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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the bachelor in paradise fall out. >> are you taking legal action? >> both con atestntidepressants in the middle of the scandal speak out. is the show to blame for serving too much alcohol. what bad chad is only telling "e.t." >> george clooney's dad gives "e.t." an update on the twins. >> they are both very vocal. >> what has aysha's live tv breakdown and what caused katy perry to get emotional. >> they're just too intense. >> the new twist in her feud with taylor swift. >> you're single, you're not single? >> mariah carey gives us an update
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and the new movie crackup. >> we love you so much, but you need to shut up. this is "entertainment tonight." >> the latest on george clooney's twins. but more big news after the production on bachelor in paradise is shut down. >> now could a legal battle turn the show into paradise lost? here are the details. >> what's going on with getting hold of the video from mexico? you got an attorney working with you? >> man, right now, ian c't say see much about it. we're weighing the options. >> what happened with demario? are you taking legal action against the show or him? >> no comment. >> this is my worst nightmare. il
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been fired from his job was spotted at the gym. >> what about corinne? >> if you love me, love her as well. i don't like the whole slander of corinne and people calling her names and whatnot. at the end of the day no one knows what happened. >> the investigation is ongoing with the executives looking at video evidence of the drunken encounter. after the cast had been drinking all day demario was in the pool and corinne comes over and hops on his lap. the things escalated quickly. the couple got hot and heavy and ended up naked in the pool. details about what happened after are unclear but a producer felt uncomfortable and claimed misconduct in the workplace. >> the next day corinne was asking a lot of questions about what happened. she seemed to remember nothing including that she made out with other people on that first night too. on her season of the bachelor, corinne drank frequently. and
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was actually passed out. >> "e.t." toured the resort and there is an open bar 24/7. if a contestant wants to drink, a producer will use their walkie-talkie to radio and get one. another source tells us the male cast drinks harder shots of liquor and the women drink more to keep up. >> i got new information on the whistle blower of it all. a female producer who said she felt uncomfortable and complained of misconduct in the workplace. i'm told that cast members believe this producer is someone who has been with the franchise at least a year and she was very close with corinne movement source also tells me that corinne has spoken with demario since the incident but the focus of her anger is with abc. >> given what you know from your time in paradise, could you see a situation like that happening? >> i don't think they would let something actually, like, really bad happen. you know, t
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you know, they would pull me aside every tenut mines and make sure i wasn't going to rip someone's head off. >> no word if filming would resume. but chris harrison says i hope we can get a quick resolution on this and get back to work soon. >> these are serious allegations and you have to wonder what lasting effect they will have on the show. >> now we move on to good news. george clooney's father nick told me about his son's new role as a dad. >> have you seen a change in george since the babies, already? >> since the word came out he was going to be a father, no question about a change. >> really? what is that change? >> the change is -- and this has nothing do with age, incidentally. it's a different kind after maturity. >> they face timed with nick two hours after the twins were born. >> t
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i will them you this, also, they are both very vogcal. and amal looks gorgeous. >> and "e.t." confirms, ella and alexander were born in the same hospital as the royals. >> was it an easy labor? >> i've been told never to refer to any labor as easy. >> you have learned very, very well, nick, i must say. >> we learned amal gave birth here in st. mary's hospital and it's not just where prince george and princess charlotte were born but where prince william and prince harry were born. >> it's secure and private. >> a royal expert says that they offer hotel-like service. >> security at this hospital will have been very, very tight. the clooneys are reported to have booked three rooms. one for
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one for george to kick back and receive any guests and another room for their own private security detail. >> and now moving on to the new star parent, janet jackson facing her ex in court. she was all smiles in london, beaming. she and her estranged husband both attended a hearing and the reason for it is confidential. the 51-year-old has lost more than 50 pounds since giving birth in january. >> i have put on quite a few. >> it's juicing, eating clean and working out. their son will go on the road for the tour which begins in september in louisiana. when it ends, they will be calling london home. let's talk about kim kardashian. she is
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spotlight after being robbed at gunpoint in paris but she sat down with her senior editor and shared what she's learned. >> when this first started out did you have a vision you would be a huge entrepreneur, owner of this kimpire? >> i have always worked in a clothing store since i was 15 years old. i love the business behind it all. i always hoped it would be a big kimpire as you said. >> her pictures, some companies have paid her $500,000 for just one post to her 101 million followers. we're talking about the shots with the weight trainers or phone cases. how has she made her success last so long, putting in the production work. >> we woke up at 3:00 in the
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this town in tokyo where it's all these bright lights and take these pictures. >> she is more careful since the jewelry heist in paris in october. >> i might share the same amount of information but post it when i leave the restaurant or the stor store. >> the woman who is worth $150 million is expanding her kimpire to include a upmake line and that will be competition for kylie jenner's beauty brand. >> you have collaborated with your sisters which is the easiest to working with? >> kourtney. >> this week, katy perry emerged from the big brother type house she locked herself into and during her life stream she got candid, apologizing to
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talk about her new job, ranking her famous lovers and letting people in on her emotional therapy session. >> did you ever have some bouts where katy just didn't want to go on? >> yeah, i wrote a song about it. >> which one? >> by the grace of god. ♪ it's hard, i sang it on tour. and it's hard, because i'm ashamed. >> oh. >> because of course, katy perry's so strong. >> she appeared ready to bury the hatchet with taylor swift. she switched up the lyrics during the performance of her new song,
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here's katy's original lyric. >> don't you come for us no, not today. >> and the new version on monday. >> god bless you on your journey oh, baby girl. >> katy joins "american idol" as a judge next spring. >> my dream people would be rihanna and tim mcgraw. >> and things got awkward when james cord enchallenged her to rank her ex-boyfriends. >> from best to worst in bed. >> no. >> this is work on the notion they're all good. >> no! >> john mayer, diplo and orlando bloom. >> she tried to dodge the question. >> they are amazing lovers. >> but he wouldn't let her get away not answering. >> i think
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there's a reason -- so let's go. diplo? >> yes. >> diplo and katy dated for less than a month. but who wins between most recent ex-beau, orlando bloom and john mayer? >> mayer then bloom? bloom than mayer? >> john gets the win but everybody gets compliments. >> if you are listening to me, i love you and you know i love you. maybe i just haven't had enough time to have sex with you. maybe we can make up that time. no one wants to have sex with me now. >> no mention of russell brand in. there i'm thinking that he forgot to ask. >> he didn't rank. >> ouch. i wasn't saying that. backstage with enrique iglesias. >> will you have special cost
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2% lower drag co efficient. >> amazing. >> that is kerry washington you are hearing. she is one of the new characters in the "cars" sequel "cars 3" it hits theaters this weekend. we caught up with kerry and the boys at the movie premiere. kerry wore a red mini dress for the event. >> i love this film. it's great if you feel like an outsider. the message of the film is there is room for all of us. >> army hammer brought his wife and two kids. >> my daughter is still on the
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red carpet posing and going like this. smiling and having a great time. this is supposed to terrify her. >> owen's wilson's two sons hit the red carpet but they are not impressed. >> sometimes i feel like they are not getting as excited as they should. they're used to hearing me say i'm lightning mcqueen. >> we got a chance to sit down with the stars in disney's california adventure. they were revved up to take a spin on the radiator springs racer. >> the girls have ridden. >> i feel like owen has home court advantage. >> it would be tragic -- >> sometimes i like to share the world and let someone else be in the running but not. win >> owen is back as lightning mcqueen. >> if i lose i never get to do this again. >> army, the newcomer wants to take him down. >> kerry washington is the tv
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>> i prefer the term statistical analyst. >> they're all cars of course. but what kind of car would these cast members be? >> i like to think i'm a tesla. but i'm more of a bug. >> i like to think i'm a pickup truck. >> kids under 30 look up the rivera. >> so excited to see this movie. here's another movie about cars, this one all live action. >> it's called "baby driver" it's got a red hot cast including jamie foxx. he told nischelle turner how he had a hand in launching some of music's biggest stars. >> i had ed sheeran sleep on my couch for six weeks before he made it. he came to my cr
5:17 pm
i always set the table for the artists. >> sing -- >> jamie mentored ed and nick cannon and his baby driver costar who is an aspiring solo artist. >> i know it's hard -- >> he invited me to his house. >> you got to go casa foxx. i hear that's like a crime wodr world. >> it's fun and artistic. >> it's also where he enjoys being a dad to his two daughters. the girls introduced jamie to instagram and you have to check out his impersonation of an old man trying to figure out social media. >> being older to instagram. what these kids doing? this thing, turn the camera on their faces and trying to get likes. >> on the big screen, they are bank robbers in "the baby driver". >> i'm looking at the
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finest thugs and mozart in a go cart over there. >> ansel is baby with insane moves behind the wheel. and jamie says his youngest daughter is getting in driving practice of her own. >> you're driving? >> what you drive down the driveway? >> the g wagon. >> do you remember the first time corinne got behind the wheel? >> 16 and she got an infiniti, man, crazy. >> and trashed it. >> crashed it two weeks later. >> ran into a fire hydrant. >> and the insurance was popping. >> all the car chases you see in the movie are real. there is nothing computer generated. up next, a rare interview with demi moore as her rough night costars t
5:19 pm
movie's man thong. >> i was told to tie it down. mandy moore eight weeks scuba diving
5:20 pm
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i called the room next to jet. >> you have to share with pipa. >> who is that? >> i australian friend. >> that is "rough night" about a bachelorette party gone wrong. it's in theaters this weekend. and our editor was with the stars including kate mckinnon this week. and talked to demi moore at the premiere. >> have you seen it? >> oh, yeah. >> what did you think? >> i loved it. >> we're going to try to keep it done. >> we'll try not to. >> demi plays a swinger. and monday night she was age defying in dior. hard to believe she has three daughters over the age of 22. >> are you going to
5:22 pm
their bachelorette parties? >> it better not go there. >> does it make you nervous when your daughter gets to her party days? >> i'm still cleaning up a lot of -- >> scarlet did have a date to this premiere, a 72-year-old grandma who became famous for her resemblance to scarlett in her 20s. but which person would she trust to throw the best bash? >> zoe. >> zoe kravitz would hook it up in a second. >> why? >> her dad is lenny kravitz. she's a movie star. >> me? >> that is a lot of pressure. >> i think we're going to get really drunk and kill a stripper. >> so that's the plot of the
5:23 pm
movie. but the stripper talk didn't stop. >> what advice do you have for a male stripper? >> to come into a room of girls in a thong? >> bring it. >> whoa, nice. >> wow. >> the ladies of "rough night" say that's tip number one, own it. >> do you job. >> i don't know how to put myself in his shoes. try to enjoy the moment. >> be in the now. >> next tip, leave them wanting more. we sat down with the guys, and brian cooper says he toned it down for the scene. >> i was expecting better dance moves. >> to be honest i was told to tame it down. yes, i was -- i was ready to -- like hand stand twerk and nope. >> calm it down a little bit. >> brian's got moves you
5:24 pm
seen. >> you learn how to dance? >> i've got moves you never seen. >> and speaking of moves, kate has one final tip, don't get too creative. >> i went to a bachelorette party once there was an electric violinist who got up on the table who was squatting and playing the violin. that was odd. >> by the way, the cast did get to have fun at the premiere after party. yes, there were shirtless men doing acrobatics. if you are in for a different thrill at the box office, look no further than 47 meters done starring mandy moore. she bonded big time with her costar because being attacked by sharks has a way of pulling people together. mandy and clare holtz play sisters trapped at the bottom of the ocean surrounded by sharks and running out of oxygen.
5:25 pm
think jaws meets the shall lows. most of it takes place underwater and neither actress ha scuba diving experience. >> we spend eight weeks, eight hours a day under water. >> they spent four weeks shooting in a tank built outside london. >> just being at the bottom of the tank every day and expending that much energy i don't think we were prepared for surfacing at lunchtime and being that bone tired. we collapsed. i've never slept so well. >> to make the water look murky, the crew would blend up broccoli and sprinkle it into the tank. as for those terrifying great whites, no actual sharks were used. a diver would swim around wearing a plastic shark head.
5:26 pm
shooting on location in the dominican republic at a 65,000 square foot outdoor tank. >> are you scuba certified now? >> i'm hollywood certified. we took two days of training. >> the instructor was like all you have to do is eight more hours of this course and you can -- >> and two more open ocean dives. i'm like probably not going the the that. >> i hear you. and she filmed the movie before she landed the role in "this is us" and that has given mandy's career a boost. >> daisy ridley went from obscurity to instant celebrity when she joined the "star wars" universe. but she has traded the falcon for the orient express. >> when you first read the script did anything surprise
5:27 pm
>> they are suspected in one of the most classic who dun its ever. >> this agatha christie style murder mystery. >> based on the original novel, one of these 13 passengers on the luxury train has committed murder. >> who from the cast would be most likely to get into trouble on the train? >> jonathan depp, for sure. the other person because she seems so sweet but she actually has a dark side to her is dame judi dench. she is a bad girl. she would leave at the end of the day and put on a leather jacket and fighting gloves. >> he is kidding. >> she got along with everyone in the cast. and that is dench trying to get star wars secrets out of daisy. >> josh was
5:28 pm
to give up spoilers. >> you a jedi? >> did he get any information out of you. >> i didn't know he was a plant. >> i came close to days daizy tormenting her. >> and coming up next, we are with the transformers cast in london. mark wahlberg and josh duhamel. and are they getting upstaged by these two? >> t'shere my big man. closed captioning provided by --
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>> she broke down in tears thursday making the announcement. the star will continue to act on criminal minds, host who's line is it anyway. and voice on archer. >> i just realized i had to let something go. it is the hardest decision i have had to make. >> she will depart at the end of the season to pursue her passion for acting and directings. number four, did katy perry reach out to rival taylor swift? katy switched up the lyrics to swish, swish. >> now we got bad flood. >> here's the original lyric. >> don't you come for us, no not today. >> and the new version on monday. >> god bless you on your journey, oh, baby
5:33 pm
talking about taily. >> god bless her on her journey. >> jussen bieber almost gets hit. he has to dodge atl bote after an apparently disappointed fan throw their water bottle at m.hi >> i can't do that until the alm -- >> number two, clooney's dad gives us scoop on the twins. i spoke with nick clooney about face timing george and amal two hours after the twins were born. >> they are wonderful. i will tell you this also, they are both very vocal. they were absolutely magnificent. and incidentally, amal,he s looks gorgeous. >> and this week's number one story, the contestants in the bachelor in paradise scandal speak out. >> you have an attorney working with you? >> i can't say too much about it. >> what happened with
5:34 pm
the show or him? >> one source says this is what went down between corinne and demario, after the cast had been drinking all day, demario was in the pool and corinne hops on his lap and they start talking and joking, they got hot and heavy and naked in the pool. >> you don't know what is going to happen. >> details about what happened after are unclear but a producer felt uncomfolertab and claimed misconduct in the workplace. product was shut down and an investigation conducted. go to for the latest. that is transformers the last knight, the latest installment in the franchise. we caught up with the guys this week because london was calling for the transformers big premiere. >> the cruisers right now. >> come on, man.
5:35 pm
turn in the franchise, the last knight with josh duhamel and anthony hopkins. >> what did you do to get in shape? >> working out like crazy, but i would play golf in the morning but run on the golf course. so i would hit the ball and run, speed golf. so i ran about seven, eight miles every day and then go to work. >> coming with me or what? >> you mentioned your prayer time. >> i start with that and i'm good for the rest of the day. >> what does it help you with? >> i wish i would have done it when i was younger and focus more on the positive things in life. >> the most important role for mark, being dad for his four kids. >> your daughter had a cute instagram where she was imitating the cash me out girl. >> was a she? i didn't see that. she might get in trouble for that. >> she might? >> is it inappropriate? >> and wn
5:36 pm
one wrong move and there will be consequences. >> that phone will be bye-bye. absolutely. that phone be gone. she's in london with me right now at the hotel. that phone is close by. >> from is a lot of female empowerment scenes in the movie but the guys also make their mark. to get in shape for the movie you might be surprised about josh duhamel's regimen. >> i did a lot of yoga. i have back and knee issues. since i started doing that, my knees and back are good. >> yoga. >> you and me. >> let's go. >> another thing we did i worked out with the s.e.a.l.s. all the guys around me are navy s.e.a.l.s. >> he gets up at 3:00 in the morning. >> josh haa
5:37 pm
she instagrams descriptions of the cast calling josh a goof ball. >> looking like a goof ball. to me, he is one. whenever i see him on screen and he is acting serious i just start laughing. >> in real life? >> nohe's really funny. >> someone might agree is josh and why fergie's 3-year-old son axel. >> is he become his own man? >> oh, yeah. >> what's his thing right now? >> wearing his batman and spider-man costume. carrying as many swords as he can. >> and by the way, the swords thing, that's going to go for a while. >> boys and their weapons, man. >> it's crazy. >> mark has another movie out, the sequel to daddy's home. and mark and will farrell are joined by their big screen dad, mel gibson and
5:38 pm
>> he hasn't seen his dad in a long time. >> it has been two weeks but feels like forever. >> the original was all about will being the step dad to mark's kids and their constant one upping each other. they worked it out but are put to the test with john and mel in the mix. >> john continues in the way that my character is set up we are too touchy feeley. >> mel and mark are estranged. >> this year, christmas, both families together. >> hello -- grandpa -- >> the father has not met the new evolved dusty. >> that's what he will make fun of us for, you'll see. >> dear god. is that him? dresses so cool. i can't picture him going shopping. >> what is it like being his dad? >> i had to work out to k
5:39 pm
with this guy. >> a lack of masculinity rubbing off on your son bothers you not a bit? >> i feel you guys would like privacy. >> the oril ginacast members are back, so is john cena in the movie due out in november. >> i'm telling you. >> the only person you can ruin your christmas is looking back you from that mirror. >> all i can see is you. >> daddy's home two is not the only movie that will has coming out. >> you need to shut up. backstage with enrique iglesias. and which musician took out at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. like putting oregano in their water. it has natural antioxidants and we don't have to use antibiotics in their diet.
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5:43 pm
they need cash and fast. >> honey, chill, you're a great student. i'm sure you got in. >> i think people assume we worked together a lot but we have never done film together. we worked on blades of glory. >> that was back in 2007 and amy was paired with her then husband will arnett. so she didn't shoot scenes with will farrell. >> you assume, they've done tons of stuff together and we really haven't. >> i am your lobster. >> on the set of the house, they kept cracking each other up. and they really got to show off their physical comedy skills. >> get off my husband! >> check out the crazy way the crew shot this scene, spinning on a giant lazy susan. >> when i was told that the idea was will and i as this couple who lose their minds together, i got
5:44 pm
>> don, don, don, don, don -- >> i have been dying to just really be in a movie together where we are actually in the scenes together all the time. >> action. >> i'll never be as tall or loud as will but i will die trying. >> you know, there's a lot of that "snl" style of improv that works into the film. will says sometimes they went off script with some takes lasting 20 minutes. whatever it takes to get the laughs in the final cut. still to come,a div lessons from may rhriah carey. >> i'm not married. >> so you're single. >> our enrique iglesias and pit bull -- and the world's highest paid celebrities. why taylor
5:45 pm
number one. >> his net worth is over $800 million. first, which tennis star is part own over the miami dolphins football team?
5:46 pm
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>> look at lionel richie giving us the real deal. i talked to mimi this week about that new tournament and her new life as a single lady. she's single, right? we always have this conversation you're single, you're not single, what is going on? >> why do we have this conversation? if you are not married but had a girlfriend would you be single. then you'd be single. so you're married? >> right. >> i'm not married. >> so you're single. all hail the diva. throwing it back at me when we know she is happy with her boyfriend brian tanaka but he's not the only love in her life. >> i'm so excited. >> the relationship she is willing to show up, her 6-year-old twins and their dad, nick cannon. >> you have a great relationship. are you going do something special? >> i should. he's the
5:49 pm
does a nice thing for me on mother's day. >> you guys have a great relationship. >> he's a good guy. it's not that hard to make it work. we can laugh and joke and do stupid stuff, the good parts of when we had a relationship. >> but mariah will be wrapping up her vegas residency next month and going on the road with lionel richie. >> will you have costumes? >> i thought you wear is this regularly. >> who wears this regularly? >> me. >> you, no one else. are you taking your babies -- your children? >> they are babies. they're children. they're my babies. i call them babies. >> mariah sold more than 200 million records worldwide. that is rarified
5:50 pm
enrique iglesias has nearly as much. and we have the backstage pass for the tour in l.a. >> you are about to play in front of 15,000. that's amazing. >> you're making me more nervous. don't do that. ♪ >> he is a sex symbol. but he is coupled up with anna corn cova for 15 years. envee rio kay has 27 number one songs on the latin charts but what does he think about justin bieber thinking spanish? >> do you like that? >> i love that song. >> how do you think he did? >> actually i think he did very, very well. i was actually pretty surprised when i heard it. his accent is really good.
5:51 pm
>> and if enrique wasn't enough, his co-headliner is pit bull. ♪ >> what's the song that you -- the crowd gets the hypest for? >> every song. but we're going to feel this moment. and in the middle you can't stop the party and in the end they going to give me everything. >> love you. >> both of them make time before the show for a meet and greet. their tour is one big party. >> what is your favorite part of the tour and the performance? >> i like being up on stage. it's the best part of my job. ♪ >> the tour continues through october across north america. according to forbes magazine, quite a few singers are the
5:52 pm
celebrities in the last 12 months and we are breaking it all down. $38 million to be exact thanks to her tv shows, vegas residencies and endorsements, j-lo is number 65 on the liz list. katy, and adele who earned $69 million just by touring. last year's number one artist, tailor is now 49. >> she was at $170 million. this year she is down to 44. that's not because she is irrelevant. she stopped touring. >> ior'm me comfortable on stage than off stage. >> the biebs took in $83.5 million putting himnu at mber 13 on the list. >> a ton of hits out and he has been able to channel that into making money on the road. >> drake is number four and beyonce is number two. her
5:53 pm
quarter of a billion dollars. >> it feels good to know that the hard work paid off. >> beyonce out here. and jay z. you look at them in terms of net worth they are over a billion as a couple. so they could earn nothing for the next couple years and travel the world and be all right. >> but topping them all at number one, diddy. his bad boy family reunion tour and clothing like and liquor line earned him $130 million last year. >> just have fun and don't stop. >> the person with the highest ranking who is not a singer is j.k. rowling who came i
5:54 pm
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travel considerations provided by -- look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. paul mccartney, and a final look at your choices which tennis star is part owner of the miami dolphins football team? that is venus williams who is 37 this weekend. monday, in the wake of the
5:57 pm
have an exclusive. >> i was suspicious because they were bringing out a lot of shots. >> behind the scenes of ray rachel's group date. and are those women's sunglasses? >> no, they're giant. >> amy poehler roasts the look. >> monday on "e.t." we're almost out of time this weekend. for all the news, go to our website, >> check out this new video from the weeknd for his new single. this video was partially filmed in the weeknd's hometown at the university of toronto. he donated $50,000 to that school but he never attended. kind of cool. >> enjoy the video and the rest of your weekend. bye, everybody. ♪ the secrets that you keep w
5:58 pm
♪ i hear the secrets that you keep when you're talking in your sleep ♪ ♪ i hear the secrets that you keep when you're talk, talk, talkin' ♪
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