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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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out there, today with temperatures in the 90s. the weather captain, reporting for duty tonight on the tariffs, and it's hot. >> it was actually bearable yesterday. we had height indices in some spots in the hundreds. down to 88 in fredericksburg. still 95 in leesburg. watch that number there, 90 into d.c. we'll factor in humidity. 98. yesterday, we did it, and hardly changed at all. it still feels like it's 98 downtown. not too bad north and west, low to mid-90s there. we'll talk about records. 94 dulles. they have a new record high so far of 95. it fell short at national. 96 was the record. fell one short. but they did tie the record high in
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martinsberg, you were always safe. the century mark. you topped out at 94. future cast showing a couple of showers and thunderstorms. temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. then by morning, nothing in the morning to talk about in terms of showers. muggy, temps in the 70s. we'll come back and talk about our yellow weather alerts, and what the impacts and risks are for your monday evening commute. a university of virginia student has been suddenly released from a north korean prison where he's been held for some 17 months. he is on a plane due to arrive in his hometown of cincinnati this evening. michael quander has been following the story. we're hearing he's got serious health issues. >> reporter: the 22-year-old's parents say they just found out last week that r theison is in a coma, and has been for more than a year. it was a public
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across the world. >> i understand the severity of my crime, and i have no idea what sort of penalty i may face, but i am begging to the korean people and government for my forgiveness. >> reporter: he was on a tour back in january last year and accused of trying to steal a propaganda banner off the walls of his hotel. >> i am praying to the heavens so that i may be returned home to my family. >> reporter: but this was the last time was seen publicly. the state department secured his release after 18 months of being locked up, much of which his loved ones say he was in a coma, and possibly suffering from botulism. with his ties to our area, many of you are talking about this on facebook. lana saying wow. i wonder how he was injured. a year in a coma leads to a lot of muscle wasting away. and drew wrote, should we be surpd
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publicly to us today as they prepare to see their son after more than a year of fighting for his return. >> definitely a strong family. now the state department wouldn't comment on his condition out of respect for the family. michael fonder, wuas9. at least three u.s. citizens are still being detained in north korea. now to capitol hill, where attorney general jeff sessions flatly denied working with russia in last year's race for president. he had strong words for anyone who made that suggestion. >> and the suggestion that i participated in any collusion that i was aware of any collusion with the russian government to hurt this country, which i have served with honor for 35 years, or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process is an appalling, and detestable lie. >> sessions if
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committee. that panel is investigating russia's interference in the election. sessions served as a trump campaign adviser. as attorney general, he has recused himself from the investigation. last hour, we asked you, should sessions have to testify about private conversations with president trump? 77% of you said yes. 23% of you said no. virginia voters have less than an hour to get to the polls for today's primary contest. residents are deciding who will represent each party in the november general election for virginia governor. the republican primary is a three way race between ed gillaspie, state senator frank wagner, and corey stewart. over on the democratic side, voters are choosing between ralph northam and tom pariello. we'll have the answers soon after that on off sc
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also throughout the evening on our website, wusa9 and on the wusa9 app. the golden state warriors say no decision has been made on whether the team will visit the white house after winning the nba title last night. it's their second championship in the three years. the team says the organization will make a decision on whether to visit the white house if and when it becomes necessary. multiple reports tonight say the team had voted unanimously against making the trip here to washington. coach steve kerr had unflattering things to say about president donald trump. star player stephen curry also has been critical of the president. a lawsuit against rolling stone magazine over that debunked story about a rape on campus. the attorney has agreed to settle the case for $1.65 million. some of that money will be donated to sexual awareness
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assault of a woman identified only as jackie. there is an all out manhunt for the two inmates who shot and killed two prison guards in georgia. here are their pictures. investigators say they overpowered the officers on a transport bus this morning about 70 miles southeast of atlanta. they are armed with the guard's 40 caliber glock handgun, and also carjacked a honda civic. a lot of you expressed a lot of outrage about this story on our wusa9 facebook page. a man who is blind, now charged with murder in the death of his 5-month-old son. perry nelson-johnson has turned himself in. johnson and the child's mother initially told police, the boy was injured after rolling out of the bed. the police say that story just
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so far no charges against the child's mother. no verdict yet tonight in the sexual assault trial of bill cosby. this is day 2 of deliberations. the jury met for two hours on monday. andrea constand testified that the 79-year-old comedian drugged and sexually molested her at his home in 2004. cosby did not take the stand in his defense. he maintains the sex was consensual. verizon has now taken over yahoo, completing a $4.5 billion deal. the goal is to bring in more advertising for one of the internet's best known brands. today's news means the end of the road for marissa myer. she's been the ceo of the company for the last five years, and she will not be joining verizon. we're tracking the metro tonight, and relief is on the way if you use the dupont square and farragut north stations. wo
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chilling units. these chillers should lower the temperatures by 5 to 10 degrees. both stations have been suffering without air conditioning since 2016. coming up, new technology
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at the scene of an accidental drowning tell us they are horrified that a child is dead. you're looking at a home that neighbors say is a daycare. medic rushed the child just under 2 years old to the er. this was before 4:00 this afternoon. doctors unfortunately could not save the little guy. a long time friend of the woman who runs the daycare tells us she has cared for
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the medical examiner is now performing an autopsy. police have not said if charges will be filed. sky 9 helicopters at prince william county after our report of get this, a large animal. officials are on the county facebook page will only say everybody was safely kept indoors. they also increased adult supervision during dismissal. just up the road in gainsville, this black bear spotted. police are edging people in the area to keep their pets indoors, and they suggest you keep a safe distance if you encounter that bear. in prince george's county. >> they've got these signs going up all over the county, warning theme that there'sing so called smart water being used to protect property. so once you apply the liquid to your belongings, a unique coat appears. it's visible only with a certain light. residents can ma
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from their cell phones to televisions. and this helps to identify stolen property, once it's located. if you want to be partof this, we've got a link on our wusa9 news app. president trump less popular in the u.s. than some foreign leaders. the result of a new poll. >> plus, why the national park service is telling people to stay ou
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when you get to the end of your rope and you're having a really bad night, and you have a pistol in your mouth, you can look over to the dog and say they would need me. >> this marine vet tried to kill himself. there's a bill before congress that some think can help with the despair that many of our combat veterans feel. find out how you can help in tonight's special assignment report. it's called the paws act, and we'll see it tonight only on wusa9 at 11:00. fairfax county, a substitute teacher is facing charges tonight after he allegedly ranged to meet a young girl for sex. he was arrested last night in hen.
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may have had inappropriate contact with him is urged to call the fairfax county police. the world war ii memorial is not a swimming pool. apparently tourists for years have been treating it like a watering hole. it seems like people may be getting the message to stay out of the water. mike valero reports, wading in that water is actually illegal. >> reporter: we set up our camera at 11:00 a.m. sure enough, within minutes these signs say honor your veterans, no wading. we see parents letting their kids wade in the water of the world war ii memorial. this is what it's supposed to look like. scenes like this have enraged visitors who want to pay tribute to the fallen. >> i'm okay with the rule. i didn't come here to see people playing in the watt railroad. >> reporter: we spotted these friends from new jersey who said well, we've seen other
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they? we decided to ask them directly. >> what do you think about veterans who say this is disrespectful to the memorial? >> reporter: the good news, after three hours at the memorial, friends and families told us they were attempted, but remain respectful and out of the water. >> it doesn't sound very sanitary first of all, and secondly, it's not a swimming pool. that was mike have a lairo reporting. worth noting people may be wanting to let their pets dive in. come on y'all. park rangers say that's also not allowed. but they shouldn't have to. >> it's a wading pool growing up. >> but at least parents should say, out junior. we're looking at our last day of 90 he's today. we're going to be cl
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over for a while. we're trading in heat for a lot of thunderstorms. a live look outside. it is still 90. look at the dew point, low 70s. that's miserable. so winds out of the south at 14 not doing us any favors either. we had a heat index of 98. here's the radar, over the last hour, couple of of showers west of winchester. a couple of showers toward charlottesville. this has weakened a bit. it's moved off to the east. traveling along i-64. some of these could work their way into culpepper and parts of the metro area tonight. just be advised. we're going to keep a shower isolated, and thunderstorm tonight. tomorrow's bus stop muggy. 70 to 82. a slight chance of a shower, but i really think tomorrow morning will be dry. weather alert tomorrow for thunderstorms. i think our critical time is noon to 7:00 p.m., so the evening commute will have
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storms. if you're heading south d.c. toward fredericksburg tomorrow, or maybe even out west, 66. you'll have a much better chance of running into storms on your way home. risk, heavy rain, pretty high. some of the storms are going to have heavy rains in them. storms moderate risk. i don't see anything in terms of damaging winds with this particular set up. because of the heavy rain, impact, street flooding moderate. no doubt about that. cookouts, a moderate effect there. golf, moderate. and then yard work, moderate as well. the bottom line is get stuff down wednesday morning. temperature wise, 86 on friday. back to near 90 saturday, and back into the low 90s on sunday. a chance for showers and thunderstorms all of those days. 10:00tonight, there are the showers. future cast trying to develop, but shades of green, nothing crazy heavy. just be advised, a couple of showerers possible late tonight. by morning, a le
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by 9:00, showers beginning to fire west of i-81, and then by lunchtime, there's your showers. notice the red there? that's the heavier storm between d.c. and fredericksburg. that just kind of drifts off to the south. southern maryland, you could have heavy weather too for your ride home. on the day planner. look at these temperatures. 76 to start. 86 by 11:00. 86 by 1:00. the good news is the showers and storms will keep temps down. the bad news is it's going to be muggier. more storms on friday, 86. more storms on saturday. near 90 for dad, storms 91. more storms monday. finally we dry out pretty much completely, but not until next tuesday. a new poll shows there are four foreign leaders more popular than president trump among americans. >> germany's angela merkel. canada's justin trudeau. the united kingdom's teresa
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president. interesting to note, voters who support president trump had a negative opinion of all those leaders except for may. many of you are leaving your comments on the wusa9 facebook page tonight. one of the top comments comes from dave who rights, the liberals can't hand the fact they lost, all logic goes out the window. they actually believe obama was better and this is right in line with liberals wanting to be more like europe. >> sue writes it is sad that others are making fun of our leaders. while republicans are making excuses for trump. hard to hold our head high with this white house in charge. a lot of intensity around the issue. you can join the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page. washington favorite doug williams taking on a new role with the burgundy and
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well, the structure is new, and the team is now hoping for some new results as well. washington redskins restructured their front office today to fill the hole when scott mcclellan was fired in march. doug williams comes out on top, we're told. williams engineered a super
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he's also the game's mvp. he's been on the management team for quite some time. doug williams is being promoted to senior vice president of player personnel. that includes some, but not all gm duties. ed schaefer, the salary cap guru is going to be the vp for football operations. she talked with two of them about their future, and the future of franchise quarterback kirk cousins. >> reporter: it was already scheduled to be mandatory mini camp today, the first day of two, but we got something extra when doug williams was announced in his new role as senior vp of personnel. >> what is your first order of business? i know for fans, what's on their mind is what's going to happen with kirk cousins? >> my first thought in the personnel department is to hire a few people. th have a few openings.
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from kirk cousin' standpoint, i certainly hope kirk decides to return long term. >> it's very important to us. he's a very important player. we've tried as much as we possibly can signing our own draft pick, kirk is one of them. he's a leader, he's a draft pick, he's worked his way up, and he deserves everything he gets. >> reporter: one thing is for sure, he will be back out here tomorrow for the second day of mandatory mini camp. coming up at 7:00, we're going to hear from head coach jay gruden and some of the new players on the new role for doug williams. >> all right. >> that's the news at 6:00,
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>> pelley: daytime drama. >> to suggest they participated in any collusion is an appalling and detestable lie. >> pelley: the attorney general denies a trump russia qunnection but faeses tough ing.>> you're impeding this investigation. >> i am not stonewalling. >> pelley: also tonight, the hunt is on for two inmates wanted for murdering two prison guards. >> i am begging to the korean people and government for my forgiveness. >> pelley: after being imprisoned by north korea, an american college student is coming home in a coma. >> look at me! you did it! >> pelley: you could say the n.b.a. champs have two m.v.p.s. >> it


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