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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  June 21, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello and thank you for joining us at noon. we're receiving new insight into the mind of james hodgkinson. he's the man who opened fire on republican lawmakers practicing
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for the congressional baseball game in alexandria. the fbi just wrapped up a news conference on their findings into the investigation. peggy fox is live at our field house with more. >> reporter: andrea, james thomas hodgkinson was a very troubled person, and many things in his life were going badly, according to the fbi. in march, he left his wife and home in illinois and came to washington. he never told anyone back home why. but his marriage was falling apart, he was unemployed, and he was running out of money. was on prescription medication, but the fbi would not say what kind. he had posted many anti- republican rants, but never made any threats. he had six letters to congress. the fbi would not say who they were, or if any of them were on
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hodgkinson opened fire. he visited the dirkson senate office building, and the office of senator bernie sanders. we don't know if he ever met sanders. he took a lot of pictures in and around the u.s. capitol. the fbi believes the shooting was more spontaneous than planned. >> it appears that from some of his communication close to the event that he was running out of money. he was not employed at the time of the event, and he was looking for some local employment. clearly, he was married for 30 years, and that appears that that marriage was not going so well. he suffered obviously from taking some prescription medication, which i'm not going to get into. and there was just a pattern of life, where you could tell
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things were not going well for tom. >> reporter: the fbi believes hodgkinson acted alone, and that shooting has no nexus to terrorism. as far as the weapons used, hodgkinson has an sks rifle he purchased back in 2003 and a 9- millimeter handgun he bought in november after the election. both weapons were purchased legally. peggy fox, wusa9. i cannot tale you how it warms my heart to drive up, and see people and the little league teams and the families, and not crime scene tape. >> at what was dubbed take back simpson night, a special thanks to first responders, as the baseball field where five people were wounded reopened last night. tonight, congressional women take on women in the media at their charity softball game this evening, at watkins rec center southeast. now for the latest on the
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election. during hill testimony today, officials say people connected to the russian government tried to hack election related computer systems in 21 states. >> reporter: former homeland security secretary jay johnson testified before the house intelligence committee about russia's meddling in the 2016 u.s. presidential election. >> the russian government, at the direction of vladimir putin himself, orchestrated cyber attacks, for the purpose of influencing our election. that is a fact. >> reporter: johnson says the cyber intrusion did not alter votes, but the attacks will get worse. >> the key question is what are we going to do to protect the american people. >> reporter: the department of homeland security could better help states protect their systems. >> in my view, this was something that was sort of
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should have been done years before. >> reporter: the senate committee held a similar hearing with dhs, and fbi officials on the other side of the capitol today. senator mark warner called for more transparency from the agencies. >> to not put all americans on notice. not to have the number of states that were hacked into, or attempt to be hacked into still kept secret is, it's just crazy. >> reporter: the department of homeland security has a policy to protect confidentiality. >> when the entity is a victim of a cyber incident, we believe very strongly in protecting ther information around that victim. >> reporter: officials say they do extract the technical data related to the attacks, and share the information broadly. cbs news, capitol hill. >> in addition to these two committees, special council robert mueller is also investigating the meddling,
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if there was any collusion between president trump's soars and moscow. ray shern baker announced his candidacy for governor this morning. >> maryland must be a beacon for hope and opportunity. these fights are personal, but this campaign is about all of us, and what we can do together. >> here's leslie with more from the county executive who won maryland's top job. >> reporter: i sat down with the county executive this week for an exclusive wide ranging interview, as he sets out to make his case for the job. it's a story you'll see only on 9. >> is what i prepared for my entire life, ever since i was 17. my life's journey has prepared me for this moment, you know, to try and operate on
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stage. >> reporter: it's no secret, prince george's county executive rashern baker has taken the long way. >> where we focus on six areas that were struggling in county and built them up, can happen across the state. we were leading the state in foreclosures at the time. and our property values were down. seven years later, we're leading the state in rising property values, job creation. >> baker also counts the county school graduation rate, now over 80%, which is the highest number since 2010. he believes progress in the county will help him emerge from a group of democrats, exploring a run to take on maryland's popular republican governor, larry hogan. >> i think it's hopeful for the democratic party to have a robust, and spirited debate about why we think we're the best people
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washington post university of maryland poll, hogan's approval rating is at 65%. baker says he wants to challenge hogan on paid sick leave, healthcare, and increasing the minimum wage. >> prince george's county, montgomery county, has the highest minimum wage in the state. why isn't the state following in our lead? we've been able to attract businesses here, even with a high minimum wage. >> reporter: before baker talked up his plans for the state, he first talked with his family. his wife krista has early onset dementia. for several years, we followed baker's journey, as he balanced care giving and the county. >> i'll say this, you know, three months ago, she was in the hospital, and we weren't sure she was going to come out of the hospital, but i told the doctors that, you know what? it's in god's hands. >> reporter: baker says he's been really to invest in political capital, and ideas for the county that
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push for an increase in 15% in property taxes to help fund education. voters said no to that amount. >> what is your biggest failure in office, do you think, teacher about leadership and what you might do differently for the state? >> the biggest that will probably come up is our education system and funding. i tried to push through an increase of 15 cents for prince george's county, locally, to help fund their education system, and it didn't pass the way that i wanted. did we get the increase? yes, we got 4 cents. is it helping us? yes. if i had to do it all over again would i ask for the money? yes. but i would do it a different way. my first approach wouldn't have been to sit down with the county council. it would have been to do those town hall meetings that we did across the county first. talked to people and say, here it is. le reporter: with 17 months
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he'll have to be tough to manage the rigors of the job he has, with the job he's seeking. >> no one who employed me during the day, said we're employing you to run for the next office. nope. they want me to go to work and do my job here. >> there are at least 8 other people who have either declared, or are exploring a run for the democratic nomination for maryland governor. they include ralph gaffe, john delaney, doug ansler, attorney james shea, and former state department adviser and businessman alex ross. the maryland primary is a year away. june of 2018. we're not going to let our story just go away. we're not going to
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road rage. >> anger and frustration during a vigil for nabra hassanen in northwest d.c. in about an hour, many more will come together to remember her in a funeral service at the adams center. hassanen was found dead as she was beaten from a baseball bat as she walked back from a mosque. darwin torres is accused of killing her. the commonwealth's attorney says they've not ruled that out. the mayor of baltimore says it's a wonder no one died. a steam pipe explosion ripped a huge hole in the middle of utah street. the street is still closed off today. heavy steam blanketed surrounding hotels and cars. the blast happened less than a mile from camden yards. five people are hurt, but the injuries are considered relatively minor. investigators are working to determine exactly what caused the explosion. ♪ [ music ]
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it is really summer today. melissa nord is here. >> summer began at 12:24 a.m., and weather not looking too shabby out there on your wednesday afternoon. we've got a mostly sunny sky overall. temperatures climbing to the 80s. it is going to be summer-like heat. in some areas we have summer- like humidity. if you're out in west virginia, it is much better out there, further to the north and west. you can see some of the feels like temperatures climbing to the upper 80s. here's the deal. we have a very weak disturbance moving through. for your plans later this afternoon and evening, count on an isolated shower. definitely not enough for a yellow weather alert. this is future cast, a look at future radar. still fairly quiet out there, heading towards 3:00, 4:00. but as we get toward the evening commute, a few hit or miss showers going to be a possibility, especially
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of d.c. itself. up towards fredericksburg. even gaithersburg, a few passing showers. as we head towards the evening hours, 9:00, 10:00, they're fading away, and then we've got to talk about a lot more active weather heading this way, later this week. this is the cold front that moves through, and yesterday it was a beautiful day in the wake of that. today, a couple of spotty showers. really, what we're see something that front stalled out, and a lot of tropical moisture being pulled up the front, along with tropical storm cindy, which is potentially going to make a landfall tonight, somewhere on the border between louisiana, and texas. why am i telling you this? cindy will influence our weather later this week. i'll tell you how, and rain chances later in the week in a few minutes, and you can always get that forecast on our wusa9 app. a chinese company that sets up tours of north korea is no longer accepting americans. we'll tell you wh
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the gulf
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a chinese company that books tours to a north korea company says it will no longer accept americans on the visit. the company, young pioneer tours says the risk for u.s. citizens has become too high. 22-year-old otto warmbier was on a pioneer tour when he was seized by the north korean military. another tour company says it's reviewing its policy. warmbier was evacuated from the company in a coma, and died in ohio. his funeral is tomorrow in ohio. even republicans are not happy with how some things are turning out
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bill. 13 senate republicans reportedly writing this new healthcare bill, but one utah legislator says the process has been taken over by gop leaders. they're trying to craft legislation that does not resemble the house bill that president trump now calls mean. democrats dispute senator mitch mcconnell's claim. senate majority leader, chuck schumer says democrats never invited public input into the negotiation. louisiana's governor has issued a statewide state of emergency, as tropical storm cindy bears down on gulf coast states. the storm could bring up to 12 inches of rain to some areas in texas and louisiana. more from biloxi, mississippi. >> reporter: tropical storm cindy isn't expected to make landfall for another 24 hours, but the storm is already drenching the gulf coast and
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in georgia, heavy downpours caused flash flooding, leaving people trapped. >> we all try to get in the cars and drive out, didn't happen. >> reporter: the national weather service issued flash flood watches from southeast texas to florida. some areas could receive more than a foot of rain. >> we're going to prepare for the worst. you know, in case we get that 10 inches of rain, we'll have some flooding. >> reporter: this morning, a driver captured this waterspout in ocean springs, mississippi. another one was spotted in biloxi. cindy is expected to make landfall sometime tomorrow, with a possible 3-foot storm surge. in new orleans, crews trucked sandbags to flood prone neighborhoods. louisiana's governor has declared a state of emergency near the storm. near the texas, louisiana border, vacationers are keeping a watch. eye on the threat. >> we're just going to ride it out and see how
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i think we'll be all right. >> reporter: officials believe cindy could have a major impact along a 500-mile swath of the gulf coast. don champion, cbs news, biloxi, mississippi. >> and cindy is going to have an impact on our weather as well. i'm joined by melissa nord. when will we feel the effect? >> it's not going to be necessarily the winds. the rain, yep, saturday, sunday. tropical moisture being pulled up from cindy will influence our weather. so you may be asking for more rain, and there is more rain on the way. it doesn't look like anywhere near as much as what they're going to get to the south, and even parts of the tennessee valley. a lot of rain. here is the latest tropical satellite. the tropical storm with maximum sustained winds about 50 miles an hour. you're not seeing that tightened donut hole in the satellite imagery, that's because it's a very dig organized -- disorganized storm at this point. a lot of the rain and thunderstorms on the right side of this system,
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where the heaviest rainfall totals are as well. the path of cindy, as a reporter mentioned in the package, going to go between louisiana, and texas, work its way up, and curve around to the north and east. but even though the center of circulation is out there, the heavy rain and potential flash flooding, life-threatening flooding threats, yeah, those remain east of the center of circulation. there's a lot of rain in the south. there's rain, though, that's going to be pulled up right ahead of this next cold front coming in this weekend. pulled up to the mid-atlantic into our area. so that means that cindy will influence our rain chances. we will see more showers and thunderstorms, mainly friday, and also saturday from the rainfall, rather the moisture associated with sydney. let's go through rainfall chances the next couple of days. today and tomorrow, some isolated showers. tomorrow, maybe a stray rumble of thunder, but it's friday and saturday, that we'll see scattered showers and some thunderstorms, and we'll see those rain chances going do
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there will be localized areas that could see over an inch of rain between the two days combined. a lot of us won't end up with an inch though, but if the track changes that cold front just a little bit here or there, that could influence our number of rainfall totals, and where they end up staying. weekend forecast, scattered showers and thunderstorms saturday. things clear out for sunday though, looking much nicer. we'll see a dry day on sunday. temperatures 85 today. upper 80s
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buckingham palace announced today,
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treated for a bacterial infection. he was admitted tuesday. his doctor says it was just a precautionary measure. standing in for his father, prince charles accompanied the queen to the state opening of parliament. as empty nesters looking to down size, aol cofounder, steve casen and his wife jean put their home on the market. the asking price is a whopping $49.5 million. it's the most expensive current listing in the dmv according to the wall street journal. the mcclain is stated best known as the
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okay, weather wise, enjoy the rest of the afternoon. a few isolated showers later this evening, and 92 tomorrow. >> that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we will be back at 5:00. until then, have a great afte
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>> michael: well, any further questions for ms. newman? >> leslie: not at the moment. thank you. uh, shall we take this moment for a short break? >> michael: oh, that's fine by me. >> leslie: thanks for getting back to me so soon. hi. >> billy: well, that was intense. >> victoria: no, no. she needs to know that we will not be intimidated. we're gonna win because we have the truth on our side. [ knock on door ] >> victor: sweetheart. come in. >> abby: wow! nikki looks fabulous. >> victor: yeah, she does, doesn't she? >> abby: i can tell by the way that you were looking at the poster how much you love her. >> victor: mm. >> abby: so, did nikki flip out -- in a good way -- when you showed her the poster? >> victor: she hasn't seen it yet.


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