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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  June 23, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello and thank you for joining us at noon, i'm andrea roane. cindy created havoc in parts of the south. in our area remnants of the storm are the cause of today's yellow alert. meteorologist howard bernstein has our first alert forecast. you say it's becoming a
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yellow alert. >> we got a break here. we got rain this morning, but we're tracking a cold front and cindy still for later tonight, early saturday morning. i think most of the weekend actually turns out dry at this point. the morning stuff is already offshore. watch it a little to our southwest. see this little spin, you can follow this right here northwestern areas in tennessee south of paducah. that's what's left of cindy. showers and storms and a front's coming in from the northwest, going to squeeze out showers and storms. most of it probably won't be until late tonight. we're not done for today. look to the west here, see this area, that's tracking off to the east, northeast. that's what we have to watch for the afternoon. we are seeing some sunshine, visible satellite imagery shows this real nicely. this hole and the stuff out to the west. maybe an hour two of that before we get more clouds and again that shower threat. looking at the futurecast, the best chance of showers is early afternoon and again late afternoon. this could be on to
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the yellow weather alert. this evening if you've got plans, it looks fine. here we are at 11:30, everything's looking good. showers and storms potentially coming through. we'll see how much of it's up in pennsylvania. one thing i do think is definitely going to happen, by 7 a.m. most of this is east of us. we see some clearing building in. while the fields may be too soggy for the sports games in the morning, we are going to clear out and have a pretty nice weekend. we'll have full details in a few minutes. use that weekend forecast anytime on the free wusa9 app, put it on your smartphone. all right, thanks to cindy parts of the country are now dealing with flooding rains. the tropical storm -- i'm sorry. the tropical storm weakened to a tropical depression after making landfall along the gulf coast thursday morning and it triggered an ef2 tornado in alabama
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businesses. >> cleanup efforts are now underway in parts of the gulf coast where cindy made her presence felt. the tropical storm was downgraded to a tropical depression as it made landfall yesterday, but the destruction it left behind was catastrophic, particularly in alabama where sirens sounded as a tornado touched down just miles from downtown birmingham ripping through several buildings and leaving debris scattered for miles. >> and i was in the middle of it, and i just saw it just going around my car, and all i could do is just continue to pray. >> cindy caused widespread flooding and forced evacuations in louisiana. creeks and bayous flooded many low lying neighborhoods. some parts of the gulf coast also got 10 inches of rain, forcing drivers to abandon their cars. >> i was going to drive through it, but it was a little too deep to go in there with the car. >> the system is being blamed for 10-year-old nolan mccabe's death. authorities believe the 5th grader
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washed ashore by powerful waves while he was vacationing on the alabama coast with his family. flash flood warnings are in effect for parts of the gulf coast to the mid-atlantic as remnants of the storm continue to move north. hena daniels, cbs news. >> and in anticipation of that heavy rainfall authorities in tennessee, kentucky and west virginia are prepared for possible flooding. jim graham a former d. c. council member and a fierce advocate for gay rights is being remembered at this hour. his body is lying in state at the wilson building where dignitaries, friends and families are paying their respects. graham died earlier this month. he served on the city council from 1999 to 2015. before entering politics he led the city's largest gay men's health clinic during the height of the aid's crisis. a funeral service at all souls unitarian church is scheduled for tomorrow. jim graham was 71 years old. we have breaking news no
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police are on the scene of a bus crash, a mega bus as you can see here in this video collided with several cars at 7th and h streets just minutes ago. we're told three people were hurt, but the injuries are not described as serious. the bus was not carrying any passengers. >> earlier this morning in northeast one person was killed and two injured in a fiery crash. four vehicles were involved in the accident just before 4 a.m. on new york avenue. video from the scene showed the charred remains of two vehicles, one victim was pronounced dead at the scene. two were rushed to the hospital. a third was treated on the scene. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. the senate plan to replace obamacare is already in danger. right now republicans do not have enough votes to support the proposal in its current version. seth lemon has more from capitol hill. >> we cannot support the current bill. >> kentucky senator rand paul and three other gop senators
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health care plan is dead on arrival unless they see some major changes. the four are sticking together to get changes such as fewer government subsidies designed to make health insurance more affordable. >> as we estimate the costs of the subsidies to buy insurance, we actually believe that they may exceed or equal subsidies that are in obamacare. >> president donald trump will help lead talks to get the reluctant republicans on board. >> they're four good guys and four friends of mine. i think that they'll probably get there. we'll have to see. >> the problem facing gop leaders is that any changes that move the bill further to the right have the potential to alienate moderate republicans. >> obviously i have a very different view than senator cruz or senator powell about the directions the bill should be heading in maine senator susan collins are worried about rolling back obama's
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>> that could cause states to shrink eligibility, to cut people who really need health care from the problem. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell insists he wants a vote before the july 4th recess. seth lemon for cbs news capitol hill. >> no democrat is supporting the plan, which means republicans can only afford to lose two republican votes in the senate or else the bill will fail. the district is launching a new effort to fight the rat population. mayor muriel bowser blames a lot of the problem on improperly stored garbage, so the city is offering homeowners and businesses new high-tech solutions to address rodent concerns: they're solar powered trash cans. >> these are enclosed rat proof trash cans that have built in solar panels which allow them to compact trash without needing to be connected to the electrical grid. >> the district's rodent population is bve
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result of warmer winters. calls for help regarding rodents went up nearly 65% last year compared to the year before. charges are being dismissed against a man who paid people to draw their blood. nguyen was arrested in may after police saw people congregating in front of a washington apartment building. prosecutors dismissed without prejudice the charge of practicing registered nursing without a license. that means prosecutors could refile those charges at a later date. the secret service is looking into comments that actor johnny depp made after joking about assassinating president donald trump at a music festival. it happened during the festival in england last night. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president.
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i want to clarify, i'm not an actor. [ laughter ] i lie for a living. >> depp was there to introduce the screening of his 2004 film the libertine. he also played trump in a funny or die video parody of the president's book the art of the deal. depp's representatives have not commented. president trump is coming under fire from an unlikely source, golfers. twitter went crazy after video revealed the president driving a golf cart on a green. that's a big no-no and bad etiquette but trump owns the golf course so there was little recourse except on are twitter. rare video of trump on the white house, white house won't say if he's played. harold said trump driving his cart on the green is a microcosm of him as a human. trump has done a
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but driving his golf cart on the green ranks in the top one of the worst things he's ever done. this is unacceptable, driving on the green, sad. >> coming up on wusa9 news a juror in the sexual assault trial of bill cosby talks about the intense deliberations. >> drivers caught in a crazy road
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welcome back to the news at noon. north korea is denying it treated otto warmbier cruelly while he was imprisoned in that country. in an article published this morning by a state news agency. north korea claims warmbier was not tortured. he was jailed and died less than a weaning after he returned to the united states in a coma. the 22-year-old uva
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buried yesterday in suburban cincinnati. police are considering manslaughter charges in connection with a deadly high- rise fire in london. authorities also say they're investigating whether an exterior building material used known as cladding failed safety tests. meanwhile the slow grim task of identifying the 79 victims continues. >> such is that devastation down at the scene, this may take at least until the end of the year. i know it's a terrible reality, but we may not find or identify all those that died during the fire. >> investigators believe a faulty refrigerator sparked that fire. the government issued an immediate examination of the model in other units. we're hearing from a juror in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. the juror, a former marine and long-time pennsylvania resident asked to remain anonymous. he said the mood during deliberations was very, very tense, lots of tears. lots of emotions. whas
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to reopen the case against cosby, the jurors suggested the motivation may have been political. >> there was no new evidence, nothing, just the statute of limitations were running out. >> did that really bother you? >> yes, it does. i think they created this whole thing, a case that was settled in' 05 and when he to bring it up again in 17. >> after 52 hours of deliberations, the jury told the judge they were hopelessly deadlocked. prosecutors had said they intend to retry cosby. we have a follow-up to a dramatic road rage story we first brought you yesterday. it was all caught on tape, and we're hearing now from some of the people caught up in the crazy crashes. >> it happened so fast, and the thing is that it -- i saw the whole thing coming. i saw my world coming to an end to be sthone with you. >> carlos benevides is thkf
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to tell his story. a story that started with a case of road rage. this man shows a man on a harley kicking the driver side door of a nissan sentra. ed driver loses control, hits the barrier and crashes into the cadillac escalade. >> i started to roll, i saw nothing but asphalt and sky and coming to rest. >> the man who reported all this told us just before it happened the motorcycle had passed him between lanes, then when the nissan's driver tried to get out of the car pool lane, he bumped the motorcycle. he doesn't know if it was an accident or on purpose. that's when the two men started yelling, and the biker started kicking. >> i'm sure the guy on the motorcycle was scared and totally startled because he almost went down. so, you know, i'm sure his adrenaline kicked in. the father of the nissan driver told us off camera his son was scared too after the biker flashed
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knife at him. benevides says he spoke to the 19-year-old driver right after the collision. >> and he came and he saw to it that i was okay, you know, he had a bottle of water. he gave me some water. he was kind of like in shock himself. he apologized. >> benevides believes having his seat belt on helped save his life, and he has no hard feelings for the nissan driver or the biker. as for the man on the motorcycle he took off and the chp is now looking for him to get some answers. >> you know, i don't wish bad on anybody. i would wish and hope that he would come forward and get this thing straightened out. >> as you heard the man on the motorcycle was apparently angry after being cut off by the sentra. police are still looking for him. it is a yellow weather alert day, but as we said before, it is getting more pale every minute, every hour
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few showers and storms, not a washout by any chance this afternoon, and it looks like the worst of the rain we're going to see is going to be overnight tonight, so that it clears out early for your saturday. if you've got plans, the soggy fields aren't a concern, you should be okay assuming your plans are after 7 a.m. we start off with the allergy index. mold spores are the culprit today with grass pollen being moderate. we may deal with more mold in the short-term. we do see the first batch of showers this morning offshore. we're watching this area to our south and west. it's light right now. there's not much going on there, maybe a few sprinkles, but out towards i-81 the shenandoah valley and farther south is where we're seeing the activity. you see it over the shenandoah river everything east moving to the east, northeast. in the next couple hours we may see a passing showers or storm from d. c. to
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you see that mix of clouds and sunshine right now. we're starting to heat up the atmosphere. we'll get into the upper 80s, maybe even flirt with 90 in a few spots. got to be concerned for a couple of showers and storms this afternoon. the evening looks okay. jeffrey reached out on facebook and said we've got a community movie event tonight. should we cancel. no, keep it on, i think you'll be okay. just some isolated storms this afternoon into early evening, a decent evening coming our way. showers and storms later tonight, more likely overnight into very early saturday morning. 5, 6 a.m., and then we're going to clear out. i think mid-morning into the afternoon looks fine on saturday, and then it looks great sunday, monday, could be a stray shower tuesday but wednesday looks good, too. for late june we're going to get into a nice stretch of weather. not so nice right now, 86, but the humidity is way up. low 80s, even upper 70s in the cool spots. it is a steamy 86 in washington looking alt the capital dome here on our michael &
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with a dew point of 75. feels like we're on the gulf coast out there. the southwesterly flow, remember cindy, cindy what's left of it is spinning right here on the tennessee kentucky border. we've got a front coming in from the northwest. everything's going to squeeze the showers and storms out, and this looks like it will be arriving tonight. the question is are we going to get it over us. if it moves more north we'll get less rain tonight. a couple of showers and storms here and there this afternoon. here we're at 7:00. evening activities looked okay. if you're west of i-80 you'll want maybe a different story here on the d. c. metro. some of those showers and storms approach us after midnight, models are trending that way, might not be buying into that so much. by 5, 6, 7 a.m. everything's leaving, moving quickly away from us. we're going to end up with a nice afternoon. west, northwesterly winds start to kick in. can't rule out a couple of sh
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you're headed to pennsylvania or deep creek for the weekend or out into west virginia. sunday, though, very pleasant. lower humidity here. still enough humidity to pop up some showers north and west of us with that cooler westerly, northwesterly flow will continue for a few days. that's the early part of next week. it's going to be a little bit of a treat around here. 90 or so today, some isolated storms this afternoon. we'll keep the yellow weather alert up for really overnight tonight, a couple of storms this afternoon. 75 tonight, so still kind of sticky. tomorrow we clear out early, less humid by the afternoon, 91, still hot but sunday looks very pleasant. mid-80s, low to mid-80s. as we head towards monday, tuesday one chance we'll see a shower in the afternoon. many of the suburbs stay in the 70s tuesday, and we'll hit it back up towards 90 by
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they want him back. uber employees are launching a petition urging the board to keep travis kalanick as the ceo. he was forced to step down by top uber investors. the petition circulated via e- mail says nobody's perfect but kalanick can evolve into the leader uber needs today. in recent months uber has faced allegations it ignored widespread sexual harassment and that it used software to avoid regulators. and tesla could be getting into the music business. the electric automaker is reportedly in talks to create its own music streaming service similar to spotify and pandora. recode reports tesla could work
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license a music service that would come bundled. >> we'll have one final
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tonight on wusa9 newsat 5:00, new information on the northern virginia man accused of spying for the chinese. we'll talk about the talented young people from prince george's county heading to or already playing in the nba. >> and what johnny depp said about the president that now has the attention of the secret service. a couple of showers and storms still possible this afternoon. we'll watch the remnants of cindy in a front tonight into very early sa
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mid-morning looks fine. just some foggy out there. that's a nice break coming. >> i like that. >> it's going to be great. >> if you've got to go to work let it be an awesome monday. >> that's it for wusa9 news at noon, we will be back at 5:00. until then have a great day, a z2ejdz z16fz y2ejdy y16fy
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