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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  June 28, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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board is the lead investigator on a deadly amtrak accident that happened last night. two csx workers were on the track near new york avenue when they were struck and killed by a train going to union station. good afternoon. i'm andrea roane. the service was suspended and evan koslof from wusa9 joins us from the crash site. we will hear from officials and what have you heard so far? >> reporter: andrea, any minute , that thing will start. we have a reporter and photographer on the scene and if it starts, i will stop talking and we will send it over so you can hear the very latest. in the meantime, i want to show you where we are. these are the tracks where it all happened and you can see workers out there that are continuing the investigation. really, this wa
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they faced quite a bit. amtrak will have residual alla the bigger headache for the rest of the day will be on the marked trains. camden line's will have limited service between baltimore and camden and greenbelt stations. meanwhile, the penn line service between terryville and new carrollton, and possibly some evening cancellations on the penn line for tonight. that will definitely be a hassle for people and something we will watch out for. some people are facing delays. take a listen. >> we had vacation and now it seems i have been put on hold. >> it will make me late or missed meetings this morning that i plan to be there for. >> a little disappointing. nevertheless, got to do it.
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of the frustrations of these delays that people are facing. on the actual train, the amtrak train, there are 121 passengers that waited several hours. we are told they are doing just fine and we are hearing a response from csx. they confirm it was their own. they said it was sad to report and we all understand that. amtrak says they were particularly saddened to lose fellow railroaders. they will get started and we will send it over for the press release. >> the ntsb is an independent agency charged by congress to investigate accidents and improve transportation safety. my mission is to understand what happened and why it happened and prevent it
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appropriate recommendations. before i go further, and behalf of the ntsb, i'd like to offer condolences to the families and friends of those injured or killed in this tragic accident. i would also like to express appreciation for the excellent efforts in the washington metropolitan police department and other first responders. we are grateful. >> we are grateful for the invaluable police work to secure the scene and the relevant evidence. the railroad administration, they responded to the scene and are working with the ntsb to further the investigation. the ntsb arrived on scene last
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occurred, just before 11:30 p.m. the assistant investigator in charge led the investigation through the night and will be joined later by the investigator in charge, mr. ted turpin, a senior investigator with decades of experience in real operations and safety and extensive investigative experience. mr. turpin will lead a multidisciplinary team of ntsb experts in the following areas. the condition of the tracks will be assessed, operations, to look at the operational aspects of the involved trains and dispatchers and human factors, which typically look at issues regarding human performance and mechanical to investigate the function of the involved mechanical systems. and, recorders
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available data recorders, cameras and other personal electronic devices. if needed, other specialists will be called in, as well and critical physical evidence will be collected and sent to the ntsb lab or an outside contracted lab for inspection. we have few definitive facts at this early stage. when i'm able to say and share with you, at this point, is we know that last night sometime before 11:30 p.m., eight csx freight train headed out of baltimore with, approaching union station when an alert came from dispatch prompting the train to stop and the crew to disembark to check the status of the train prior to continuing. at some point, two crewmembers from the csx train crossed an active track
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was operating passenger ai is southbound amtrak train, number 175 from boston, struck both of the csx employees, causing fatal injuries. at this time we don't have information to let us believe that any other passenger or employee was injured. emergency responders were notified and arrived to secure the scene and offer assistance. representatives from csx and amtrak are on scene and have totally cooperated with the ntsb investigation and throughout the next few days, investigators will document the scene, including the tracks that involved the trains and in addition, they will speak with witnesses and personnel and gather all available evidence. as mentioned earlier, our mission is to understand
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only what happened, but why it happened so that similar events can be prevented in the future. the investigation process is necessarily complex and we don't determine the probable cause of an accident while on the scene or in the initial phase of the investigation. nor, do we speculate on the causes of the accident, at this point. as i stated, our investigators have been on the scene since last night and will remain on the scene, as needed, to further the investigation. that said, at approximately 9:30 this morning, one track was released and reopened for passenger traffic through the affected area. in order to investigate and safeguard for investigators and provide opportunity to gather id
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under a speed restriction of approximately 10 miles-an-hour at this time. for further information, please follow us on twitter or our website. or twitter handle is @ntsb newsroom and our website is and there are media relations staff on scene with me today and please make sure you have given them a card so you can be on the distribution list. with that, i will take the opportunity to answer a few questions. >> we've been listening to an official from the national transportation safety board leading the investigation of the deadly accident last night involving an amtrak train and two csx workers. we heard him say if you fax but the team will collect data on track conditions, operations, human factors, mechanical data and data collected from the onboard recorders. if you need more information, they send you to the amtrak website
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website at make sure you download the free wusa9 mobile app. one more perfect day to talk about. meteorologist, topper shutt joins us with your wednesday first alert forecast. what a day. we need to repeat this. it's unusual for june. i don't normally talk about this, but we are talking about low temperatures this morning. 47 in culpepper, 49 in manassas and the average low is about 70 downtown and 53 in hagerstown. temperatures are already in the 70s. 76 and manassas and you cool off quickly and warm up quickly. a number. 77 downtown and 74 in gaithersburg. it
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the air is so dry that there is no heat index and that is pretty unusual for us in june. your hourly planner, 82 by 3:00 and holding at 82 at 5:00 and going back down. very comfortable. 72 at 11:00 and tomorrow morning, upper 60s. not as cool, but certainly comfortable. a perfect night for baseball. the cubs in town and first pitch at 79. mid-70s by nine. we will come back and talk about the holiday weekend and we will tell you about thunderstorms. ahead on wusa9, the new way to drink wine is falling off the shelves. a popular grocery store is struggling to keep it in stock. with summer heat, some people are getting on the mountains.
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just-releas a venezuelan police helicopter opening fire on a government building. [ sound of gunfire ] the helicopter fired 15 shots with two grenades and there were people inside. no reports of injuries and venezuela president said it was a thwarted terrorist attack aimed at taking him out of power. there have been months of protesting for the leadership and opposition groups say he is a dictator and they're calling for elections to try to replace him. at least 75 people have died in antigovernment unrest since april and the helicopter was stolen, according to the present, by a man who declared himself to be in rebellion against the state. growing fired destroyed one home in san luis obispo, california. hundreds of people were forced to leave. itur
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cooler overnight temperatures helped fire crews get it at least 40% contained in 1200 firefighters were on the scene trying to put it out. the home destroyed in the wildfire was owned by "big bang theory" star, johnny galecki. he is on the hit cbs show and is a regular on the sitcom, "roseann "the fire burned down and other ranches properties on the estate and he was not there when it burned. the fire started monday and is one of two major wildfires in california right now. a new study shows obesity and america has included our pet population. one in three pets is overweight or obese and while porky pets may look cute, the extra fat can cause life-threatening conditions. don taylor
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signs for pet owners. >> reporter: busy lifestyles and unhealthy diets are wreaking havoc on our pets. >> overweight and obesity in cats and dogs has increased 150% to 175%. >> reporter: this researcher is behind the study. >> right now, one of three cats and dogs are overweight. >> reporter: it increases a number of factors. lack of exercise, too much food and the changing attitude toward our pets. >> we are considering pets more and more to be members of our family and we like to communicate with them and show affection by offering treats. it can be easy for us to offer too many treats in a single day. >> reporter: that is a problem. just as in humans, lugging around all the extra weight can be hazardous to the health of your pets. >> for example, heart disease and respiratory disease are something that we will see. type 2 diabetes is something we see with cats that are over weight. other diseases for dogs overweight.
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>> reporter: how do you know if your pet needs the treadmill treatment? after all, animals, especially dogs, come in all different shapes and sizes. the doctor said to use this as a general guide. look at your pet from above and he said you should see a distinct talk at the waist. from the side, you should easily feel but not see the ribs. and the doctor said there are a lot of ways you can help your animal. you take them on walks or to the dog park and cut down on the number of treats you give them. cbs news in new york. >> portion control might help. ikea, whenever you buy something you have to put it together? now, they are taking the idea to food. check it out! they've created recipe pages you can cook on. cook on the pages.
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and labels for the ingredients and they all have e exact portions required. when the ingredients are on, fold up the paper and stick it in the oven and the pages are parchment paper and the non- toxic ink won't contaminate the food. we are giving this at a one time event in canada with no plans on expanding, just yet. crazy footage from england. a man walking on the sidewalk does not see the out-of-control bus behind him and he was hit in the back. after being on the ground, he gets up and walks into the nearby pub. he is left with some bruises and the bus company is now investigating and we don't know what he had to drink but it made him feel okay. >> wusa9 has first alert weather rated d.c.'s most accurate. >> we are looking ahead to the holiday weekend.
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it but gmainly west of town at 92, a little bit of a change of 92 on sunday with and some storms, but not that money -- not that many. isolated storms and it will get better as we approached tuesday. the heat and humidity are returning. it's 77 right now. 43 is the dewpoint with humidity 30% and that is unheard of for this time of year. not as cool tonight, but comfortable and you may give your ac arrest. 62 to about 75, 7:00, 9:00. hot and humid on thursday and hot and humid on friday. an isolated storm on friday and most of those will be a long i- 81 in the shenandoah valley. 83 today and 93 tomorrow, 92 on saturday and 92 on sunday with increasing chances of showers and storms.
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walking the dog. 10:00 in manassas, and 71 in will we and by morning, comfortable and cool. 60 in manassas and 64 in leesburg and 67 downtown, below average with the average low 70 degrees. it does warm up quickly tomorrow. by 1:00, we are about 90 and by 6:00, 90 downtown. 89 in manassas and 89 in leesburg. because the humidity is down, you perspire and you evaporate and cool. that is what happens. no problem tomorrow, whatsoever. there are temps and humidity that will increase, as well. 82 at 3:00, 75 at 9:00. tonight,
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comfortable with temps in the 50s and 60s and by morning, 56 to 84 and by afternoon, it could be a nice day. not quite as beautiful. 87 or 91. hot and dry on thursday and 92 with storms and mainly on friday. the next seven days, 90s return and set up camp with humidity increasing each day and some shower and thunderstorm activity into tuesday. i think the fourth will be okay. >> i have a great story. we know how much topper loves snow. with the fourth of july weekend, some californians are trading sandals for ski boots. winter snow was sticking around in the mountains and people are hitting the slopes. it is actually warm enough that they can wear swimsuits. it is thanks to an active winter. >> it was an historic season. we had 70
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cumulative snowfall on that allows us to stay open. >> there was a five-year drought and the hot weather is heating into that. >> that puts it into perspective. >> unbelievable! a lot of snow. smartphones can be a struggle for some.
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consumer headlines. uber is making it easier for users to set up rides for others, like parents or grandparents or others not able to drive themselves.
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uber app. they will get a text message on their phone identifying the driver, current pickup location. drink of the summer comes in a can. canned wine is so popular that trader joe's can keep it in stock. a four pack of the new sparkling wine, templer wine, sells for $3.99 and it went on sale in april and quickly sold out.
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picture perfect. 83 and 90 tomorrow. a little on the hot side. more human on
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isolated storm and some storms over the holiday weekend. right now, the fourth looks like isolated storms and around 90. >> looks good for the quicken loans tournament. that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we will be back at
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>> billy: i swear to god, vick, if we lose this case, we should sue cane for endangering the company, claw back whatever damages we owe out of his salary. >> victoria: okay, thank you for your input. >> cane: i am so sick of this. i did not pressure that woman to sleep with me in exchange for anything! >> billy: see what you do there? you're like a pro, because you don't actually deny having sex with her. >> victoria: stop it! both of you, okay? we need to present a united front. anything that detracts from that only hurts us. >> cane: if you need me, i'll be working from home for the rest of the day. >> phyllis: well, hello to you, too. >> jordan: sit. >> lily: i can't. i'm freaking out. >>da


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