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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  June 26, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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inventive. >> reporter: the focus is on the twins, and prayers are all around. >> i lost a sister, so i know for a parent to lose a child is the worst thing possible. >> reporter: in sterling, virginia, janice park, wusa9. >> fundraising page has been set up for the family where the goal amount has already been exceeded. for more on that, download and read on our wusa9 app. patrick stran was arrested in california for the shooting death of 33-year-old marvin bryan. bryan was killed in march. police say the two had known each other for several years, and had some kind of ongoing dispute. stran was extradited back to prince george's county, where he is held without bond. president
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with india's prime minister. according to our editorial partners at "the washington post." the trump administration may offer to sell india $2 billion worth of unarmed drones. the aircraft would be used to help with surveillance in the indian ocean. the u.s. and india are the world's two largest democracies. after barely acknowledging russian interference in the presidential election, president trump is now criticizing former president obama for not doing more to stop it. "the washington post" reported the obama administration knew about the meddling last august, but did not publicly admit it until october 7. in an interview with fox news, president trump asks, if mr. obama had the information, why didn't he do something about it? in december, the white house did shut down two russian government compounds. members of the obama administration said they failed to act sooner because it did not want to be seen as
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behalf of hillary clinton. the university of delaware is cutting ties with the professor who criticized otto warmbier. katherine detwiler says the student who died was quote a clueless white male who got exactly what he deserve. the university sought to distance itself from the professor. the school says it found the comments distressing, and inconsistent with its values, and its sympathies are with the warmbier family. our verify team is committed to separating fact from fiction. one of our viewers, sophie lauren dropped us a note on facebook and asked us to look at this article to find out if it's true. the article, morgue employee cremated by mistake while taking a nap, posted on the world news daily report, details the alleged story of a 48-year-old man
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paul johnson from beaumont, texas. johnson reportedly fell asleep looking at a morgue, when a colleague mistook him for a corpse and cremated him. the article goes on to say jenna davis, johnson's colleague carried johnson to the crematorium, that's where johnson woke up, screamed for 15 seconds and then died. it turns out the article is not true for several reasons. here's the first one. if you scroll down to the bottom of the website, it says quote, all characters, even those based on real people are entirely fictional. the site is a satirical website. plus the picture of the man they claim is henry paul johnson is actually a photo of christopher plumlee from mississippi. he is very much alive, and this is from a mug shot arrest in 2015. we located plumlee, and spoke with him by phone, to discuss any future legal actions against the site. >>
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i'm not an attorney, and i believe that that company. i'm from outside of mississippi. i don't know that we've got a pool of attorneys here that would be able to do something about that. i would love to. i'd like to get a dollar for every click. >> plumlee says he asked world news daily to remove his photo, but they haven't responded. so the next time you see this article posted online, be sure to let others know, this article has been verified as false, and should not be shared. >> search wusa9 on facebook and twitter. trending now, the incredible video, and reaction after a man saves a falling teenage girl from an amusement park ride. >> and disco goes to the dogs. we've got retro light up
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that have the animals dancing. >> let me show you the temperatures right now. temperatures comfortable in the 80s. we're talking low 80s. 83 downtown. 80 in gaithersburg. we're going to factor in the humidity. normally, it drives temperatures up. it actually lowers the temp, it's so dry outside, it feels like 81 downtown, and 79 in gaithersburg. we'll talk about how long the lower humidity lasts.
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all right, let's talk about what's trending tonight. a 14-year-old girl is going to be okay, but when you see this, you're going to wonder. she fell from a six flags ride in upstate new york. it started when she slipped under the safety railing of the ride's carriage on saturday night. witness says she held on for several minutes, and you can see here there, holding on, until she dropped into the arms of strangers below. >> i yelled out to her, drop, i promise you, i'll catch you. >> yep. >> she heard me. >> so she hit a few tree branches on the way down. she was flown to
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but again, she is going to be okay. inspectors say the ride is safe to reopen, but it will remain closed while six flags has its own review. safety consultants say when something goes wrong on these rides, it's usually something the riders have done. it's got a name that might make you giggle, but some people are serious about wanting to save it. >> why wouldn't you? this is in norway. it's a formation that is literally known as rock. joggers on saturday noticed that the rock had been, well, amputated from the rest of the formation. this picture was taken before the damage. experts say vandals are responsible. so far, people have contributed more than $10,000 towards fixing the phallic rock. >> i wish you could have seen his facial expression. >> just keep going. keep moving. many of you grew up
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the books, it was 20 years ago, the world was introduced to harry potter, with the publishing of harry potter and the philosopher's stone. they of course led to a movie franchise, and tourist attraction. for the animal owner who has everything, there's this. i think we should pool our resources and get one for topper. >> i'm with it, a kick starter project for the disco dog rolling around at 2:00 a.m. it's a small phone controlled l.e.d. dog vest. if they could only make one to make the dog stop parking. creators say it displays a variety of patterns and text, in addition for it being fun for you and your pooch, a lost message appears asking
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help. what happens when the dog rips it off and then chews it up? >> let's hope it doesn't do that. >> you know some dogs are going to do that. just so you know in conclusion, what you get here on channel 9, when we go from phallic rock, to harry potter, to disco dog, you know you've gotten your fill. >> we've got you covered all the way around. then into this, the nats' bullpen. you're going to want to hear the story of how one family says the bullpen caused one of their loved ones to die. >> to prey
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i'm scott broom in upper marlboro, where prince george's governor -- coming up, the calls now from the top for an independent investigation by state authorities, and coming up at 6:00, in just a few minutes, parents left wondering who they can trust. well the promise is that they will arrive at your front door with a winning sweepstakes check, but it's a scam that steals millions of dollars from people every year. >> you have won from publisher's clearing house, $2.5 million. >> reporter: michelle says her 84-year-old mother, meredith
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the two are seen here on a recent vacation. meredith suspected it was a scam and contacted her daughter. >> hi mom, how are you? >> reporter: albertson called the supposed prize company back, pretending to be her mother, to see how she could claim the $2.5 million. >> and in essence, you were conning the con man. >> yes. >> reporter: first -- >> go to western union, and take out a money order for $950. >> reporter: it was supposeddedly a processing fee for the big prize. >> if you've been contacted by someone that says you've won a prize, but you have to send money, it is not a real prize, and it is not the real publisher's clearing house. >> publisher's clearing house in general scams have been a problem for many years. >> reporter: they have logged 250,000 complaints about
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using the publisher's clearing house name. costing consumers $38 million. >> they want to believe that they've won. and it's sometimes really hard for people like us to convince them that they haven't won. >> to prey on the elderly, it's just horrible. >> reporter: albertson's glad her mother didn't fall for the scam, and is telling her story, so others don't either. a great white shark has been spotted near the coast of virginia. >> yep, staying on the beach. katherine, as she's known, was seen ten miles off the coast, off of could -- cob island. the tagged shark sent scientists a ping sunday afternoon. is she had a little radio transmitter on her. she last came to the surface several weeks ago. so jusim
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there. don't really want to hear about a great white in virginia beach, if you're going to virginia beach. >> i think right now, it's just far enough out, where you'd be okay. >> my only question, if she pings closer to the shore, do they go, ogw, the great white out there. >> at least put up a warning flag or something on the beach. we're looking at really a nice stretch of weather. we did have a couple of showers, but not a big deal. let's start, by the way, i mentioned earlier, your hair isn't perfect today, it's never going to happen. there isn't any humidity. your hair is always perfect leslie. 83 right now. the dew point is in the 40s. humidity, 27%, and that's very, very dry. it's unusual for us to have that kind of a dry air mass in june. winds westerly at 17. even kind of adding a little fresh kind of element to the ev
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comfortable enough. cool enough tonight. i think you can rest the ac. 59 to 70. just about perfect and dry. nice tomorrow. warmer on wednesday, still very nice, and humidity still in check. the 90s, however, are lurking. 90 on thursday. low 90s friday, and 90s saturday. it does appear they will set up camp into the weekend through the 4th. early in the morning, 6:00. temperatures into the low 60s. look at this, 57 in gaithersburg, and frederick. a nice start. a few clouds as we roll through mid-morning. a couple of showers are possible, maybe a wee bit overdone. by 1:00, 77. downtown 76 in leesburg so if you're north and west of town, trying to
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be ready to duck inside, in case the showers roll through. by 6:00, most of the showers gone. just a kind of straggler in prince george's county. a couple of stragglers into southern maryland. but back to the north and west, it's great. 74 in winchester. 73 in manassas. by 10:30, another really comfortable night. even by 10:30, we're below 70 downtown. that's always a good bench mark. 63 in manassas. i think we'll see more 50s tomorrow night in the burbs, and 60s downtown. for tomorrow, cool and cloudy again. you open the windows, temperatures 65 to 55. southwest winds become northwest at about 10. for the morning, partly cloudy, and pleasant. stays dry in the morning. 55 to 76. for the afternoon, yes, we've got a stray shower in there. high temperatures though, near 80. a wind southwest at 10. it's not going to be humid tomorrow either. we get
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fine to start. 60s downtown. 75 by 11:00, and 77, some clouds are to increase by 1:00, and again the shower threat between 1:00 p.m., and 5:00 p.m. beautiful, on wednesday, that could be the pick of the week, really. 84, not humid. even thursday, 90, and not humid. still a pretty decent day. p kind of within the realm of averages. the next seven day, friday, low 90s, more humid, some storms. low 90s saturday. sunday, monday, afternoon storms each day. you could just kind of carry that into the 4th. low 90s on the 4th on tuesday, with an afternoon storm possible. we've got breaking news right now. the cofounder of a massachusetts pharmacy has been sentenced to 9 years in prison, connected to that nationwide meningitis outbreak. barry kaiden was acquitted
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2nd degree murder charges, but convicted of conspiracy and fraud charges. a judge sentenced kaiden after hearing statements from people who said he ruined their lives. your washington nationals, back at it tonight, taking on the chicago cubs here in d.c. even though the nats are at the top of the division, come on. we know. the bullpen could use a little help. or a lot of help. here's the question. did the pitching problems actually lead to one man's death? frank hanrahan has more on tonight's inside pitch. >> i know the first place nationals bullpen is struggling, but this is a bit much, as a richmond man blamed his death on the bullpen. true story. of course, we assume the obituary for patrick killebrew was in good fun, which is sort
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of strange, already, but patrick killebrew, age 68, passed away, after watching the washington nationals relief pitchers blow another lead. it goes on to read, in lieu of flowers, send donations to the nationals bullpen fund. rest in peace, my friend. >> we're going to need a couple of million dollars in that fund, before it's worth anything. coming up, new at 6:00, the results of a new study that measures the implications for people who do not have health insurance. >> up next, a man gets back his wallet. it was stolen from him four decades ago.
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you ever had something stolen from you? after a while, you give up on getting it back. wait until you hear about this guy. he are united with his long lost wallet. a wallet that was taken from his locker when he was in high school, back in 1977. do the math. that's 40 years ago. listen to this. >> we're saying on this show about a class ring being stolen. i told him what happened to me back in my 10th grade at smith high school, 1977. someone broke into my gym locker and stole my wallet and class ring, $55. >> removing duct work, found a wallet. he brought it to me in the hopes that i could find the owner. got a friend, tony little. tony pretty much knows everybody. he's that guy. >> my buddy robert calls me one day. hey man,
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named sylvester ray? buddy, we went to high school together. we went to smith. he said man, i'm doing some work at smith and i found a wallet with his name on it. >> guess what, i have his wallet. >> he asked me, can i get in contact with him? yeah, i sure can. >> 30 minutes later, i get a call from a classmate of mine, tony little. >> buddy said to his brother-in- law, i was just talking about this. i'm sitting there thinking, okay, you know, then a brother hauled out, yeah, you were. >> he brought me the wallet they stole 40 years ago. inside the wallet, all my picture was was in it. >> i think it was fate too. just the way the whole thing worked out. i thought well, where's the connection in this area? that's when i called tony, and he happened to actually know the guy, and be friends with him. i don't think you could call
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much other than that. >> that's tremendous. it all goes to show how your past can sometimes find you. coming up right now at 6:00, fallout from maryland governor's demand for independent investigation into the prince george's county school system. governor larry hogan wants to know if they're boosting the graduation rate. and he's calling for full protection from whistle- blowers. joins us live from the prince george's county school headquarters. >> reporter: kevin maxwell says a rising graduation rate is proof the system is improving under his leadership. >> it's always can't we work something out? >> reporter: but asking their identities to be protected claim to have evidence it's a fraud. >> the effort seems to be, not to educate them, but to graduate them. >> reporter: pressure by bosses
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and grades, to move unqualified students through. parents here today don't know who to trust. >> what is your anxiety, if your daughter is graduated out, and she's not qualified? >> i feel, it was a waste for the three or four years she was there. >> reporter: governor larry hogan is directing the state board of education to investigate, and he warning to keep hands off the whistle- blowers. quote, we believe these individuals are entitled to the full protections afforded whistle-blowers under the law, hogan wrote. but kevin maxwell said politics lie at the root of these investigations. maxwell denied any systematic effort to falsely improve the graduation rate. >> i want our students to do well. i want them to know that they're actually doing well. >> reporter: and politics was at play today, as state senator c anthony mews


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