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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it's a unique flavor. the texture is incredible. duke's really adds integrity to our recipes. duke's is smooth and creamy. it has a lemony edge. it's not sweet. it tastes like real ingredients because it's made with real ingredients. i don't think there's another mayonnaise that compares to duke's.
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ms 13 gang member, but no action was taken when the woman decided not to pursue charges. >> life in jeopardy, put other woman in jeopardy. every man who abuse women has to be punished. >> there is a lot of concern and frustration, but he says he still has faith the fairfax investigation. >> she tells me she is pushing for a full investigation into whether this was a hate crime. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. stephanie resources say torres was not in the database as a gang member and don't consider him a known member of that man
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guy, this is his last term in office and a lot of dc people are pretty happy about that. he spent years getting involved in the city's local affairs, sometimes too involved. he said today members of congress to get an extra 2500 bucks a month. why? because the rent is too damn high. i am not kidding. he wants to use your tax dollars to cover living in washington, d.c. for lawmakers. he has got more nesh than sense. gtso, jason, i will let you figure that one out. here is another government handout? can't do that. and julie summed up how a lot of you feel. welcome to the reality many residents of the dmv feel daily. so let's separate fact from fiction on this whole situation. we asked pete among teen to
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>> they make a nice salary like representative cha fitz make 100,000 cur is a year. he says it's not enough. he wants a $2,500 a month allowance for housing. according to craigslist that will get you a decent 2 bedroom. but that equals a $35,000 pay raise. congress hasn't seen one since 2010. what if everyone gets this treatment? that's 16 million on taxpayers. he is known for staying in his office. he says a housing stipend would save taxpayers money and cut down from expenses like flying home to to district. rent is double the national avrn. he says -- average. he says it would make it easier
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it would cost taxpayers more than a million. >> if you got something to say about this, i bet you do. step right up. you will see the comment section waiting for you on the wusa 9 facebook page. school system under investigation, the big question, did teachers or administrators fix grades to inflate the high school graduation rate? state board of education is hiring an independent team to investigate. county school leaders say they welcome that. also from prince gorge county, proof that stupidity knows no bounds. some empty headed knucklehead vandals knocked over headstones in one of oldest churches in the area, st. thomas parish, men that fought in the american revolution and the war of 1812. >> it hurts. just pure vandalism and meanness. >> we put
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lock the great. and wouldn't you know, the church members say they are prayer if who did this. if you have any information help identify the vandals. didn't have enough support and right after they head for the white house with a meeting for the president. did he give them the political support they need for the road ahead? not exactly. >> this will be great if we get it done and if we don't get it done, it is something we are not going to like and that's okay and i understand that very well. >> those seated around him didn't look too happy about being there, delaying the vote or maybe the bill itself. so what comes next? majority leader mitch mcconnell wants a rewritten bill by
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they take the 4th of july break. rallying supporters in a bid to win the international gay game in 2022. that would draw 15,000 athletes and 100,000 spectators to the region along with 100 million of their money. we are going to find out in october whether dc's bid won. and here is an update to a story we first brought you last week on news at 11:00, gender on your dc's driver's license, you can choose male, female or x. the dmv is now issuing those licenses. we checked with the tsa. they say gender could be a problemful they are working on guidance for their agents nationwide. and now a story you will see first on wusa 9, a plan to clean up this black g
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we checked in to see where things stand. we got a plan. this time they are going to fire laser beams at the bio film. that's right, topper, laser beams. >> there is no chemicals. there is no chemical residue that has to be contained or would inadvertently wash into the tidal basin. any time we can avoid to use chemicals we will do that. >> this is legit. black slime didn't do damage, just ugly to look at. the work will begin with the laser beams sometime this summer. picking apart the malware behind a cyber attack that went global today. they found hackers did their damage by using code leaked from the nsa. the hack attack paralyzed everything from a russian company tod
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manufacturer merk here in the u.s. setting up a garden to help kids learn. the problem it's become a community salad bar. we take you to the southeast for that story next. and 6:00 at futurecast, chilly, 66 in leesburg, even 62 downtown. we will check the temperatures in the afternoon and come ahead look at the july 4th forecast. and topper's basement, could be a key to quitting your job? we asked and will verify. >> one about an expected job offer too, all ahead as we continue live at the nation's capitol, news at 11:00 on wusa 9.
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remember those teenagers handcuffed for selling water at the national mall. they got a job. hope from washington, d.c. honored their spirit and looked them up and he is paying the three guys out of his pocket, teaching them to repair laptops and pushing them to learn it certifications. there is a community center looking for help tonight. the staff there takes care of low income kids during the day. they planted a garden and the kids helped. there was a plan for the harvest, but that is pretty much on told. we pick up this story. >> reporter: at southeast they have definitey planted a seed. >> how old are you? . >> i'm 3. >> these kids get to learn the importance of healthy eating at an early age, all by growing their own garden. >> our goal is, yes, for our
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>> what's that? >> tomato. >> and obviously produce food for our family. >> keesha says this garden is starting up in a place where food is relatively scarce. >> we are living in a food desert. >> luckily this has success, you can find a lot of veg jigs, but that not to say they haven't had pick ups. >> animals are taking our fruits and vegetables. >> the other problem impacting this garden is man made. >> and who wants to eat strawberries that is located right next to the garbage. >> yep. people are dumping trash right next to the garden. on top of that, they suspect people are picking plants. >> they sample it. >> no choice to look to the outside to help. they are asking for donations to build a fence. >> a fence would be awesome.
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out. >> absolutely. >> the national children's center is getting help from fencing from robert white, member of dc council. we are committed to learning fact from fiction and stories that go to your news feed are accurate. pam young sent us an article that takes us '90s babies back. her article say if you have any of these seven beanie babies, you can retire right now. some are valued up to 10,000 bucks. it says one of the rarest is the first edition princess diana beanie baby. and this bear with a pink rose is valuable. some are just shy o
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>> my fianci thinks this beanie baby is worth something. i don't know. i was just going to give it to the dog. >> that guy's name is josh and he's talking about me. i googled and found one site that said this guy can net me 300 bucks, so i put him on e bay, certified appraisal is setting the record straight. >> beanie babies [indiscernible] valuable certain they just sell cost with pvc pellets inside of them. what you are seeing is people putting crazy listings on e bay and banking that someone foolish enough is willing to come along and spend 25,000 or 300,000 or some insane number on something that's really worth about maybe 30, 40, maybe $50. >> for people thinking they will get rich
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childhood trove of beanies, think again. yeah, we can verify this is false. beanie babies are not valuableful they are not going to get you rich quick and guess what, nobody has bid on my listing. if you think something you have seen is true, let us know. send us a screen shot or link. find us at facebook or twitter at wusa 9 or an e-mail. >> that's too bad because i know you were hanging your hat and your hopes with this paying for your wedding. unfortunately that's not going to happen. >> so i will offer them to you. you guys can both bid on it. >> i know who would like it, gibby. >> it would be dangerous for dogs. >> i will pass. i used to have a [indiscernible] doll. sold that. >> yeah, the girls had them. >> play with them this weekend
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a little toasty. tomorrow is going to be absolutely perfect for summer, absolutely perfect for summer. all right? here we go. 3 degree guarantee. i was hoping for a bull's eye today. i went low. only 80 for a high. it was 82, dry air mass does heat up quickly and cools off quickly. 71 is the dew point. that's fantastic. relative humidity, that's pretty low. and morning temps 57 to 70. and wonderful wednesday, perfect. cool start, yes, warm finish, hot on thursday, but not humid yet and hot and humid, although i should say hot and more humid friday. not going to be super humid friday, and a slight chance for an isolated thunderstorm in the evening, i wouldn't plan around that
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90s return, 83 tomorrow. 91 friday, 91 saturday, 92 on sunday and probably holding 90s on monday. in fact here is the weekend. fewer storms on saturday, a lot of storms on monday, but right now for the 4th drop temps to 88 and isolated thunderstorm. so that may be the best day of the four. 9:00 in the morning, 68 and still 70 downtown. by 1:00, we are near 80, upper 70s, pure sunshine. by 6:00 we are 81 downtown, 81 in fredericksburg, 80? fairfax and by thursday morning early, not quite as cool, but comfortable. temps will be in the 50s and 60s tomorrow night. all right. tonight, though, clear and cool. i had to widen the range a little bit. 52 to 64 for lows, winds out of the northwest at 10,
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morning mostly sunny, comfortabl 5amt any better? i don't think so. by afternoon, mostly sunny, warrer, highs 80, 84, winds turn southwesterly at 10:00. that will eventually pull up warmer and humid air as we go through the rest of the week. on the day planner, 70 by 9:00, 76 by 11:00 and almost 80 by 1:00. thursday hot, but not humid, 90 and hot and more humid friday, temperature 91 by friday. the next 7 days we are looking at temperatures holding the low 90s. again good chance for storms on sunday -- excuse me -- sat. fewer storms on sunday. and if all goes as planned, isolated storm and not as hot on the 4th. >> thanks top. now, headlines you might have missed since you left work. first catching a buss the hard way. jump i
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that poor soul. he picks himself up and casually walks into the nearest public. >> because you have to cancel the rest of your day and get a drink. a minnesota gets pulled oh and hands the cop a monopoly get out of free card. the cop goes uh-uh, this is not mop poetly. you are going to jail. >> a protest on dependency on fossil fuels and chance to feel the wind in your air, don't get anything caught in that bike chain. how is that comfortable at all? they make bike shorts with that padding, that thick padding for a reason. >> can i just not comment? >> got sports up next.
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now, wusa 9 game on sports, brought to you by xfinity. >> they haven't been shut out so far, that means they have scored in every single game they have played. now, how many other teams can say
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didn't have time to look it camg goose egg, atlmos came back to win, so they didn't, so we move on to tonight. >> four steals on the night, 32 on the year >> allan: yeah, and you see who was moving there, trai turner, he got wheels, stole second base twice and third base twice. old mack out there doing it and got two hits of his own, plus an rbi, bonus. let's scoot up to the fifth inning here, michael taylor, yes, i will take two. that puts washington up 6-1. now scherzer comes out and this game is placed in the hands of the washington bull pen. they shut them down. romero, albers allowed zero hits, the bull pen
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they win big 6-1. so summertime, could be a lonely time if you are a sports fan. hockey is done, basketball is done. so close to football season, but we are not there yet. do you know what we do have in neighborhood shinanigans, championship fie which you ares back to -- featuring home runs. my son trying to defeat me in a game of basement soccer. i know the excitement on your street and your house is at a fevered pitch and i want to put it on tv. send me clips of the best summertime sports your kids are involved with. send me the bloopers. we are looking for top plays. send them to my facebook at adam longo tv, or e-mail. we wabt the best of the best. >> will we
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tomorrow might be the last day you can gallop your beanie babies in the front yard. >> even thursday nice and friday. and little more like summer in the weekend. >> well, what can we do? we will take it, yes. >> that's it for us tonight. best of
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