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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  June 29, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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take a look. a live look with temperatures rising. we are getting in the weakened state of mind. good afternoon. how are you? i'm andrea roane.
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first alert forecast. nice, compared to what we could be having. five years ago we had a derecho, 104 degrees with damaging storms that stayed around for a while. things are heating up, already 83 and this is as warm as we were yesterday. we will make a run toward 90 with upper 70s and 80 near waldorf and rico, 84 degrees. the high clouds are overhead and here and there, the crystal blue skies we had yesterday, and the last couple of days -- not a bad day. let's look at these. you could see isolated activity with the i-81 corridor door and by 3:00, 89, 90, somewhere in that area. toward friday, the threat for isolated activity to the west with
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90s tomorrow afternoon and by saturday, we have the best chance for storms in the region and we will monitor that for possible upgrade to a yellow weather alert. monitor the forecast from the wusa9 app with the free download. andrea? a mass shooting at in alexandria ballpark field, the victims were honored. [ applause ] there was a framed copy of the congressional record statement and the gunman had opened fire on republicans during a baseball practice earlier this month. they do this job out of a sense of duty and honor and giving back to the community and when the thanks comes, it is an extra layer of thanks and appreciation that they recognize and appreciate. >> five were heard incl
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republican congressman steve scalise, still in the hospital with the injuries but listed in fair condition. at noon, we learn the names of two people killed in separate accidents. first, the identity of the young girl hit and killed by a train near manassas. she is a 13-year-old, tran28, a student at a secondary school and investigators said she was on a hike with her family on the bridge at all run near clifton and she and her 13-year- old cousin were on the railroad tracks when the train came at them. her cousin got out of the way and she did not. service was shut down in the virginia railway express manassas line after she was killed and it resumed this morning. and fairfax county, crash on the beltway killed a 23-year- old woman. the driver was from maryland and it began when a woman stopped her car on the inner loop near alexandria on monday and her car got hit by a pickup
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police said she got out and was struck by a passing vehicle and did not survive. the backup extended five miles near prince george's county during the morning commute. police are looking into why there was bad news for red line riders. part of the red line will be shut down four consecutive weekends, starting july 15. jack evans said the walls on the red line near medical center simply cannot hold back water and this means buses will replace trains from grosvenor and friendship heights and that can lead to fires with water collecting and a private contractor has been hired by metro to seal the gap in the wall caused by the water damage. >> we get together to fund this thing and fix it because otherwise there will be this thing happening and a non-
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basis. >> a temporary solution to the red line troubles, the states have to pay more in order to fund what he believed is a $3 billion permanent fix to the red line. this afternoon, president donald trump is causing quite a controversy. his tweets were aimed at mika scarborough and -- mika brezinski and joe scarborough. >> they speak bad merely. don't watch anymore. how come low iq crazy mika along with psycho joe came to mar-a-lago three nights in a row around new year's eve and insisted on joining me. she was bleeding badly from a facelift. i said no. several republicans have responded. it is not okay, said one responder. we shouldn't be working to them -- we should be working to empower women. please
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the dignity of your office. in south carolina, senator lindsey graham said mr. president, your tweet was beneath the office and represents what is wrong with american politics, not the greatest of america. >> you have been elected to serve for four years. we need to ask you questions. you need to provide answers and what you did is inflammatory to people all over the country who looked at this. the president and everybody out here, everyone in the room, they are trying to do their job. >> that was a local reporter who made headlines after a heated exchange with deputy white house spokesperson, sarah huckabee sanders. he is the executive editor of the montgomery county sentinel and spoke to bruce johnson off script last night. he said he was upset with the ck
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said the white house was being dishonest. >> we showed them respect and they showed us no respect and that has to change. >> i have a healthy respect for the things they do. sean spicer and sarah have presented things to the media that are very valuable and have been good about some things but every day when the president tweets we are fake media and enemies of the people, it rankles after a while. >> they said the biggest thing for frustration is the questions about the white house policy that are not getting answered. today, part of president donald trump's travel ban will go into effect after a unanimous ruling early the week came down from the supreme court. hilary lane was at dulles international and has everything you need to know. >> reporter: at dulles international, this is where international travelers arrive and you will see far less people coming from six to dominantly muslim countries for the next three months.
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as the prim court voted to uphold part of president donald trump's travel ban and people from six predominantly muslim countries will not be able to come to the u.s. for at least 90 days. it is 120 days for other refugees. there are some exceptions. if you have a valid visa, you will be allowed to enter the u.s. and if you have what is called a bona fide relationship with someone, a family member or a spouse or if you go to school here or have a job, you will be allowed to enter the united states. critics say the wording is too vague and will need to be flushed out later on. we hear the travel ban will go into effect tonight at 8:00 p.m. at dulles international, hilary lane. back to you. here is the tweet that caught the attention of money from president donald trump. he said amazon was not paying internet taxes. are a verify team looked into it to find out if that was true and we found there are two main questions that we had to figure out. first off, what exactly is t
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internet tax? secondly, is the company dodging these taxes? here's evan koslof. >> reporter: our team spoke with three people. an economist from moody's analytics, the tax foundation, a think tank and the urban institute. the first focus was on whether or not there is something called the internet tax. all three said no business is taxed just for using the internet. however, president donald trump may have said that amazon is not collecting state sales tax and that has been a contentious issue because the state wants that revenue but all three of the experts we spoke with along with the website that shows the company does collect sales taxes in 45 states that have them, there is a quote that said, in the last two years, states have been more aggressive in getting amazon, given size and e-commerce
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meanwhile, amazon does not collect them in states that don't have them. those are in oregon, delaware and new hampshire and we decided to give this a try. someone from our team ordered a book online and got this receipt. it is marked that there is a sales tax and we are getting this interesting because there was a box spring cover online and you can see there is no sales tax applied. amazon does business with third party sellers and doesn't necessarily charge taxes for those vendors. amazon set all the sales tax information for those sellers is found in the shipping and tax information section. that to the question, was the president right? for the most part, no. amazon is paying sales tax on most purchases online and our investigation did find some purchases for third-party vendors where sales taxes are not connected and
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may want to see this change. evan koslof, wusa9. still ahead, it can be hard to keep track of the different passwords. a new system promises to make it easier. this year, so much more.
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we'll tiger woods be back in town for the quicken loans nationals? it started at tpc potomac and bethesda and the head of his foundation said it would be a no-show, unfortunately. he was there last year when billy hurley, naval academy grad and virginia native, has an emotional connection to the tournament. got his first win and there was a family tragedy unfolding. mike hydeck -- mike hydeck sat down with him.
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>> i remember my family running onto the green. i always wanted to have that. >> reporter: when he lifted his trophy in 2016 for the first win in a 10-year career, it was bittersweet. billy hurley's father went missing during the same tournament the year before and billy asked for the help from the public to find him. >> coming to you guys, [ crying ] and asking for help, my family and i are trusting you guys as the pga tours media family to help us, not runover as. >> reporter: willard hurley was fined a lot -- was found alive in texas but sadly, committed suicide a few weeks later closer to home. he left billy and his family devastated.
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[ cheering ] and four months later he got his first ever pga win at the congressional country club. it was close to where he grew up and where his father taught him the game. i asked how we could possibly keep his composure. >> and the next 24-48 hours, we are doing this. >> i don't remember that, specifically. i think it was -- there was a period of time leading up to this where i had made my own peace with it. i made the decision to forgive my dad and move on. that was how i got through it. >> it wasn't a crescendo? >> it was overtime. >> now, as he tries to
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in check. he said his naval career taught him well but it is a work in progress. >> don't get me wrong. i don't have it all figured out. each day, it gets a little bit easier and each time i think about my dad, it's a little bit different. a little bit more thankful for who he was and less angry for what happened. [ cheering ]? being from leesburg, virginia, he plays the potomac many more times than others and that may give him an advantage. maybe being at peace with his dad will do that, too. >> [ cheering ] a little more gusto, i think. [ cheering ] >> that was mike hydeck reportin
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can see round three and four of the quicken loans nationals here on wusa9 this weekend and everyone at the tourney will be dealing with heat and humidity after a stretch of gorgeous weather. >> we don't normally get nice weather like this. it's summertime, remember this. we had 104 degrees last year and they had one round with no gallery. it was playable but they couldn't accommodate the crowd. you don't see anything like that . if you go to quicken loans nationals, don't forget to display your ticket at all times. we're comfortable shoes and bring lots of water. it will be hot and humid. pack a poncho and where a wide rimmed hat. the umbrella cannot have a case. there are a lot of rules of what you can and can't bring in. the bag has to be six x six x six. it is late june
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is high and temperatures run toward 90. this is a fairly typical day with maybe a little less typical without the humidity. looking at the long holiday weekend, saturday looks like it may have the best chance of storms. a stray storm monday with an afternoon storm on tuesday and the highs around 90 degrees. 83 in town, 84 in waldorf and leesburg and the warm response on the board, a beauty in the high country. over to the valley, upper 60s and low 70s and we are having the dewpoint not above 60. a couple of days ago that was in the low 40s and it felt fabulous out there. we are warming up with the jetstream taking a dip and that provide some energy for the thunderstorms in missouri and as
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going. humidity, nothing tropical for the organization but a lot of showers and storms into the deep south and the humidity will work toward us. futurecast shows isolated storms possible along the west and that is about it. tomorrow, quiet in town and west of us, we will see this west of the blue ridge with the chance for shower or storm and on saturday, we see showers and storms popping in and will they end up in d.c.? it is early to say but that is the concern toward saturday. your three day forecast, humid and about 90 with storms to the west and then west of the blue ridge on friday, 91 and scattered showers. sunday, we dry out and hotter an
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monday, the nats are back and 90 with isolated evening storms and the nats in the middle of the day and scattered storms on wednesday and then back in the comfort of the 80s. andrea? >> you may have heard the iphone turns 10 years old today. after the break,
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welcome back to the news at noon. in office supplies staple has been sold. the private equity firm bought staples. on wall street, the news sent stock up eight% and online shopping at the megastore like staples, sales have been in decline the last
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staples merged. a federal judge stop that from happening. >> i feel naked without it. >> today, it is the 10-year anniversary of the apple iphone and back in 2000, people camped out for five days because of the groundbreaking device. they still do that. that phone cost $499 and the innovation was the touchscreen. other than that, it wasn't considered revolutionary. >> it's hard to imagine -- it's hard to remember it didn't have internet connection. it was behind the other phones. it wasn't meant to play videos and record videos. >> in the last 10 years, more than 1.2 billion iphones have been sold. imagine a piece of jewelry to replace your wallet and your keys and everything? meet
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with bluetooth and a built-in fingerprint scanner that unlocks stores and cars. it also stores credit cards and you may link it with the token smartphone app. it starts at $249. it depends on the finish and upgrade and can be preordered right now. if you lose the ring, you are in deep trouble. of final look at the
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today. humid and around 90 and an isolated storm tomorrow in the west. saturday may be the storm yesterday of the holiday weekend and storms are possible on the fourth. hopefully, out of here for fireworks in the evening. that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we will be back at 5:00 and we were always on on our mobile app and
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>> victoria: i'm so sorry, joan. i have no idea why the shipment didn't arrive. weeks ago. did you call the plant? [ computer keys clacking ] um... oh, my gosh. yes, um, i'm so sorry. it looks like the order got buried in my file. okay, i'm approving it now, and i'm sending it to production immediately. yeah. thank you so much for understanding. >> lily: you're pregnant? >> juliet: the results are right there in black and white. i am pregnant. >> cane: 13 weeks. >> juliet: which coincides with your trip to tokyo and the night we had sex.


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