know anyone with down's syndrome who has ever done a back hand spring. but britney was determined. the first time she tried, they failed. she fell the second time and the third, over and over. >> it was not a fail situation. because just for her to even attempt it, to me, was huge. >> reporter: it went on this way for two years. until, not long ago, britney finally landed her back hand spring. britney decided she wanted to do it again, this time in front of an
5:58 pm
the national cheerleading competition in dallas. there she is in the middle. landing that back hand spring. >> it was an amazing moment, tears in my eyes and something that is hard to describe. because you just know how hard she has worked for that. >> i was so happy. >> reporter: today you still can't wipe the smile off her face. in fact, the only thing that is impossible is giving up. that is incredible. just a reminder. you have to work hard. nothing comes easy. britney's story low as anything is possible. all you've got to do is practice. we have breaking news in the district, where a parent or guardian has positively identified this little girl, found wandering late last night along 14th street in northwest dc. peggy fox spoke with the security guard who found the
5:59 pm
last night, where this little girl was found standing on the corner over there at columbia and 14th street. this child is between 2 and 5 years old, and speaks only spanish. a security guard at this building saw the child, brought her inside and called police and here's what he told us. >> i was not happy. leaving that little child alone, walking around on this area. not good. it makes me angry. by now the parents should have asked where is my child? no? nobody asked. >> reporter: you are angry about this? >> i am angry. a parent is supposed to know where their children are at all times. >> reporter: she could have been hit by a car, picked up by a kidnap year yes. we don't know what would have happened. >> reporter: peggy fox wusa9. again the positive update on the story. a parent or guardian has come forward to positively identify the little
6:00 pm
breaking story on and the wusa9 app. right now at 6:00, businesses, workers and taxpayers. those are the reasons why president trump said he was pulling the u.s. out of the paris climate agreement. he announced it just a few hours ago in the rose garden of the white house. but did he leave the door open for america to rejoin. >> reporter: we are getting out. >> we are getting out. but we will start to negotiate and see if we can make a deal that is fair. and if we can, that is great. if we can't, that's fine. >> reporter: in the speech the president said the loss of american jobs was the biggest reason he made the decision. the point of the climate deal was to reduce global greenhouse emissions across the word. president trump promised to get out of the agreement during his campaign for the white house. france, germany, italy, veha all issued a joint statement saying the


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