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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we are starting with breaking news tonight. police just announced they arrested three men for the murders of two northwest high school honor roll students almost two weeks ago. and they say they may have all been over a stolen ipad. >> we are live right now at police headquarters with the latest. matt, you listened to the press conference. tell us what was going on there. >> deb, we have a real tangled web here. and police do believe it is over an ipad. let's walk through this slowly anla
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involved. we essentially have three suspects and two victims. one of those victims, shoddy najar is also a suspect in another crime. he is believed to have robbed an ipad from a woman sometime ago. that woman was one of the -- was the wife of one of the three suspects involved in his alleged murder. now, once an act of revenge was made, it was carried out this way. there were graduation ticket, the night before graduation, and the suspects called one of the victims and said come buy the graduation ticket and we will meet up and do the deal and go about our business. when those three suspects arrived to get the graduation ticket, allegedly, they opened fire, they fired 30 rounds, hitting artim zimle 10 times and shoddy ja of najar four times. >> ke
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conference with his father. >> now in this moment is, it anger, relief, joy? what are the emotions? >> well, the anger comes to us, and then the relief. the relief for i know whoever killed my boy is going to be behind bars. and they're not having a good time out there. anger, i want to see the ultimate punishment, so we can get justice. >> what is the ultimate punishment for you? >> for me? they should be killed. the way they killed, executed my boys, that's what i believe. an eye for an eye. they shot my boy. if it is allowed for me, i will shoot them myself. that's justice. now the justice at the police station is is different. it will take time. and more time. >> when this does wind its way through the courts, will you attend the trial?
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i want to make sure they are going to go, put to jail, and the second, to hell. >> najar's father was adamant about wanting to see mug shots of the suspects. at this time they have not been released. but we expect them in short order. it has been somewhat of a community policing effort to get the tips that the police have gotten so far. this case remains open and under investigation. they are asking for your help. so if you know anything out there, please contact police. live at montgomery county police quarters, matt yuris, wusa 9. >> and the three suspects are facing a bunch of different charges. montgomery county, a search is on for a missing boy at maple lake park in gaithersburg. officials say the child has been missing since yesterday. he attends gaithersburg middle school, which is a few blocks away from the lake. >> all i know right now, it is not my area of expertise, but i know they'rea
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dredging and bringing out sonar or radar that can do the detection of the bottom of the little tiny lake area. >> the town's mayor says the boy is actually new in the country. he has been here for less than a year. we will take a look at this man. dajon jones. arrested tonight. for shooting and killing one person yesterday in arlington. it happened last night in the knox neighborhood. authorities say jones and the victim knew each other. they got into some kind of a dispute. and that led to the shooting. the search for seven missing american sailors in the sea of japan is now over. the navy says those sailors were found dead inside that damaged destroyer. the collision happened between that destroyer and a huge cargo ship. investigators are trying to wrap their head around how the sophisticated uss fitzgerald could end up smashing into a container ship four times its size. now to the latest on the shooting at congressional baseball practice in alexandria, earlier
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return to normal. and we will get to that in a second. first we start with the republican steve scalise, shot in the hip. he underwent another surgery today and doctors upgraded him to serious condition from critical. they say he is actually now more responsive. and he is even able to be starting to talk to his family. and now, to matt muttka, a lobbyist for tyson food and his family says he underwent another surgery and doctors expect him to make a full recovery. he will stay in the hospital for the rest of the weekend. the streets reopened around the baseball field today where all of this happened. the fbi says they are done collecting evidence. and the city cleaned up all of the mess left behind this morning. michael quander spoke to neighbors who say that things are starting to feel normal again. >> we were totally shocked. my husband went out to get the newspaper. and we heard this gunshot. >> it is a nightmare peggy allen and her family are still waking up from. a shooting at a republican
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morning. >> we walk every morning. we walk through simpson. we bring our grandson here to play. my husband grew up playing little league play here. >> you hear about sad things but you just don't think they are going to happen nur backyard. >> congressman steve scalise and four others including capital police agents were hurt during the attack. >> it could have been so much worse if those police officers had not responded so promptly. >> streets wrapped in crime tape. people couldn't get to their cars and daily routines were flipped upside down. contract workers spent saturday, cleaning and sanitizing the crime scene, making sure no blood was left behind. the surrounding roads and the park are now reopened. the baseball field where everything went down will be closed until sunday. >> it gives you a little feeling that things are getting back to normal. even though you will never walk through there and feel the same. >> but even though things may feel different, allen and so many of
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won't keep them away. >> we don't want one evil person to destroy our daily routine, our way of life. >> reporting in alexandria, michael quander, wusa 9. it has been a muggy day. what will father's day be like? first alert meteorologist howard bernstein, he is the dad with the answers. >> hot and humid. even hotter than today. in the upper 80s today. i think we make low 90s tomorrow. we did have some spotty showers and storms, and first alert doppler tonight, a lot of activity in the midwest, but the activity here in the mid atlantic has pretty much diminished since earlier. other than a stray shower popping up, we will have a relatively quiet night and a muggy night. it is really humid. it is really warm. temperatures still in the upper 70s. in town. and on the bay. and leesburg, 79. germantown, 77. some of the heat index is still above the 80-degree mark. the future cast shows a fairly quiet overnight and we start tomorrow in the low
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and then lunchtime in the mid- 80s. spotty showers and storms here. and a couple of strong ones, west of the blue ridge. and with highs upper 80s, to low 90s. but it is going to be monday, as the cold front approaches, upper level winds increase, and a yellow weather alert could be strong to severe storms monday and talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much, howard. >> a noose was found near the national art gallery. a spokesperson says it was hanging on a streetlight. authorities believe that the rope had been hanging there for some time, before it was turned into a noose. and they are now trying to find out who was responsible. this isn't the first time a noose was found at a museum on the national mall in the past few weeks. one was found at the national museum of african-american history and culture. and another at the herschwarn museum. scary moments near harford community college today when someone thought they saw someone with a gun. the school sent out an alert. police went to check it out. they couldn't findyo
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find a teshoor. they swept through several buildings and now they are looking at surveillance video. dc is given a huge salute to all things awesome. awesome con happened today. at the washington convention center it. celebrates everything from come can bikes to science and a lost excitement. -- comic books to science and a lot of excitement. >> people were lined up to get in there since 4:00 a.m. >> it is like being with family. most of my family doesn't do this does and dad does and being around these fun is really fun because they understand me. >> the head of mar shellvel was there, stan lee and a couple tied the knot at the convention. what could be better than a dog in clothe, not a thing. the 30th annual bark ball in downtown dc, it was a sold-out masquerade at the washington hilton.
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provide a lot of necessary services for us, people, and rescue dogs, and whether it is two our veterans, and their therapy dogs, and all of the money goes to helping maintain, getting these animals into a good home, getting them out of the shelters. and sometimes making a home with family. >> they say adopt, don't shop. all the proceeds, look at that cutie, go to the humane rescue alliance. speaking of fun event, our pal topper shutt was a celebrity scientist today at a stem event at fair oaks mall and he was there talking about all it takes to be a weatherman. speaking of weathermen, howard will have a look at the father's day forecast next.
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some headlines from across the country, a judge declared a mistrial in the case against bill cosby after the jury couldn't reach a verdict. kenneth craig has more on how hours of deliberations ended up with nothing. >> bill cosby left
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pennsylvania courthouse saturday, no closer to an end in the sexual assault case against him. after deliberating for more than 50 hours, jurors told the judge they were still deadlocked. unable to reach a unanimous verdict on any of the three charges. the 79-year-old comedian was facing up to 10 years in prison. accused of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand at his mansion in 2004. his defense team argued the encounter was consensual but the case tarnished the legacy of the entertainer known as america's dad. >> mr. cosby's power is back. it is back. and it has been restored. >> cosby did not say anything after the trial. but through a statement, his wife went on the attack. >> how do i describe the judge? overtly arrogant. and collaborating with the district attorney. >> district attorney kevin steel immediately vowed to take the case to trial a second time. >> we will evaluate and review our
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we will take a hard look at everything involved. and then we will retry it. >> cosby will likely be right back at this courthouse in just a matter of months. the judge says he wants the next trial to start in just 120 days. constand released a statement, saying in part, we are confident that these proceedings have given a voice to the many victims who felt powerless and silent. she is among more than 50 women who have accused cosby of sexual assault. cosby has denied all of the charges against him. kenneth craig, cbs news, norristown, pennsylvania. >> cosby is still charged with three counts of aggravated indecent assault, and released on his original bail. another day of protests after the acquittal of a minnesota police officer. the protests were sparked after officer jeronimo yanez was found not guilty in the death of philando castile. he faced manslaughter charges stemming from a traffic stop last july.
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broken taillight then. castile told the officer he was carrying a gun. seconds later, that officer shot him. now, one. those jurors is speaking out today. dennis casssard wanted to talk publicly so people have an idea what went into their decision. he said all of that time away from their normal lives started to take a toll on them. >> this was not taken lightly whatsoever. i mean at the end, i was fed up and i told the juror, i'm fed up, let's just call it. let's just call it a hung jury. >> he said nearly all week, the jury was deadlocked. two jurors struggled with discrepancies in the officer's initial statements, and later testimony but they eventually agreed on a not guilty charge, knowing many might be angry. >> that was one of the first questions i asked on monday afternoon, is, does anybody believe this is racial connected. and we all agreed
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>> the jury spent five days deliberating after five days of testimony. now to the latest in the horrific apartment fire in london. police are now saying that the 58 people missing in grenfells tower are assumed dead. police are also saying the number might rise, and it may take weeks or longer to recover and identify everyone. and the fire started early wednesday. in the public housing flat. people are cleaning up after wild weather hit parts of nebraska. this video taken by brian campbell, showing severe thunderstorms, and there were hurricane force winds. some up to 90 miles an hour. and a a tornado has not been confirmed the thousands were in the dark. trees were down. nothing like that here. >> no. >> it is a muggy evening. >> muggy. sticky out. the case all night. withun
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conditioning is working now. mine is out. >> it was a long week. >> but we got it back. that's good. >> good for you. >> the air conditioning is working. and i hope that you have a good father's day coming your way. and a three degree guarantee time. the forecast high temperature today was 88 and we had a high temperature of 89. one off. we are looking at a 92-degree, three-degree guarantee temperature for your father's day. 92 tomorrow. let's talk about tomorrow. because we are going to start in the 70s. most of us. some may get into the upper 60s. and unless you're in the mountains. already there. and mid-80s by lunchtime, with a spotty storm in the afternoon. and i know the hourly numbers are 89. still going 92 between hours, i think we will make it. upper 80s, low 90s. and right now, it is awfully sticky out there. 79 in leesburg and annapolis and eastham and hagerstown also. it feels in town with the 78 on the humidity, it feels more like 81 with the dew point in the low 70s. so summer begins wednesday morning. just after midnight. 12:24 in the mornin
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with these highs and the humidity, it is all in place. and speaking of feeling like temperatures, by sunday morning, 75 to 80. and on the heat index. and 93 by lunchtime. and it looks like it is going to top out most spots upper 90s to around 100. and low to mid-90s in the shenandoah valley and the heat index on sunday afternoon. and we've got the humidity in place. so very sticky day coming our way. what is going to happen sunday, well we will bubble up and by monday, that is when we got to worry about essentially some damaging wind gusts and some hail and some potential really heavy downpours. and see this energy here, how you got this dip? this jet stream energy sort of dips into the midwest here, parts of the central plains and we have the severe thunderstorms. this is going to work its way east along with a cold front. and in the meantime, would he had a lot of moisture across the southeast. and it bubbles up during the day. kind of winds down when we lose the daytime heating. the moisture is in place, the front is coming, the upper level winds are coming, a lot of inie
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together for severe weather on monday. future cast shows a quiet night. partly to mostly cloudy sunday. and a sunny afternoon. spotty showers and storms sunday. but with the front approaching on monday, this guy here, in the morning, we will see some showers in pennsylvania. and far western maryland. and maybe straddling the virginia/west virginia border and take to you midday. there is the line of showers and storms starting to firm up. mid to late afternoon. the way it looks at the moment, the timing may change, and tune in tomorrow, with melissa in the morning, we will have an update tomorrow night. and as we get into the afternoon, southern maryland in the evening, will get it, as the front pushes through. and it will allow drier air to move in. and as far as the severe weather threat, from the storm prediction center, this orange area from albany, right toward us, that is the enhanced risk, damaging winds and hail and locally heavy rain and the primary concern at this time, for the monday afternoon storm. and so tonight, upper 60s, and mid-70s. and we may see a stray shower or storm pop up. t
11:20 pm
60s in the cool spot. and 80s by lunchtime and warm up quickly with spotty showers and storms in the afternoon. and 88 to 94. so a hot humid day. and yellow weather alert monday with a strong to severe storm. and tuesday, generally drier. and then we get more heat coming in. late in the week. with a few storms here and there. by friday and saturday. >> there you have it. happy father's day early. >> thank you very much. >> to both of you. >> thank you. >> yes. >> appreciate that. >> and the nationals, they are wearing these father's day uniforms so everybody looks the same. but up in new york, we can tell the nationals playing better baseball. and they were going for three straight over the mets. we've got the details, and who is who, next in sports. ♪ ♪
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nationals are finding success on the road once again after a disappointing home stand. winning the first two game of the series. new york mets. game three of four, in new york this afternoon. and hey, they travel well, these gnat fans
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up at citi field. trey turner deep. lead off homer. on the second pitch of the game. we like trey. in the 8th, 4-2. and adam lynn, this guy continues to swing the bat. adds insurance. two-run jack. it looks like the nats would hang on but the mets scored two in the 8th to cut the deficit to two runs again. anthony rundone, shoots the gap for an rbi double. trey turner on his horse scores from first. and the nats in the bullpen, winning 7-4. inter-league play up the road at the yard. o's. cardinals. if you like run, this is the game for you. o's seven runs in the second. including this two-run homer from manny machado and then in the seventh, jonathan scope with the second homer of the game. team's fifth. as baltimore wins against st. louis 15-7. it is a strange time for golf. young stars trying to find their footing and aging ones not even playing like tiger woods, of course, and
11:25 pm
calendar, united states open. third round play. in wisconsin. of course they call this moving day. at the u.s. open. and a big move by this guy. i love the pants by the way. the pink pants. justin thomas. check out this par. are you kidding me? a record nine under par in one round of the u.s. breaking johnny miller's record. with shots like that. thomas made one eagle. nine birds. including that ridiculous putt on the fifth hole from just off the green. he is actually not leading. that is because there guy brian harman 12 under with three rounds and leads by one shot in the final round. and closing in on the nba draft next thursday and wizards don't have a pick in the first round but philadelphia, reports number one selection with a trade with boston and would take marquell foltz with the top choice in friday night. who played his high school ball, one season in washington before turning pro. and the goal of the top selection is closer to reality. and he has nothing but love
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>> my life. i don't know what i would do without her. my mom is everything you see, today, to me, today, that came from her from the humor to the way i look and you won't believe it, but she is everything to me. she is what drives me. she is what keeps me humble. she is what gives me the fight to wake up every morning and do what i do and she sacrificed so much for me and to have the experiences i have had. and i am truly blessed to is have her and i love her so much. to soccer, spirit visiting the red stars tonight. 42nd minute. francesca ordega holds off a defender, nicely done, to score. washington up 1-0. late in the second half. after a washington penalty. kristen press, i know that name, with a pk. and doesn't miss. the game-tying goal. spirit draw with the red stars 1-1. last place dc united with first place toronto up north. 60th minute. josey out the door. you know that name. he is pretty good. and
11:27 pm
85th minute. toronto puts the game away. score on the corner kick. dc united gets shut out again. 2-0. and captured the hearts of america. the star of the between inning promotion in atlanta. groundskeeper, mr. freeze, and gives fans 200 head start and then tries to beat them down and until last night, down goes mr. freeze. >> did he flow that guy? >> maybe -- did he know that guy? >> maybe he did. trading partner or something. >> he never loses. >> he did yesterday. >> that guy was scooting. >> yes. >> a couple of
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y2e46y y5yy we want to recap the top story tonight. arrests in the murders of two northwest high school students. here are all of the details. three people arrested for the deaths of 18-year-old shadin ?smed ajar
11:31 pm
arten nimirov. >> and najar was rumored to have stolen anism pad from a suspect's girlfriend and it is a possible motivation for the shooting. here are the names of the three people arrested: they face first-degree murder and other charges. police are still looking for more tips. it is going to be a hot steamy father's day. a couple of storms. but we will watch out for the storms on monday. it could be strong to severe. >> you can get updates any time on our app. thanks for joining us. and have a good night.
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