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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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in the hours before the murder, the suspect was here at this bar and disco in sterling. the owner of tommy's place 2 tells wusa 9 that torres was here. but they only served him one beer. several teen witnesses say torres seemed crazy drunk and out of control when he allegedly tried to mow them down with his car. he's accused of assaulting and then murdering a girl while a group of teens walked to their mosque. today two dozen faith community leaders gathered for friday prayers at the adam center. >> she was our daughter. she was our sister. she was our friend. you know. and so when you suffer, we suffer. and we're here to let you know we support you. we love you. and this is not about religion. this is about love and the heart. >> thank you very much for your ng
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>> god bless you. >> we're just here in love. we're just here in support. we're happy to be here. >> people are beginning to come to terms with it. to accept what happened. but i think they're so pleased with having seen the funeral service on wednesday. we had 5,000 people here. the vigil in restin. and to see so many interfaith colleagues. >> when you saw them here what did you think? >> i feel very appreciated. i really like it. i appreciate it. i see there are a lot of good people out there. >> darwin martinez torres alyed about five miles from here in an apartment. i knocked on the door today, no one answered. we understand he has a girlfriend and a small child. live in sterling. peggy fox, wusa 9. torres' next court appearance is scheduled in fair max. in northeast dc, a mega bust bus crashed into
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vehicles. an eyewitness tells under the circumstances the driver might have had some sort of medical emergency behind the wheel. >> coming near eighth street. he just hit the cars. boom, boom. he was stuck. he was driving the truck like something was wrong with him. and he was going slow. but he kept hitting cars like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> no word yet on the condition of the bus driver. no one else was on the bus. and no serious injuries have been reported. but there were plenty of damaged vehicles and traffic was a mess there for much of the day. wusa 9's special assignment unit looked into mega bus safety history with the safety administration. and we found the fleet was involved in ten crashes. six involving injuries. four required the bus to be towed. of the 349 inspections in the last two years, 55 revealed safety violations. regulators fined the company $3,600 back in 2014. but other than that, the safety admira
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clean driver history and it gives mega bus a satisfactory safety rating. in a statement, mega said safety is our top priority and they're fully cooperating with the authorities with their investigation into the inside tent. new information tonight on the leesburg man arrested for spying for china and lying to u.s. officials. he was coming back from shanghai when customs flagged kevin malorie when he didn't claim the $16,000 he had in his bags. that prompted an fbi investigation. and he was arrested and charged yesterday. wusa 9's ilian diaz is live now. >> reporter: naturally he's the talk of the town, and just about everyone in this town does know who kevin mallory is. i kept asking them why? they all said he seemed to be an interesting quirky man but everyone says they never imagined he was
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something like this. >> i'm on the treadmill. i'm almost done. so i'm checking. and i'm like a guy in leesburg. i'm thinking this guy. >> this guy is kevin mallory. >> he had had a unique presence i guess. >> most just no kevin as that guy at the gym. >> he was always a spotlight. he was always doing something different. he was a little off. but i mean i always wondered if he had a job. >> it turns out he does. on paper kevin mallory is an exgovernment worker turned consultant who works from home. he speaked chinese, is married and has three children. but there's more. this affidavit explains kevin mallory appears to be a spy sending several top secret documents to officials in china who he recently met with in shanghai. neighbors tell us he has no close friends in the neighborhood, but he is notorious for deep cleaning his trash cans and driveway
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>> i guess there was something about him that was maybe a little off. but that might be in retrospect knowing what i know now. >> he admitted meeting with two agents in shanghai and brought home a device which he used to send the documents. the affidavit shows texts between kevin and the chinese agents where kevin tells them i all ready destroyed the paper records. i can not keep these around. too dangerous. then he later texts, your object is to gain information, and my object is to be paid for. >> i'm still in disbelief. it's shocking. and that's pretty much the sentiment across the board. we spoke to several neighbors in his neighborhood and again, many of them saying that they don't really know him. he usually kept to himself. but they said that he does have a wife and he has two kids that live with him. and another one that lives in utah. live in leesburg, wusa 9. mallory is being
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act. and could face life in prison or the death penalty. news about the investigation into russian meddling in the u.s. election. president obama got information from the cia that vladimir putin had direct involvement in a campaign to disrupt the election. their intelligence points to vladimir putin's plan to damage hillary clinton and help get donald trump elected. after months of trying to figure out how to respond, the obama administration expelled 35 diplomats in two russian compounds and imposed narrow economic sanctions. a former u.s. ambassador to russia tells the post that the kremlin should have paid a higher price for that attack. some encouraging news to report about house majority steve scalise. he's been transferred out of the icu. great news. he remains in fair condition after being shot in the hip at congressional baseball practice
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in alexandria last week. hospital officials say he still has a long period of healing and rehabilitation ahead of him. things are looking up for matt micah who was shot in the attack. the washington nationals star jayson werth paid a visit. micah is listed in good condition and is out of the intensive care unit. he was shot in the chest last week at eugene stadium park. doctors expect him to make a full recovery. tracking metro for you now. the day got off to a rough start for riders on the red line. service suspended between dupont circle stations because of an arking insulator. these are pictures of that crowded platform. some video therefore you. there was a similar issue at the medical center earlier in the morning. service on the red line hampered because trains aren't running due to track repairs the repairs are scheduled to run through sunday. it's the final
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in the surge program. metro fares go up this weekend. starting sunday. passengers will be paying 10 cents to 25 cents more per ride. police investigating a deadly car crash that happened in northeast. four vehicles were involved in this accident. it happened before 4:00 in the morning. video from the scene showed the charred remains of the two vehicles. one victim was pronounced dead on the scene. two were rushed to hospitals. another treated there at the scene. investigators don't know what caused the crash. the leader of the prince georges county school system is fighting back against allegations that graduation rates are inflated. kevin maxwell says there's been no systematic effort quote ordered by me or acting on my behalf to promote students to inflate graduation rates. and he also says that the allegations are a personal attack on every teacher, counselor, administrator, and employee. a number of younger school board members say they can
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documentation that proves wrong doing in the school system. but they've not made any of that evidence public yet. an investigation ordered by the u.s. department of education found all allegations surrounding the prince georges county school system were false. at dc city hall a show of respect for a public servant with a pension. he served 16 years on the dc council. his body has been lying in repose all afternoon giving folks a chance to say fair well. among them, council members past and present. >> jim was a fighter. he was a fighter for the poor and the needy. he was an early fighter in the epidemic of hiv aids. even though today and tomorrow are solemn, remembering and celebrating his life, at the same time, i can tell you there are a lot of former colleagues of his who are telling stories about some of the funny things that he said
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and he'll be sharing more of those stories tomorrow. a viewing will take place at 10:00 a.m. at all souls unitarian church in northwest. followed by religious services and bow ties are encouraged. we're just getting started here on wusa 9news at 5:00. a teen from prince georges county is the talk of the nation after becoming the number one pick in the nba draft. we talk to people who now markell well. your season reminder to be careful around fire works this 4th of july. we have bad weather on the way. but topper says it's not a complete wash out. and right after the break, why the senate bill to replace obama care is all ready in trouble.
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it's finally time. they're actually going
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the swamp. well, not really. they're going to drain the pool and other features at the world war ii memorial this weekend. the draining will happen sunday and will allow for the replacement of current light fixtures with high efficiency lighting. that's government speak for very expensive for the taxpayers. the senate plan to repeal and replace obama care is in trouble after a group of conservative senators say the plan doesn't go far enough in being fiscally conservative. but some moderate republicans worry it goes too far. seth lemon is on capitol hill with a look at what gop leader haves to do to win the votes needed to pass the bill. >> we cannot support the current bill. >> kentucky senator rand paul and three other gop senators say the newly released senate health care plan is dead on arrival. unless they see some major changes. the four are sticking together to get changes such as fewer government subsidies designed to make health insurance
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affordable. >> as we estimate the cost of the subsidies to buy insurance, we believe they may exceed or equal subsidies for obama care. >> well there are four good guys and they're four friends of mine. and i think they'll probably get there. we'll have to see. >> the problem facing gop leaders is that any changes that move the bill further to the right have the potential to alienate moderate republicans. >> you have to protect medicaid expansion stakes. that's what i want. make sure we're taken care of here in the state of nevada. >> the nevada senator said he can't support the plan. >> i'm telling you right now, i can not support a piece of legislation that takes insurance away from tens of millions of americans and hundreds of thousands of nevadans. >> majority leader mitch mcconnell insists he wants a vote before the 4th of july recess leaving
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week to win over more votes. seth lemon, cbs news, capitol hill. no democrat will support the plan which means republicans can only afford to lose two republican votes in the senate or else that bill will fail. who gets hurt in this plan? many people who are all ready enrolled in obama care. lower income americans and people with preexisting conditions. on the other hand, younger americans, people who are all ready healthy, and wealthier americans would all be helped by the senate's proposal. new drone footage tonight of buildings just flat in fairfield alabama. the remnants of tropical storm cindy. several tornadoes destroyed homes and buildings. that's the system that's making its way up here to our area now. >> it's a confirmed ef 2. 113 to 157 miles per hour. it looks higher than that looking at the damage. that's impressive. the good news is that remnants will track
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>> they've lost some of their oomf and all the severe weather will be north of us. that's a good thing. heavy rain north of us too. the three degree guarantee. i think we'll be okay. we talked about it being muggy and humid today. a tropical air mass. it was. we went 88 for a high. we'll add everything up tonight at 11:00. a live look outside. right now it's 84. but the dew point is 77. so even though it's 84. it feels like it's 94. that's a tropical, tropical air mass, winds south/southwest at 14. thank goodness the atmosphere is stirring a little bit. here's the radar over the last hour. we'll show all the showers and heavy rain and thunderstorms. well to the west of us. out in ohio, and kind of pin wheeling in to western pennsylvania. we'll zoom in a little more. we had a couple -- a few showers push through. right now i think we're good. maybe a couple sprinkles in the next hour through
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but they're not going to amount to much. for the most part, a dry commute home. we'll have several hours before the main event rolls in. that won't happen until after midnight. again your cook outs are probably okay. showers and storms over night. unless you're out super late, getting in trouble, you should be home before the showers and storms develop. right now, the morning softball game, the yard work, okay. if you own a landscape company, if you're worried about cutting the grass tomorrow, you'll be able to cut the grass tomorrow, hot on saturday, but less humid, some improvement. and then very nice sunday, pleasantly warm, and even less humid. so really for the first summer weekend, pretty nice. and here's the models. and the rainfall. it's just not that much coming our way. less than an inch. and probably more like a half inch between now and 7:00 tomorrow morning. low humidity on the way. temps are still high for a while. 91 tomorrow. 88 on sunday. low 80s on
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85 on wednesday. humidity in check through wednesday. so 10:00 tonight, we're still okay. but my goodness, it's 83 degrees. 10:00 tonight, it's only 3 degrees off the average high temperature. that's pretty toasty. there are all the showers and storms and heavy weather getting into cumberland and oakland. by 6:30, they're moving across the metro area. between 3:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. they move right through the heart. and there's some red in here and orange. there will be brief heavy down pours. but it's not going to last long. by the time we get to 1:00, it's gone. the sun's back. it's really a nice day. temperatures back in the upper 80s. and by 6:00, we're back in the upper 80s again, close to 90 by 6:00. but the humidity will be in check tomorrow. not the tropical air mass we have now. 70s to start. we end everything before 7:00 downtown. 79 at 9:00. 84 at 11:00. 86 at 1:00. because it's moving through so fast, i think the
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softball games will be okay. less humid on sunday, gorgeous, 88, pleasant on monday, don't worry about the shower. 81, cubs in town on monday. next seven days if you can't get to the ball park, watch it on 9. we have isolated showers on tuesday. but still very nice. mid 80s on wednesday. then the heat returns, low 90s next thursday and friday. time to cue up some of our favorite video. with 4th of july celebrations around the corner, officials in fairfax are showing us that fire works are dangerous and they can blow things ouch like watermelons, mannequins, they're no match for low level explosives. that will take a hand right off. and maybe part of the chest with it. fire officials will be out on patrol making sure people are only using county authorized fire works and not lighting each other on fire. okay. get it together now. straight ahead, we hear from one of the drivers in this viral road rage crash.
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caught on camera, two deer in northern maryland after hearing about topper's forecast for the weekend. these two deer are fighting after hearing your forecast. this actually happened in tennessee. social media is having a field day with this one. a guy named bubba recorded this whole thing. the deers slide out of the frame though before a winner of the contest could be determined fantastic. i have that on my twitter page as well if you want to see more. road rage, this guy goes spinning out of control after trying to run the motorcycle guy into the median. the driver lost control, hit the barrier, crashes into the escalade, it flipped over. carlos was driving that escalade. listen to his reaction. >> it happened so fast. and the thing is it -- i saw the whole thing coming. i saw my world coming to an end to be honest with you. when i felt the impact and my truck spun out from beside me and i started
5:24 pm
i saw nothing but asphalt and sky and coming to rest. >> that's scary. the guy who recorded all of this says just before it happened, the motorcycle had passed him between lanes. and that's when the nissan's driver tried to get out of the car pool lane and he bumped the motorcycle. he doesn't know if it was an accident or an purpose. that's when the two men started yelling and the biker started kicking. and that's when all of this happened. >> wow. in tonight's consumer alert, sears is closing 18 locations. kmart is shutting down two more. that makes more than 260 closings for sears holdings this year alone. the chain is feeling the heat from online competitors. in march sears says there's substantial doubt they could make it on its own. the nation's 34 biggest banks cleared the first stage of an annual stress test that shows they have enough capital to lend money even in an extreme recession. the fed introduced the stress test in
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petition urging the board to keep travis as ceo. he was forced to step down by top uber investors. the petition says quote nobody's perfect. but he can evolve into the leader uber needs today. still ahead, the slow speed chase that landed an 81-year- old woman in handcuffs. the women aren't talking to their doctors about an important subject, the news we need to take to heart. and a basketball phenom from prince georges county becomes an over night millionaire. we'll hear from peop
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it's the only way to know for sure.
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i've been through a lot growing up. and i'm just looking forward to coming to the city and giving it my all. >> that's a sporty bow tie. he's a teenager from prince
5:29 pm
limelight. the nba's number one draft pick this year. that's a big dealment before being drafted with the philadelphia 76ers. he learned everything he knows about hoop in the dmv. you talk to a lot of people who know him. >> whether or not you know him, everybody in prince georges county is super excited about all of this going on now. this is obviously history for the area. he's 19. he grew up in the marlborough area. for a good portion of his life. he went to damasa. after attending james madison middle school, some of his former classmates say they knew him back then and knew he had a bright future playing ball. >> he would come to the gym. and automatically pick up the basketball and play basketball with us. he was that good. we would all play ball together. to see somebody make it that you knew is just like wonderful. it's a
5:30 pm
i wish it was me. but you know what i'm saying. seeing someone else being successful dog that makes me want to go do something with myself. >> he talked to him a couple weeks ago predraft. and he seemed like a kid with a good head on his shoulders. what do we know about how he came up and more about his personality? >> everyone i talk to says you would never see him without a smile on his face. they said he was a very focused young man. and very mature for his age too. which i thought was really interesting. he grew up in a single family household. his mother had to take care of markell and his sister on her own. with that obviously comes struggles. like not being able to always afford everything. but neighbors say markell's mom always found a way to survive and make sure her kids could pursue their dreams. >> we have a lot of good opportunities here. i know he wanted to do something bigger for his family. and as i said i'm from a single family ho
5:31 pm
your family. help your mother. and really do everything you can. and i think this was a good opportunity for him to really, you know, show the world that, what he can do, not only on the basketball court but off the basketball court. >> you know, really interesting story right there, this neighbor right here, he actually said that fultz used to help his mom go through and shovel the yard or rake some leaves because he said he knew the family was going through some of the same things his family was going through which speaks to his character. >> a lot of life lessons helping out his mom like that. look for great things from him to come. democratic candidate from virginia governor ralph is getting star power. former president barack obama will hit the campaign trail to support him. aids from both camps confirm -- no events are planned so far. northrom
5:32 pm
gillespie. he's shown to have the lead ahead of the november election. one day after he was laid to rest. north korea says it did not torture uva student otto warmbier. officials deny they treated him cruelly. and say he was provided with all medical treatments and care. warmbier was flown to the u.s. last week after being in a coma for more than a year. he was serving a 15 year hard labor sentence. he was convicted of stealing a propaganda sign while visiting north korea with a tour group. warmbier died monday. doctors say he suffered catastrophic brain injuries. police considering manslaughter charges over the deadly high-rise apartment building fire last week. investigators reveal the faulty fridge freezer started the blaze in the building's insulation and tiles failed safety tests. the model has never been the subject of a recall. but investigators are ordering a full
5:33 pm
appliance. the inferno killed 79 people. heart disease is the number one killer of women. but a new survey shows many women and their doctors don't talk about heart health at all. like a lot of us. tracy clark has had a stressful career. and she's a mom. clark figured all of that brought on her fatigue and shortness of breath. it turned out she needed double bypass surgery. >> it got real, real when sorry, you're going to have to cut your chest open. >> the 51-year-old says she never discussed heart health with her doctor. she's not alone. 35% of primary care physicians say they talk about heart health during exams with female patients. plus 60% of women admit putting off doctors appointments. 45% say they cancel or postpone checkups because they want to lose weight first. the take away here, pay attention to potential symptoms. and talk to your doctor regularly. so speaking of heart health, tomo
5:34 pm
giant national capitol barbecue battle. >> are you going to go? >> only if the angioplasty doctor is there with me. >> some of the trucks were lined up outside of the verizon center for today's media day. the fun happened on pennsylvania avenue between third and seventh street. and everyone from celebrity chefs to backyard barbecuers will be competing for the top prize there will be plenty of music and fun for the whole family. i wish i'd go. i'd tear it up. trending now, what actor johnny depp said about the president that has secret service now paying attention. be careful about that. the birthday wish from a 14- year-old boy that has become a viral movement. we'll tell you about a cannabis chef. you heard that right. who's bringing her food to a higher level. >> i see what you did there. here's the evening planner, 82 at 6:00. 85 at 8:00. 83 at 10:00. it's tropical and humid. y
5:35 pm
we'll come back and talk about when the rain and storms roll through. and if things at the battle of the barbecue will be okay tomorrow. we'll talk about that and a little change in the weather next week.
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so let's get to what's trending tonight. johnny depp and his controversial comment about president trump, they've got the attention of the secret service. the actor hinted about an assassination. >> i think he needs help. when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? >> the crowd loved it, secret service, not so much. one more time, depp said when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? not cool. it doesn't matter whether or not you like the current president. depp since apologized. >> kathy griffin call depp. a birthday wish lighting up our wusa 9 facebook
5:39 pm
>> jacob had mitochondrial disease. he wants 100,000 birthday cards. last year he got nearly 30,000. if our facebook page is any indication, he's got a lot of love coming his way, hundreds of you have left messages on there. birthday wishes for that young man. the pot industry continues to grow. >> the culinary community is on the leading edge. chef andrea drummer cooks up her cannabis creations to fine dining patrons. she infuses her food with thc. the active compound in marijuana that gives users a euphoric high. she says it's moderation that's the key. >> i believe in proper dosing and responsible dosing. often i do micro dosing. which is a very small level of thc. >> she hosts exclusive pop up dinners that go way beyond sweets. she adds oil and butter for
5:40 pm
meals like quail confit with cannabis blueberry barbecue sauce and forbidden rice. the experience starts at $200 a person. the more words in the menu, it's off my pay scale. today's holiday if you haven't noticed, it's take your dog to workday. >> that's murry. >> this is murry. hi buddy. he's walking around with this look on his face like seriously? i have to come here. >> he looks so not impressed by any of this. murry came with me today. dozens of you are leaving comments and pictures on our wusa 9 facebook page. >> i love my sweet pup. but the only office he'll make an appearance at is my work from home office. i would get nothing done. constance writes i work from home on friday. so every friday is a take-your- dog-to-workday. if you brought your dog
5:41 pm
work, we'd love to see the pictures on our wusa 9 facebook page. murry looks like he's been to the cannabis kitchen. he's straight chill. look at him. could you look happier. look alive murry. >> totally unimpressed. >> poor thing. i love this guy. it's a big day for markell. we'll hear from the number one over all pick ahead in sports. why police dragged this woman from her vehicle after a slow-speed chase. we'll hear her side of the story, next.
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ma'am, hey, don't do it. don't. don't do it. >> dramatic body camera video of an 81-year-old woman's arrest. police in the dallas area say she was driving on the wrong- side of the road. then led officers on a chase while weaving across lanes. police pursuits don't often happen in denton. >> driver, i need you to pull over. >> especially ones like you're about to see. >> she had driven around in circles on north elm going the wrong way. she continued to go the wrong direction. >> the driver of the jeep, an 81-year-old grandmother. who did pull over for police. >> i want to make sure you're okay. unlock the car for me. >> during the conversation of
5:46 pm
vehicle. she started to pull forward. they warn her not to drive away. she stopped briefly then she took off. ma'am, don't do it. don't. don't do it. stop. stop the car. don't drive off. she did. took off on a slow-speed chase. never topping 25 miles per hour. ten minutes later she stops again. watch here as officers run up. and use knives to deflate her tires. then shatter her window to get her out. >> nancy, why didn't you stop? >> why should i stop when i've done nothing? >> nancy? >> why? tell me that? >> that's nancy. she wasn't intoxicated and paramedics say she appeared fine. >> why didn't you just open the door when i knocked on the window back there? >> why? it's my car? it's my life.
5:47 pm
you're endangering other lives. >> we were there as her son bonded her out of jail. >> i just was out riding around. i thought i'm going to go have me some coffee. and a sandwich or something. because with i hadn't eaten all day. i never got it. >> she did get charged with evading arrest and spent 14 hours in jail. >> tonight she's back home. her family says she does drive a lot. they're planning to get her checked out for health issues. fortunately, no one was hurt. >> that guy. see how big he is. that's a 12 to 15-foot. he's big. >> that helicopter pilot in northern california says he used to surf in these waters 35 years ago. but not any more. an increase in sharks is keeping him out of the water. he blames the up tick on warmer water. >> it started eight years
5:48 pm
one shark. look a great white shark. then every year it got a little more. and now we're to the point where it's seen. >> another reason for the increase, conservation efforts are paying off with a healthier ocean. the sharks are coming back for more reliable food sources. >> you know what's a really reliable food source for a shark. a surfer dressed in a black wet suit who looks exactly like a seal. you don't want to do that. >> they had these dudes surfing at night. how do you see anything. >> how do you see waves at night? >> i was told not to go in the water because you can't see the waves. i'd be more concerned about the sharks than the waves. >> either one could get you. >> i'm never going in the water again. next. we're in god shape. our first full weekend of summer. and i tell you what, over night, that's when most of the action will be. when you're sleeping, that's when it's going to
5:49 pm
>> a live look outside. it's some kind of tropical. 86 now. the dew point 176. we're actually -- the dew point is 76. generating a heat index of 96. winds out of the southwest at 15. gusting to 24. at least the atmosphere is stirring up a bit. here's the radar, we widen it way out. because that's where all the showers and storms are. a further northerly track. that keep is keeping the heavy rain north of us. that's not necessarily a bad thing. we'll zoom in. a couple sprinkles and showers earlier. they've essentially moved across the bay all ready. there's a couple sprinkles left in montgomery county. if you have an evening soccer game, or want to cook out, you can. so showers and storms primarily over night. after midnight. saturday morning, softball
5:50 pm
now. really. hot again tomorrow, but less humid. and then very nice on sunday, pleasantly warm. the humidity will be in check as we go through the weekend. so here's the model projections for rainfall. generally around half an inch. because the track is further north. yesterday these were 1 to 2 inches of rainfall. now the track further north, not a huge deal. so lower temps on the way, 91 tomorrow. 88 on sunday. 81 monday. 79 tuesday. gorgeous on wednesday. 85 and humidity in check through wednesday. 10:00 tonight. look at these temps. these are not heat index readings. they're temps. 83 at 10:00 tonight. then we go through the night, here comes the showers and storms and rain. by 7:00, essentially right on 95. by 7:00 a.m., you're done in leesburg, cull pepper, and
5:51 pm
hagers town. by 8:00, 9:00, everybody's done, temperatures in the upper 70s, 80% of tomorrow will be fantastic. all of sunday will be fantastic. northwest winds, plenty warm tomorrow. the numbers are low quite frankly. closer to 88 by 1:00. by 6:00, we'll be closer to 90. but generally a fantastic day with a nice little breeze out of the west/northwest. and even tomorrow night, not quite as muggy. a little more comfortable. walking the dog, temperatures go back in the low to mid 70s in the burbs. but around 80 downtown. day planner, we're going to shut all the showers off by 7:00 a.m. 83 by 11:00. 86 with sunshine by 1:00. beautiful on sunday. less humid, 88. plenty warm. but it's a nice day. low 80s on monday. i got a shower in there. don't worry about that. cubs in town on monday. cubs in town tuesday, wednesday, thursday, heating up by thursday, low 90s, a
5:52 pm
90s on friday once again. now, wusa9 game on sports with frank brought to you by xfinity. we know markelle fultz is a confident player and why not after being selected number one. markelle fultz thinks the 76ers who have been awful for years is immediately a playoff team with him on it. he joins a young team with talent. but it's going to take somebody special to turn around a franchise that's averaged 63 losses the last four years. >> it's excitement really. to a dream as a kid growing up. and now it's come true. and now i'm with these guys. and we have the same goal to turn this organization around. i'm excited. >> it's a wonderful feeling. but i all ready knew it was coming to him. i got two more boys. they're going to do th
5:53 pm
thing. >> you're going to get them to the lakers too, how? >> the big baller way. ball control. >> stealing the show at the nba draft last night. he saw his son go number two to the l.a. lakers as he predicted all along. he was the best thing about the otherwise boring nba draft last night. i thought lavar ball was hilarious, entertaining. and that's what the nba is supposed to be. so many people on social media were up in arms about his antics. and stealing his son's spotlight. sure lavar is over the top, comes off borderline crazy at times but that's what makes him so appealing. i'm not going to buy big baller brand gear, the 500-dollar sneakers but i'll pay more attention to the career pa
5:54 pm
lonzo because of his dad. coming up at 6:00, big hockey news from the capitals. still ahead, photos of handcuffs kids on the mall went crazy. we talked to the guy who posted them. a bar in denver combining beer and, yes, throwing weaponing, axes. hear why they think it's not that bad of an idea after all.
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5:57 pm
have you ever said to your buddy, yo, let's go to the bard and get medieval. the latest concept here for a bar in downtown denver is pretty interesting. drink beer and hurl axes at a stump. the owners of the new bar appropriately named the ax room say it's a different way to compete and have fun. don't expect a lot of ladies there in the house. eddie randal asked the obvious question, there's like ten of them. but the obvious question to him that came to mind. >> it's not your everyday sport, unless you're a lumber jack. but peter laylor and steven johnson hope it willbe soon. >> i moved to denver and found a perfect spot for it. it seems like a great activity that fits with the local culture and is fun. >> ax throwing and drinking beer. a combination that's a thing up in canada. >> this is not a new
5:58 pm
environment where you are maybe incorporating having your own beers as well, you know, it's a unique idea that's just starting to spread in the states recently. >> right now they have one lane as it's called but they're adding more. >> six lanes. some back-to-back. >> the pressure is on. >> just like any sport, there's competition. >> competition gets very heated. last group, it was pretty intense. the bachelor won. >> the bachelor and his brother. the best man went to over time to decide who won. >> will peter and steven say there will be rules posted throughout the bar? >> if people get out of control or visibly inebriated that's the end of tear day. >> the cages are designed to stop drinkers with poor aim. >> one of the biggest things we want to stress is safety. that's of highest priority for us. >> they want to introduce customers to the
5:59 pm
>> someone called it adult darts the other day. which i found funny. >> that's cool. as long as there's not a medical marijuana dispensary next door. they expect to have all the lanes built by august. >> how do i go on after that? right now at 6:00, outrage continues after this tweet showing u.s. police handcuffing kids selling water on the national mall. the guy who posted it said police went to far. stephanie spoke to him. >> it was a humiliating posture. they could have done any number of other actions. they could have taken them aside and discussed it with them. they could have not handcuffed them and left them on the ground. >> police say the undercover officers were doing their job. the kids were allegedly selling water on the national mall. that's illegal. >> i
6:00 pm
she told me quote it's not uncommon for officers to handcuff people while the officers investigate and they do that for the officer's safety. >> i think we should look at what you said. it's not uncommon for this to happen. that's the problem. it's not uncommon. this is typical. it's so typical, they don't see it as a problem. but i walk by the same black youth selling water everyday. i'm not unsafe walking by them. certainly the guy with the badge and gun can feel safe as well. >> you posted what you saw on twitter. you since got thousands of retweets. thousands of likes. >> the whole viral phenomenon stuff, yes. it made some noise. that's good. that's the idea that we can do these things in quiet and not see them is all too prevalent. a little noise and discussion. and get this in the public sphere. and get this away from the planned statements and


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