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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  June 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> the republican bill is already getting push back, and some of it comes from republicans needed for passage. four senators have come out and said they won't vote for the bill as it now stands. we're talking about rand paul, ted cruz, mike lee, and ron johnson. if they follow through on their promise, the bill would be doa when it comes up for vote. the bill needs 50 bills to pass. republicans have a 52-48 majority. those four senators holding out would mean the p godoes not have the vote it needs. >> the intention is not to take down the bill. the intense is to make the bill better. you have to get to 50 votes, if you've only got 48, you need to negotiate. >> it makes changes to the house passed bill that president trump initially praised, but recently called mean. it ties tax credits to help pay for coverage to age,
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geography. it cuts medicaid more gradually than the house bill, and allows states to change what qualifies as an essential health benefit. the democrats don't like it. >> it cuts healthcare for those who need it most. just to give a tax break to those who need it least. >> the next big item for the bill is the congressional budget office score. that will tell you how much it will effect most americans. and the cbo score said 23 million fewer people would be insured in 2026 than under obamacare. the score should come out early next week. a vote on the bill could come in the days after that, but there is no set date just yet. turning elsewhere, police have a new tool tonight for tracking down criminals. it's the unique code we all carry in our genes that can lp
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criminals look like. >> reporter: for the first time today, the public, even some of the victims can see the face of a man who terrorized at least five women. it's all thanks to dna technology that uses dna collected at crime scenes to draw the picture of what the man looked like. take a look at this face. bliss say this image gives us a pretty good idea of what the rapist looks like. it's a face one 68-year-old victim couldn't see, because he was wearing a mask when he assaulted her. he did it twice. once in june 2010, and then a second time, about 6 months later. >> the wheels of justice. >> reporter: the man broke in and sexually assaulted his victims in their home. all in the gaithersburg, and germantown area. he targeted elderly women. one of his victims was 95 years old. >> these two combined. >> reporter: dna can now be used to create a facial resemblance. it also pinpoints race, eye, and hair color. in thise
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able to fill in details like age and body weight. >> they do believe he is in his mid-20s at the time. >> reporter: one victim also describes the attacker wearing a hat like this. it's the second cold case to use dna this week. last week, this sketch of a man they believed murdered james ethyl in his store. police say they're in the process of following up on a number of fresh leads. as for the victim in this case. >> i cabinet say it's ruined my life. i just want to say to women who are assaulted that they should do the right thing, and they should not be afraid to call police. >> reporter: the crimes happened between 2010 and 2012. after that, police don't know if he stopped, moved, or just got better at not leaving evidence behind. they're asking the public to come forward with evidence that could help their case. be> the comet pizza gunman has
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behind bars. but the owner of the pizza place tells our own mike valerio, he doesn't buy the gunman's apology. one of the comet employees told the gunman in court, i'm almost sorry you were duped. i'm almost sorry for you and your family, i've never harmed anyone. shame on you for thinking otherwise. he was convicted of brinking three fully loaded weapons from north carolina to investigate a discredited conspiracy theory. he has two weeks to appeal the sentence, but is expected to start serving time in his home state of north carolina soon. an autopsy report should reveal whether nabra hassanen was assaulted before she was murdered on sunday. if it turns out she was, prosecutors could add capital murder to the charges. peggy fox has more on the story. >> reporter: the murder of an innocent teenage girl attacked while walking to her mosque
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touched a nerve across the country. hundreds came out to remember nabra hassanen at a vigil. ♪ when the world comes together as one ♪ >> reporter: charged with her mother, darwin martinez torres. police and witnesses say he used his car to chase her friends, then he allegedly assaulted nabra, took her to a pond in lauden county, where it's believed he sexually assaulted her again. >> we have to wait forensic examination results, and the report of autopsy from the medical examiner to confirm whether or not that took place. >> reporter: joe king is a criminal defense attorney. >> if the victim was sexually assaulted before she was murdered, how could that change the case? >> that could be an aggravating factor that could elevate the murder charge to a capital murder charge, where the defendant potentially facing the death penalty. >> reporter: commonwealth defendant ray moreau tells me, from what he kn
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it was a very heinous crime. he says if the victim was sexually assaulted, he will definitely consider the death penalty. peggy fox, wusa9. >> torres is now scheduled to appear in court on july 19. tropical storm cindy has now been downgraded to a tropical depression, but even with that downgrade, it is leaving parts of the gulf coast underwater. the rising flood waters reached mailboxes in some places. mailboxes. a canoe was the only way for some people to reach the damage in mississippi. cindy dumped 10 inches of rain along the gulf coast. >> i was going to drive through it, but it was a little too deep to go in there with the car. >> it wasn't just flooding. fast winds knocked trees over in alabama. >> i'm thankful nobody got hurt. the stuff damaged in the house is just stuff. you kn
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over a tree, flattened a truck, luckily no one was inside there. cindy, at least the remnants of cindy could pack a bit of a mess here? yeah, we're going to track cindy. this is a tropical depression. it's going to take a northeasterly turn. what's going to change now, a little further north. yesterday, it was essentially right under us, now it's a little further north. even that 150 mile-per-hour change, that keeps these super heavy rains a little north and west of us. how much rain could fall? we're still looking between now, and say saturday at noon, or 1:00. anywhere from about 1 to 2 inches. notice, the brighter colors back to the west, and parts of the mountains, south of pittsburgh, into garrett county. you're looking anywhere from 3 to 4, to 5, even 6 inches of rain there. less than an inch, the first slug of moisture tonight, early tomorrow morning, which will
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inch. then we get into the rest of the night on friday, and into saturday. over an inch, gaithersburg, frederick, hagerstown, and then the divide. we're looking at heavier rain, the heaviest slug of moisture. we'll also talk about, if we can salvage some of this weekend. a local kid should have his dreams come true tonight. >> markelle fultz is going to be the first player taken in the nba draft. what it means to him and his family. >> more concern over london,
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over in london, there is growing concern that other buildings could burn. this comes after a 24 story apartment building went up in flames
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79 people were killed. british prime minister teresa -- firefighters blamed that material for helping the fire spread so quickly. survivers say they're getting very little help on getting back on their feet. the longest sniper kill in military history. toronto globe and mail is reporting the sniper hit an isis member from over 2 miles away in iraq. it took about 10 seconds to reach the target, the newspaper says. his name has not been released. it shatters the previous record by a british sniper. his shot was from about a mile and a half. joining the girl scouts can help a young girl lear
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headlines across the nation, a federal court has ruled a wisconsin inmate featured in the netflix series making a murderer was forced to confess and should be free. he got life in
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murder of teresa albach. he was 16 at the time and had some intellectual issues. he will remain behind bars pending an appeal. 2500 mourners gathered at otto warmbier's high school. it was really outside of cincinnati to pay their respects. he was sentenced to hard labor for stealing a propaganda poster. after being held for 18 months, warmbier was returned in a coma to the u.s. last week. he died six days later. sanctions against north korea need to be stepped up. >> we need to get the chinese to do more. there are chinese companies that continue to support the economy and the government of north korea, including their development of nuclear weapons. >> the family refused an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. three other americans, are
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tonight. a michigan police officer is improving after getting stabbed at an airport. yesterday's attack is being investigated as an act of terrorism. authorities say the suspect has a hatred of the united states. brings us up to date on what appears to be a lone attack. >> reporter: he shouted god is great in arabic before allegedly stabbing police unit, jeff neville at the flint airport. in what investigators are now calling a lone wolf attack. >> continued to exclaim allah and said something to the effect you have killed people in syria, iraq, and afghanistan, and we're all going to die. >> reporter: the suspect is a dual citizen of canada and tunisia, has lived in montreal for ten years, and is the father of three. he is now in custody as the incident have investigated as an act
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spent about 47 minutes in the airport before the attack. he arrived around 8:52 a.m. with two bags. at 9:10, he went to a restaurant on the second floor, where he stayed for about 28 minutes. the documents allege he then entered a restroom, dropped off his bags, came out, and stabbed neville, less than 5 seconds later. >> lieutenant neville never stopped fighting. >> reporter: the criminal complaint says he asked the officer who subdued him why he didn't kill him. police searched what is thought to be the suspect's montreal apartment wednesday afternoon. three people at the residence have been taken in for questioning. >> we have no information to suggest a wider plot. >> reporter: he has been charged with committing an act of violence at an airport. nicky batiste for cbs news new york. see right there, watch closely. see this circle? the 2-year-old was on a motorcycle with his dad.
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the boy saw his mom on the other side of the street, and he took off, and the officer, just in the nick of time grabbed him, knowing that he might get hit. we know girl scouts are famous for their cookies. here's a sign of the times. their new merit badges are in cyber security. turns out a lot of the girls wanted to learn computer science. they will develop a curriculum, covering everything from cyber bullying, to coding. a rebellion in skirts. that's what a group of teenage boys in the united kingdom did to protest the strict dress code. the boys said okay, fine, we'll just put on the school sanctioned skirts that the girls wear. about 30 of them did it, and they did not get into trouble. you totally would doet
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school. >> and they're ready for the lynx. >> i walked on the grass too. we're looking at the remnants of cindy tomorrow. two prongs of moisture heading our way. let's take a live look outside. it's still mostly cloudy. temps still upper 80s. temperature wise not so bad, but it's humid out. dew points in the low 70s. that's not very comforrable. we have several hours before it rolls in here. heavy rain and thunderstorms by dawn. morning commute looks wet, but the afternoon commute looks dry. in fact, friday afternoon looks kind of nice in some ways. mainly dry early friday night. your cookouts should be okay. then another round of heavy rain rolls in early saturday morning. that really is more connected directly to cindy. 1.3 gfs. about .8 for the american l.
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heading our way. risks heavy downpours high. strong storms moderate. no so much a problem in terms of hail. a wet commute is a high impact. not so bad saturday afternoon. street flooding moderate. your cookouts tomorrow afternoon, i think we're going to be okay. 91 on saturday. back to the mid-80s on sunday. less humid, and really, really nice monday and tuesday. low 80s. not humid at all. temperatures still in the low 80s across the metro area. by 5:30, 6:00, here comes our first round of moisture. by 9:00, you're already done with in fairfax and loudoun counties. the rest of the day, we'll have some breaks in the clouds. it's going to be humid. kind of breezy and hot. highs around 90 again. again, 6:00 p.m., we're in pretty good shape. look what happens overnight. another hu
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rolls in here. day planner, 70s to start. plan on a slow commute. then sunshine, by 1:00, 86. saturday morning showers. afternoon is fine. really nice on sunday. really nice monday, tuesday, wednesday. low 80s, low hypothetical. back in the low 80s. did we know this kid? >> did we know him? >> i think i may be related to him. >> are you going to be calling him for money? >> he said he's got to watch out for people like bruce johnson, getting all of those calls. it's about to get real and
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what was your dream when you were young? did you live it? sadly not many of us get to do it. but markelle fultz dream from an early age was to play in the nba. now he is just hours away from living it. he will be the first overall number 1 pick from that storied program. he told me, he took a lot from his time. >> everything just from studying habits, to being a good citizen. just giving back to the younger people. you learn pretty much everything here. it was a
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that was also another thing my mom billed into me, growing up as young man. >> he coached him last summer with the under 18 national team. >> he was an unbelievable competitor, and he's got a well rounded game. it doesn't surprise me what he's done, and how quickly he's coming. i can't imagine where the kid is going to be in two or three years. happy for him. what a first pick in the draft, a pretty amazing feat. just shows you the talent in the area, and happy for markelle. and you'll be happy to see this. look who we caught up with at the golf tournament. our kristen berset. good to see her out and about, and she'll be back soon. watch the
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here it is. fore! no, just kidding. rain and showers develop by dawn tomorrow, then they move out friday afternoon. friday night looks okay, then they come back in. another slug of moisture comes back in saturday morning. that moves out, and we'll salvage the back half of saturday. sunday looks great. i have a few drops there, most of those occur at night, and not a huge deal. if you can't make it to the ballpark on monday, nats on 9, and sunday is pup at the park. >> that's a whole lot going on. >> what type are we talking? >> 3:00 a.m. >> you'll be back for off script. the rest of us will be back at 11:00. bye.
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