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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 14, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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♪ tonight -- corinne breaking her silence about the "bachelor in paradise" scandal, hiring a calling it her worst nightmare. is the show to blame for serving too much alcohol. and what bad chad is only telling "e.t." >> from the minute i walked in i >> have you seen a change in george? >> no question about a change. >> why justin bieber's hit summer song has become his worst nightmare. inside, oprah's dress-up party. celebrity moms get candid about their weight struggles after baby. and our exclusive first look at "daddy's home 2." >> the only person that could ruin your christmas is looking back at you from that mirror. >> all i see is you. now, for june 14th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight."
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hi, everybody. the "bachelor in paradise" sex scandal just turned more serious than ever because corinne has and dimario have both lawyered up. >> and our bachelor "insider" ali fedotowsky-manno is here with the latest details. >> i told you guys this could turn into a legal battle and today it just became official. >> it's going be a crazy p.arty >> it looks like you're enjoying paradise. >> we are. >> get off me. >> why? >> producers are in lock down instructed no to speak to the press. corrine and dimario have both hired
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the statement to us says in part i am a imvict. i have little memory of that night. she's dealing with the physical an emotional trauma from that evening. the question is how much is the show to blame. "e.t." online's lauren zeem ya have been to the paradise set. >> some of those producers even drink with the cast, they might say, let's take a couple shots, making the contestant feel more relaxed. here's the thing, while there's unlimited alcohol on these shows, the producers aren't making them drink. yes, finding love and hooking up are points of the show but they are not making anyone have sex. >> last night, demario was spotted out a socal bar, hanging with friends. the 30-year-old seemed unfazed by the controversy surrounding him. eehe fls the footage from the show will back up his side. >> something else to note is several former contestants have told me, as far as they know, there's nothing in their contract regarding the consumption of alcohol. nothing insu t
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much. >> while, i can certainly vouch for that. when i was on the show there wasn't anything about drinking in my contract, either. a guy who knows all about drinking too much on the show is bad boy chad johnson. i went one-on-one to get his take on the scandal. man, he did not hold back. you don't want to miss it. that's coming up. let's move on, we are learning what life is like for george and amal's new twins and george's new role as a dad. i found out today when i spoke with his dad, nick clooney. have you seen a change in george since the babies already? >> since the word came out he was going to be a father, no question about a change. >> really, what is that change? >> nothing to do with age. it's a different kind of maturity. >> george and amal face timed from the hospital with nick just two hours after the twins were born. >> i looked at them, they're
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i will tell you this also they're both very vocal. they're just absolutely magnificent. incidentally amal looks gorgeous. >> today, "e.t." confirmed the clooney twins, ella and alexander, were born in the same hospital as the royals. was it an easy labor? did they say how easy it was, how long it was? >> i have been told to never to refer to any labor as easy. >> amal gave birth here inside the exclusive lindo wing. it's not just where prince george and princess charlotte were born but also prince william and prince harry. >> security at this particular hospital iser
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the clooneys have booked three rooms. one for amal and the baby, bun for george to kick back and receive any guests that the couple were welcoming and another room for their own private security. >> now the question is, when are those other famous twins going to arrive? we saw jay z leaving their house today. we spotted the same suv at the medical center. the beehive have been going bananas on twitter. pretty sure beyonce is in labor. beyonce is in labor, this is not a drill, i'm freaking out. >> imagine how they'll react and we'll react when those babies really do arrive. ♪ justin bieber is featured on the number one song in the nation, in spanish, despacito in spanish it means slowly. what's picking up steam is the backlash against bieber. think fast, justin. the biebs had to play dodge bottle in stockholm after a
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disappointing fan hurled a water bottle at him. the crowd had been pleading with the singer to sing the number one hit. >> i can't. >> the bieber backlash has been building since last month when he mangled the spanish lyrics. ♪ >> justin is featured on the remake that has been number one for five weeks. initially for bieber that was a blessing. but since he recorded it using a cheat sheet with the spanish lyrics spelled out phonetically for him, singing it live has been a curse. >> i don't know the song. ♪ >> while demi lovato showed off her skills on snapchat. the backstreet boys couldn't hack it. ♪ >> and not everybody's
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bieber-bashing. >> he did very well. >> really. >> i was actually pretty surprised when he did it. his accent is pretty good. >> justin's still in europe on his tour. tomorrow he performs in switzerland. he took time to golf. he has time to keep up with his swing and brush up on his spanish. >> people need to give justin a break. meanwhile in any language, wonder woman is a worldwide fe phenomenon. it's the reigning box office champ two weeks in a row. it seems everybody has been caught by that golden, even oprah. >> it's wonder woman day. what is oprah's mission? >> throwing a wonder woman party for 20 8-year-olds and she did it right.
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>> wonder woman flip-flops. wonder woman popcorn buckets and wonder woman cups just arrived. >> oprah indicated on instagram the only one not onboard was her dog. >> not for everybody. >> but wonder woman herself gal gadot was saying, quote, this is awesome. >> what are you making? >> wonder woman hot dogs. >> anything else you want to show me? >> this is the crowning moment. wonder woman! >> a celebration is in order. wonder woman has made more than $444 million in just last two weeks. and she was singing the praises of director patty jenkins. >> go patty. go patty. go. go. go. go, patty. happy wonder woman day. wonder woman. up next -- hollywood's nicest guy, matt damon, how did he react when a fan butchered his most famous movie line?
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>> how about some apples on that one? then -- >> i have put on quite a few after having the babies. new mommy heros. the stars after baby. fearless when it comes to showing everybody how much they weigh. >> i'm killing it. right everybody? closed caption provided by --
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the cast of "this is us" won the award for best tv drama at the 42nd annual gracie awards recognizing women in media. >> yeah, it's really a powerful name. for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice.
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♪ that's matt damon taking time to sign autographs and set a guy straight after butchering his line. here's what the fan asked? >> how about some apples? >> real "good will hunting" fans know the real line. >> it's actually how did you like them apples. >> glad they could straighten that out. >> me too. >> clearing up movie lines that's easy. not so easy, confessing to the world, how much you weigh after you just have a baby. >>t thais tough. >> that is why these ladies are hero about the struggle to get their
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these mommys are getting candid about getting their bodies back. ciara gairve bth to her second baby sienna at the end of the april, she gained 60 pounds. she's posted pictures of her ogress on the scale. so far she's down 28 pounds and she's not afraid to indulge in a cheeseburger and brownie. singer pink has a different strategy, stay off the scale. she welcomed second child jameson in december and has been working out and biking to reach her goal. >> mile 37. yay! >> pink posted this bit of truth saying, i'm 160 pounds and 5'3". by regular standards that makes me obese, i don't feel obese. >> i'm killing it. right everybody? >> also killing it, janet jackson. >> i have put on quite a few since the arrival of the baby. >> she's already dropped over 50 pounds. she plans to go on tour in september. the secret of her success -- train ks dieting and clean eating. dieting and clean eating. peta murgatroyd, workouts are a family affair. the dancing pro gave birth in january.
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she was supertransparent through the pregnancy. posting this picture of her body eight days after giving birth. two months later, she was back in the ballroom competing with bachelor nick. >> before i couldn't do one sit up. i think dancing has been the best thing ever. >> peta is shedding for the wedding. because she and maks are saying i do next month. next, ali fedotowsky-manno is here to grill bachelor chad. >> i am. in wake of the new sex scandal, what he's saying about the show's bad behavior. are the producers creating an unsafe work environment? >> is it ever encouraged? like, hey, have another one. then, forgetry eveg thinyou think you know about kim kardashian. the woman known for posting booty and cleef age picks tells "e.t." how she built her
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kimpire. >> i always worked since i was 15 years old.
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♪ this is my life. this is my life. >> if there were a poster boy for bad behavior in bachelor nation it's chad johnson. no doubt about that.
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kicked off bachelor in paradise on day two. >> that was shocking to watch. but chad knows firsthand how things can get totally out of control and very quickly. i got him to weigh in on the bachelor controversy raging right now with corinne and demario. what's being alleged is that two contestants were so inebriated and they can't remember what they did. >> right. >> and that the producers should have maybe stepped in. >> right. >> given what you know from your time in paradise could you see a situation like that happening. >> i don't think they would let something actually really bad happen. you know, they would step in. like i said, they would pull me aside every ten minutes and make sure that i wasn't going to rip someone's head off. >> i want to make out -- >> you're not making out with anybody tonight and the cup in his hand. and the bad behavior that seemed to being provoked by alcohol. a case of chad just being bad or is the drinking on the show en
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pretty drunk, set the scene, what happens, when you get to paradise are you immediately given a drink. >> i had drunk a whole bottle of wine and six or seven shots before we started filming. i asked for it >> okay. >> i didn't mean to drink that much, but i did it. they didn't tell me to drink any of it. so, it's just like going to an open bar, nobody's going to tell you at an open bar, stop drinking. >> is it every encouraged, why don't you have another one? >> no. that never happened to me. >> he had some intense moments of his own during his short stay on the show, picking fights and passing out in the sand. >> do you think they let the incident or drama play out too far to the point where they should step in and they're not, they're putting the drama ahead of the safety of the cast? >> i think they're relying on what they found out about you through the psychological tests. i would tell t
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to actuallity h anybody or hurt anybody. all day i'm going to make them think i will. they were like, fantastic. >> he parlayed his moments of infamy into a new gig. he's starring on famously single. how does he feel about his stint in paradise now. >> i regret drinking that much. in real life if i had drank that much, i would have gone to bed or gone to sleep. in that scenario have this adrenaline pump and it happens. on the bachelorette, i barely drank at all. >> i never thought we would be going to chad for words of wisdom. he got a point. the lesson, maybe don't drink so much. big movie exclusive. we were the first to take you to the set of "daddy's home 2." the first scenes tonight. this time around, things get turned upside-down when grand dads mel gibson and john lithgow drop in. >> my big man. >> he hasn't seen his dad in a long time. >> it's only been two weeks but it feels
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>> it does. >> the original was all about will being the mild-mannered stepdad to tough guy mark. they worked it out but they're being put to the test with john and mel in the mix >> john kind of continues in the way my character were both way too touchy-feely. >> this year christmas, both families together. >> yay. >> hello. grandpa kurt. >> look your father hasn't met the new evolved dusty. >> that's exactly what he's going to make fun of us for. you'll see. >> dear god. >> wow. is that him? >> dresses so cool. >> i can't picture him actually going shopping. >> what was it like to work with mark? >> i had to work out just to keep up with this guy. that moment total last bit of mass can you lynnty rubbing off your son
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bit. i'm going to give you guys some privacy. >> original cast members are back so is john cena in the movie due out in november. >> the only person you could ruin your christmas is looking back at you in that mirror. >> all i see is you. >> will has a big birthday coming up next month, he'll turn 50 on july 16th. trust me it only gets harder to look in that mirror. >> that's for sure. well, it wasn't too long ago that it seemed kim kardashian's life was in shambles. she was robbed at gun point when she was in paris, she went into hiding. when we did finally see her she was in tears, but what a remarkable turn around when she sat down with our senior news editor jennifer peros, it was clear never count kim out. >> did you always have this vision you would be this huge entrepreneur, owner of this entrepreneur, owner of this kimpire? >> i always worked from 15 years old. i was working in a clothing store and in my dad's office. i loved the business behind it all. i have always hoped it would be
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a big kim-pire as you said, not me. >> her pictures including booties, bikinis, cleavage and her kids. m some companies have paid ki $500,000 for just one post to her 101 million followers. we're talking about shots with -- she put in the production work. >> kanye and i woke up at 3:00 in the morning and we couldn't sleep. i said, let's go in this town in tokyo, all these bright lights and let's take all these pictures. >> she's much more careful than she used to be ever since the jewelry heist last year. >> i might share the same amount of information. maybe i'll post it when i leave the restaurant or the store. you need boundaries. >> kim was the keynote speaker at the forbes' women summit in new york. she's worth $150 million. she's also expanding into beauty line. that will be some serious
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brand. >> you've collaborated with so many of your sisters, which is the best to work. >> clo which. courtney is the most difficult and chloely is the easiest. >> kim didn't say where kylie rank. she did say she was impressed with kylie's work ethic. all right, after the break, we're going halfway around the world to china to hang with the stars at the new trans
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tomorrow on "e.t." -- want to party like scarlett johansson. >> was this the best bachelorette party you guys have ever been to? >> it was. >> the stars of "rough night" tell "e.t." how to throw the ultimate bachelorette party. plus, behind the scenes with mark wahlberg and josh duhamel. >> transformers 5, baby. >> as a dad getting to show my son i'm in this movie is a big deal. >> tomorrow on "e.t." that is josh duhamel at the china premiere of the news transformers. >> i think michael outdid himself. he really did. this one is bigger and more of a spectacle than i have ever seen. >> look at the size of this event. >> it was held in china's olympic park.
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>> josh co-stars in the movie with mark wahlberg and mark couldn't make it there. i'm flying to london to hang out with those two guys at their global premiere. should be a loft fun. if you think what happened in china was big wait until you see what goes down in london. i'll have that for you on friday.
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restlessness... extreme anxiety... pacing... a constant urge to move. if someone you know is suffering from schizophrenia they may also be struggling with akathisia: a common side effect of some schizophrenia medications.
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