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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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assault rifle says i realize i cannot undo what i've done. i'm sorry. his lawyer, tried to blame fake news. saying her client is from an unsophisticated small town, and didn't know better. one saying, i'm almost sorry you were duped. i'm almost sorry for your family. i've never harmed anyone. shame on you for thinking otherwise. the manager on duty turned to look at the gunman, saying quote, you've been a pawn of misguided media online, of people wishing to take advantage of you. i wish you the best. his lawyer also spoke, saying so many people in the darkest corners of the internet have not been held accountable. i hope reason will prevail. okay, so one more thing worth noting here. the most bizarre event of the morning into the afternoon, as soon as this sentence of four years is handed down, the
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says that she objects to her client needing a mental health screening as soon as he's out of prison. for lack of a better way of putting it, the judge says hold up. what do you mean you're objective to your client needing a mental health screening? we just went through three hours of testimony. a man crossing state lines, subscribing to fake news, and it's a miracle that no one lost their lives here. after hearing that, the defense attorney took a seat, and her objection was overruled. we're live here in d.c., mike valero, wusa9. >> the gunman has served 6 months behind bars since he was arrested. that means his sentence will last until december 2020. investigators are looking into whether nabra hassanen was sexually assaulted before she was killed last weekend. if it turns out she was, prosecutors could add capital murder to the list of charges against the suspect. peggy fox is with us live to tell us more about what that could mean. i guess it's a li
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distinction here. it could up the possible sentence. >> reporter: absolutely. capital murder means the death penalty could be considered. i spoke to ray morrow. he says if it turns out, she was sexually assaulted he will definitely consider the death penalty. the murder of an innocent teenage girl attacked while walking to her mosque has touched the nerve in the country. hundreds turned out to her vigil. ♪ come together as one >> reporter: charged with her murder, darwin torres. police say he allegedly assaulted nabra, took her to a pond in loudoun county, where it's believed he assaulted her again, and killed her. she may have been sexually assaulted. fairfax county police chief ed rossler. >> we have to wait forensic examination results, and the report
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medical examiner to confirm whether or not that took place. >> reporter: joe king is a criminal defense attorney. >> if the victim was sexually assaulted before she was murdered, how could that change the case? >> that could be an aggravating factor that could elevate the murder charge to a capital murder charge, where the defendant potentially faces the death penalty. >> reporter: another aggravating factor in this case could be a possible abduction with intent to defile charge. that was an aggravated charge, jesse matthew faced in the murders of hannah graham, and morgan harrington. he is serving life behind bars. there's been a lot of talk about whether this was a hate crime. at the federal level hate crime can be used under civil right laws and murder cases. but at the state level, a hate crime is not an aggravating factor that could elevate a murder case to a capitol case. live in fairfax, peggy fox, wusa9. >> we know
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it closely for us. darwin torres is scheduled to appear in court next on july 19. cindy is no longer a tropical storm, but she's still a threat to millions in the gulf coast states. louisiana's governor is warning people not to let their guard down. the storm packed 40 mile-an- hour winds. downpours in mississippi led to flash flooding. topper, you always warn about making roads very dangerous. some were even washed away. the heavy downpours made some people question their decisions to ride out the storm in those flood prone areas. >> this is crazy. i will not stay a night again, because where we was, the water was almost inside the camper, lights went out. >> some parts of biloxi, mississippi, saw as much as 6 inches of rain. in florida, winds damaged a ballpark, and pulled up trees by their roots. i'm here in the weather center with the chief meteorologist, topper shut,
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feel some impact from cindy too, but i know you're always distraught by people who decide to ride things out, despite the warnings. >> i think she knew she was in a flood prone area. i'll just ride it out. not a good idea. not a serious situation for us. we'll show you and kind of track what's left of cindy. it hasn't really changed. it's going to turn off to the north and east, and eventually become caught up in a cold front, and it's going to enhance that cold front as it moves off to the east. right now, the track is just a little further to the north of us, as we get into the morning hours on saturday. okay, how much rainfall? this is one model. we do have a flash flood watch west of the divide. so you folks out in garrett county, you're looking at 2 to 4 inches of rain. in the immediate metro area, i think we're going to be okay. 1 to 2 inches. i think you're going to check your gutters and sump pumps. where is the
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essentially charleston, just southwest of roanoke. this rolls in overnight. we're fine tonight, except for an isolated shower or storm. it's going to be tomorrow morning. we're looking at the remnants of cindy on saturday. good news, beautiful on sunday. we'll time out the rainfall as we get into the next 48 hours. the entire friday and saturday will not be a wash out. good news, thanks topper. senate republicans unveiled their bill to repeal and replace obamacare, and it's already in trouble. 4 gop senators oppose it. that is enough to keep it from advancing as it is. they worry that the bill won't lower healthcare costs. democrats say it will deny care to millions of americans. senate leaders want to vote on the bill next week. so is there time for negotiation? and just as important, is there room for negotiation? >> let us right now, democrats and republicans, sit down, and try to come up with a bipartisan bill. we're willing to
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today, now, this minute. will you accept that offer? >> if i thought that was a sincere offer, i would take it in a minute. a new york minute. but it's not. >> a wild scene here outside the office of senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell. protesters filled the hall. police had to carry a lot of them out of the building. 43 people were arrested. here's a look now at some of what's inside the plan. first, it makes cuts to medicaid payments. though not as quickly as the bill that was passed by the house. also, it ends penalties for not buying health insurance, and by slashing obamacare, it's going to give individual states more flexibility to opt-out of the plan. now the nonpartisan congressional budget office, they're going to do something called score the bill. that's where they give their best estimate on how much the proposal would cost us, the taxpayers. we should get that report on monday. president donald trump revealed today that he
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have any tapes of his private conversations with fired fbi director james comey. trump tweeted out, quote, comey better hope there are no tapes, when he said that trump asked for a pledge of loyalty. in a post watergate law, presidential recordings belong to the people, and can be made public. destroying them would be a crime. they set a deadline of friday for the white house to release any tapes. otto warmbier was laid to rest today. ♪ [ music ] >> warmbier was remembered at his former high school outside of cincinnati, ohio. he was detained for more than a year in north korea, and returned to the united states in a coma. he died six days later. we may not find
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actually took his life. warmbier's family chose not to have an autopsy conducted on their son. mayor murial bowser -- >> these are enclosed rat proof trash cans that have built in solar panels, which allow them to compact trash, without needing to be connected to the electrical grid. >> those would be solar powered trash cans. the district's rodent population is believed to have gone up in recent years as a result of warmer winters. calls for help regarding rodents went up nearly 65% last year compared to the year before. there's a mystery in the potomac river. sky 9 captured this car completely submerged in edwards ferry this year. the driver nowhere to be
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that car from the water, and reports suggest that the owner didn't know that vehicle had been gone. a health alert in prince george's county, potentially dirty equipment at the largo medical center has hospital workers reaching out to patient who is had a colonoscopy or an endoscopy. they're trying to get ahold of the patients just out of abundance of caution. discrimination protection -- the superintendent was instructed not to change the current poll on bathroom use. the situations are to be handled by school principals on a case by case basis in consultation with students' families and administrators. so
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local baseball star markel fultz. >> he is expected to be the first player chosen in tonight's nba draft headed to the philadelphia 76ers. there's already talk that he could snag next year's rookie of the year award. coming up in sports, we'll talk with mr. fultz and his bright future. a montgomery county family is reunited with their boy who lives with autism. what the father is saying after his son wandered away in the middle of the night. that's in just a little bit. >> and we're learning more information about the man accused of stabbing an airport police officer in a possible terrorism investigation. >> plus, brand new video from the backseat of a squad car after a man was sh
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leesburg. a woman shared these photos of a black bear seen wandering around yesterday. she recorded this home on blue ridge avenue in northeast, and tells the loudoun times mirror, that the animal had some kind of injure to his leg. animal control workers are looking into it. in fairfax county, vets are calling this one of the worst cases of animal abuse they've ever seen. this is hugles, the beagle basset mix. the good news is that hugles is doing much better tonight. we're going to sanitize this is little bit for you. animal workers say hugles were assaulted with a broom stick and the vet bill is up to $4,500. thanks to generous people, more than $5,000 was raised to get him back to good health. tonight, we're seeing even more of the video in the shooting death of philando castile. this just released
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castile's girlfriend and her daughter in the backseat of the police car. here's reporter jennifer mayorly. >> reporter: dash cam video of the traffic stop and the subsequent shooting of philando castile is hard to watch. both videos were shown in court. but prosecutors chose nod to show what happened to reynolds and her daughter after. she was handcuffed in the back of the squad car. the camera inside the squad captures the compelling exchanges between mother and daughter. >> that's okay, i'm right here with you. >> it continues that the two try to make sense of what happened. >> i don't want you to get shooted. >> okay.
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i can't believe they just did that. >> reporter: bca agents later interviewed reynolds at the roseville police department. >> he let the officers know, i have a firearm on me. and that's when the officer was like, don't move, don't move! as he's trying to get himself back comfortable, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: reynolds hears the ding of a text message.
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>> officer yanez was found not guilty of manslaughter, but he was removed from the police force. all right now to another tough story. new details in the stabbing of a police officer in flint, michigan. we learned a canadian man tried unsuccessfully to buy a gun in the united states for five days. investigators are calling this a lone wolf attack. they say he shouted god is great in arabic, before he stabbed the officer in the neck. >> he made something to the statement of you have killed people in iraq, and syria, and we are all going to die. >> he is a dual citizen of canada and tunisia, whose lived in montreal for the past three years. he remains in custody. the doctors have
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police officer from critical condition. the driver had a cache of explosives and weapons in the car and his home. he died in the attack, no one else was injured. investigators say the 31-year- old was planning to join isis forces in syria, and iraq. we see that we've got changes on the way, but not before parts of the southeast get hammered. >> yeah, we've got tropical systems we have to watch, because they bring tons of rain to us, and that's been our biggest nemesis with the tropical system. this is not going to be a particularly strong one, but it will enhance the cold front, and increase our rainfall late tonight and also through saturday morning. let's start with our 3-degree guarantee. i'm sweating this one out. thought this would be a no- brainer. well it
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brainer. up to 92 today for a high. it's cloudy. one of the things that kept the temps down. 87 right now. winds out of the southwest at about 13. here's the rain. extends from charleston, just west of roanoke, down to raleigh. no worries this evening or tonight. i can't rule out an isolated storm, but you have time to do things, if you want to bring your cushions in. check your gutters. if 1 to 2 inches causes troubles in terms of rainfall, check them out. we have two slugs of moisture coming in here. the morning commute tomorrow will be wet. but then that's going to leave us, and we'll be generally dry for the evening commute on friday. i now think your friday night plans are going to be okay. mainly dry early, even cook outs should be okay tomorrow night. then another round of heavy rain rolls in overnight friday into early saturday morning. that's going to be sort of more directly connected to the remnants of cindy. so yellow
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risk heavy downpours. that's a high risk. strong storms, moderate risk. hail and damaging winds, not so much part of the equation here. this is more a case of tropical moisture rolling through. the main concern is some street flooding and wet morning commute tomorrow, high. your morning softball games on saturday, high impact. your friday afternoon, and evening cookouts could be okay. because they come in two slugs of moisture. 88 tomorrow. 91 on saturday. then temps go down. low 80s on monday and tuesday. really nice in the wake of this cold front. 10:00tonight, toasty, still 83 downtown. 79 in frederick. but dry. look what happens. by 6:00, we have rain and showers across most of the metro area, and notice the orange and the yellows. that's moderate to occasionally heavy rain. i would just factor in a slow commute tomorrow morning. this is 6:00 a.m.
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frederick, and leesburg, and gaithersburg, and even showers and storms down to the south. the good news, by 9:00, it's almost through the metro area. about to 95. so you're still going to have some leftover rain, in prince george's county. after that, we're in pretty good shape. we'll see some sun tomorrow. just 12:30. probably take lunch outside, if you want to. by 6:00 p.m., we're still dry. then as we get into saturday morning, boom. look at that. that's a big slug of moisture, and the heaviest slug of moisture will be friday night, into early saturday morning. then we'll salvage saturday afternoon. 70s to start. showers through 9:00. then some sun. 11:00, 85 by 1:00. 1:00. low 80s monday, tuesday, wednesday, back to 85 on thursday. nats in town through next thursday. thanks topper. how about this one. caught on camera. that car you see next to the motorcycle about to
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control in a road rage crash in california. >> there's a link between states with legal marijuana and higher accident rates. the question is, is there. details from a new study are on the way.
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got some incredible video to show you tonight. you've got to see this. a road rage cash in california. the car tries to swerve into him, hits the guardrail. flames, clips this truck, it rolls over, and he goes spinning off. the motorcycle continues down the road, miraculously, no one has life-threatening injuries after this horrible crash. a new study is out about automobile crashes in states that have legalized marijuana. the insurance institute examined some accident data in three of the first states to legalize pot. researcher found that one of them, colorado, had a greater number of accidents compared to surrounding western states. police say they've actually seen a decrease in the number of crashes since pot was legalized. >> colorado just relative to the state's around it, we
5:26 pm
14%. >> two years of data is not enough to allow us to draw conclusions, to come up with an explanation of what is safe, what is not safe. >> the study does not say whether the increase in collisions was directly caused by drivers who were high. but higher crash rates could lead to higher insurance rates in states with legal marijuana laws. we're going to introduce you to a 70-year-old man who now can walk around and say, yep, i'm a high school graduate. >> a boy wanders and is
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it was a frantic couple of hours for a montgomery county family today. their son, who is autistic went missing overnight. fa
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road in rockville. the child was found near the montgomery mall in bethesda, about four miles away. >> you fear the worst. it's so unexpected. >> reporter: a potomac father is still in shock today. >> i was still in bed. i got a doorbell ringing twice, and i look down, and i see a police officer. you know, and he tells me, he's found my son. >> reporter: it was a boy of alo jelly. he asks us not to use his son's name. around 2:00 this morning, he was found walking on his own by the west field mall. >> i walk out with the police officer, and the garage door is open. he said i walked two miles at 2:00 a.m. he knew where he was going, so that's the scary part. so he didn't realize what he was going through. >> reporter: it's
5:31 pm
this. the lack of understanding of possible dangers that jelly had a message for those in the community. >> don't ignore it. if you see a child or a young adult alone, that seems to be wandering around at night, do look after him. >> reporter: wusa9. >> the young boy doesn't speak. police had trouble figuring out who he was. luckily, his teachers and a camp counselor saw him through the media and called police. a 4-year-old virginia girl is safe tonight after an overnight amber alert. a lot of you may have gotten these on your phones when you woke up this morning. kimberly long was found in the harrisonberg area after vanishing from smite county. that's in the southwest corner of the state. police arrested this man, joel long. deputies aren't telling us, how, or if the two are related. a standing
5:32 pm
capitol police officer crystal griner, as she threw out the first pitch in last night congresswomen's softball game. [cheering] >> she's a lefty. griner was briefly released from the hospital to do the honors there at the park in southeast d.c. the officer was one of several people, including majority whip steve scalise injured in last week's shooting. the money raised in last night's game will go to charity. president trump woke up with a lot on his mind this morning. in addition to the tweet about the recording, the one about comey, the commander in chief blasted off six tweets before noon, including these. quote, by the way, if russia was working so hard on the 2016 election, it all took place during the obama administration, why didn't they stop them? followed by, former homeland security adviser jay johnson, the official to state th
5:33 pm
no grand scheme between trump and russia. the ap reports is there wasn't information to conclude beyond what the intelligence already knows. one juror told abc news that 10 of the 12 jurors agreed that cosby was get on the first and third felony accounts. the two hold outs were apparently not changing their minds no matter what. the hung jury led to a mistrial. cosby will be retried in the coming months. his name is anthony wilkenson, he's 70, and he just got his high school diploma. >> i would like to encurling them, and show them concern that someone cares. >> whether it's at school. >> step back one moment. >> or at his home, anthony
5:34 pm
read something out of of this book. a program he created to he present kids from making the same mistake he did. >> he would like to help and save, and enrich their life. >> reporter: his dad walked out on his family at a young age and wilkenson dropped out of school in the 9th grade. he turn today life on the street. >> i stuck a needle in my arm in 1964. i come up in the juvenile system. from there, i drugged, i jailed, i stoled, i robbed. i took things which i didn't really care. >> reporter: addicted to heroin, wilkenson was disowned by his family and his relationship suffered with his kid. >> i numbed myself with the drugs that i induced into me. i was like petrified, you know, and i had a no care
5:35 pm
>> reporter: but then, out of nowhere. >> something clicked in. for reasons i decided to turn my life around, because it was like following into a bottomless pit. >> reporter: wilkens eventually got into school here through a special program to finish something he started more than 55 years ago. >> that was something that was born in me. i promised myself that i would get this piece of paper. >> reporter: and he did. wilkenson earned his high school diploma with his family by his side, and he's already enrowed at ugc. hoping people pay attention to his story and make the right decision. >> never give up. when you start something, always end it. and this is what's happened with me. >> reporter: wusa9. >> it's never too late. >> that's a great lesson for the younger generations. plus
5:36 pm
if some 17-year-old can do it, i can do it. i'm 70. >> finishing what he started 55 years ago. that's just amazing. a young lady from virginia has all the right stuff. >> one of five people to join nasa's 2017 candidate class. 18,000 people applied. they picked 12. she also has a bachelor's in biology, and marine sciences. so she is smarter than all of us. her two years of training begins in august. trending now, we bring you inside the most expensive home in the dmv. how much it cost. >> and a coal industry tycoon is suing last night tonight's host, jon oliver. >> let me give you an idea of how much rain is heading our
5:37 pm
models generally throughout an inch. that's just going to occur tonight into tomorrow morning. we'll come back, and talk about what lies in store for the weekend.
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, all right, let's hop on board, and
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the childhood home of jackie onassis kennedy is on the market. >> it is stunning. according to the wall street journal, this is the most expensive listing in our area. so what does $50 million get you? 9 bedrooms, 11 full baths and 2 half baths, because you need those. a tennis court, indoor and outdoor pools, and exercise studio, and about 23,000 feet of living space. >> you don't need any of that stuff, all you need is to say jackie o lived here. next. john oliver is facing a lawsuitment. >> even oliver seemed to know, he was treading in dangerous territory. >> i'm going to need to be careful here, because when we contacted murray energy for this piece, they
5:41 pm
letter, instructing us to cease and desist from any effort to defame, harass, or otherwise injury murray or murray energy, so i have to proceed with caution. i'm not going to say murray looks like a geriatric dr. evil, even though he clearly does. >> so then oliver laid into the rest of the coal industry as well. the suit claims that oliver's show, quote executed a meticulously planned attempt to assassinate the character and the reputation of mr. robert e. murray and his companies. >> that will be a lawsuit to keep an eye on. ron howard will step in and save the day, and direct the new hon solo movie. >> the move comes after the original directors left because they had some creative differences. a good chunk of the film has already been shot. donald glover and woody harrelson is in the fi
5:42 pm
well. it is set to hit theaters in may of next year. a lot of you have been clicking on this story. animal workers are trying to find a home for this little cat named muffle. the tiny cat was found inside a muffler, hence the name. they would love for you to come down and adopt her. damascus's own markelle fultz is expected to go first overall in the draft tonight. frank hanrahan is talking about that in sports. >> finally find out what the stuff on his hat means too. and right after the break, what's old is new again. why typewriters are getting
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z2e2dz z1a2z y2e2dy y1a2y
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for some of us, this will be a walk down memory lane. for others, it's a history lesson. before computers, and even before word processers, there was the typewriter. i remember taking classes in high school. this relic from yesteryear is now hip again. >> the sun, and moon, quarrel on the subject of life. >> reporter: builds them in bishop arden. >> and know that she is beautiful. >> reporter: using the perfect tool. >> it's a perfect machine. it's just like a poem, everything serves a purpose. >> reporter: you can hear it, you can feel it. >> you can have a relationship with something like a typewriter that you can't have with a computer. >> reporter: it's a relationship more want to experience. >> they really want to learn and use and explore
5:47 pm
these. >> reporter: in lakewood, the store curiosities sells things from days gone by. >> there's a cool factor to it. >> reporter: the typewriter's made a comeback. >> it's young people. people who are not being taught to type on a typewriter. >> reporter: a new film, california typewriter with tom hanks, explores the emergence of typewriting events, and shows the typewriter as sort of a rebellion. >> self-sufficient over the efficient. >> we're in a time right now, where we're going so fast. >> reporter: so if you have one, pick it up. you might feel a breath of fresh air, and a reminder of the joy in taking things slow. >> now
5:48 pm
university, a milwaukee journalist, christopher scholls was the main creator of the first successful typewriter, all the way back in 1873. topper still hasn't figured out how to use a computer, so the forecast every day is actually written up on a typewriter, because he hasn't gotten to that point. >> not quite, but i do regret throwing away my dad's old typewriter. >> we can't just leave stuff laying all over the house. >> that was my wife's argument. some areas could is receive 3 inches tomorrow morning, through saturday at noon. life look outside. mostly cloudy. 87 right now. dew points teetering around 70. not very comfortable. the winds are southwest at 13. that helps a bit. here's the radar over the last hour. there's the rain. we're looking at
5:49 pm
from charleston to just southwest of roanoke, crossing over 81 there, and into the piedmont, north carolina. no worries this evening. you'll want to check your gutters or sump pump. now is the time to do it. everything rolls in in the pre- dawn hours tomorrow. heavy rain and thunderstorms by dawn. morning commute looks wet. i would just say plan for a lower commute than average. good news though, the evening commute looks mainly dry. another slug late tomorrow night into saturday morning. so mainly dry early friday night, i think your cookouts are going to be okay, and you'll want to have dinner alfresco, you can do that tomorrow night too. another round of heavy rain rolls in early saturday morning. that should roll out of here by saturday afternoon. so, risks, high, heavy downpours. that's just high, strong storms moderate. not so much the hail and damaging winds type of
5:50 pm
wet morning commute, that's high. softball games on saturday. that's going to be affected. street flooding, moderate to high risk. but your friday afternoon, and evening cookouts, just a low risk. i think you'll be able to sneak a cookout in tomorrow night. looks about 1 to 2 inches generally. the bulk of the rain will be west of the divide, that's where they actually have the flood watches. from pittsburgh, through garrett county, west of charleston, that's the bulls eye. we could see 4 to 5 to 6 inches of rain west of the divide. tomorrow as temp, 81. just gorgeous by next week. low 80s, low humid. 83 downtown. still 80 in leesburg. taking the dog for a walk, you'll probably be sweating tonight. temperatures upper 70s. coming in i-66
5:51 pm
it doesn't matter what route you're taking, you're going to get some rain tomorrow morning. you still have some rain, but generally east. then we get a break friday night. you're okay. then boom, we get into saturday morning, and here comes just another slug of moisture, and i mean, that's going to be the heavy stuff. 1 to 2 inches with that slug of moisture alone. sunshine breaking out at 11:00, 1:00. mid-80s by 1:00. morning showers on saturday. remnants of cindy. beautiful on sunday. warm yes, but not humid. nice on monday. really pleasant. i've got a couple of drops here. 85. the sunshine on thursday. young ballers grow up dreaming of this night. their name to be call bid an nba team
5:52 pm
one player from from prince george's county will be living the dream shortly as the number 1 overall selection. of course, markelle fultz will be taken first tonight by the sixers. markelle told me that the love of the game started very early for him, and it was his mom that was there for him every step of the way. >> she's my life. i don't know what i would do without her. my mom is everything you see in me today came from her. from the humor, to how i look. she's everything to me. she's what drives me, what keeps me humble, what gives me the fight to wake up every morning and go do what i do. she sacrificed everything to let me have the experiences i have. i love her so much. >> right now, there are 14 players that hail from prince george's county in the nba. you could have a whole nba roster repping the county.
5:53 pm
nba champ kevin durant. add markelle fultz, and maybe melo tremble tonight, and that's a whopping 16 players. you see the benefits of that hard work. fultz is going to be the 9th taken in the first round, but the first number one overall every. something that should make all of us very proud. best of luck to all of those tonight. it was always me dream to get called up there. >> you get to live vicariously through markelle fultz. >> the celtics have the first pick? >> no philadelphia, they traded for it earlier this week. his shoes by the way, made out of basketballs. remember last week, he told us he got something special. basketball shoes. but they're made out of basketballs. >> give him a little more bounce, maybe. new ch
5:54 pm
helps montgomery county police get the sketch of an alleged killer, and all it took was a piece of dna. >> how a new kind of surgery helped a 30-year-old man walk for the very first time. >> we want to hear about your story ideas. it's easy. send news tips to that's hi guys. in the here. at the mall. on the mountain. at school. at the beach. in the big easy. yeah yeah today i want to show you guys the next-gen chevy equinox. what do you think? that's pretty. pretty sexy. it looks aggressive. but not overbearing. it's not too big. not too small. seems like the perfect car for anybody. i would take it anywhere. she's a bad mama jama. (laughter) current qualified gm lessees can get this introductory lease on
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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after a rocket hit his family's home in afghanistan, a 2-year-old boy grew up wondering if he'd ever be able to walk normally. 28 years later, he is, thanks to a procedure performed in denver. eddie randall shares his story. >> i thought that i would never, never would be able to walk. >> reporter: today, shaw mohammed walks straighter than he did as a toddler. >> when i see the reason right now, i think it's great. >> reporter: but it's been a journey. he was 2 living in afghanistan. he says a rocket hit his home. >> i got injured, badly, and seriously. it was not only me, it was like my sister and i lost my brother. he was smaller than me. >> reporter: his injuries caused his leg to grow slower and crooked. >> by 2 years old, my right leg would bend. and i remember, it would bend towards the left
5:58 pm
sometimes i would just fall. >> reporter: early surgeries helped him walk, but not without difficulty. in 2015, he took a job with the u.s. army, and moved to america where he met dr. david han at presbyterian st. luke's medical center. a new procedure changed that. >> these screws inside this nail will actually make everything longer. and so, it goes very slowly. >> reporter: after placing an implant in shaw's leg, the doctor was able to use this remote to magnetically stretch the implant. eventually, shaw's leg was 2 inches longer, but it wasn't quite enough. >> he said, i think i'm still a little shorter on the right side. >> reporter: so they performed the procedure a second time, and the leg grew another two inches. today, he walked without crutches for the first time since december. only this time, with both legs as close to even than they have ever been. >> after 30 years, or 28 year
5:59 pm
with equal leg, with stride normally. i think it's america. >> that is absolutely amazing. he still has a few more procedures ahead. he'll have to once again have the hardware inside of his leg removed. then when he heals, he'll need a full knee replacement. he wants too all of this before going back home to afghanistan, where his parents can see him walk straight for the first time since he was 2. right now at 6:00, 43 people are in police custody tonight after protesting the gop healthcare bill. the bill was released this morning, and quickly sparked dissent at the u.s. capitol. those protesters were outside senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's office. some in wheelchairs. >> we can't allow cuts to medicaid. we can't. it's going to hurt peop
6:00 pm
>> the republican bill is already getting push back, and some of it comes from republicans needed for passage. four senators have come out and said they won't vote for the bill as it now stands. we're talking about rand paul, ted cruz, mike lee, and ron johnson. if they follow through on their promise, the bill would be doa when it comes up for vote. the bill needs 50 bills to pass. republicans have a 52-48 majority. those four senators holding out would mean the p godoes not have the vote it needs. >> the intention is not to take down the bill. the intense is to make the bill better. you have to get to 50 votes, if you've only got 48, you need to negotiate. >> it makes changes to the house passed bill that president trump initially praised, but recently called mean. it ties tax credits to help pay for coverage to age,


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