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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  June 27, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> thank you for joining us for the news at noon, i'm mike hydeck. syria and russia are dismissing a white house statement alleging the syrian president is planning yet another chemical attack against
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civilians. nikki bautiste has more. >> reporter: the white house statement was blunt warning the syrian president he and his military will face a heavy price if they launch chemical weapons again. there is increased activity at the last airfield where the last chemical attack was launched. it is not clear whether the activase preparation for an attack or movement for another reason like an inspection. more than 80 people died in a chemical attack in syria in april including women and children. >> no child of god should ever suffer such horror. >> reporter: u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley says any say tack will be blamed on assad, but also russia. >> we don't want to see innocent people hurt. >> reporter: four u.s. navy
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distance of syria. and could launch additional missiles if called upon. nikki bautiste for cbs news, the united nations. >> president trump is expected to speak on syria. since it began in 2011, an estimated 400,000 syrians have been killed according to the united nations. the ongoing violence against civilians has been condemned by the arab league, the european union, the united states, and other countries. as of march, 2017, more than 5 million syrians have left the country. now, wusa9's first alert weather rated dc's most accurate forecast. >> tuesday not off to a bad start. temperatures are feeling refreshing and comfortable. but we have some cumulus clouds building and a slim
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couple of showers. 79 degrees now, a little breezy, west winds gusting to about 20. and temperatures in some of our suburbs still in the mid 70s . 73, a trio of them on the i-81 corridor and 75 the temperature in gathersburg. i want to show you satellite and radar. you will notice a couple of shower to the north and west. this is is a very weak disturbance. it will bring a few more clouds this afternoon. and a spotty shower. look at futurecast. just a hint of green, maybe a sprinkle on the windshield. that's about it. otherwise clearing out. temperatures in the low 80s this afternoon. temperatures if the game, nats, cubs are in town. falling through the 70s and tomorrow, refreshing as well. but, the nice break from the heat, the nice break from the humidity. they are long gone as we look toward the weekend. i'll have the july 4 long weekend forecast along with the chance of so
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coming up in just a bit. you can always get it on our wusa9 app. >> thanks a lot melissa. new at noon, prince george's county police are investigating a case of canned vandalism at an upper marlboro cemetery. bill cosby's next legal challenge shifting to california. they are going to try to set a trial of a lawsuit accusing him of sexually assaulting a teenager. judith huff is accusing the comedian to perform a sex act on him in the mansion. she was just 15 at the time. this comes less than two weeks after a pennsylvania jury deadlocked on criminal charges against cosby. a tough report from the congressional budget office has push another republican to say she cannot support their plan to repeal and replace obama ca
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to explain the efforts to get the bill passed quickly. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's plan to vote on the republican healthcare bill this week could be this trouble. six gop senators oppose the healthcare bill as it is currently written. four of them won't even vote for a motion to bring the bill up for a formal debate. >> i won't vote to proceed unless the bill changes. >> reporter: maine senator susan collins is the latest holdout because the budget office score shows it would hit medicaid recipients hard. one in five maine residents receive medicaid support and the cbo projects it under the republican plan, 15 million people would be forced out of the program in 2026 resulting in a savings of $321 billion. if the vote doesn't happen this week. lawmakers will face their constituent's concerns when they go home for a week long july 4 holiday break. >> the reality of the ma
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we better pay attention to people. many who feel disenfranchised in this country. >> reporter: john kasich and john hick hickenlooper represent the states that expanded medicare. >> more than half of those affected in colorado could be in rural parts of the state. >> without medicaid, she cannot manage her diabetes. >> reporter: targeting voters in states that helped elect president trump. weijia jiang, cbs news, capitol hill. >> mike pence will be meeting with the reluctant republicans and host a couple of them for dinner tonight at his residence. i wanted to make a correction related to the healthcare newscast. i said it was olympia snow from maine who tweeted about not being able to support that senate version of the healthcare bill. she was a long time to
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it was susan collins, the senator how saw in the story who said i want to work. i would like to apologize for the error. we have been hearing a lot about this healthcare and who this would hurt. let's take a look at who this would benefit. younger americans could pay less for healthcare coverage. the senate plan would lower premiums for lower americans by allowing insurers to charge older enroll lees more. they would save between 700 and $4,000 a year on average according to the milliman firm. now, the less expensive plans get plans that cost less. here are some who could
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harmed. many obama care enrollees will pay more out of pocket. lower income americans could be uninsured and older people could see their premiums soar. well, the nfl shop released a new state pride merchandise. they made a big mistake when it came to the redskins. tennessee, fine, all look, look at this. this is the outline of washington state. not washington dc. that item has since been removed from their website. some long overdue recognition today for black soldiers who helped with an impressive engineering feat. 4,000 segregated troops helped to build a highway across alaska and canada. they worked from the north, the white from the south. they not only endured the clouds and mosquitoes and temperature swings, they were
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is one of the few surviving segregated soldiers who toiled away on the highway. >> this is a picture of the black soldier meeting with the white soldier and they shook hands. and that took us, this represents integration. >> the 75th anniversary of the completion of that highway during his visit back to alaska, larkins says he is hopeing to see some of the towns he was barred from entering when he was building the road back in the 1940s. the son of a former major league baseball player is now fighting for his life after getting hurt while playing a game he loved. find out why kids being seriously hurt on the field is a lot more
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>> have you heard the story yet? the son of a major league baseball
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his life after being hit by a ball. the ball hit jason lockheart. then his nose started bleeding. he is the son of steve lockheart. >> reporter: jason lockheart broke his nose in what seem to be a freak accident. while runing to home plate, he was struck in the face by a baseball. the catcher was throwing it to the pitcher to tag him out. that was june 17. two days later during a follow- up doctor's visit, his nose began bleeding uncontrol blue. it is possible lockheart was bleeding long before it was detected. >> we see it sometimes when people are hit and the bleeding doesn't show up until weeks later. >> reporter: surgeons stitched a laceration in his nose. when that failed to stop the bleeding he underwent several re
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because even minimal movement can trigger bleedings. they decided to heavily sedate him and put him on life support. on surgeons, they blocked arteries in his nose they suspected were the sources of the bleeding. the family was told none of it was coming from his brain. >> when you get trauma to the face, you worry about a slow bleed to the brain, but the ct scan should have shown that. >> reporter: keith lockheart played for the braves from 1997 to 2002. he retired in 2003. and, is now a scout for the chicago cubs. following his son's surgery sunday, he tweeted we are all encouraged about today. #staystrongjay. there has been no additional bleeding since that operation. and surgeons here are hoping to confirm that with a procedure. she told cbs news her family has been amazed by
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outpouring of love. cbs news, atlanta. experts say more than 110,000 american kids under the age of 18 get some kind of emergency room care for baseball related injuries. they are usually hit by either the baseball or the bat in these injuries. most of the time they get hit in the face, the shoulders, the arms or the hands. these statistics come from a website of the pediatric research group called nationwide children's. the wife of u.s. senator bernie sanders is lawyering up as federal investigators dig into a real estate deal while she was president at vermont college. jane sanders applied for loans when she ran the now defunct burlington college. it will find out if she misrepresented how much money the school received from donors to get a loan through the bank. >> this implication cam from donald trump's campaign
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in vermont. let me leave it at that. it would be improper to say more. >> jane sanders pulled off a $10 million land deal in 2010. the school closed six years later in 2016. one guy is in custody, but new orleans police are looking for others after this brutal attack. take a look on the left side. a pack of robbers attacked a man from behind, beat them to the ground and went through their pockets. one man is in critical condition. the over has a fractured nose. police say the suspects should just give. >> we know your names and know who you are. we urge you to turn yourselves in. >> the victims were beth visitors from boston who were in town for a religious conference. a six mile stretch of i-95 near brevard, florida is on fire. crews say they plan to let the fire burn itself out because no
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danger with this. hundreds of people in southern california were ordered out of their homes because of two powerful wild fires there. one of them grew to more than a square mile in just a few hours. this is north of san louis obispo. the other fire east of los angeles is only 10% contained. many are still ignoring the order to leave there. >> i have horses and goats and dogs and cats. and everything. and, i was working in los osos so i didn't know about the fire. i saw the plume as i was driving home. i don't care about the house or belongings. i just want my animals to be safe. >> how scary is that? crews report large wild fires, 20 of them, are burning now in the western united states. now, wusa9's first alert weather rated dc's most accurate forecast. >> just terrific outside. >> it has been
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junes we have had in a very long time. we are watching a chance of any rain before the month is over. not looking very good. you have to wait until the weekend to get a much better chance of showers and storms. so, i guess the silver lining is it is only in the 80s . your ac gets a little break overnight tonight. it is beautiful the night. down in the 50s in the suburbs. open the windows. this afternoon, as you noticed the clouds bubbled up. we will have a chance of a few hit or miss very spotty showers so that chance really starts up around 2:00 heading into 5:00 this afternoon and we will reach the low 80s again. so, forecast highs today actually running more than a handful of degrees below average for this time of the year. enjoy it. we don't get temperatures as cool along with the low humidity very often this time of year and we will
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returning very shortly. here's the flip in the pattern. it is really a pattern flip. high pressure off the coast allows temperatures to build day by day and yesterday. we are going to see another heat wave returning to the area. plenty of heat, plenty of humidity. this all kicks in late this week headed into the holiday weekend. so day by day, this is how things go. this afternoon, enjoy it. isolated showers, but, the air is very dry out there. most of this is not going to reach the ground. 81 degrees. we have 70 inside the suburbs. 83 tomorrow. then, we will jump up, nearly 10 degrees by thursday. now, humidity levels also start to creep up. but they are pretty much still in check for thursday. it is friday it starts to feel very hot, very humid outside. and, into the weekend with high heat and humidity, not only are we talking about storm chances, but, we are also going to be talking about the feels like temperatures each afternoon, runs in the upper 90s for a lot of days. so fourth
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days do i have storms and which days do i not? this is what i am thinking now. every single day we have a chance of thunderstorms. but, right now, looks like saturday looks like a better day for thunderstorms than sunday. right now, i'm planning on scattered showers and storms for saturday with a high of 92 degrees. saturday might be that day that maybe you are briefly going to have to take the pool party inside. take a break for an hour or so. any storm that pops up this weekend will be the main threat with the thunderstorms. still in the low 90s for sunday. can't keep a dry forecast in there either. because we are still several days out, we may see the days flip-flop with which day ends up being a little more active than the other days. monday into the fourth of july, we are still keeping a few popup thunderstorms, garden variety in the afternoon both days. so hopefully, even if you have to briefly head inside, if you are on the lake or something like that, hopefully, we will be at least safe for fourth of
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maybe we will get to see the real ones on tv instead of the fake ones that i heard about last year. okay, let's talk about the next three days. enjoying the low humidity. enjoy the low temperatures. we are in the 80s today, 80s tomorrow. isolated showers this afternoon. and we look ahead o the next heat wave. hot, not overly humid. 91 degrees. we will keep amazing dry forecast for thursday, but the humidity is back friday. even into the fourth of july week. we'll be back in a few minutes.
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>> well, this was certainly a different kind of outdoor rescue. a harrowing rescue captured on california when a man from nevada nearly went over the edge of the waterfall. he was swimming in a natural pool and was washed about a mile downstream. and he was able to climb onto a rock. ended up getting plucked out by a helicopter. hold your horses. this is a story you need to see. cops near canton, ohio were involved in a heck of a police chase. a horse pulling an amish buggy broke away and ran almost 10 miles. one brave officer jumped in the buggy and grabbed the reins and was able to slow the horse down. after a nice little jaunt, the horse was fine, and no one was hurt. a final look at the forecast after this. stay with us.
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>> we hope you will join us on wusa9 at 5:00 p.m. we have a feel good update on two teenagers who got in trouble for selling water on the naaltion mall and we have more on the illegal atv and dirt bike ride. and we are also going to hear from john mcenroe after his comments about serena williams. >> enjoy the weather the next two days. a stray shower later this afternoon. we are in the low 80s . it is comfortable tonight. morning in the 50s . open the windows tonight. 83. a lot of sunshine. that is chamber of commerce weather. not this weekend so much. we have 90s. >> the heat switch turns on thursday. >> it does
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at noon, have a great day everybody. see you at 5:00 p.m. she's melissa nord, i'm mike hydeck.
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