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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  June 13, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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endorses dr. ralph northam. mr. northam would make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way. we're following two breaking news stories at the top of the noon. an american auto worker has been released from a north korean prison. his parents say a 22-year-old is in a coma. we have not heard why that is the case. the university of virginia student from suburban sans was sentenced in march 2016 after a televised tearful public confession of
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propaganda banner. his release comes as former basketball star dennis rodman is heading to north korea to visit with the dictator kim jong-un. the hunt is on for two inmates who may have shot and killed two corrections officers as they tried to make their escape near sparta georgia. they were on a work detail when they made their break. police have shut down roads leading to that scene as they search every car looking for these two men. in a couple of hours u.s. attorney general jeff sessions is facing a senate panel investigating russia's meddling into the 2016 presidential election. good afternoon, and thank you for joining us for the news at noon. i'm mike hydeck. senators will have a growing list of questions for mr. sessions. mola lenghi runs down a few of those questions from capitol hill. >> lawmakers are expected to ask attorney general jeff sessions whether president trump is considering firing the special counsel. last month robert mueller took over the fbi's investigation into russian meddling in the
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move for the president at this time. >> i think the best thing to do is to let robert mueller do his job. mr. trump's friend raised the possibility on the pbs news hour. >> i think he's considering perhaps terminating the special counsel. >> deputy attorney general rod rosenstein tried to make sessions' task easier. >> if president trump ordered you to fire the special counsel, why would you do? >> senator, i'm not going to follow any orders unless i believe those are lawful and appropriate orders. under the regulation, special counsel mueller may be fired only for good cause. >> session asked that today's hearing be public and his colleagues are prepared for the possibility he won't answer all their questions saying his conversations with the president are private. senators want to know what role sessions played in the firing of james comey. sessions had recused himself in the russia investigation,
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president trump said sessions recommended comey's dismissal. sessions recused himself after admitting he had not disclosed two meetings with the russian ambassador in 2016. today he's expected to strongly deny any suggestion there was a third meeting. mola lenghi for cbs news capitol hill. >> as you might imagine many are taking to social media to weigh in on session's upcoming testimony. brian tweets there's a reason jeff sessions insisted on a public testimony. expect a few bomb shells. take russia narrative, corrupt comey and lynch. hashtag maga, as in make america great again. and merle tweets hey, america here's your friendly reminder that racist jeff sessions lies under oath. they really did big business during james comey's testimony last week. local bars are hoping the sessions testimony will bring in the customers as well. there are of course once again watch parties, one at shaw's tavern on 6th street and florida avenue in northwest and union pub on mass avenue. in northeast. they both have drsp
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until the end of the testimony. here are three things we are hoping to find out from the sessions testimony today. hopefully we'll learn more about sergey kislyak. he had met with the ambassador twice even though mr. sessions during his confirmation said he did not have meetings with the russian. what happened with comey, the former fbi chief. last week they told senators that he was fired over the russia investigation. now given that sessions had recused himself from the investigation but still recommended that comey be fired, expect it to come up when sessions would participate in comey's dismissal and why would he. and finally, is there bad blood between sessions and the president. mr. trump has criticized sessions for recusing himself from the russia investigation, which he believes led to the appointment of robert mueller as special counsel to oversee the probe. make sure you stay tuned to wusa9 today for a cbs special report live at 2:30. that is when attorney general sessions will testify
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that senate intelligence committee. well, as we've heard all day today, a friend of donald trump's says that the president is considering terminating robert mueller. mueller is the special counsel leading the investigation into those possible potential ties between russia and trump's presidential campaign. right now the white house is not saying anything about this. under current law, this kind of firing would have to be done by attorney general jeff sessions' deputy rod rosenstein, not the president. sessionsing of recused himself from the investigation. president trump's revised travel ban gets another setback in the courts. three judges on the ninth circuit court of appeals unanimously upheld the block on the latest version of the travel ban. the judges say the executive order exceeded the scope of authority that's delegated to the president by congress. they also disputed the president's claim that the current vetting procedures are inadequate. the ruling comes as the u.s. supreme court is debating
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whether or not they will weigh in on this issue. can he bring back the glory to the burgundy and gold, former super bowl mvp doug williams is now the senior vice president of player personnel. he'll be picking up some of the duties from former general manager scott mccloughan who was fired. williams is not the only one with a new title. diana roberts was there for the announcement. >> we're out here at the practice facility where they had a big announcement earlier today. the team has been without a gm since march. they still don't have a bm, not by title anyways -- gm, not by title anyways. doug williams title is senior vice president by player personnel. >> i think at the end of the day when the dust clears, you know, it still fits in the same realm as gm. so i'm not worried about the title because i think sometimes they're overrated. the most important thing is to do the job and if i do a good job, who cares whether
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or not. >> you want somebody who has unquestionable character, great leadership skills, a presence and a great teammate for everyone around him. >> working with the super bowl mvp doug williams will be eric shaeffer, his title is senior vp of football operations. the two will work together. i'm sure one of their first orders of business will be locking down kirk cousins. we're going to be out here all day at the practice facility. tune in at 5 for what's going on out here at redskins park. i'm diane roberts. doug williams says he still has hires to make in the personnel department including interns so stay tuned for more announcements from the redskins. now wusa9's first alert weather rated d. c.'s most accurate forecast. >> you don't need a thermometer when you step outside to know that it's hot. it is hot. not only is it hot today, it is humid, and that's the difference today versus the past couple of days with this heat wave. humidity has been cranking up
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with that we're seeing the heat index or feels like temperatures, some spots by a later this afternoon could be flirting with the century mark, 100 degrees. right now in d. c. we've got 92 degrees. a north wind technically at 7 miles an hour, but it feels like 96 because the dew points, the measure of the mugginess in the air, the dew points are up. that means it's feeling a lot more humid outside. upper 80s in gaithersburg. we've hit that 90-degree mark. manassas, culpeper, leesburg, 91 is what it feels like in martinsburg right now, and the heat index in manassas a whopping 97 degrees. so for the rest of the afternoon, technically there is no alert in terms of the ozone and the pollution quality today, but limit your time outdoors. this is not heat that you need to play around with. 94 the forecast high for today. record in d. c. is 96, but it's going to feel like it's 99 later in the afternoon because it's going to be so humid. heat and humidity, we'll fire
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thunderstorms and showers today. this is not much to talk about, but i want to say there's more showers and storms that might bring a little bit of heat. we'll talk about which day we will see the best chance of getting some thunderstorms coming up in a bit, and you can always get that forecast on our wusa9 app. mike. thanks melissa. so did you get your i voted sticker today, if you live in virginia it's primary day. it's underway right now. virginians are picking their party candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, several house delegates races and local contests, too, and the polls close at 7. jurors at bill cosby's sexual assault trial are deliberating for a second day right now. the 79-year-old could face up to ten years in prison if he's convicted. meg oliver has the latest. >> bill cosby arrived at court this morning as the jury deliberates his fate. jurors had requested to hear more testimony from a deposition cosby gave in
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the actor admitted giving pills to accuser andrea constand. >> what it says to me is that they're being a thorough, good jury, that they are going through the evidence piece by piece. >> the defense admits that cosby danced outside his marriage in a consensual relationship and that his wife deserved better, but that cosby didn't commit a crime. cosby told police he gave constand over the counter cold and allergy medicine, but constand says she was left half conscious from the pills and was unable to move when cosby molested her. prosecutors say constand spent a lot more time trying to forget about the alleged assault rather than trying to remember what cosby did to her. >> this case is moving faster than most people predicted. the defense called just one witness choosing not to put cosby on the stand. >> his team is confident. >> mr. cosby will prevail, i'm pretty sure those jurors, i have confidence that ey
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the truth. >> more than 60 women have accused cosby of assault dating back to the 1960s. meg oliver cbs news norristown, pennsylvania. >> now prosecutors say cosby could also have to register as a sex offender if he is convicted. the wusa9 special assignment unit investigates where members of congress stand on a bill that could save the lives of many combat veterans. see our report along with nigel our service dog
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welcome back, no matter who you are -- when you are the commander in chief, a spelling error can tend to go viral. our verify team looked into a woman's claim about a word
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daughter's award letter. here's larry miller. >> kendra faulkner posted this letter from the white house on her facebook page. she writes that time your 8th grade daughter earned the presidential award, but sadly it's from the trump administration and they spelled success wrong. there's a u added where it shouldn't be. she seems to think the problem is nationwide also writing in her post that the letter was sent to graduating 8th graders across the country. not everyone received the letter with the spelling mistake. copies posted online show that the letter with the spelling error corrected. when we visited the president's education awards and aca program's website a copy of the letter was posted with the word success spelled correctly. officials caught the mistake and later corrected it. that much we know is true, but was the error widespread, that we know isn't. i'm larry miller. if there is something you would like our verify team to look into, send
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verify @ now we have an update on a story we brought yesterday. a teacher in charge of a yearbook club at a new jersey high school has now been suspended over this photo. the accused teacher is accused of censoring the images and quotes by students who support donald trump. you can see the yearbook picture with the trump logo wiped out on the left. a high school student in california is upset after he was told to cover up his military uniform at his graduation ceremony. his name is harlon fletcher and he says wearing a military uniform was the proudest achievement of his life and he wanted to wear it at graduation. his high school insisted he wear a cap and gown. >> they said they had an extra cap and gown and i said sorry, i can't do that. that's defacing the uniform. that's against the uniform policy, and so i said i'm not going to participate. >> now covering the uniform could have landed fletcher with a court-martial. his school has since apologized bufl
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believe that's good enough. a driver in california got one heck of a scare on his drive home. this is dashboard camera video. you can see an on coming car coming down the commuter lane. thankfully robin was alert enough to avoid certain disaster. >> all of a sudden i saw this headlight coming in my direction in my lane. sure enough there was a car just barreling down in the car pool lane where i was going. i barely missed it by a second. >> apparently the woman got off the highway before police could catch up with her. fortunately no one was hurt in this. pretty scary. oh, no, no, no, no, oh, no. >> oh, no is right. look at the column on that tornado. three tornado chasers got a front row seat scarily so. one of several powerful
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state. one person has minor injuries from this. that's just too close. >> it is crazy. i was watching the full video they had posted on twitter and there's actually one part where they're zoomed into the bottom of the tornado and you can see this house being ripped apart. it's sad. >> luckily, i mean, in wyoming there's not as many people there and population like if something went through here. >> there's a lot of open plains. >> goodness gracious that's scary. >> they have a lot of storms that are going to fire up today in the upper midwest. this weather system, the cold front that's kind of responsible for some of this is eventually pushing into our area, not the same setup, but what we are waiting for is a break in this heat wave. it's pretty hot out there. and you really don't need me to tell you that. we're up to 92 degrees. 96 is the feels-like temperature or the heat index as we call it. yesterday we tied the record at reagan national of 95 degrees. today the record high is 96. it's going to be close, i don't know if we'll quite get there.
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dulles record 94 from 1994. we're going to be off the coast of that. what you notice outside today is the humidity. all right, yesterday we were running low 60s to mid-60s. we're right now in the upper 60s pushing that 70-degree mark. it's not feeling very comfortable outside, and the heat index this afternoon could get as high as 100 degrees in a few spots. now i think most of us stayed just below the century mark. look at this, 4:00, 99, forecast feels like temperature here in d. c., 97 in culpeper, leesburg, 99 in frederick. this afternoon similar to yesterday, l yimitour time outdoors. if you're going to do any exercising, wait until the sun is about to set this evening while we cool down a little bit. so we're waiting on the cooldown. we're also waiting on more chances of rain. we really need rain. things are drying out. hot, hazy and humid right now. this is the next front that i'm tracking. it arrives here tomorrow. this will bring a cooldown. this will bring a chance of some showers and thunderss.
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this afternoon, a few isolated showers, most of us stay dry. i want to take you into tomorrow. we're going to start off. you'll notice a little more cloud cover around tomorrow morning and the variable amounts of clouds stick around through the afternoon. as that cold front is sweeping through, watch this into tomorrow afternoon. we go noon, one, two, three, 4:00, we've got scattered showers and storms popping up. what this model is showing is the concentration of storms much higher south of 66 than north, and i think that's going to end up being the case. so if you live down near fredericksburg or heading out towards spot sill zinnia county, luray you might get lucky. any storm that pops up tomorrow i think is going to be a slow mover with heavy rainfall being the big threat. it's still very muggy outside. storms fade away as we go into sunset tomorrow evening, and for thursday a little bit cooler behind that front moving in. so we will get a little more in the way of rain chances coming in here. as we head towards the weekend we're also going
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if you don't get a storm tomorrow, look at this, rain chances will stick with us each day. not everybody gets a storm every day, but you might get a storm on thursday. you may not get a storm on friday, so on and so forth. the weekend, father's day weekend, it looks like we'll have afternoon storms saturday and for sunday, and it's heating up. upper 80s for saturday. sunday low 90s with some scattered storms. looks like the next cold front with more storms moves in on monday. just calling it scattered, hit or miss both saturday and sunday afternoon. don't cancel your plans for father's day yet. just keep an eye to the sky. election day today, 94 degrees this afternoon. tomorrow some scattered showers and storms, upper 80s, low 80s thursday. back to the 90s again by sunday. we'll be right back in just a few minutes.
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welcome back, a close call for a car show host, and of course it was all caught on camera. richard hammond crashed a remat concept electric super car while he was shooting his show the grand tour on saturday. the car was totaled and so was richard's knee. he lost control taking a curve in switzerland's alpine country. the car he crashed cost nearly a million dollars. it has a top speed of over 220 miles an hour, and they're still trying to figure out what caused the crash. wow. okay, well, now apparently it's the ladies' turn. lately we've had guys in rompers and lace shorts. now there's a new sexy, quote, swimsuit that's catching a lot of attention. it's called the sexy chest swimsuit. you can't unsee this. i'm sorry. it is the newest swimsuit option being
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shirts. it's a clothing company. it comes in three skin tones, the hairy swimsuit is the most cringe-worthy by far. ick. let that sink in. final look at the forecast right after this.
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are you loving the heat? you may not be. we're kind of so-so on it. >> it's not bad. we've been in air-conditioning for a while, and there's a light breeze out here at 90 something degrees. >> heat index today as high as 100. we've got cooler weather with a few more showers and thunderstorms headed this way later in the week. father's day weekend t will be good weather to enjoy a beer and cook out in the backyard. >> i'm going to be in wisconsin, so maybe it will be a little cooler
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at noon. don't forget the special cbs report at 2:30, attorney general jeff sessions testifying on the hill. you can watch it right here in our live tweets on wusa9. take care everybody.
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>> kevin: that's who your accomplice is? "john doe"? >> dr. harris: i'd have to be a criminal to have an accomplice. i've done nothing more than open up my home to protect the woman that you claim to love. >> kevin: nope. nope, sorry. i'm not buying any of that. there is no way you arranged all this on your own. the fake suicide, the autopsy, the -- the letters sent to billy and me, the transportation... i know you were working with someone. chloe, do you know who his partner is? >> victor: so, did you hear the good news? >> abby: what news? >> victor: i thought your mother would have told you. your grandmother is extending her stay. >> abby: but we already said goodbye. she was on her way back to paris. >> victor: well, something changed her mind. or someone. i think it was you. >> abby: okay, wait. i'm -- i'm confused. um, who told you this? that fellow, graham, he told us after you had lehe


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