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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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her life. these are the photos robin fitzgerald's children wanted us to see, a mother devoted to her church, the house of praying across the street. that is only steps from the crime scene tape from early this morning, when someone took out a handgun, and pulled the trigger. >> robin's mother chose to speak for the family and didn't want to show her face, while police are still investigating. she heard gunfire, and her first instinct was to call her daughter. >> no answer. no answer. all night long. i laid down and went to sleep. >> what goes through your mind when you're calling your daughter and you get no answer, call after call? i knew. >> you knew? >> yes. >> reporter: when we were still at the scene, the family says the police made an arrest. the investigate verse not officially confirmed that anyone is in custody. that leaves
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16, 19, and 23, with no parent. her husband zed from a heart attack years ago. >> -- dead from a heart attack years ago. >> she was killed. >> who is going to take on the responsibility? >> we are. >> and they trust in a plan from a higher authority as robin did each day of her life. in northeast mike valerio, wusa 9. >> and we are told funeral services will likely be at that church you just saw, only steps away from the crime scene. louisiana's governor has issued a statewide state of emergency. tropical storm cindy bears down on the gulf coast state. at least 17 million people are in the path of the storm. it hasn't come ashore yet. but already, drenching the gulf coast, and whipping up winds in georgia. heavy downpours, caused flash flooding, leaving people trapped. >> we all try to get in the car and drive out. >> we are going to prepare for the worst. you know, and in case we get that 10 inches of rain, we will
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trucked in sandbags to flood- prone neighborhoods and cindy is expected to make land fall between texas and louisiana, sime tomorrow. a really -- sometime tomorrow. a really slow-moving storm and that's the worst when the storms camp out and can dump a ton of rain and any potential for the remnants of that to make their way up here? >> that's why we're talking about it. some remnants friday nide into saturday morning and enhance a cold front that pushes through that. we will start with where the storm is now. it is about 135 miles south of lake charles. and you can see all of the plumes of moisture being dragged along and up the southeast coast. so not going to be a wind event. it is going to be a rain event. and tropical storm warnings are in effect now, across the entire coast of louisiana, and back even past houston. and winds right now, are up to 50 miles an hour. gusts to 65. but again, we are still concerned more about the flooding, as it makes land fall. in fact, it looks like it will make land fall early tomorrow morning. so tonight, about 1:00 a.m., thursday, it is going to be just off the
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it does have a little forward motion now. northwest at 9 miles an hour. and stationary for the past day and a half. and then it makes a turn, through memphis and then eventually comes very close to us. this is now by saturday, at 1:00, the remnants will be essentially just south of us. and as a cold front pushes through, we are going to see the cold front, it is going to move from the west. than is going to kind of enhance some of this moisture. and that's why we have the yellow weather alert for friday. and also for at least for saturday morning. the good news is, saturday afternoon, drier air will build in, and we should be okay saturday afternoon. we will come back, and let you know if that nice weather will last through the rest of the weekend. >> thanks. former homeland security secretary day johnson told congress today it was russian president vladimir putin himself who ordered a cyber attack on last year's election no ifs, ands or buts but did not alter any ballots or ballot counts. he testified before the house intelligce
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unprecedented, the scale and the scope of what we saw them doing. >> on the other side of the capitol building, the senate intelligence committee was also hearing testimony. current officials with homeland security said russia targeted 21 state election system, and used fake news to try to undermine america's political process. again, no actual ballots at aered. but they warn -- altered. but they warn, russia will try again. inauguration day arrests were unconstitutional. that says the aclu. now the group is suing dc, the police department, and chief peter newsom. and lawyers at the aclu says police used excessive force against protesters and denied them food, water and the opportunity it use the rest room of the suit was filed on behalf of four people who were arrest and the lawsuit claims that many were corralled and including many who had broken no laws while trapping and detaining them for several
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hours. a republicans are celebrating. and democrats in the dumps. after an historic election in georgia. karen handl defeats ossoff. the first republican woman that georgia has sent to congress. and her victory keeps that congressional seat in the hands of the g.o.p. uber's ceo resigned under pressure from investors. this move comes after months of questions over the leadership of the ride-sharing company that travis helped start in twine. uber was exposed this year as having a workplace culture that included sexual harassment and discrimination. the ceo will remain on the board of directors. plenty more news to bring you tonight. >> prince george's county executive rashern baker announces he is running for governor. less ry foster has the inside -- lesli foster has the inside scoop in just a minute. and the lebatt over topless beaches in ocean city,
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to cover up. >> and with -- what is on the outside of ben's chili bowl, and the unveiling of the iconic mural coming up. >> and the investigation
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on capitol hill today, democrats in open air announced what republicans are doing behind closed doors, talking about the g.o.p. health care bill. one by one, top democrats ripped into republicans for crafting the bill in secrecy. according to cbs news, 13 republican senators, all men have been working on the legislation. mark your calendars. senator mitch mcconnell promises to release tomorrow what he calls a discussion draft. a vote could come next
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unveiling of the mural along the wall outside ben's chili bowl in northwest dc. >> a star-studded lineup including former president barack obama and michelle obama and photojournalist nick lineback was there for today's celebration. >> reporter: welcome to ben's chili bowl. let me bring up to you, for you, the most beautiful eyes in dc, donnie simpson. >> for me, personally to be part of the first batch on this wall is so special to me. i would tell everybody back home in detroit, i keep real good company in the alley in dc. >> who would not want to be on ben's wall? >> the allies
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for this town. >> i just want to say this is one of the best honors i have ever gotten in my career. >> we have seen many changes in our community. lots of changes here. and now, to have people recognize the sugar bowl, and appreciate the sugar bowl, means an awful lot to me. >> this is my life. born and raised right here. >> there would no be no other place but right here in washington, d.c. ♪ >> fantastic day for the unveiling there as well. a new report finding mayor bouser enjoys a wide base of support in the city, according to our poll with the washington post, the mayor has an approval rating of 67% and a clear favorite to win re-election. in a hypothetical three-way race, she easily defeats former mayor and
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vincent gray and attorney general karl racine. 901 adults participated in the post poll conducted last week. the maryland woman who kicked off the ocean city toplessness debate hired a lawyer. chelsea covington says the national advocate for the top freedom movement, her new lawyer wonders why it is necessary to pass an ordinance to say that a female has to be covered up top. >> maryland's attorney general last week says recovering women to cover up does not violate state and local constitutions. it is the latest in the back and forth that prompted the council to pass the emergency legislation. >> we will not allow women to be topless on our beach, or on any public property, within the city limbs of ocean city. we have -- limits of ocean city. we have never been a topless beach. and we will not become a topless beach. >> women who violate the law are subject to a $1,000 fine. covington's lawyers say they are building their case but have not filed
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i'm here with topper shutt, the weather boss, and tell us, kind sir, when is our next beach day? >> i knew you went to law school. tomorrow, i believe. and the first full day of summer. spectacular at the beach. a little hot here. >> absolutely. >> a three degree guarantee. a little hot today. you know, summer arrives just after midnight, so our first full day is tomorrow. we went, you know, kind of aggressive. we went 90 today, for a high. and we are going to be pretty close to that. the humidity was still in check today. we were okay. in terms of that. and tomorrow, different story. and hotter and more humid. and live look outside, it is the live michael and son weather cam. down to 66. dew points in the mid-60s. and almost comfortable. winds out of the south/southwest at 14. and radar, around town, nothing. but there are showers and storms, we have been tracking all afternoon to the north, up into pennsylvania, and we will kind of zoom up now and pretty good storms around hagerstown, and then
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into pennsylvania, around gettysburg, and again, points west and east. now, i think for the most part these will miss us but the one in hagerstown could actually work its way south and east and head to hagerstown on the storm tracker and next few minutes. maybe, maybe it gets to frederick. at about 5:51. these are just below severe limits. and we do have some heavy downpours. and some gusty winds, but below severe criteria. and so we will keep an early shower or thunderstorm in tonight. hot and more humid tomorrow. and showers and storms, most of friday. that's between the cold front and the remnants of cindy. and the storms are going to end saturday afternoon. as the cold front and cindy pull away. so we could salvage at least part of saturday afternoon. and as i said yesterday, i will hold to it again, today, and sunday is going to be much better than saturday. if you're making plans this weekend. 10:00 tonight, clear to partly cloudy skies. a couple of sprinkles here and. there i think primarily to the north and west of us. temperatures in the 70s. by morning, not quite as
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as this morning but pretty comfortable. 65 in gaithersburg. and 73 downtown. but 65 in manassas. and 57 in leesburg. and by 9:00, the temperatures around 80. and then we get into the lunchtime hour, temperatures around 90 with partly cloudy skies. and a couple of sprinkles possible tomorrow. and i left them out of the forecast. few and far between. and by 6:00, a lot of clouds. temperatures around 90. and again, mour humid. and then -- more humid. and then by 9:00, notice the showers beginning to kind of move in from the southwest. and i think we see some showers here, by dawn, on friday. so we may see a case where it is a morning wet commute and an evening wet commute, on friday. early shower or thunderstorm tonight. then partly cloudy and mild. 64 to 74 for lows. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, and very warm, by noon. and 64 to 88. and then by afternoon, hot, more humid, and high temperatures in the low 90s, and winds out of the west/southwest at about 10. so on the day planner,
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start. 79 by 9:00. and 85 by 11:00. and almost 90 by 1:00 p.m. and dry. friday, showers and storms. both morning and afternoon. 86. that will include the friday night plans. remnants of cindy on saturday. yellow weather alert. 87. again, we should salvage at least the back half of the day, or the back quarter of the day. sunday, great. 83. and monday, a slight chance of a shower. look at this. only 79 on tuesday. 84 on wednesday. nats in town. as we host the cubbies. >> thank you, top. as wusa 9 anchor lesli foster first broke on social media earlier this morning, prince george's county executive rushern baker is going to run for governor of maryland. his campaign just released this video. >> i'm rushern baker and i am running for governor. to build a future that works for all of us. maryland must be a barrier against hate. and a beacon for hope and opportunity.
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but the campaign is -- is personal. but the campaign is about all of us and what we can do together. >> here is leslie with more from the county executive who wants maryland's top job. >> i sat down with the county executive this week for an exclusive wide-ranging interview, as he sets out to make his case for the job. it is a story you will see only on 9. >> it is what i have prepared for my entire life. since i was 17. you know, that, my life's journey, has prepared me for this moment. to try and operate on a bigger stage. >> it is no secret prince george's county executive rushern baker has taken the long view in politics. he spent the last year traveling the state, listening to issues, and telling the story of the county he was elected to lead then and now. >> transforming neighborhoods initiative, where we focused on areas that were struggling in the county and built them up, it can happen across the state. we were leading the state in foreclosures at the time. and our property
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down. seven years later, we are leading the state in rising property values. job creation. >> baker also touts the county's school graduation rate, now over 80%. the highest number since 2010. he believes progress in the county will help him emerge from a group of democrats, exploring a run to take on maryland's popular republican governor, larry hogan. >> i think it is hopeful for the democratic party to have a robust and spirited debate about why we think we are the best people to lead. >> according to a washington post/university of maryland poll, hogan's approval rating is at 65%. baker says he wants to challenge hogan on paid sick leave, health care, and increasing the minimum wage. >> prince george's county and montgomery county have the highest minimum wage in the state. why isn't the state following our lead? you know, we have been able to attract businesses here, even with the high minimum wage. >> and before baker
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his plans for the state, he first talked with his family. his wife has early onset dementia. >> there you go. >> for several years, we followed baker's journey, as he balanced care giving and the county. >> and i will say it this way. three months ago, she was in the hospital. and we weren't sure she was going to come out of the hospital. but i told the doctors that, you know, what, it is in god's hands. >> baker says he has been willing to invest political capital in ideas for the county that weren't always popular. including a push for an increase of 15% in property taxes to help fund education. voters said no to that amount. >> what did your biggest failure do you think teach you about leadership and what you might do differently for the state? >> the biggest failure and it will probably come up, was our education system and funding system, and you know, i tried to push through an increase of 15 cents, for prince george's county, locallo
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our education system. and it doesn't pass the way that i wanted. did we get the increase? yes. we got 4 cents. is it helping us? yes. if i had to do it all over again, would i ask for the money? yes. but i would do it a different way. if i had to do it all over again, my first approach would not be to sit down with the county council. it would have been to do the town hall meetings across the county that we did, first, and talk to people and say here it. >> with 17 months left in his term, baker knows he will have to be tough to manage the riggers of the job he has with the job he is seeking. >> no one employed me during the day saying hey, we are employing you to run for the next office. no, they want me to go to work and do my job here. >> lesli foster, wusa 9. >> there are at least eight other people who either declared or exploring a
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governor. a suitcase full of nails failed to detonate properly in belgium. the prime minister says things could have been a lot worse. soldiers killed the man after he charged at them yelling god is great in arabic. he lives in a brussels suburb, known as a hot bed of radicalized muslims. >> the sneaky way crooks are using the u.s. mail to steel people's identity. >> and right after the break, the steam blast in baltimore that still has streets shut down tonight.
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a massive cleanup effort is under way here in downtown baltimore. after a steam pipe explosion. the blast happened last night on utah street. less than a mile from camden yards. the street is still closed off today. heavy steam and debris blanketed surrounding hotels and cars. five people were hurt. but the injuries are considered relatively minor. investigators are working to determine exactly what caused the explosion. the mayor says it is a wonder that no one was killed. in tonight's consumer alert, scam artists have
5:24 pm
postal service to steal your identity. they are redirecting people's mail to rip off personal information. this all happened to frank and rebecca ronkeo, somebody fraudulently filled out a change of address form and the post office worst yet could not tell them where it is being sent. the postal director says the agency is always evaluating security. >> how account postal service allow something like this to happen. >> what they are taking advantage is systems in place for customer convenience. >> and it is a huge inconvenience if your identity is stolen. >> that's correct. >> if you get a notice in the mail saying you forwarded your mail when you didn't, to give them a call right away. and if you stop receiving mail for a couple of days, not even the annoying junk mail, that could be a red flag. >> and the people in washington are leaving a lot of vacation time on the table. what is wrong with you? [ laughter ] >> a new report shows dc has the most workers with unus
5:25 pm
i know bruce johnson is one of them. he talks about it all the time. project time off compares employees in the 30 largest u.s. cities. and they found 64% of dc workers have selectively, more than 17 million unused vacation days. give them to me. >> oh, geez. >> san francisco and l.a. followed the districts on the list. here it system the biggest reason people said they didn't take time off. they have too much to deal with at work. afraid what their bosses would think. and they feel like no one else can do their job. when they're off. >> none of that is true. sorry. >> none. >> none. >> the study also said people in education and the federal government are most likely to leave vacation time unused. >> it is a dc thing. >> they give you the time off. >> take it. >> don't feel bad about taking it. >> are you going to leave any on the table this year? >> absolutely not. never. have never will. why dc fire has a brand new four-legged crime fighter on the force. >> and we take
5:26 pm
new dash cam video in a deadly police shooting case that is grabbing national headlines. >> what was going on in the mind of james hodgkinson when he opened fire on this field one week ago? we will tell you what
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stronand restoringding a a father's faith.. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid...
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r. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. the alexandria baseball shooting now, his life was falling apart, that's how the fbi characterized the shooter who fired on congressman and staffers at the alexandria park last week. we have more with peggy fox, with new details about the new information about the shooter that just came out today. hi, peggy. >> reporter: james hodgkinson had not been diagnosed with a mental illness but the fbi says he was suffering the effects of a prescription drug. they wouldn't say what the drug was. but they say when he opened fiat
5:30 pm
he was a very troubled man. before he opened fire, at eugene simpson stadium park, james tom hodgkinson was in a downward spiral. >> it appears that from some of his communication close to the event that he was running out of money. he was not employed at the time of the event. and he was looking for some local employment. and he was married for 30 years. and that appears that that marriage was not going so well. >> the fbi believes hodgkinson acted alone on june 14, using an sks rifle similar to this one and a nine mill neater handgun like this to fire -- millimeter handgun like this to fire at congressman and staffers practicing on the ball field. >> we do know that he fired over 60 shots from the third base side of the field. and 50 of those were from his sks rifle. >> in april, hodgkinson visited the dirksen senate office building and the office of bernie sanders an
5:31 pm
illinois senators, tammy buckworth and dick durbin. the fbi confirmed six members of congress were listed on a note found on hodgkinson after the shooting but they would not characterize that as a hit list, nor would they say who was on it. >> so no targets or an agenda to actually follow through on those six individuals. no threats. >> hodgkinson took a lot of pictures around and in the u.s. capitol, but the fbi does not believe those photos were part of surveillance of intended targets. eyewitnesses say he looked strangely calm during the shooting. >> quiet and just he wasn't saying anything. it was very quiet. the only thing you could hear out there was gunfire. >> reporter: two days before the shooting, the fbi tells us james hodgkinson told a family member back in illinois that he was thinking about coming home. who that family member was, and what the response he got was, they won't say. but when asked if that response
5:32 pm
with the shooting, the fbi, special agent in charge, said he didn't think it was fair to go that line of questioning. reporting live in alexandria, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> a lot of things are not being released and hopefully they can piece it together later. thanks, peggy. good news for house majority whip steve scheetion. one week after the shooting -- scalise. one week after the shooting, his condition is upgraded to fair. and scalise is now beginning an extended period of healing and rehabilitation. that's a big improvement from last week. when doctors say scalise was in quote imminent risk of death after being shot in the hip. things are also looking up for lobbyist matt mika also shot on the ball field. after undergoing several surgeries, he is expected to make a full recovery. he was volunteered as a coach for the g.o.p., when he was shot in the chest. nearly $40,000 has been raised to support him in recovery on a go fund me page. organizers say interest in
5:33 pm
softball game has soared since the alexandria shooting. female members of congress take on the washington press corps. the game is being played at watkins recreation center on 12th street southeast. and gates open at 6:00 tonight. the first pitch scheduled for 7:30. and the game's profit goes to the young survivors coalition, a group that supports young women with breast cancer. parents of another black man killed by a police officer have settled their lawsuit. michael brown's parents came to an agreement with the city of ferguson, missouri, in the wrongful death suit. the terms of the settlement have not been released. brown was killed by a white police officer back in 2014. the incident sparked national outrage over the treatment of black people at the hands of police. officer darren wilson was not indicted by a grand jury. a four-legged crime fighter will now have fire investigators sniff out trouble in dc. looking at pando the arson dog. the dog is trained to find an accelerant when on the scene of
5:34 pm
>> we could have an entire building that has burned to the ground, and these dogs, with their nose, have the ability to discriminate the scent of what was already there, and then what is there with an accelerant. >> he is one of the more than 360 arson dog teams in the u.s. and canada. sponsored by state farm and training by main specialty dogs. a baby giraffe born last week at the maryland zoo in baltimore needs a little help. zoo keepers are waiting until the giraffe gets stronger before giving him a call. the trouble is she is a first time mom and not nursing the calf as often as she should be, and that means the baby is not getting the nutrients that he needs. the zoo keepers from columbus ohio, sent plasma to baltimore and hope it helps put on wait and get healthy. >> the dead beat mom thing has to stop. [ laughter ] and corruption aimed at boosting graduation rates in
5:35 pm
prince george's county. >> and later, why a virginia man is making a solo kayak trip from texas to the country of columbia. sunshine here. a nice breeze. warm but not humid. but on radar, live radar now, just south of hagerstown, we have a little storm pushing off to the south and east. we will come back and track that storm in pittsburgh. and also come back and tell you when the next yellow weather alert, i mean alerts, plural, will be.
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tonight we are seeing the dash cam video in the philando castile case. castile was shot to death by an officer last july after being pulled over in a traffic stop. the minnesota police officer was just found not guilty of manslaughter on friday. now, we are going to show you here, video of the moments leading up to the shooting. here it is. >> i do have a little firearm on me. >> okay. >> don't reach for it then. don't pull it out. don't pull it out. >> one moment later, the cop fired seven rounds into the car killing him. and even though jeronimo yanez was found not guilty, he was
5:39 pm
when castile's girlfriend screamed after the shooting on facebook live. more fraud allegations on boosting graduation rates in prince george's county schools. four school board members are calling for a formal investigation. and as wusa 9 sara cosmo reports, they have been getting overwhelmed by district staff who want to anonymously voice their concern. >> the vast majority -- >> another day, dozens more employees have have come out of the woodwork saying graduation rates from prince george's county are being falsified to improve the image. school board member david murray wants an investigation. >> guidance counselors, people that work with student records, so people that we trust and people that have no motive to lie. >> one teacher we spoke to says the problem is widespread and unspoken. she didn't want us to use her name. but has been with the district for more than 10 years. >> nothing is ever explicit. changing the grades. it is always on
5:40 pm
can't we work something out for this particular student. >> it turns out there was an investigation that was completed months ago. it was ordered by the u.s. department of education. it found that all allegations were totally false. >> and that investigation only talked to the superintendent and three of his high level staff. they did not talk to a single teacher, a guidance counselor, any of the people who would have had direct knowledge. >> ceo kevin maxwell has released two statements disputing the allegations in the past week and blames a small group in the community and calls the accusations baseless. the county's high school principals are also fighting the allegations, calling it a political stunt to smear the district's reputation. they said a high school diploma should never be used as a political pawn to twist the perception of an entire school system. the letter says the allegations are insulting to staff. they say it has caused unspeakable damage to hard- working students. as far as that unnamed teacher, she wants to see an investigation for
5:41 pm
sake. >> working really hard to help these kids. and the effort seems to be not to educate them but to graduate them. >> the teacher also wants to state anonymously a e placfor staff to formally lodge their complaints. wusa 9. switching gears now, sorry for partying? a texas woman makes fast friends after dropping off her daughter at freshman orientation. >> and local
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z2d1iz z16fz y2d1iy y16fy nom, what are you doing -- mom, what are you doing? a
5:45 pm
at freshman orientation. avery tweeted out these pictures, sent to her by her mother. you can see, she is hanging out. partying with the football team. >> what? >> yes, the caption reads -- >> put a shirt on, bro. >> my mom dropped me off for college freshman orientation and sends me this and avery laughed it off and called her mom a cougar and even tweeted that her mom gets more action than her. >> i have no words. >> i didn't either. >> not going to say them. game of thrones fans are all fired up for this next story. >> good for them. the pop-up bars, they open up in dc. the theme spreads across three pubs on seventh street northwest, mocking birl, and southern efficiency and eat the rich. according to the dc 'ist, the theme goes through august 27. and the game of thrones season seven debuts
5:46 pm
actor daniel day lewis is done. retiring from acting. >> the 60-year-old has three oscars under his belt. and "usa today" says he is considered one of the greatest actors of his generation. it is one of the most clicked- on facebook stories today. he is not saying why. he recently finished the film phantom thread and it hits theaters december 25. and the next piece of video here, a couple of guys from texas, freaking out. after a snake slithers out from underneath the hood of the truck. and that is a mean-looking snake. you can hear them squirming and carrying on. listen for a second. >> get it off me. >> get away. >> oh, guys, you sound like a couple of little girls. >> yes, they do. >> i resent that remark. >> a rattler? >> that's a dangerous-looking snake. >> one of the guys wrote on his facebook page that the snake finally got of
5:47 pm
and we will just back up and it will fall off. >> after they exhausted their fear supply, i'm sure. >> oh, my gosh, dude, that thing, oh, my gosh. >> yes. >> just stay in the truck. >> wow. >> why did they get oust truck? >> i am staying in the truck. >> that is the safest place. >> yes, the truck. >> don't get on the truck. >> off the truck. >> okay. >> oh, no. >> back at the windshield. >> okay. >> you know, i had a snake and it went through -- >> topper had a snake? >> it went through a drainage hole and half in and half moved around and i relocated him, i had to pull it out, and they are stronger than you think when they're wrapped around something. >> i hope you see me giving you this look right now. >> no. >> snake relocation. >> yes. >> if you need that help, tweet topper. >> i don't like doing it but i feel i must. [ laughter ] hot and humid conditions
5:48 pm
on friday and probably even into saturday. and remnants of cindy are headed our way. a live look outside at the tower cam, this is the garter snake. not a big deal. 86 right now. dew points in the mid-60s. and winds are still south/southwest at 14. it is not quite humid. not quite comfortable. close. and here are all of the showers and storms along the northern part of our area. we talked about it, kind of being confined to i-70 between baltimore and frederick. and essentially that is. it some of them may get further south of i-70. nothing severe but pretty heavy storms, no doubt about that. and rainfall rates, an inch per hour and some winds, up to 50 miles an hour. and this is the stronger of the two storms. westminster, but this one is one we're more concerned about in our area. frederick and mount airy, by about 6:00 to 9:00. and few and far between. but we will keep an isolated early shower or thunderstorm tonight. and hot and more humid tomorrow. on thursday. which is our first full day of summer. and then we get into showers and storms, most of id
5:49 pm
it could affect both commutes. and then storms end saturday afternoon. might salvage a pretty decent afternoon, as the cold front ends. cindy as it pulls away from the metro area. in the meantime, tonight, partly cloudy. temperatures 70s. 10:00 walking the dog tonight. no worries. 77 downtown. by morning, some 60s again. 65 in gaithersburg. 67 in bowie. and looking at 67 in hagerstown. and a pair of 64s in martinsburg and winchester. pretty comfortable to start. it will become hot and more humid pretty quickly. by 9:00, near 80 already downtown. by lunchtime, around 90. and looking at 86 in la platta. and partly cloudy skies roll in. and then we get into the night and evening, more clouds roll in. and isolated sprinkle possible. and planning around that, even at 6:00, we are still near 90. and by 9:30 tomorrow night, mostly cloudy and showers begin to pop across extreme western virginia and pest virginia, and that will roll in here by id
5:50 pm
for a slow commute to and from work, on friday. and tonight, though, early shower or thunderstorm. and partly cloudy and mild 64 to 74. 70s to start on the day planner. and 85 and then 90. and friday, yellow weather alert. showers and storms almost all day. 86. and even saturday. at least in the morning on saturday. yellow weather alert for showers and storms. as the cold front begins to clear things out and sweeps cindy out to sea. sunday, fantastic. sunshine. monday, okay too. isolated showers. nice on tuesday. 79 on tuesday. that is stealing one in june. and mid-80s with sunshine on wednesday. and nats in town and then they are hosting the cubbies.
5:51 pm
changeup. strikes him out. number 11. >> oh, mad max. max sherzer with another ridiculously solid outing for the nats. six straight games with. 10 or more strike-outs. but you know what? it didn't end the way fans hoped it would. with a win. we have been spoiled really the past 2 1/2 seasons. one of the best pitchers of this generation has made dc his home since 2016. and has only hurled two no hitters, won a cy young award, the league's best pitcher. great, right? same seats, everybody. mad max for the third no-no. but the 8th inning. cool and unusual punishment. one out. aj ellis. the marlins catcher, taps it back to the mound. it goes off the glove. shortstop can't get it up quick. that ends the no-hit bid. we end up giving up two runs in the inning. and takes a loss. both of those runs unearned. quterwards, dusty baker said no estion, he was le
5:52 pm
work force in. >> it is his game. and he is still throwing the ball great. and you know, who would you bring in that would throw better than him? >> putting it on max, where is the offense? come on, a two-hitter and only one run? pick tup, fellas. and we mentioned that winner is coming to northwest dc and nats park this friday. it doesn't feel like it. nationals will have a game of thrones theme night for their game against the reds. frank henrehan explains in today's philly inside pitch. >> the nationals have gone straightforward with theme nights this season. like star wars night. they got pups at the park. but this one is a little out of left field. and a little mitchy. the steam will have game of thrones night -- the team will have game of thoans night and the first 20,000 fans will have a game of thrones t-shirt and a chance to
5:53 pm
iron throne and this goes over my head because i gave up on the show several years ago, apparently, a fairly popular tv show. that is the inside pitch. >> what does that have to do with winter? >> winter and game of thrones have something to do with it. winter is coming is their thing. >> oh, okay. >> and are they paying them to do this? game of thrones, anybody, history bo paying -- hbo paying people? >> maybe we will verify. and people in the southeast u.s. are preparing for tropical storm cindy. after the break, topper shutt will break down how it will impact us here. >> and up next, one man's journey to raise money for charity and 2,000 miles on three continents.
5:54 pm
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today, a virginia beach man will begin the adventure of a lifetime. kayaking 3,000 miles. alone. he is going to start his journey in texas. and he is going to all the way to columbia. yes, not south carolina. south america. he expects the trip to take four months. as arony la bow explains, the whole thing is for a good cause. >> reporter: ryan caruso is traveling by kayak, from south texas, to columbia, to raise money for the organization operation smile. through the organization's campaign, until we heal, they will provide safe surgeries to children and people around the world. >> operation smile for me makes the trip worth. it every day, i'm out, there i'm changing someone's life. >> the trip
5:58 pm
them four months. >> the goal will to be do 20 to 30 miles a day. that is about 8 to 10 hours a day on the water. and stop and make camp and read a few chapters on the nook and wake up and do it all over again. he will be doing it alone. no other people or boats following him. just whatever ryan can manage to fit into his kayak. >> solar panels. water proof battery in the back. >> even though he will be making the trip during hurricane season, he says it is worth it. for the cause. and to inspire people. >> and i think inspiring others to do something great is amazing and the way to do that is to do something that no one has ever done before. >> that is so much suntan lotion in the kayak, i wouldn't be able to fit anything else in there. >> trying to raise $6,000 for operation smile and has gotten $500 so far. right now at 6:00, one week since the gunman opened fire in alexandria on the republicans practicing for the congressional baseball game. fi
5:59 pm
two people still in the hospital. tonight, the cause of the shooting that made the game last week, and special events, it is now another special event today. this time fort congressional women's softball game. john henry is down there right now watching at the recreational center in southwest dc. john henry, what does the security look like tonight. >> reporter: i got a chance to talk to the capitol police briefly, and they said simply they are here and we can certainly see that. dozens of police officers all around the baseball field with. capitol police and dc police making sure things go smoothly tonight. they also have seats blocked off right next to the stadium here, in southeast. and you can see some of that security right now on your screen. and that said, with everything that took place last week, everyone participating in this game, they are excited to get it on. especially in a show, another show of bipartisanship after last week's baseball game, between the democrats and the republicans. and debbie wasserman shultz has more about tonight's game. >> i am
6:00 pm
this is the ninthth annual game. and sold out. raised the most money and crossed a million dollars that we raised in nine years for the young survivor coalition. looking forward to this every year. >> again you heard her there, really excited and not worrying about security or any other things that could occur. and they decided to take on the press, the other team playing here tonight. and once again, this is all going to help the young survival coalition. they have already raised $287,000 roughly just for this game alone. bruce? >> thanks a lot for that. the fbi painting a grim picture of the shooter in last week's attack. agents say james thomas hodgkinson was a troubled person. his marriage, one marriage, falling apart. he had no job. and running out of money. his problems did not end there. >> he suffered obviously, from taking some presti


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