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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  June 27, 2017 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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the cause? an unexpected decline in crude oil use, and a global surplus. that's wusa9 new as the 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts right now. ♪ [ music ] police are still searching tonight for the dozens of dirt bike and atv riders who blasted through d.c. and prince george's county. it happened over the weekend. they rolled right through red lights. bruce reports some people don't seem to mind. >> reporter: maybe 60 or 70 of the riders were down the sidewalk past astonished pedestrians. they rolled up 8th street northwest, popping wheelies, and darting around cars in their unlicensedness and uninsured off-road vehicles. police are furious, warning they could have
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this guy, riding illegal street bike, says the cops should leave them alone. >> i don't see the problem with it. for the most part, different guys from different neighborhoods coming together, as of normally neighborhoods they would have a lot of violence against each other. >> the riders have been taking to the streets every summer for years. they are heros to some. >> just young people trying to have fun. not really out to hurt anybody or to do any harm to the community. >> kids are going to be kids, right? they deserve the opportunity to enjoy their summer. >> reporter: but abdul ibrahim sees the atv antics very different. >> should be stopped. police should arrest them. >> yeah. >> reporter: ibrahim is far from alone. >> i think it's really dangerous. the streets are crowded already. >> i don't think
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-- they should be on the streets. that's why they're at v's. >> reporter: in the last month alone, a half dozen people have been killed riding atv's. police fear this kind of behavior will only end with more people hurt. in d.c., bruce lechen, wusa9. most police departments ban officers from chasing atv's and dirt bikes. they worry a high pursuit might endanger lives. fire guts a home. the house appears to be under construction. the fire was so intense, what was left of the home just collapsed into the basement. additional crews responded to the scene to keep the flames from spreading into the woods. no one was living there. no one was hurt. but prince george's county fire ofal
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total loss. our verify team is committed to separating fact from fiction and confirming that the stories that find their way into your news feed are accurate. one of our viewers, pam young, emailed us this article with an eye popping headline for '90s nostalgia fans. the article, if you have any -- from the beginning? sorry. okay. >> all right, we'll get some editing worked out for you, and get to that story in a couple of minutes. >> yes, we will. two of the top children's hospitals in the country are here in our area, or not too far away from it. >> u.s. news and world report with their honor role. taking the top spot, children's national medical
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baltimore's johns hopkins. the honor for the best in the country goes to boston. the prince of pet worth is telling readers you can play mini golf at d.c.'s city center for free. they're the shopping district on 10th street, that of course, will be open until july 2. so it looks like you get that for the next five days. >> we can save a couple of bucks. trending now, no apologies from john mcenroe after controversial comments about serena williams. >> and country superstars crash this couple's wedding. >> a spectacular evening, but we're still just tracking a couple of showers and storms south of town. one from la plata, over to the northern net. we'll also tell you when the heat and humidity return.
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dealer. some breaking news right now out of montgomery county, where three lanes of the inner loop are blocked over the bridge. hazardous material units are there on the scene, and if you're driving, you're urged to
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all right, let's get to what's trending tonight, even though he stepped away from professional tennis, john mcenroe, yeah, he is still stirring up some strong emotions. >> yeah, that's shocking. he said serena williams would only rank about 700 on the men's tour. he refused to apologize about the comment, but did come up with a solution for comparing men and women players. >> because it seems in tennis, unlike other sports, they're always asking, how i would do. how would he do against serena? why don't you combine to some the problem? i'm sure the men would be all for this, that men and women play together. >> mcenroe went on to say, it wasn't necessary.
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is the greatest female tennis player of all-time and respects her greatly. mcenroe is releasing a new book, so why not stir up some controversy. serena williams is making headlines of her own tonight. >> she posed mostly naked on vanity fair. we edited it out. they s.she saider -- she said quote, i have no idea what to do with the baby. i have done absolutely nothing with the baby room. >> she'll get to it. country star, rascal flatts crashed a wedding in wisconsin. ♪ [ music ] >> the band performed their hit bless the broken road for the bride and the groom. they wanted the dj to
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but a family friend asked the band to play it in person. they were on their way to a music festival. everyone kept it a secret. they all knew, except the bride and groom. i like this. this is pretty cool. we're learning more about the new nintendo mini game consol. look at that. the company says it will sell for about $80, and have about 21 games. like its predecessor, the device will allow players to easily play those retro games on hi-def tvs, thanks to an hdmi connection, and of course they include super mario, donkey kong and star fox 2. still ahead, golfer billy hurd iii opening up about his late father. >> and after the break, a little hard work leads to two
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our verify team is committed to separating fact from fiction and confirming the stories that make it into your feed are accurate. one of our viewers emailed this article with an eye popping headline for '90s fans. it says if you have any of these seven beanie babies, you may as well retire right now. it claims rare beanie babies are valued up to $10,000. the article claims one of the rarest ty toys is the first
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edition princess diana beanie baby, which became available 5 months after princess diana died. some princess bears are valued just shy of $100,000. but david, from david s appraisals is setting the record straight about the value of beanie babies. >> not in turns of valuable, certainly, they just felt with pvc pellets inside of them. what you see is people putting crazy listings on ebay, and banking that someone foolish enough is willing to come along and spend 25,000, or 300,000, or some insane number on something that's really worth about maybe 30, 40, maybe $50. >> people thinking they'll get rich off selling their childhood trove of beanies, think ai
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false. beanie babies are not valuable, and they're not going to get you rich quick. if you've got any questions about whether or not you think something you've seen is true, let us know. send us a screen shot, a link, or just ask us a question. you can find us on facebook, or twitter at wusa9 or email our team at for many kids, a bicycle their ticket to freedom. once you own one, it's free to use. there are a lot of kids and their parents who just can't afford to buy a group. one group of baltimore volunteers might have a solution. >> reporter: the pink one needs breaks. the purple one is missing a seat. the white is out of adjustment, and the green needs a pedal. all of these bikes were thrown away or junked. here, they're
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rough. byke is baltimore youth kinectic elective. adult mechanics show kids how to do the work. >> i'd rather teach than mentor. >> reporter: lee has been here since the beginning. one of the mentors that encourages him to follow the rules, put in the time, and teaches him how to rebuild the bike to keep. >> when they're in here, something positive is happening. >> reporter: there are plenty of tools here, but the most important ones don't hang on the wall. >> they give them something they don't have. which is a good mental. >> reporter: they hang out in the fabric of a neighborhood in need, a place where an 11-year- old can help others. >> i say, what do you need me to do? and i'll fix that bike. >> i find it interesting, and my dad always said that, you
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so, i committed to this. >> they feel better. at the end of the day, they got some love. i wanted open arms. >> reporter: the bike collective is open three days a week. wednesdays are for girls only. hundreds of dolphins are making their way into the chesapeake bay and its rivers. a university of maryland professor made this discovery while doing a routine equipment check last june, where the river meets the bay. director helen bailey says she was picking up the whistles, clicks, and sweeps while checking their hydrophones. now we're learning there could be more than 1,000 dolphins in the bay. a theory on why they're here. >> might they be coming in here to feed, so perhaps as a result of the improved water quality, now seeing the dolphins being attracted more into the ba
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would like the public to report dolphin sightings. report your findings. a surprise from north carolina, where a new island has formed off the coast of the outer banks. >> reports say this island is about a mile long and three football fields wide. it's drawing a lot of interest from tourists, but people are being warned not to try to walk, or swim from cape hatteras to reach the island, because they're concerned about sharks or stingrays. >> that's enough for me. >> what that keep topper away though? >> another nor'easter might go together well. a live look outside. a spectacular evening. 78 downtown. dew points in the 50s. i think before we're all said and done, dew points fall in the 40s again later tonight. even
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point, humidity only 40%. here is the radar. all of the showers are south of town. this is across 301. this hit prince frederick across the bay, and we're tracking a couple of showers into southern st. mary's county. we'll zoom into this one. this is heavy, but really hauling. south of 5. some heavy rain. brief heavy rain. maybe you see a gust of 25 miles per hour. headed across 235, ridge, and scotland beach. and in about a half hour, it's going to be gone. cool enough tonight. we're talking 50s in the suburbs. morning temps 58 to 70. 7:00a.m. to 9:00 a.m. a wonderful wednesday. just about a perfect day. pleasantly warm, and not humid, and lots of sunshine. even thursday will be okay. hot, but not humid. we'll probably make 90 again
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thursday. 83 on wednesday. 90 on thursday. we might break that string on the 4th of july. here's future cast now. 9:00tonight, it's clear. 73 downtown, but 60s in the burbs. 69 in manassas. 69 also in leesburg. by 10:00, now we're 65 in gaithersberg. 68 in buoy. by morning, a lot of 50s. 50 in cumberland. 62 downtown. you can turn offer the ac tonight really. by 9:00, we're back up around 70. by 1:00, we're near 80 again downtown. winds turn from the northwest to the southwest tomorrow. but just a fantastic day. not going to get humid. 81 by 6:00. 81 in fredericksburg. temperatures pretty uniform from hagerstown down to the district. we get into tomorrow night, not quite as cool, but pleasant. temperatures even by
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gaithersburg, upper 60s. not too bad. the day planner goes like this. these are downtown temps. 70 at 9:00. 76 at 11:00. 80 at 1:00. picture perfect. chamber of commerce weather. hot, but not humid on thursday. 90. 91 on friday. just an isolated storm. next seven days, a lot of storms on saturday afternoon, and evening. low 90s on sunday. some afternoon storms, but i think less, or fewer, actually fewer than saturday. more storms monday. just an isolated storm for the fourth, are highs falling a bit. upper 80s. so how did oklahoma city do this year in the nba playoffs? not that great. doesn't matter though. russell westbrook, this year's mvp in the nba. he averaged a triple double this season. the point guard averaging more than 31
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nearly 11 rebounds, and more than 10 assists. quite impressive. the quicken loans national kicks off thursday. the defending champ is going to have one heck of a cheering section. not only is billy hurly iii a native of leesburg, his 2016 quicken loans win has a connection to a family tragedy as well. it was the same tournament in 2015 when his father went missing and weeks later committed suicide. amazingly, when he returned a year after his father's death, he pulled off the first win of his career. >> they're hard to play golf when you're thinking about those types of things. so i've been pretty good throughout my life and career in the navy, and in golf to be able to compartmentalize for the most part. i'd say that's extra important for me in these times. you know
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thinking about my dad, i probably wouldn't play any good at all. >> our morning anchor, mike hydeck with the interview. see more of it on thursday on wake up washington. don't forget the final rounds this saturday and sunday. the pro-am is tomorrow. coming up new at 6:00. history destroyed. outrage grows over the vandalism of a historic church cemetery in prince george's county
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while some of us can barely make our 10,000 steps a day, a texas teenager has been walking three miles a day to get back and forth to work. now he'll be able to give his feet a rest thanks to the kindness of strangers. >> reporter: it is not the preferred mode to get around in a texas summer, but for justin corva, walking to work is a part of his job, until a couple of weeks ago. >> pulled over and said, may i give you a ride? >> reporter: a stranger, a ride to work, some air conditioning. may not seem like much. imagine how this recent high school grad felt on friday. >> i'm at work, i'm clocking out and leaving. as i'm leaving i see a group
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people. i'm like, what's going on? >> reporter: he's a rockwell business owner who shared justin's story online, and the donations poured in. enough for corva to own his first car. >> i wouldn't think something line that would happen to me. it just shows you. >> reporter: the two business owners told me they'd rather stay in the background, but posted the moment to facebook live to perhaps inspire others, to help a hard worker neighborhood they may not know yet. social media did the rest. >> we saw the live feed yesterday, and it almost brought me to tears. >> reporter: over 1.3 million views later, crystal says it's a moment rockwell is talking about and sharing. >> to be so loving today is rare. >> how is the new car? it's a blessing. >> reporter: and this is th
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first time corva has watched that moment that changed his life forever. >> i felt like after they gave me the car, i just want to pass that onto everybody. a lot of people need that, to really know like keep going. >> reporter: he had about $1,000 saved up for a car, but had many long walks to work ahead, walks he no longer has to take. >> keep your head up. you never know what's coming up. >> that's a character building story. >> reporter: listen to this. bonus. from the money collected, corva also got a $500 gas card, two years of free oil changes, and a year of car insurance paid for his new set of wheels. that's a good story. right now at 6:00, there's growing outrage in prince george's county this evening, as word is spreading about vandalism in one of the county's most historic churches. >> police don't have a motive yet for what is an
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the history of the entire county. >> 27 of the monument stones that have been toppled in this historic church yard. at a remarkable parish founded by slave holding families, where their ancestor now white, and black, worship together. >> regardless of color, or regardless of what brings to the table, to have someone desecrate the cemetery is very hurtful. >> st. thomas parish is a remarkable historic landmark. >> that was my mother-in-law. >> one reason the vandal attack here is so shocking. >> it hurts. it's just pure vandalism, and pure meanness. >> police investigators think who did this probably came into this gate through a vehicle, and went across the church yard, just toppling stones. it took some serious effort. these things weigh up to a


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