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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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i'm going to start you off by sort of walking you through a couple of key moments. let's start with councilmember pete smith. he was the author of this anti- hate legislation. he is a marine in real life. he's a tough guy, but he had the guts last night to cry in public as he talked about a racial attack in his family 25 years ago. >> my stepfather, he was a janitor at a high school and there were three individuals and they literally beat him with a shovel on the third floor. i remember him calling my mother telling her to open the door. i tell you that because racism is ugly. >> it's incumbent on us as elected officials to take the stand. everyone has a place on this
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place in anne arundel county, so thank you. >> reporter: after that, things took an ugly turn. that's the council shouting down citizens who came to testify for the anti-hate resolution. >> remove yourself from here, we will stop you from speaking. >> reporter: and against councilmember, mike parutka, who has ties from a southern nationalist hate group. >> bring another counselor's name in it, and i will end it again. here we go. >> by silencing us tonight, you are in fact allowing hate to continue. >> reporter: a night that went from tears -- >> we are here to conduct business of the county. >> reporter: to shouts over the ugly issue of race and hate. >>
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>> reporter: grasso describes himself as the donald trump of anne arundel. grasso and parutka both voted for smith's anti-hate resolution. parutka got up and paid tribute to richard thomas. smith says that's exactly the start he's looking for in creating a change in the culture of hate that he claims is persistent here in anne arundel county. reporting live in annapolis, scott broom, wusa9. >> you were right scott, that was no ordinary meeting. with so much us vs. them poisoning the air, this seemed like a good idea to d.c. police. take the command staff to the national museum of african american history and culture. get some perspective. learn a little about what it's like to deal with the police when your skin is black or brown. to feel the
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they're terrorizing the community. when i see police, i get scared. >> there are people who live in our community, and who grew up where police were involved in this type of behavior. where police were enforcing jim crow laws. >> d.c. police point out this is not the first time they've sponsored a visit to the museum. a couple of recruit classes have also made the trip. charlottesville, virginia, is on edge again. demonstrators took to the streets last month to protest a rally staged by white supremacists. and the ku klux klan has applied for a rally downtown. that will likely be approved, but he is urging the residents of charlottesville to ignore it. in addition, another right wing white supremacist group is also asking for a permit to stage a rally in august. heavy hearts at
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school graduation. seniors from germantown's northwest high wrestle with the loss of two classmates. they were murdered just last night, hours before they were to don their caps and gowns. police found them shot to death in a car in montgomery village. the killer and the motive all still a mystery tonight. by all accounts, these were two really good young men. excellent students, and they were very much missed at today's graduation. >> we may seem happy, but it's all affecting us, because we all knew at least one of them, or both of them. so it all does have some kind of effect on us. because they're great people. >> as for the investigation, police have made no arrests. but they are reviewing some surveillance video that could offer some clues. some firefighters have raised health concerns working at the fairfax station that caught fire about three weeks ago. this is springfield, where a truck inside a station bay had an electrical fire. after the living quarters were refurbished, two of those
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firefighters complained of headaches and weakness. an independent contractor has been brought in to conduct air quality tests. >> the senior leadership of this department as well as the fire chief has an awesome responsibility to take care of the men and women to make sure they can serve the community, as well as us having to make sure that the community is served. that's what we're doing here. >> the test results are expected back tomorrow. a new report finds virginia lieutenant governor ralph in orderren has a sizable cash advantage. he has a $600,000 advantage over pareelo. pareelo, a former congressman is backed by u.s. senators bernie sanders, and elizabeth warren. republican ed gillaspie has more than $2 million over his gop challengers stewart and wagner. the primary is june 13. just one week from today. bill cosby's chief accuser took the witness stand toda
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jurors, the comedian drugged and violated her at his suburban home in 2004. as they testified, cosby stared down with his forehead resting in his hand. constand saying the comedian assaulted her after giving her three pills. cosby could receive up to ten years in prison if he's convicted. a new report finds legalizing gambling is paying off for maryland. the state's six casinos raked in $136.5 million in revenue, just in may. with more than $50 million, mgm national harbor in oxon hill was the biggest money maker. it was followed by maryland live. the news is not so great at the other casinos. if you take out the mgm national harbor, casino revenue was down more than 17% compared to last year. this man has a lot of people to thank toniaf
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month, so today in wheaten, james shirmo got a chance to meet the people who saved his life. it was an emotional reunion at the firehouse. take a look as the dispatcher and the fire lieutenant explained what happened. >> the phone rang and they said that someone had collapsed. and i walked him through it, and determined that cpr wasn't necessary. >> walk me through how to do cpr on him. she counted 1, 2, 3, 4, for 10, 15 minutes, until the ems got there. >> james's family initiated cpr, which truly was the key point in all of this. without that pre-arrival cpr, there wouldn't have been much we could do before we got there. >> james's wife and son were both presented with every day hero awards for their quick thinking. mi
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nerves are rattled again in europe, after an attack on a policeman at a paris landmark. a beautiful evening. we're looking at a yellow weather alert for tomorrow. here is future cast. we stopped it at 7:00 a.m. we have showers and light rain, and drizzle across most of the metro area. coming in from the west, you won't have as much rain headed eastbound on 66. you're going up 95, or coming down 270, you're going to have showers. cooler too. 56 in gaithersburg, 59 in frederick, and 59 in leesburg. we're going to tell you whether we're going to continue the yellow weather alert day tomorrow.
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cathedral. he struck the officer outside the famous cathedral known for its gothic architecture. the incident caused a brief panic amongst people in the area. the french interior minister says the officer's condition is not very serious. the attacker is believed to be an algerian student. he was taken to the hospital. a man was arrested in ireland today, in connection to the terror attack in london. youssef zaghba was not known to british intelligence. another suspect, 27-year-old khuram butt was. he appeared in a documentary called the jihadi's next door. his neighbors even called an anti-terror hotline, because they thought he was trying to radicalize young people in the neighborhood. >> i absolutely recognize people's concerns. we want to stop attacks from taking place. >> london bridge is open
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virginia senator mark warner says today russian attacks on u.s. elections systems were far worse than previously thought. he doesn't believe the russians actually changed voting outcomes, but the hacks were much broader than what we'd heard before. a government contractor is accused of leaking details of the russian hacking program
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the intercept. reality leigh winner faces charges for leaking the information. the justice department says winner admitted removing that classified intelligence report, and mailing it to the intercept. she's in federal custody, and she'll have a detention hearing on thursday. the hotel company bearing the trump name is moving in a more modest direction. trump hotel says it's moving into the hospital market with a pair of new brands that are less luxurious than other locations. it's first is the new scion hotel chain. hbo is given a green light to a film about the sexual assault scandal at penn state. actor al pacino is set to play football coach joe paterno. his legend was undone by revelations that he and others in the program were aware that defensive coordinator jerry sandusky was molesting children, and did little to stop it.
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years ago, but it was delayed a bit. ♪ [ music ] we cannot thank them enough, but on this june 6, we stop to remember and to honor the sacrifices of the greatest generation, with d day ceremonies. 73 years ago today, 160 troops landed on the beaches of normandie in world war ii. more than 9,000 allied soldiers were killed and wounded on june 6, 1944. it is always so amazing to see those men and women who were there then, and are here now. they are national treasures. >> no doubt, no doubt. and a a good day to honor them. a little breezy, but a nice
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tomorrow, a different story. nothing heavy tomorrow, i want to emphasize, not talking about rain or thunderstorms, but pesky showers and drizzle. temps take a nose dive. i went 80 for a high, which seemed reasonable. northwest winds, dry air. we shall see how we did tonight at 11:00. a live look tonight. is that art? that's kind of cool, i like that. maybe pix lated camera, but it was art. i kind of like the pixelated part better. this saturday, we've got this stuff from chris. it's pups in the park. you can bring your pups to nats park for the game. it will be in the upper 80s, keep that in mind. if you can't get to the park, you can watch the game right here on channel 9. clouds are going to return late tonight, maybe a late shower by dawn. bus stop temps, 54 to 66. shower or drizzle possible. that's why we have the
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weather alert. primarily in the morning. and nothing heavy, but about half of us will have a wet commute in. good news, we recover quickly on thursday with sunshine. we're back into the mid-70s. so temperature wise, cool tomorrow. 71. 74 on thursday. then 82 friday, then upper 80s for the game, and then 92 on sunday. when the 90s rolled in here, they're going to set camp up. our heat wave is going to start on sunday, and more than likely last at least through next wednesday, and possibly in the 90s, or higher through all of next week. 10:00tonight, nice. low to mid-60s in the burbs. by 6:00 a.m., clouds overspread the area. light showers and drizzle. temperatures upper 50s, low 60s, by 9:00. showers and drizzle move further west. now they're approaching i-81. by 9:00, most of the showers along i-81 and the mountains, just a lot of clouds in the immediate metro area. the whole day is
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kind of gloomy. 60s to start. there are your is showers. 67 at 1:00. with clouds in place. thursday, though, great, pleasant, 74. friday, boom, warmer. 82, that's about average. the next 7 days, upper 80s. low 90s sunday, monday, and
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the washington spirit of the national women's
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league recently acquired a very talented, and unique player. 19-year-old mallory pew made the unusual jump to the pros right out of high school. her teammates say she is way ahead of schedule. ♪ [ music ] >> remember her name. because this kid can play. >> reporter: mallory pew is a rising soccer star for the washington spirit. some experts consider her a generational player. >> the day that she's the number 1 prospect in the country, is understating how talented she is. she was named the gatorade national player of the year. brandy chsatain surprised her with the trophy. >> reporter: a rare phenomenon, skipping college, and going straight from high school to professional soccer. >> this is a historical, monumental moment fo
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women's game, and we're really excited for mallory. excited for or club, and excited for the league. ♪ [ music ] >> pretty well. the girls have been super welcoming. it feels like i've been on this team for a while, even though i haven't, and i think it's just the chemistry of the team, and the players. >> it's been seamless for her, because her gifts and her talents are such a good match to the way our team is constructed. but she's got that mix of technical technique and speed, i think in all levels, she's going to be ahead of where most players are. >> reporter: mallory's soccer talent is always on display, but she has a hidden talent that's not seen as much. >> i think i can sing a lot of
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[ singing ] >> reporter: mallory got her first home start, and capitalized. becoming the youngsest to score a goal at age 19. >> with this intense team, and just like in this league, there's great players, and to be able to score in this league is just very special. >> she's just been impactful. >> on the field, she's had so much international experience. it's like she can just come here and do her thing, and it's working. >> reporter: experts predict mallory to be the future face and voice. but spirit fans are hoping to
6:27 pm
hear the sweet music of -- >> goooooooooaaaalll!!! >> reporter: in maryland, for wusa9 sports. >> she is one to watch. mallory is currently in sweden with the u.s. national team. they play exhibition matches against sweden and norway this week. got to go out and see her play. >> to go from high school to pros, and score the first game. >> she's got skills. >> yeah, pretty good. the singing is okay. but keep playing soccer. >> that's her side thing. we're looking at a dreary day tomorrow. a yellow weather alert. a wet commute for many. 60s in the burbs. low 70s downtown. then boom, we're out of it. heat rolls in sunday. >> so we can get through tomorrow. on the other side, it's going to be really good. thanks for watching. the cbs
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting
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