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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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of information could be the autopsy reports. a medical examiner will determine the cause of death, that could give us more information to you how she was killed. it could also lead to charges in loudoun county, because the pond, like the mosques are both in loudoun county. live in sterling, peggy fox, wusa9. the family of nabra, along with their imam are holding a news conference at 6:30. we will be there to bring you any new developments. the simple act of trying to cross the road took the life of a man in germantown. he was struck at great seneca highway. this happened at 10:45 a.m. we're still waiting to learn his name. that intersection was closed. or actually, wait a minute, let's go back here. it looks like we just learned the victim's name. richard cooper. he has no known address. the driver who hit him, went on to hit another vehi
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investigation, but it is now back open. i want you to take a look at this had a home in silver springs. part of a huge tree crashes through the second floor, with kids taking cover, and parents racing home to make sure they're okay. [no audio] >> we do want to show you some other damage. it wasn't a tornado. but a similar scene today played out in alexandria, virginia. a large tree came
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on a couple of cars in the 5500 block of trent court this morning. fortunately, there were no injuries. crews from dominion power also responded to the area to restore electricity in the neighborhood. first alert chief meteorologist -- >> come back here. i want to show you something. here's the path of the tornado. it's an ef0. we get tiny tornadoes, only a hundred yards wide is a football field. but only .2 of a mile long. >> wow. >> it was right along venice avenue from 3:49. we were not on the air. there was no warning on this, but we were facebook living during this. >> all right. usually, it happens in out of the way areas. right now, it's happening right in downtown silver springs. >> i know. kind of crazy. and again, it's pretty much stopped as you went to
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avenue. so what about the fujita scale? this was an ef0. ef-5 is 200 miles per hour. but remember, the old scale was f5 was 261 miles per hour. so they changed the scales. so don't be fooled. we have more ef-5's, because it's 60 miles per hour less in terms of the criterion. the whole country averages 25 tornadoes a year. maryland 10. virginia, 18. our season for severe weather is june and july. so we're right smack, pretty much in our severe weather season. we will come back, and talk about summer arriving late tonight, and look ahead to the weekend. all right, we want to take you back to mike's package. he was taking us on a walk through for a home that was damaged in yesterday's storms. >> they were scared, but our super nanny did a great job keeping them calm.
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the tornado passed through. this is where jennifer's lived for 10 years here on northwood avenue. now, massive tree branches hang over her roof and front door. her windows just peak through the leaves. >> there was a loud noise, loud crash, and there was water coming through. >> reporter: her kids and the nanny who protected them, just want to decompress, and avoid the spotlight. but jennifer has a job to do. surveying the damage. >> the really heavy part of the tree, completely demolished the bathroom upstairs, and came into the bedroom. luckily, nobody was upstairs. they were all downstairs. >> reporter: just to give you a scale of this branch here. i'm about 6'1", so this is towering over me right here. >> did you ever think a tornado would come down your street? >> no, and it's so strange. >> reporter:
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few feet. tonight, her family is figuring out where to stay. jennifer says she's glad to be standing strong. still stunned, as she surveys the aftermath. in silver spring, mike valerio, wusa9. the uva student's funeral will be held this week. the 22-year-old was pronounced dead yesterday. he was serving a 15 year hard labor sentence for stealing a propaganda poster while visiting north korea with a tour group. officials there claim that warmbier fell ill after contracting a case of botulism. warmbier is believed to have died from a catastrophic brain injury. his parents were notified earlier this month, that the student had been in a coma for more than a year. >> it's a l
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happened to otto. that should never, ever be allowed to happen. i spoke with his family. his family is incredible. what they've gone through. but he should have been brought home a long time ago. >> warmbier's family released a statement saying otto was at peace. he was at home, and we believe he could sense that. right now, foreign men are facing serious charges accused in a crime spree across three maryland counties. these four men are responsible for ten robberies over a 1 month period. investigators believe the suspected crooks held up convenience stores in montgomery, and anne arundel counties as well. prince george's officers say they arrested the bad guys after their final robbery, which was last friday. >> the district cleared out another tent city near capitol hill today. crews dismantled the encampment. homeless people were living in dozens ont
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here's what an official with the city tells us. homeless people were getting in the way of people on the sidewalk. litter accumulating from people eating outside has the potential of attracting rodents. there are a number of indoor shelters where the homeless can stay, that are safer for them and the rest of the public. the city will store belongings that were gathered today, up to 50 days for people to claim. there are new findings in the murder of dnc staffer seth rich. the findings are released by the profiling project. birkman is known for throwing out conspiracy theories about the murder. he says this investigation is strictly following the evidence to see where it leads. >> it's the lack of clues that have led to this conclusion. the crime scene was sanitized, that there's no district linking to really anything.
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suspects. that the individual's gotten away with it at this point in time. in addition, there were no behavioral indications at the crime scene. it didn't look like rage, or revenge, or hate. >> reporter: the prostyle filing project shows he they will continue to search for more evidence. a congressional election in georgia is being seen by many as an early referendum on the trump presidency. jon ossoff is trying to capture a house seat in the normally deep red district. president trump is backing the republican candidate, former secretary of state, karen handel. outside groups have invested heavily in this race. it is now the most expensive house race in u.s. history. a vote could come as early as next week on the senate's version of a law that would replace obamacare. here's the problem. no one seems to know what's
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inside the bill. reporters asked gop senator john mccain, if he's seen any of the language in the proposal. >> no. nor have i met any american that has. i'm sure that maybe the russians have been able to hack in, and gotten most of it. >> they don't dare let voters see this bill. instead they've decided to try to ram this bill through with no hearings, no public discussion, and get it signed into law. >> house majority leader mitch mcconnell says republican lawmakers will be briefed on the bill tomorrow. according to a new cbs poll, 73% of people surveyed believe the senate republicans should discuss the healthcare plan publicly. that number includes 56% of republicans who were asked. 81% of democrats, and 76% of independents. tonight, the ceo of prince george's county schools is fighting back on accusations that gr a
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>> blistering heat, and tropical storm warnings. extreme weather hits parts of the country. plus, topper comes back to tell us about our own rising temperatures. >> right after the break, the women's congressional softball team gets ready to take the field one week after the ambush of the
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stronger is blasting without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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neighbors in alexandria are about an hour away from celebrating the reopening of a baseball field. it's the last thing to reopen at the stadium after the ambush shooting that injured steve salice and others last week. all athletes are told to wear their jerseys in a group photo
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show solidarity. congress is getting ready for another big game tomorrow. it's the congressional women's softball game against the media. this week, they'll be taking a moment to honor the men's congressional team, and remember what happened. ileana diaz is live where the game starts tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. >> reporter: that's right, the game is not until tomorrow, but as you look around here, you'll see barricades are already up. they actually just put these up maybe in the last hour or so. crews say tomorrow they are going to be doing a security sweep here in the area, and just a little perspective. this field is usually filled with a lot of kids. there are baseball camps. a lot of young ones that like to enjoy their time on the field. but they say he he they don't mind sharing the field for such a special occasion. it reminds us why we play sports at all. to learn together, to be
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team, and find a place of strength. >> i think it's been an outlet for me. and i know countless others, just to get away from it all. >> reporter: phil coaches little kids on the same field where tomorrow, congresswomen hope to move past last week. they'll play in a congressional game, honoring the congressmen involved in last week's shooting. >> i think it's a great way to definitely get that message out to the capitol hill area. >> reporter: this field is only blocks away from our capitol. the security will be beefed up, and is naturally a concern for congress and for the community. >> it's always there in the back of our minds. i've had a talk with my superiors about it. worst case scenario, where do we go, who should we call, that kind of stuff. but that's kind of life in d.c. >> reporter: despite the scary moments, these kids and coaches say what they see most in this town is something else. >> definitely going to tell the kids, they'll be playing ea
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tomorrow. >> reporter: you heard it. a great game for a great reason, obviously to remember what happened last week, and honor those congressional members that were there for the shooting. now, if you do plan on coming out, or want to know a little more about the game itself, it does begin at 6:00, but beginning at 4:00 p.m., you should expect traffic delays if you're in the area, again, we're here on 12th street southeast. we're expecting delays beginning at 4:00 p.m. ileana diaz, wusa9. >> glad to hear things are starting to get back to normal there. our area is relatively calm. our parts of the country are dealing with, and preparing for extreme weather. we start in the southwest where there are heat warnings and possible record breaking temperatures. phoenix could reach 120 degrees. forcing dozens of flight cancelations, because maybe of the regional planes simply can't fly in temperatures above 118. las vegas is expected to hit 117 degrees. >> manging su
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shade a little bit more. staying in the air conditioning. it's way too hot. >> the extreme heat is also blamed for several wildfires, including one outside of los angeles, that has already burned nearly 1,000 acres. in louisiana, people are getting ready for tropical storm cindy. those tropical storm warnings and flash flood watches are already in effect along the gulf coast. home wonners are stackk sandbags to -- homeowners are stacking sandbags to try to keep the water out of their home. >> water is probably a bigger threat than wind at this point. east texas could get a little too. >> around here, we're talking summer. summer rolls in officially just after midnight tonight. a party
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we're hoping. we're always hoping at my house. in march, we have the vernal equinox. now we're looking at what we call the summer solstice. summer stand still. it begins to go back to the south. that said, it's not the longest day of the year. there's like five of them, and i'll put a blog out and explain. 3-degree guarantee. i think we're okay. 89. we'll let you know how we did. our average high is 85 right now. the good news is it wasn't humid today. there's the cathedral. 85 right now. dew points in the 60s. we were in the low 70s this time yesterday. so mid-60s, very, very comfortable. humidity below 50%. tonight, comfortable. probably open the windows. almost hot tomorrow, but not humid. then we get both, t
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friday. some afternoon storms on friday, and also into saturday. i had to pick a better day of the weekend right now, it's only tuesday, i would pick sunday over saturday. future cast, 9:30 tonight. 70. still kind of muggy downtown. 75, not too bad in frederick. a little walk after dinner will be very comfortable. in the morning, 63 in gaithersburg to start. 66 in fairfax. a lot of 60s in the barbs. 9: -- in the burbs. by lunchtime, 87. downtown 80 up in hagerstown. future cast popping up a few showers. i'll keep an isolated shower in tomorrow. by 6:00, 87 downtown. 81 in gaithersburg with a possible shower. 86 in fredericksburg. by 9:00, future cast hanging onto these sh
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that might be a we bit overdone, but temps still in the 70s. for tonight, partly cloudy. we'll call it mild. 62 to 72. winds out of the southwest at 10. the day planner, it goes like this. low 70s to start, but in the 60s in the burbs to start. 84 by 11:00. 87 by 1:00, and a couple of sprinkles possible in the mid- to late afternoon. so hot and humid on thursday, 92. then hot with afternoon storms on friday. 91. we'll monitor friday for a yellow weather alert. we'll see how widespread the storms become. saturday storms, and i'm favoring morning, ending in the afternoon. nats back in town friday. pleasant on saturday. if you can't make it to the ballpark, watch it here on 9:00. low 80s, afternoon storm on tuesday. if you're lucky enough to be going to the u2 concert
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peek on some of the new faces on the wall at ben's chili bowl. tomorrow at noon, will be the new unveiling. former president barack obama, and prince, go go legend and others. special guests are expected to be part of tomorrow's grand unveiling. a proposal would keep smart phones out of the hands of preteens. the compelling arguments for and against the ban, and your chance to weigh in coming up. >> right after the ahh. chance to weigh in coming up. >> right after the where are mom and dad?
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you'll want to take a look at this and we can't get enough of this video. it's two elephants working together to keep a baby cat from drowning. both of them walk into the water, and they're not leaving without the calf. the two elephants
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if you're lucky enough, u2 takes to the stage for their big concert in prince george's county. sky 9 was over the stadium this morning for a bird's eye view of the stage. u2 concerts typically involve an elaborate production set up. ticketmaster still has plenty of verified tickets. the show time is at 7:00 p.m. consumer news now. this one has you talking. maybe you've seen this on your social media feed. there's a campaign underway in colorado to make it the first state to ban sales of smartphones for children. we want to know what you think? should children under 13 be banned from buying smartphones? use our news app, or head to, and we'll bring you those results in just a little bit. this ballot proposal bans stores from selling phones to preteens. it also keeps adults
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giving them the phone. and dr. tom farnam is leading the charge in the initiative. we're going to hear from him first, and then a working mom who thinks this is a bad idea. >> what we're doing to kids is not right. we're abandoning kids to technology, and it's doing them a lot of harm. the kids aren't playing out there anymore. there are certain critical stages of development that are not happening. >> i'm all for policy as a tool, but a rule like this is an overreach of government's role in our lives. >> supporters still have to collect almost 100,000 signatures to get the ban on next year's ballot. still ahead. prince george's public schools fighting back after accusations the school system is corrupt. why parents and former teachers tell us the claims are true. >> plus doctors are replacing the pharmacy with a grocery store. inside the medical trend of prescribing food instead of pills. >> and
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new at 5:30. the head of the prince george's county public school system is fighting back against accusations that the school system is corrupt. >> the ceo says he and the school system were already cleared of one investigation into grade changing in order to boost graduation rates. >> since or story last night, janet park says teachers and former students are reaching out to us, saying those allegations are true. >> reporter: tracy furman looks over her daughter's school record and is very confused. >> she's gotten c's, e's, and also, here is a math quiz that is 2 out of 10. but yet, she is getting all a's and b's in her report card. >> reporter: sherman believes her daughter's grades have be
5:30 pm
george's county school. at a time when accusations are swirling, the school's chief, kevin maxwell isn't sitting back tonight as allegations fly that grades have been changed, and records altered. the ceo releasing a second statement yesterday, blaming a small group in the community, and calling the accusations baseless. he goes on to say they play to the worst suspicions about our school system and disparage all of us. also releasing a never seen before investigation, where the school system was questioned about altering grades after someone called an anonymous hotline last july. dr.kevin maxwell and the school system were cleared of all wrongdoing. the county board of of education members say they never knew about the maryland department of investigation. and wrote this letter to the governor after teacher's, administrators, staff, and parents came to them, saying since 2014,
5:31 pm
students were pushed through to graduation by fraud and manipulation. they've been asked to resign by most of their colleagues, but they say they don't regret coming forward, because they say the numbers don't lie. take a look at this. the graduation rate is in the 90th percentile. which is great. but take a look at these numbers. the park tests, it's in the single digits, which is 4% and 3%, and board members say that just doesn't add up. we're still trying to verify an email we got from a viewer claiming to be a prince george's county teacher. she joins sherman on a search for truth. >> there is no way that my daughter is getting a's and b's, but she's struggling with basic words. >> reporter: wusa9. >> the governor forwarded the allegations to the mary
5:32 pm
we've reached out to them, but we have not heard back just yet. montgomery county police are trying to find out if there are more victims out there, after it caught a man impersonating an officer. a commander says she saw the suspect activate emergency lights to urge other drivers to get out of his way. she arrested phillip jonathan ross from maryland. since his arrest, police say they've identified two other incidents of ross impersonating an officer. contact montgomery county police have you have any information about this case. o.j. simpson could be released from jail later this year. he will appear on july 20, before a panel of parole commissioners who could approve his release. simpson has been serving his 9 to 33 year sentence. he was acquitted in 1995 in los angeles in the killings of his
5:33 pm
and her friend ronald goldman. new today, 79 people were cop firmed dead in last week's devastating high rise fire in london. detectives released video from inside the burned out london apartment complex to show the scale of the challenge they faced, as they try to identify victims. britain's prime minister set up a $6.5 million relief fund to help families who have lost everything. an alamosis escaped the fire in the middle of the night. >> i'm afraid to go to sleep. because if i go to sleep and something happens, i might not know about it. >> police have promised a wide ranging investigation into the recent remodeling of the building and of course the fire safety measures. new video shows a homeowner defending himself, using a machete. it happened in sarasota, florida, just south of tampa last .
5:34 pm
armed man entering the house, before some of them flee the scene. the homeowner got ahold of a machete, and held onto the suspect, until deputies got there and the rest of the suspects. all five men are in jail held without bond. a data and olympics firm hired by the republican national committee stored the files on an unsecured amazon server. a cyber security analyst discovered the database, which led to it being taken down online. it has cut ties with the group, which is investigating its security procedures. speaking of cyber security, you may not think of the girl scouts in cyber security, maybe more than just sell cookies. now they're going to earn 18 new merit badges. the organization surveyed all the members to find out what they wanted to learn, and found there was a strong
5:35 pm
technical education, so the younger scouts will focus on data privacy, and protecting themselves online, the older members will learn how to code, and become a white hat hacker. those are the good ones. the girls will have to wait until the fall of next year. the wusa special assignment unit is uncovering confusion tonight about a popular new service plan many of you are signing up for. >> this covers repairs to the water lines outside of your home. one woman called us, after she paid for that coverage, but still faced the potential for big bills. >> reporter: i want you guys to check this out real quick. when a water line, and not everybody knows this, breaks between a home and the edge of the property line, that is the homeowner's responsibility to fix, and it can cost thousands of dollars if something goes wrong. that's what this policy is all about. and a lot of people are signing
5:36 pm
the washington suburban commission started offering it last summer and already 60,000 out of their 350,000 eligible customers have signed up for this policy. now, the policy is actually offered by a third party, called homesurp. they partnered with this company to offer this service to their customers. what we found from this customer is that, not everybody understands exactly what is covered, and this was a situation where this one viewer was actually facing thousands of dollars of repairs out of her own pocket, even though she had this policy. she called us, and we figured out why this policy didn't cover everything she thought it was going to cover. we got a happy resolution for her and a lot of good information for people who might be considering this policy. >> hearing about this story, i immediately called my husband, and he didn't know what
5:37 pm
signing up for it. >> flyers went out in the mail. i think even topper said he got one in the wssc service area. a lot of people are wondering, because it's $3.99 a month. a lot of people are wondering, is this worth the money, because it could be thousands of dollars in repairs if you don't have coverage of this sort. and you end up having to get stuck with the bill. so a lot to learn. a lot to digest. a happy ending, we're going to have at 11:00 for this customer. but also good lessons for everybody, as this comes available. >> a lot of people watching this, because a lot of the lines in the area are old, and they're breaking. we'll be watching this closely. >> it's a flack attack. you can see eric's special report, what's covered, what's not, and how our investigation is leading the change. that's tonight right here on
5:38 pm
still ahead, a family is hiring a nanny to watch over their kids, and a few goats. see the bizarre story. >> plus, these two officers are not playing around on the job. we're going to show you what they were looking for in a 5- foot hole. >> a spectacular evening right now. here is your evening planner. 83 at 6:00. 79 at 8:00, and at 10:00, 77 again. a perfect night for the u2 concert at fedex. we'll come back ooooooh snap!! every truck guy has their own way of conveying powerful.
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trending today, a nanny job is catching the eye of a lot of job seekers for some very strange reasons. >> this is really strange. at first, it sounds like any other live in nanny job in the uk. you get the breakfast ready, and you get the kids ready. you get 28 vacation days, and there are some ghosts there. did you hear that? that would be ghosts. >> the parents say five nannies have left the position in the last year, each citing supernatural incidents as the reasons they left. the family says they're even willing to raise the pay to get a good nanny to just stay in their home. >> just get a new house, and
5:42 pm
en about it. check this out. officers went the extra mile to save a dog off mount pleasant street in northwest washington over the weekend. this is what our police officers do. they go the distance, after max the chihuahua fell into a 5- foot hole. the officers jumped into the action. one officer took holdest other officer's feet, lowered him into the hole, and successfully, they rescued the dog. >> happy homeowner. get ready to see ken like you've never seen him before. after barbie dolls went under a much needed body positive makeover last year, the company is introducing 15 new ken dolls. they will feature 8 body types, 7 tones. the barbie brand says it was time for ken's evolution. after all, he was first introduced way back in 1961. >> man buns. still, it might not be
5:43 pm
best medicine for patients. why some doctors are changing the way they treat patients by taking them grocery shopping.
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y2e2by y1a2y we told you a little bit ago about the campaign that would make colorado the first state to ban smartphones for kids. this is the question, should kids under 13 be banned from buying cell phones? the results are in, and they're really split. which is really surprising. if you want to see more on the campaign to ban kids' smartphonego
5:47 pm forget surgery and pills, all you might need is food. that's the approach some doctors are taking to tackle big health issues. prescribing issues that are combating obesity. >> reporter: at guisinger hospital, turning them into potential grocers. it's all part of a new fresh food pharmacy, now open in the heart of coal country. making healthy eating a low priority. >> what's your favorite food or vegetable that you get from us? >> beans. >> reporter: the program was created by dr. andrea fineberg, the medical director for health and wellness. >> we have a higher incidence of obesity, a higher incidence of diabetes and food insecurity. >> what do you offer them? >> we offer them hope. we're offe
5:48 pm
look at diabetes. there are possibilities of communities around the united states where the word has not gotten out that food is really medicine. >> reporter: started just 9 months ago, the program already serves more than 60 patients and their families. providing healthy food, free of charge to more than 300 people each week. >> eating pizza, and burgers and french fries. you come in here and there's kale, and quinoa. >> there's a big transition. do people like it? >> people complain. first of all, we ask them just to be flexible. try it. you don't like it, no problem. come back and tell us, and we'll come up with new recipes. >> reporter: it draws inspiration from more than 70 food prescription programs across the country. all hoping
5:49 pm
frightening trend. more than 112 million americans are diabetic, or pre-diabetic. rita perkins has been diabetic for more than 20 years. after enrolling in the food pharmacy program in march, she cut her blood sugar and cholesterol in half. >> you just make yourself some lunch. >> whole wheat, tortilla pizza. >> do you feel this program is making a big difference in your life? >> yeah, it has. >> how long do you think you'll stay with it? >> probably for the rest of my life. >> reporter: the doctor says perkins' results are not unique. >> it's worked for every patient. >> it's worked. >> for every single patient. >> we're talking about curing the type 2 diabetes, and helping move patients from the sick
5:50 pm
category. >> some nutritious ways to improve your health naturally include eating avocados, blueberries, and beans and nuts. >> check, check, check, check and check. if you thought last weekend was not here, be glad you're not in phoenix. california, nevada, arizona, and new mexico could all see record temperatures. it won't be hot enough to fry an egg on a sidewalk, but people there might be able to sneak in the extra 40 degrees of heat if you set a dark colored skillet in the sun first. back in our area, the national weather service confirmed a small tornado touched down on yesterday's severe storms that hit the dmv. the ef0 tornado uprooted trees, and snapped many large tree branches onto homes.
5:51 pm
one person had to go to the hospital after a storm blew into their home. >> that was sort of an isolated pocket, but you are tracking more storms this week. probably not until the end of the week. when we get to the end of the week, our heat and humidity will be back. that tornado, we're talking about severe storms. if they occur at night, we don't want you to sleep on the second floor. it's very nice outside. it's very warm, yes. dew points in the mid-60s. the winds out of the south at 17, are pretty comfortable. we'll zoom down into the southwest. 116 in phoenix. it's only been 120 i think four times. 99 in albuquerque. 99
5:52 pm
we're 85. 85 d.c., new york, and boston. that works out kind of nicely. for tonight, comfortable. the burbs will probably fall into the 60s. by the time we get to friday, we're looking at showers and thunderstorms, also, probably bleeding into saturday with showers and storms. clear to partly cloudy. still muggy downtown, 77. low 70s elsewhere. 74 in leesburg, and 74 also in buoy. by morning, just a few clouds here and there, but looking at this 61 in martinsberg, 62 in winchester. by mid-morning, we're back into the 70s. by afternoon, showers. by 1:00, near hagerstown, dry inside the beltway. temps now in the upper 80s. future cast trying to produce a few showers, maybe even an isolated
5:53 pm
afternoon and evening. but 87. the coverage is not going to be that great. we're not going to show you a yellow weather alert. it tries to hang onto these storms into the 9:30 hour. we do have an isolated shower in the forecast. 7:30 tomorrow night. 76 in manassas. winds out of the southwest at about 10. by morning, we're looking at partly cloudy skies. comfortable, 62 to 84. winds west-southwest at 10. we'll kind of detail the morning for you. low 70s to start. remember, these are downtown temps. 60s in the burbs. 87 by 1:00 p.m. now, on thursday, hot and humid. low 90s. we'll keep it dry. hot and humid on friday. afternoon storms low 90s and the nats back in town. the nats back in town through the weekend. maybe a better chance for storms on saturday. we're going to keep sunday dry. low 80s next tuesy,
5:54 pm
a slight chance of a storm late. coming up next, we're live in alexandria, where the community is turning out to celebrate the reopening of a field where a gunman opened fire on a republican baseball team. >> up next, meet some teenagers who are spending their summer helping the nation's veterans. >> we want to hear your story ideas. just send an email to
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some teams are spending their summer volunteering at the hospital to help veterans. why they want to give back to those who sacrificed for this country. >> how are you doing today? when i usually come in, we have letters to fold, or files. >> reporter: nathaniel riley is getting started with his work day at the dorn center. >> i do enjoy being involved with the veterans. how polite they are, and how much they appreciate us coming to help them. >> reporter: riley along with 59 other teens are sacrificing time out of their summer to help those who gave their all for this country. that means helping veterans get around the hospital, sanitizing equipment, and -- >> hi this is
5:58 pm
>> reporter: making some phone calls. he's interested in the medical field, and is also learning a lot about the past from these living history books. >> it's interesting. some people talked about the civil rights movement, or martin luther king jr. and how they were treated. >> reporter: he runs the program at dorn, and believes the kids love what they do. that's why some of them come back each year. >> their parents are telling them, that they have it to come into the program. the next thing i know, i hear the parents saying, well, it was my day off, but i heard them tell me i had to take them to work. >> reporter: riley wants people to know that teens today, do think the world of these veterans. >> for the youth nowadays, it's kind of hard to break the stereotype that the youth just doesn't care anymore. but i want to be part of the youth that shows that we do care, in any way that i can. >> the program will last for 8 weeks throughout the summer, and the kids will have a graduation ceremony in august. right
5:59 pm
alexandria residents are celebrating the reopening of a popular park that had been marred by an attack on u.s. congress members at baseball practice. it's been nearly a week since a ranking house republican was shot, and critically wounded at second base. five people were hit before police were able to shoot the lone gunman. bruce, if you can't tell by all of the activity behind me, this is a celebration. no one is really sad out here today. many we talked to, like all of these people out here are actually in the area, and they say that they are happy that this is reopening, and they're glad to hear that all of this is going on, because they want to get back to life as normal. they're also creating signs of support here, as you can see for the del rey community. many of them glad
6:00 pm
to life at normal. this is a second home. >> you see this stuff on tv all the time. it now just happened to happen here. >> reporter: matt keel has been a coach with the alexandria little league for more than a decade. he couldn't believe what happened last wednesday, when a republican opened fire at a baseball practice. >> a lot of people in this whole area have played on this field, or the other little field. so they're all more tied into it than one would think, than it's just a ballpark. >> reporter: it's a place where dozens of kids play ball every week. >> we talked about it. the coaches actually talked about it too. it would appear most of the coaches talked to their kids after this occurrence. >> reporter: while many children are doing okay. others are finding it hard to


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