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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 15, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, june 15th, 2017. this is the "cbs morning news." >> today i experienced the carnage of actual gunshots being fired firsthand. it was horrific. >> very tough shape. that's how the president describes congressman steve scalise after visiting him at the hospital last night. this morning updates on the victims of the baseball field shooting. the search for culturaler's motive, and the resolve of lawmakers to unite and play ball.
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baseball game and go home, then they win. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. house majority whip steve scalise is in critical condition this morning. he and others were shot in open fire. the president visited scalise last night where he was being treated. he suffered broken bones, internal organ injuries and severe bleeding. he's listed in critical condition after surgery and will need additional surgery. lobbyist matt mika was hit in the chest. one bullet hit his lung. he's also in critical condition.
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zachary barth was shot in the leg and was released. two capitol hill officers were also shot. seth lemon is at the capitol. seth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. this morning lawmakers are going to try to get back to business as yushlg. this morning the house and the senate are both going reconvene. of course, reconvening as those wounded in the shooting are still recovering. >> reporter: tex republican roger williams is among lawmakers backing the decision to press ahead with today's annual baseball game despite the shooting still rattling the chile. members of the republican party were playing. the 60-year-old gunman
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and killed by officers. scalise was shot in the hip. president trump visited him if the hospital afterward tweeting in part representative scalise is in tough shape but he's a fighter. >> reporter: investigators are reviewing his online activity. he repeatedly took to facebook. his office has seened several calls from the shooter in the past. h hindsight one raised the red flag. >> if you vote this way, we'll remember you. that means if you're a political activist, that means you're going to work harder against me next time. you don't take that as a physical threat. >> reporter: hodgkinson also wrote in the local
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he talked about policies too often favoring the rich. >> president trump wanted to attend the white hou attend the game but because of protocols that's not going happen. the gunman 60-year-old james hodgkinson had been living out of his van in the area for months. he had a history of grievances against the president and the republican party. >> reporter: in 2011 hodgkinson who was active politically was interviewed at an occupy wall street protest. >> 99% are getting pushed around and the 1% are just not giving a damn. >> reporter: he was also known to post anti-republican comments on line. on facebook he was direct about his disdain for the president. trump is a traitor and he's destroyed our democracy, he wrote on march 22nd.
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company. two days later, march 24th, neighbored near his home in bellevue, illinois, called to complain about a subject in the pine trees shooting. according to the sheriff's office it was hodgkinson and deputies told him not to discharge his weapon in the area. he did have a valid firearms weapon and was told not to discharge. he called the republican theeving and cheating. mary ellen o'toole is a former fbi profiler. >> one is a justice collector. this is someone who goes through life and looks for grievances that are occurring to them and they blame other people for it. >> reporter: in 2006 hodgkinson was arrested for punching a woman in the face and threatening a man in the home with a shotgun. hitting him with a shot as the
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investigators are now tracing the assault rifle and handgun in going through an old white conversion van they think he may have been living in. they believe he's been in the le alexandria area since march. senator sanders said he was sickened by the attack. >> violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society and i condemn this action in the strongest possible terms. >> so far investigators have found no connection to domestic or international terrorist groups. they say he had recently been hanging out at the ymca near the baseball field where the shooting occurred. police are asking you to report any past sightings of the subject as they try to build a
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the last lawmaker shot in an attack former congresswoman gabby giffords said her heart is with the family. giffords tweeted, i am thankful for the latest who were my protectors after i was shot and became my friends. scott pelley asked her husband mark kelly how she's doing. >> she's good. her injury -- as people know, she was shot from about three feet away with a 9 millimeter in her head and it's a serious traumatic brain injury, but gabby works incredibly hard all the time to try to make this country a better place, she's in a good mood, enthusiastic, she just had a u.s. navy ship named after her, the lcs-10 now the ussby
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>> giffordss with shot in the head at close range. she's been an advocate for gun control. the gunman took aim through a chain link fence. >> we were doing batting practice and there were a number of members of staff fielding. >> i was up at bat. i heard a loud noise. i thought it was a construction site dropping a large piece of metal. >> as i was on the phone with 911, e saw one woman running away at top speed obviously in a panic. >> we didn't exactly know where shots were coming from, but it was loud and constant. i actually ran. >> everybody was many line of fire. the people in the dugout were seeing the bullets careening off the dirt. >> he shot at t
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third baseman, steve scalise, or second baseman. he hit scalise. >> nobody could get to him. at that point, he's the only one left on the field. as the gunshots ring out, he falls. everybody flees the field but the gunshots are spraying the whole width of the field. >> fortunately there was return gunfire from the capitol police to keep him at bay. >> did you see him? >> i saw him lying down on the pavement with a knee in his back. >> they were the ones that saved countless innocent lives thaunld're the heroes of today. >> ahead on "cbs this morning," we'll have updates on the patient conditions and the latest developments in the investigation. president trump is reported low being investigated for possible obstruction of justice by special counsel robert mueller. the investigation of the president began days after he
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that's according to the "washington post." accusations of obstruct arose last week when comey testified before congress. comey also told the president he was not under investigation. three top intelligence officials, dan koetsz, director of national intelligence, mike rogers, head of the. >> narrator: sa, and roger's former deputy all agreed to be investigated as early as this week. coming u on the "morning news" now, fire investigation. there's a call for answers after a deadly apartment building fire in london. and waiting for a verdict in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. this is the "cbs morning news." introducing new parodontax. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood
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corolla with toyota safety sense standard. toyota. let's go places. do you often wake up with chest congestion or suffer excess mucus? left untreated mucus can build up causing further problems. treat mucus buildup early with #1 doctor recommended mucinex 12 hour. the bi-layer tablet immediately releases to thin and loosen excess mucus and lasts for 12 hours. learn more at treat excess mucus with mucinex 12 hour and enjoy living well. the london fire commissioner says authorities genuinely don't know how many people were killed in a massive high-rise fire, and it will take weeks for the
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the death toll currently stands at 12. the fire quickly engulfed the 24-story building yesterday. 74 others are injured, 12 of them critically and an unknown number missing. jonathan vigliotti with the latest. jonathan, good morning. >> reporter: anne-marie, good morning. a much different scene today than when we spoke yesterday. the building stands much like a skeleton, much of those 24 stories completely gutted by the flames. the firefighters remain here on the scene. their main focus is hot spots that flared up overnight. fire officials say it could take several weeks before they can carry out an entire search of this building. it's still unclear what caused this fire. we also don't know why it was able to spread as quickly as it did. the building itself has had
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residents worried about fire hazards including blocked exits. one man i spoke with said the management company simply ignored those concerns. the building itself also underwent a renovation. as a result, a cosmetic siding was put up on the exterior of the building. that may have played a large part in why the fire spread. experts say it may have been flammable. what's clear is it spread overnight when many people were sleeping. those images of people in the windows crying desperately for help below. anne-marie, you said the death toll stands at 12, but there are dozens still missing at this hour and the bbc is reporting that as many as
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have been killed. a gunman who opened fire at a ups warehouse in san francisco has been identified as the driver jimmy lam. he walked into a meeting tuesday morning and shot and killed three co-workers before shooting and killing himself. he had been complaining about overtime. after deliberating for three days, jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial have yet to reach a verdict. cosby is charged with aggravated indescent assault. andrea constand said he drugged and molested her. yesterday jurors had portions of her testimony read back to them. still to come, an honor for ariana grande. they recognize her efforts after the suicide bombing. e to do. talk to your doctor,
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fatally shot passenger motorist philando castile. the jury has deliberated for 2 1/2 days, but they have reached no verdicts on any of the charges facing geronimo ya laz. they include state health and human services director nick lyon. guardian says american pop star ariana grande will become the first. she's raised millions of dollars. that attack occurred at the end of grande's concert. 22 people were killed. still to come,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. the pittsburgh penguins parade held the parade. more than 6,000 people attended the parade. meanwhile oakland is bracing for more than 2 million people to line the route when the golden warriors celebrate by like the route today. on the cs "moneywatch" the fed hikes the interest rate and tesla's safety
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roxana saberi is with us with that and more. the federal reserve raised "i" key interest rate for the third time in six months. the fed board of governors said the u.s. economy is on firm footing with little risk of recession. the fed raised its short-term rate by a quarter point. that could mean higher borrowing costs for consumers and businesses. stocks on wall street were mixed with reaction to sinking oil prices and weak retail sales. the dow hit 46 points hitting another record high. the s&p 500 lost 2 points and the nasdaq was also down 5. tesla's model x is the safest suv ever tested. federal regulators gave them the five-star safety rating, the first ever to give a top score. tesla said people inside model x have a 9 3% chance of walking
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away from an accident without serious injury. an many re? >> roxana saberi at the new york stock exchange. thank you, roxana. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." e in two years. i was in a coma. well, i still deserve appreciation. who was there for you when you had amnesia? you know i can't remember that. stop this madness. if it's appreciation you want you should both get snapshot from progressive. it rewards good drivers with big discounts on car insurance. i have also awoken from my coma. ♪ it's called a nap, susan lucci. ♪ but with my back pain i couldn't sleep or get up in time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now. i'm back! aleve pm for a better am. you brush your teeth diligently... two times a day right? but 80% of bacteria aren't even on teeth. eughty purschunt?! colgate total's different. it fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums.
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es. colgate total for whole mouth health.
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[gunfire] shots being fired, and there's people run aring, possible victims involved. >> still
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>> multiple calls at this time. >> steve scalise was on 2nd base fielding balls and then all of a sudden we heard a very loud shot. >> stay down! stay down! >> and there was a big oak tree behind the batting cage, but it took a few seconds, and i wasn't positive if there was one bullet or two or which diction the bullets were coming from. >> what we saw today was a horrific and cowardly attack, and we continue to pray for the swift recovery of those who were injured. >> we are the strongest when we are unified. and when we work together for the common good. and good morning, everyone. i'm jan jeffcoat. mike hydeck will be live from the scene of
4:27 am
yesterday and we will check on the sick times as well, but first thing, let's check on the temperatures with allyson rae. >> reporter: yesterday a lot of places in the 80s, but we ended up reaching 91. the heat wave continues. today, clouds will move in, mostly cloudy and mostly dry. the humidity is dropping a little the bit into the 60s. 73 right now. still warm, and don't need the jacket today. most areas, you can leave the umbrella at home today. showers on the map each day until about wednesday next week, and that does not mean it will rain in your neighborhood each day. in fact, today, most areas will be remaining drive. first alert live doppler, no problems weatherwise. you get on the road, and we will see dry conditions. if you see rain yesterday, those areas could see the patchy fog this
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71 for germantown. 66 in damascus. we have few stray showers, and i will track them on futurecast later. larry is in for ellen this morning. good morning! >> good morning. relatively quiet for the most part, and issue and problem free all around town. i don't think any issues on the beltway or 270 in either direction. this is working your way from frederick into bethesda. this is the beltway here at connecticut avenue, and a few cars in the road, and relatively quiet for the most part. traveling southbound on 95, working your way into college park, good to go there. no issues around the 63-mile stretch of the beltway. 295 also doing well, working your way to the 11th street bridge. our friends on the virginia side of town, no pr
4:29 am
working your way up to areas like fredericksburg to springfield. we expected the changes to happen, within the next 15-20 minutes or so, and if you're on the road within the next 5 minutes, you're good to go. the southbound side free and clear of problems as well. mike? >> reporter: thank you, larry. mike hydeck live on the scene at alexandria where a baseball practice took a horrific turn. minute by minute. 6:30a.m., the republican baseball team starts practice. 7:09, alexandria police get a call of shots fired. 7:12, police arrive, and officers exchange fire with the shooter. 7:23, officers confirm the suspect is
4:30 am
. now who is the shooter james hodgkinson? he was from illinois, and his wife told authorities he moved down here 2 months ago to live in the area, and he owned a home inspection business in his hometown, and he recently filed papers to dissolve his business. the motive for the shooting is still in question. five people are trying to recover this morning, and a lot of people have been impacted by this, including the former mayor here in alexandria. >> he was quiet, he was calm, and an individual that was very respective, and just normal, and you know, even with all the conversation in the lobby about the politics, he never seemed to have been engaged in any of that. again, as i said f i had to pick people who would do something like he did this morning, he would not have been on my radar. >> reporter: so


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