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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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from their third story windows. >> i'm gets goose bumps just thinking of her, she can't walk already, and she's getting ready to jump out the window. oh, no, not going to happen. >> reporter: firefighters saved that woman, but one man found dead. they are here for each other as well. >> we've all become a family since this has happened. we've all come together, closer than we've seemed before. >> reporter: so looking forward into tomorrow. back here at 8:00 a.m., fire investigators will be at the scene, and they have to clear it, they have to get the okay for people to walk in. that is a big if at this point, if all 200 residents will ever be allowed to get into this apartment again. that's the latest here in northwest, mike valerio, wusa9. >> that is a hard thing to grapple with. the supreme court is allowing a limited version of president trump's travel ba
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victory for the white house, that has been fighting lower court rulings. the court is allowing the 90 day ban to go into effect before nationals from six muslim majority subjects. people who lack any bona fide relationship with any person or entity in the united states. the court would only have granted that, if they would have allowed most of the travel ban to go into place, if it thinks at this point, the government is likely to succeed. >> the travel ban sparked massive protests and lawsuits awful of which the trump administration had lost, until now. no surprise here, the travel ban very polarizing topic on social media. candy says thank you supreme court, and president trump for doing what is best for this wonderful country. while sid wrote, losing more and more faith in the future of dais country with every passing
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issue on our wusa9 facebook page. in prince george's county, a guilty plea today from eulalio tordil. he he pled guilty to the murder of his wife. the state's attorney for prince george's county is relieved that he will be off the streets. >> gladis tordil had done everything right. it had removed her family from a dangerous situation. >> tordil had already pled guilty to two counts of murder. his guilty plea calls for the possibility of life in prison, without parole. blasting through red li,
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in the middle of traffic this weekend. their antics terrified people in downtown d.c., and at national harbor. police are asking for people's help. >> reporter: hey adam. just imagine how frustrating this must have been for the police officers. they were apparently right behind these atv and dirt bikes, as they rolled up the sidewalk, right here on waterfront drive with frightened people all around them, but the cops were worried that if they chased those riders, it would make the situation even more dangerous, so the riders got away. allen scott posted this video on twitter. scores of atv riders apparently tired of waiting in traffic simply jumped the curve at national harbor sunday night, and rolled down the sidewalk. this is a space that is often packed with pedestrians. police say they were following close behind. >> this will not
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it is egregious, and malicious behavior. >> we will not meet reckless behavior with our own reckless behavior. >> reporter: the crew had apparently started their ride in d.c. here they are blasting up heavily trafficked h street northwest, popping wheelies, blasting through red lights, weaving in and out of cars. >> when you think about having your little girl out on the street and a crowded scores of dirt bikes and at v's ignoring traffic signals, doesn't that alarm you? >> yes, it does alarm me. >> reporter: police admit this is a problem every summer. they have arrested people, and confiscated the uninsured, and unsafe vehicles before. apparently the riders think they're odds of getting caught
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are low. there are people who defend them. >> police take strong issue with suggestion this is somehow, some kind of fun game for young people. they say these riders really are endangering people's lives, and they say this have ways to catch them. for instance, they say there's no way they're going to run out, or outrun a police helicopter. live at national harbor, wusa9. >> looks like time to take it to the next level. police also say the guy who's ripping up your street, terrorizing the neighborhood, might be one of the same guys flying down h street. your phone call to the cops could be the best way to stop them. let's take a live look outside right now, where it is beautiful. relatively mild temperatures today. our weather captain, topper
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shutt joins us inside. top, we'd better not get used to this? >> no, but we can celebrate it for the next couple of days. cubs in town, great series, 79. we're down to 78 at 7:00. game time 76, and 72 at 9:00. you can't make it to the ballpark, you can watch it right here on channel 9. let's talk about future cast. 10:00tonight, maybe you're leaving the ballpark. still 74 downtown. there will be some 60s, as you head on home. in fact, a very comfortable night. by mid-morning, looking at temperatures 71 downtown. 68 in gaithersberg. i think we'll see 50s in places like meyersville, and frederick, and gaithersburg to start the tuesday morning. really not bad at all. by lunchtime, we do have a couple of showers in. we'll come back and track those for you. by thursday, yes, we're back in the 90s, friday and saturday. we'll look ahead to the holiday weekend.
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huge mess on the beltway this morning. it started when a woman stopped her car. it was hit by a pickup truck, and the woman was struck and killed by another vehicle. drivers stuck in traffic, waiting as long as 3 hours before they could get past the crash. the james madison high school community is mourning the death of football coach lenny schultz. the coach and special education teacher was killed this weekend when he was hit by a box truck at the springfield interchange. his nephew albert was critically injured in the crash, they had pulled onto a median. the truck driver who hit them was charged with reckless driving and was not injured. it's been more than a month since these symbols of hate were found at american university. >> and more money, less service. what you need to know about metro before you walk to the turn styles next. >> d
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the congressional budget office just released its much anticipated study of the new gop healthcare plan. the cbo finds 22 million more americans would be without health insurance over the next decade, compared to the current law. at least five republican senators say they cannot vote for the plan as it is, and more are on the fence. majority leader, mitch mc connell wants a vote this week, but critics say that is rushing the process. there are noticeable changes. first, the good news for you. the safe track maintenance program is over. but today, riders are going to start pang
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service. let's start with the new hours, monday through thursday. trains run from 5:00 a.m., to 11:30 p.m. that's a half hour less than people might be used to. friday, it's going to go from 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. sunday, 8:00 a.m., to 11:00 p.m. for rail raiders, peak fares going up. all bus fares are going up a quarter. during rush hour, trains will leave every eight minutes at the ends of lines. the trains should arrive every three or four minutes downtown. yellow, rush, plus service, that's found at the end of the blue and green lines, that won't exist anymore. so metro is taking heat on reddit, and other sites over this photo we're about to show you. >> someone posted this picture of the metro map. it's a sign of distress, like
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upside down. >> it kind of looks like it's in a locked box. that's curious. find out more about that one. students in northern virginia, making the community proud for how they're spending part of their
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we love this video from prince george's county. emergency rescuers save a dog. you can see they're giving the pooch a little water to lap up. fire officials say this animal will need a bit more care at the animal center. in the running to become the next prince george's county executive. the democrat met today. muse is pledging to make economic development a priority. >> another 2 to 3,000 homes are slated to be foreclosed on yet again. that is unacceptable. we have an office of law. we have county attorneys. why haven't we gone to
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>> anthony muse spent more than two decades in annapolis. can a group of teens change a person's life in one week? more than 800 of them are giving it a try in fredericksburg. as peggy fox tells us, it takes some shovels, some saws, and big hearts. >> reporter: the man who lives here has been trapped inside for the past 15 years. ever since a horrific traffic accident. but this group of teenagers is building him a ramp. >> i didn't even think we had people like this anymore. i was a painter, a wall paper dry waller. >> my name is monica castro. i just graduated from west potomac high school. >> so wonderful to have somebody come to you and help you. i've never reached out for an
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>> i'm with good shepherd church. >> reporter: kevin curtis's health problems stem from an accident. >> i crushed every bone in my chest. my back was broken, my leg was broken in several places. >> the contractors help us, but we have to dig the holes first, put the post in, then the concrete. this is actually my third year, and all three years i've been building decks, so i've gotten good at the dig the holes, mix the concrete, pour the concrete in. then the measurements that come afterwards. >> i can't stand on my right leg at all. >> we're going to have a little more of a deck extension. then a wheelchair ramp. >> i'm so excited. i've got a doctor's appointment on the 8th, that i won't miss
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out of the house. >> reporter: they use contractors that oversea the projects, and guarantee the work will be completed. >> i think each one of these kids came to my door this morning. when they all left, i bowed my head, and i prayed. and i asked god to bless them all. >> reporter: the plan is to have kevin's ramp done on friday. >> this week the arlington diocese work camp has 825 teenagers working at more than 100 sites from central to northern virginia. so there is a lot on the line for this weekend and next. >> there is. >> we've got a big holiday coming up. what are you going to deliver for us? >> in january, i would say for the july 4, i would say partly cloudy, hot, ice let'sed st.
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>> it's going to hold. the heat and the humidity set up camp. isolated storm on saturday. not a wash out. 92. 92 on sunday. a few more storms. 92 on monday, some more storms. then 91 on the 4th with an afternoon storm. not going to be disasterrous, but just be advised, you're trying to cook out or plan a party, there will be afternoon and evening storms. 3-degree guarantee, i think we're okay today. just a spectacular day. really, we stole one from summer. we wept from a high of 84. i'll let you know how we do tonight at 11:00. right now, it's gorgeous. it's 83, but check that number out. that should just like kind of blow your mind. humidity 27%. that is fantastic, and kind of unusual for us to have dew points in the 40s. remember on friday, like a
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lake phoenix, but without the 100-degree heat. cool enough to rest the ac. this is about 7:00 a.m., to about 9:00 a.m. nice on tuesday. there will be a couple of stray showers. i would not plan around them. then warmer on wednesday, but still nice, and still not humid on wednesday. temperatures, the 90s are lurking, they always are. 80 tomorrow, 90 on thursday. 91 on friday. 92 on saturday. our high temperature now, our average high is up to 87. so on the day planner, on future cast, by 6:00 a.m., there will be some 50s. 56 to start in manassas. 57 in gaithersburg. even 61 in la plata. clouds roll in. 71 by 9:00. still in the 60s in the burbs. 75 in frederick. 76 in leesburg, and again, don't get too hung up
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exact location of the showers. by 6:00, they're gone. they're across the bay. just a few lingering in calvert county, and st. mary's county. temps back in the 70s. tomorrow night, another very nice night. temperatures by 10:00, 65 in gaithersburg. 62 in culpepper. just a stray shower tomorrow. not a huge deal. we'll say 60s to start. 71 by 9:00. 75 by 11:00, and 77 with clouds coming in by 1:00, and again, a couple of showers possible, just after lunchtime. beautiful on wednesday. 84. still not humid. 90 on thursday. still not humid. the next 7 days, humid returns. we're looking at 91 on friday. 92 on saturday, and sunday. and 92 on monday, with again, afternoon showers and storms. cubs in town through thursday. if you can't make it to the ballpark tonight, you can watch it here. >> all right, topp. the
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hear a case challenging whether a colorado bake shop has to make a cake for a gay couple. the store owner claims colorado violates his constitutional rights to the freedom of speech, and the free exercise of religion. he said he will sell that pair any other baked goods, but he would displease god by making a cake for a gay couple. american university says it is taking a step toward diversity. today, the school launched a new website. it will have resources to help students on reporting bias and discrimination. in a statement, au's president said they're committed to ensuring, we are a community where people of all identities are appreciated and fully included. what's the most american vehicle you can drive? a popular website has their answer
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virginia. but can a lesson be learned here? >> right after the break, firefighters and heros. they put their lives on the line to save residents trapped in prince george's county.
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in prince george's county, there's a fire that could have been a huge tragedy. instead, a family has a lot of people to thank for their heroics. you can see, the fire is engulfed in flames. neighbors kept their cool, and helped save a baby from the burning building. today, firefighters were honored for their heroics. the first group of firefighters who arrived on the scene, they didn't have any water to fight that fire. but when they heard there were people trapped, the team knew they had no choice. >> at that time, training kicked in. we're there to
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that's what we're dispatched for. we relied on our train to make sure there was no one left inside of the building adjacent to the apartment that was on fire. >> what kind of men go into a burning building without fire protection? you know what i mean? it take as thought process to do that. >> yes, basically relied on the training they had, and their confidence and their skills. >> the fire forced residents from 11 units out of their homes. the great news in all of this is no one was seriously hurt. let's talk some consumer news now, and the japanese air bag maker takata has fired for bankruptcy protection in japan and the united states. takata says filing for bankruptcy is the only way it can keep on supplying replacement inflater to more than a dozen automakers. if you
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patriotism on display behind the wheel, driving jeep may be your best bet. the wrangler and cherokee are the two most american vehicles. the percentage of parts made in the u.s. and the number of american workers employeed by the manufacturer. walt disney's original map of disneyland just solid at an auction in l.a. of $700,000. that's actually less than they expected. walt disney himself created that map, and helped secure the initial funding for the park in 1953. that's wusa9 news at 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts right now. a little girl has died. her twin brother is in critical condition after a tragic accident in loudoun county, that happened over the weekend. tonight, wusa9's janice park answers questions about what pool owners should do to protect their kids.
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and liam are seen on this gofundme page. on monday, their mother found them in the pool after falling asleep. kaiden would not make it. her death, a reminder to us all about the dangers of a pool. >> pool fence is more to keep people out than it is to keep people in, so your children that are within the house are not guarded by the fence. >> roger littlefield has been installing pool fences for years. he says most follow the boca code. any gaps have to be small enough where little feet can't get in there to climb over the fence. the fence needs to be at least 6 feet. but as we all know -- >> small children, as anybody does, you know what toddlers are, they're they're fast, they're quick,
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inventive. >> reporter: the focus is on the twins, and prayers are all around. >> i lost a sister, so i know for a parent to lose a child is the worst thing possible. >> reporter: in sterling, virginia, janice park, wusa9. >> fundraising page has been set up for the family where the goal amount has already been exceeded. for more on that, download and read on our wusa9 app. patrick stran was arrested in california for the shooting death of 33-year-old marvin bryan. bryan was killed in march. police say the two had known each other for several years, and had some kind of ongoing dispute. stran was extradited back to prince george's county, where he is held without bond. president


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